Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Exclusive Interview - Saharah Davenport

Sahara Davenport, like many of the contestants from RuPaul's Drag Race, has made a move to start a music career. The big twist to this situation is that drag actually came second. Sahara recently released her second single "Go Off!", and she gave me some exclusive insights into the track and what is to come for her.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drag U Tue - 80's Ladies

This is it. The final episode of RuPaul's Drag U season two. In true RuPaul style, the finales just get bigger and bigger every year. This time around, he's landed three very famous 80's women to get themselves made over and also show a more human side to them than just performers. I really hate to see this show end already, but that just means we are one step closer to Drag Race season four! So why don't we get started?

Carmen is still stuck in fish mode from the last episode.
These ladies may not be in the public eye much today, but back in the 80's, they were the hottest things around. Jane, made popular by being the guitarist from The GoGos, was given the name Chiffon Brule and the professor Morgan. Downtown Julie Brown, a former VJ for MTV, was dubbed Donatella Mewhatodo and paired with Shannel. Stacie Q, singer of the famous track "Two of Hearts", was renamed Savannah and coached by Carmen Carerra. These girls are certainly in the best of hands.

I have to start out by saying I now am madly in love with Carmen. I think she may have seen her actions in Drag Race and decided it was time for a change. Who knows? But in Drag U, she is amazing. I've always liked her style, but her personality, previously that is, just turned me off. Now she is a sweetheart. She is still, however, an airhead. When Stacey mentioned someone with a "Congenial" problem, she asked what happened to the guys genitals. Carmen showed her soft side again, comforting her student when she talked about her best friend and hair stylist who passed away 22 years ago. These tearjerker moments always get me!

The lady lesson this week was... interesting. Instead of teaching them stuff, Lady Bunny decided she wanted to become Oprah and show off some of her favorite things. Being the crazy lady she is, she showed them things like the "hot bod" shirt, much like what Detla Work wore in the comedy challenge on Drag Race. Another device was a bra that you could put booze in. I really have to wonder sometimes how sane Lady Bunny is. At least she's funny, right? Moving on.

Dance class was by Tony Bassil. I know, I know. It's time again for me to complain that my hot boys arent here. Damn, I wish that at least for the final episode they had brought them back, but oh well. Maybe Andre will be back for the next season. The dance was to RuPaul's new song "Superstar", which isn't a surprise. Ru is known for his shameless self promotion in Drag U, which is part of the campy charm this show has.

Aren't they supposed to be talking them out of bad 80's fashion?
Morgan and her girl Jane were the spotlight of the show for me. Jane is just so adorable and peppy, I can't stop watching her. She has an adorable voice, and is always in a good mood. I was really proud of how she pushed herself so hard and didn't even complain. She apparently had a hiking accident a while back and messed up her knee. Despite this, she rocked the runway and the dance. Morgan served as a very good support system, always keeping her going. The two worked very well together.

Shannel. Oh, Shannel. I really was surprised to see you in the finale. Shannel has been in this show more than anyone else (well, maybe not more than Raven), and I really can't decide if I like her or just want her to go away forever. She always looks amazing, but her personality falters at times. She can be really into herself, which as a drag queen isn't a bad thing, but in the context of the show is not how things need to be done.  She was very understanding, though, when Julie didn't want to go for the dragulator look. Instead, they decided to go for a glamorous diva look, and it really did work in favor for her.

Before I knew it, the final draguation was here. This will be the last time (at least for a year or so) that I get to see three amazing women turn it out, drag style, on the runway. First up was Jane. Her look was phenomenal. She was a total dominatrix with leather and bondage influences. I loved the wide laced fishnets and the ponytail. Julie, my favorite of the three, came out in a beautiful gown, a much different image from her dragulator "rocker chick" look. Her skirt was floor length, but partially see through, and made for an amazing dress. Finally, Stacey rocked the runway in a feathery outfit. I didn't like the dress much. It looked very busy and unfocused. Her hair, however, was amazing and even had some cute rhinestones in it.

After a fun dance segment and the judges' deliberation, we find out that Julie won. I thought it was a good note to end on for the show. She really did make the transformation from boring mom who hadn't been out in years to glamorous queen. Plus, Ru accused her of stealing his style -- in jest of course!

Bat those lashes, ladies!
The final drag tips is what I viewed as a peace offering. It featured both Jujubee and Raven, who, throughout the series, have flung so much shade at one another. Today, they worked together to make up for that by giving everyone tips on how to properly put on fake lashes. In the end, they stood together with their lashes on fluttering away. But we all know they went right back to being shady as soon as it was over with.

And that's all she -- err I -- wrote. Til next season!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Megalomania Tracklist Confirmed!

You knew it was coming. I made it known that I would post about the track list for the upcoming Aqua album "Megalomania" once it was confirmed, and what do you know? Today, Aqua announced on their official Facebook page that the rumored song list is actually true. Not only that, but they also released a picture from their recent photoshoot.

The new, darker side of Aqua.

"Some of you beat us to it," they said. That is an understatement if I've ever seen one. From seemingly out of nowhere, the song list leaked to the internet, and to everyone's surprise, it is one hundred percent correct. And people say nothing on Wikipedia is legit!
The track list for the new album is as follows:
1. Playmate To Jesus
2. Dirty Little Pop Song
3. Kill Myself
4. Like A Robot
5. Viva Las Vegas
6. Party Patrol
7. Come N' Get It
8. Sucker For A Superstar
9. Be My Saviour Tonight
10. How R U Doin?
11. If The World Didn't Suck (We Would All Fall Off)

I feel really good about the this list. While I'm not sure how relevant Las Vegas is in Europe, I have a feeling that we are getting exactly what we have been waiting for all these years. The tracks have that witty charm we have come to know and love from Aqua. There is, however, a much more obvious sexual tone over this album. Whether or not it will prove to be a good thing or not, only time will tell.

The main concern I have with the list, other than the misspelling (at least in terms of United States English) of "Savior", is definitely "Sucker For A Superstar". In the comments on Facebook, the group have confirmed that the song is indeed "Shankin' Stevens", but has been re-written. I'm not sure why, but it was. Perhaps Shakey didn't want his name used in the song, or maybe Morten Harket got pissed off that he was the only one who didn't get mentioned specifically by name (they simply call him "That guy from A-Ha"). Either way, I have to say I am disappointed. Maybe it will be released one day, but it doesn't look likely. Now, as long as the version of "Like a Robot" on the album isnt the edited one where they say "Love me like a robot", we will be fine.

The album comes out October 3rd. No official statement yet if this is a worldwide release date, or a Denmark only date, but I'll be sure and dig up as much info as I can!

Song of the Week - Don't Hold Your Breath

It's always the end of the month that gets shafted with hardly anything new and fun out, at least single wise. I guess they all try and bunch everything up at the beginning of the month. Thus, I have went back a week or two and revived a gem that truly does deserve some attention. Nicole Scherzinger is back with another solid track with "Don't Hold Your Breath."

I've known about this diva for a few years now. Back in 2009, she did a remix song with Pitbull, my guilty pleasure, and I've been keeping an eye out for her ever since. Her last single was with 50 Cent, and I didn't buy into it too much. Nicole, I have to say, has won me over with this song. She is finally distinguishing herself as an independent artist, and she is doing so with an impressive song.

I swear, this girl must have cameras in my house because this song is a page from my life. It is all about her finally getting over and giving up on her ex boyfriend and sort of taunting him about it. Without getting too far into my personal life lets just say this song describes my life over the past month in detail. She tells a story without spelling it out for you, which is a nice change from a great deal of pop music in today's world. While it is a bit less upbeat than most of the stuff I listen to on a regular basis, I find myself singing along to it in the car.

I still think she stole my story.

You can preview and buy this hit on iTunes here.

Friday, August 26, 2011

4 Times Video Review - In The Air

Returning by popular demand (or rather, by my own demand because I loved it last time) is the continuing saga of Koda Kumi's new quadruple A-side single "4 Times" and its ridiculous music videos. Part two is all about the sappy love song "In The Air". The song itself is a really nice change of pace from the rather dirty single, but the video is another story. This is definitely not the most amazing thing on the planet, nor the best of the four, but I know how to make it work! Let's get it on, shall we?

(Warning: A lot of pictures under the cut)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Album Review - Hot Damn Mess EP

As of late, I have made it a habit to rely on my friends to tell me what's what and who's who in the music world. Wading through wave after wave of new artists gets tedious. Luckily, I have friends who know exactly what I like, and when they find some awesome lesser known artist, they make sure I find out about them ASAP. Let me introduce you to Kieran Strange.When I first was show pictures of her, I expected her music to be more like Emilie Autumn, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out instead of being an electropop queen, she was only one part pop and about five parts rock!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Attack of the Release Date

Within days of each other, two recording artists released confirmed release dates for their projects -- And it's about damn time, too. I may be a little late to the party (but hey, that's just who I am), but I won't let these two slide by without putting my own two sense in on it.

First up is one of my top drag queens of all time, Pandora Boxx. She has been spreading the word about her cooter for months! (I hear it's moist). Not as in the female reproduction organ, but her new single. The preview for "Cooter" has been floating around on YouTube for a while now, causing quite a stir. It is my firm belief that Pandora is single handedly keeping the art of campy drag alive in the media world. As many of the camp queens have become glamorous, Pandora has kept her humor, and this song definitely shows it.

The single comes out September 27th, and I bet you guys will be very glad when it does -- mostly because it will mean it will be over with so I can stop hyping it up. Seriously, this is like the sixth blog post I've made about this song. Does that make me a super Fandora?

This next group has been teasing me for a long time. Years ago, when I was a wee lad, I was a fan of a very bubbly and dancey group called Aqua. I bought everything I could get my hands on from them, and they are my all time favorite band. I'm not kidding in the least. They have been teasing this album for over ten years. Finally, they have announced not only a release date for this third album, but also a title.

Oh dear lord I cannot express how excited I am for this album. Titled "Megalomania", the album is set to release October 3. The band announced all of this via their official Facebook page stating:

"We are happy to announce that the brand new album
is out on October 3 - and is entitled: Megalomania.
11 great Aqua songs made it to the finale... and in the
next few weeks we'll be giving you more insights into
the new album"

I can't believe it! After so long, they are finally going to be releasing a third studio album. I have been waiting for this since I was nine years old. NINE YEARS OLD! I could go on and say more embarrassing fanboyisms such as talk about how one of them was my first mancrush, but alas, I don't have the time. What I will say is that they better have "Shaking Stevens is a Superstar" on the album. They have been taunting me with a studio version of that song for years!

I have taken a look at a couple of their new tour songs (none of which have been confirmed for the album, FYI), and they look pretty good. I don't want to get too invested before it comes out, just in case I accidentally fall in love with a song they choose not to include. The current news going around is that "Fxxk Me Like A Robot" (dubbed "Love Me Like A Robot" for radio play) will be the lead-in single. They had better get to work on releasing it. They have a month and a week to get this stuff worked out! Aqua, I just don't know if eleven songs will be enough!

Drag U Tue - Looking For A New Job

The season is winding down, and with only two episodes left, this show is heating up in crazy ways. We finally get to see two queens not on the show yet. Tyra Sanchez and Carmen Carerra finally pop in to teach these girls how to be fierce! And who is the third queen you might ask? Well, let's just say the Raven Show is back on the air -- and this time it's double trouble. Raven Symone is the guest judge. Without further ado, my take on Drag U's second to last episode!

I spent most of this episode wondering if Tyra was possessed.
This episode was all about women who can't get a job. They all lost their jobs in various ways, and now need a confidence boost to get back to where they need to be. Rachel, AKA Tasty Rain, is paired with Carmen. Betsy, or Mahjong, is left in Raven's care. Deena, dubbed Shalamar, was to be taught by the queen herself, Tyra. These girls are certainly given the best help they could get.

I really enjoyed seeing the lesser fleshed out queens. Tyra, as much as I poke fun at her, is really a very striking queen. She always is spot on with her fashion, makeup, and hair. All three of her looks in this episode were amazing and top notch. I was really surprised when she came up with a great idea of snapping her girl out of her "I'm old" mentality. She gave the girl a cane and sunglasses and made her hobble around so that she could appreciate being only thirty. Thirty isn't that old, right?

The lady lesson this week was one I don't know if I could have taken. They learned how to do home spa treatments on a budget. They mixed together household items to make facial masks. The Pepto and the yogurt I could have handled, but peanut butter? Not only am I allergic to it, but also its just gross. I can't stand feeling it on my hands, but on my face too? Man, I shudder just thinking about it. Maybe we should move on.

Carmen shocked me in this episode. In Drag Race, she was always a bit sneaky. I know it was a competition, but she always had some shade to go around, but here, we saw a whole different side of her. Gone was the Carmen from the "Jocks in Frocks" episode who threw her drag brother under the bus. Now was a caring Carmen, who shared her insecurities with her student about how she used to hate her nose. She told her that there are ways to shape her nose with makeup, but she should still be proud of who she is.  I was glad to see her as less of an air head, and more of a normal, loving individual.

I don't think that is the kind of "fish" they were talking about, Carmen.
The dance class disappointed me once again. I was hoping to see one of my sexy dance teachers, but yet again they were both absent. Trisha is a very talented dancer, and she is quite good at instructing, but I need my man candy. At least she sort of looks like Manila Luzon. That is always a plus. The dance segment was a bit uneventful -- until the end.

After a mini breakdown, Betsy had a heart to heart with her professor, Raven. Raven once again shook off her reputation as an ice queen and took the girl under her wing, encouraging her to be herself and to lover herself. But it wouldn't be a Raven episode without her tossing some shade. She purposely picked a fight with Carmen to teach her girl how to cause some drama for a quick laugh. Shade can be funny, and fun!

At draguation, the girls looked amazing. Rachel had some amazing and huge hair. I wasn't a fan of her cape that she had. I don't know what direction it was supposed to be going in. The dress could have been a little longer, but Carmen wanted to show off her thighs, so I guess the point got across. Betsy looked like a pinup girl and I loved it! She looked like she could be on any calendar back in WWII and be the obsession of all the army boys. My favorite, looks wise, was Deena. She didn't use the pink wig she teased us with, but she still served some serious Minaj. I loved the poofy bow at the back of her dress, too.

Before they could go about their final dance, Deena ran off stage. She said that her foot was cramping and it hurt too badly. The girl was being a diva before she even had the fame! The nerve! Anyway, Ru gave her a stern talking to and got her some new shoes. Soon she was back on the stage and the dancing commenced. The end result was that Betsy won, which was my top pick over all.

The horror!
The drag tips this week was once again by the ever hilarious Manila Luzon. I just can't get enough of this girl. She gave you tips on things you should bring with you for the morning after all that partying. She even included some shades so your annoying neighbors get the hint to mind their own business.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Song of the Week - Bad Dog

After a few weeks of experimenting with different types of music, I think it's about time I got back to my roots of loving the genre of dirty pop. No, not Nsync, I mean actually dirty music set to danceable beats. This is exactly who Neon Hitch is. After floating around, writing for others and recording a few demo tracks, she finally has released her first official sing -- Bad Dog. And it is hot!

With a voice that is a little Britney Spears and a little Gaga, she has a lot going for her. The song, about taming a wild boy through pure female power, sells sex completely. I was unsure of the song at first, because of how similar to other people out right now it is, but I really do think it would do well on the radio. The lyrics are in the same vein as Rihanna's "S&M" while not being as over the top.

I had been hearing about her for a long time. She has worked with a lot of big name people, but not released anything solid on her own. When I saw this pop up on iTunes, I knew I had to give it a listen. She has a great voice and a solid song behind her in her debut. I expect great things from her in the future. She has yet to make a name for herself, but when she does, she is going to explode.

You can help make that happen by buying her single on iTunes here.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Decision 2011: GaoSalad's Drag U MVP

You see, you gotta speed it up, and then you gotta slow it down. Cause if you believe that a love can hit the top, you gotta play around. And soon you will find that there comes a time for making your mind up. Damn, typing out Bucks Fizz lyrics makes me feel even gayer than I really am. But their lyrics seem to ring a bell for me. I tried fast and slow, but my love for drag queens has finally come to a head -- I've picked just one.

And please, before you read on, remember: I love both of these queens very much, but much like the Highlander, there can only be one! Well until next season, anyway.

Friday, August 19, 2011

4 Times Video Review - Poppin' Love Cocktail

Although I will complain to no end about music not being in languages I can comprehend (as in, the musical standpoint of understanding the point of the song), but sometimes an artist comes around that transcends that... or is just too catchy to deny. Koda Kumi has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years, and it's about time I show this Asian Diva some attention.

Koda Kumi recently released her 50th single "4 Times", and as the name suggests, it is a quadruple A-Side single. Yeah. Quadruple. And each one of the songs has a music video... and they are all very well done. Oh dear. So instead of critiquing the song, I'm gonna tear into the videos -- as gently as possible, of course. First up is the first (and most heavily promoted track) Poppin' Love Cocktail featuring Japanese rapper TEEDA.

(Warning: Lots of pictures under the cut)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Album Review - Perfectionist

I have been a fan of Natalia Kills for a long time now. I loved her before I even knew what genre of music she sang, seeing as my first introduction to her was a small snippet on Space Cowboy's US debut album "Digital Rock Star". This album has been in limbo for US listeners for a while now. Released in Spring in select European countries, North America was left only to survive on the scattered singles she released -- Until now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exclusive Interview - Jipsta

There are so very few white rappers out there today. I can only name two right off of the top of my head. You know what there are even fewer of? Gay white rappers. It can be hard+ to pull off. I met someone recently who was able to pull it off -- and do so very well. Jipsta has defied the odds and done what only few can. And I got to interview him!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drag U Tue - A Family That Drags Together

This season of Drag U keeps on surprising me. Just when I think the show is winding down it throws me a curve ball and gets me hooked in again. This week's episode was very special. The families of three of our favorite drag queens came on the show to be made over to be just as fierce as their brothers/sons. This week RuPaul proved that families that drag together, do indeed stay together.

Behold Manila's twenty nipples!

This episode featured Susan, dubbed Falconetta, Jujubees shy and reserved sister, Rachel, given the name Lark St. Laurent, Manila's already quite outspoken sister, and Deshawna, AKA Ladyhawke Raven's core Christian values mother. Let me tell you, the family resemblance is striking -- even without all the makeup. These women really need a style boost, and they are in the right hands for the job.

The tension between the girls and their families was outrageous at first. We had Raven, who's mother not only insisted on calling him by his boy name, but also had never been around him in drag before. Manila's sister Rachel was feeling neglected. The biggest shock for me, however, was Susan. She and her brother were very close at one point, but something happened.

The first teary-eyed moment in the show was between Juju and Susan. We know from earlier episodes, as well as Drag Race, that Jujubee's father passed away. The three of them were very close. What we didn't know, was that right after he passed away, Juju's mother left with another man, breaking their family apart. Seeing the two of them discuss it and try and make amends was touching. I can really feel for their situation; I know what they are going through. I can only hope the best for the two of them.

The Lady Lesson this week was hilarious. They learned the art of padding. The real kicker was Raven giving her mother bird seed boobs (complete with nipples). The others focused on butts and hips, making the illusion of being really skinny. The sassyness of this episode is impossible to describe. They all had so much to catch up on and yet it felt like they had all been together forever. The rapport the sisters developed was hilarious, and even Deshawna learned a thing or two from Raven.

No, Juju isn't drunk again.
Deshawna and Raven surprised me the most out of all the girls. We learned during the course of the episode that she once disowned her son. They were from a strict Mormon family, and that was definitely a no-no. Over the years, her mother relaxed and began to accept her for the man-woman she had become. Drag U was the final step in that process to finally be accepted. Near the end of the episode, Raven teared up, thanking her mother for finally coming to terms and renewing their family bond. How sweet!

Tears aside, Deshawna was probably the fiercest mom I've ever seen. She was serving up some shade, which is exactly what Ms. Raven is famous for. The two of them hatched a plan to annoy Juju, and with that the Raven Show was off hiatus and back into the spotlight. This time, she and her co-star Ladyhawke, decided to mix and match all the shoes to make it difficult for Juju to find anything for her sister. And as if having a sixth toe on one foot wouldn't make that hard enough!

The dance lesson was one big blah for me. Neither of my sexy deans were there this time around. Hopefully we'll get to see Andre one last time before the show ends. He was such a cutie! I really have nothing left to say here.

Manila and her sister were quite the pair. They had been very close when they were younger, but not so much now. The drive behind her sister wanting to be better than her was finally revealed late in the episode. Apparently she has had a feeling of being left behind. She said her sister never was in the mood to see her or hang out with her, and she was never invited to the drag shows Manila put on. Manila said she didn't realize those things meant so much to her sister and vowed to correct them in the future.

Before I knew it, Draguation was here. Susan looked fabulous. She had a very shiny dress and some crazy diva-fro hair going on. Her confidence level went through the roof!  Rachel had a freaking Icecream hair clip! That is so Manila. In fact, she looked just like Manila -- which isn't a bad thing at all. She had a very colorful and poofy dress on. She was definitely my fave! Deshawna was the weakest of the group, but not bad by a long shot. She had an interesting asymmetrical dress on. The only thing that didn't work for me was the hair.

In the end, Deshawna had the best transformation and she draguated with top honors. Despite my critiques, I still loved her look. All of the girls looked amazing this time. I don't know how the judges were able to pick just one. I really do think Raven deserved the win this time. She is fierce, and so is her mama!

She pronounced it "Cuh-cumber". So cute!

The Drag Tips this week are brought to you by fan favorite Ongina. She gave us tips on how to use cucumbers effectively... as something other than a sex toy? Anyway, apparently you can use it to tighten cellulite and even to make your eyes less puffy. Who'd have thought?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Song of the Week - Virus

In another attempt to broaden my horizons beyond traditional pop music, I picked up the new Bjork single "Virus". I have never really paid her much mind, so I can't say with certainty how different or unique this track is compared to her previous music, but I can say that it's strange on its own. Hard to describe and always a trip, I present to you: Virus.

This song is... well for lack of a better word, it's weird. I don't understand really what is going on, but I like it. It has a lot of non-traditional elements mixed in and a lot of off tempo singing. Her upcoming album "Biophillia" is looking to be one big musical experience, and I have to say this song proves that one hundred fold. While not exactly something you would want to bump to in your car, it is definitely one of those songs you could put on and just relax to -- get lost in the madness.

As I have said before, I've never listened to Bjork before. I knew she existed, but she always made music outside of my circle of artists. It wasn't until this single that I realized she was making music again. I promised myself I would look into new things, and I'm very glad I did. The song is in the same vein as the non-single tracks by Kerli. It's amazing and strange, and I find myself looking forward to her album, oddly enough.

You can preview and buy the track on iTunes here.

Decision 2011: Drag U MVP Round Two

It's been a long haul. I've had a lot of distractions lately, but I really think I am making progress in deciding who my Drag U Most Vivacious Professor is. I have narrowed it down to two. I just can't make up my mind. I've been informed time and time again that I can vote multiple times for multiple queens, but as I've said before, that will do nothing but buffer the scores and keep them in the same places. I need to pick one. Just one. But who?

My first finalist is Pandora Boxx. I have loved her since I first laid eyes on her. She was always being judged harshly by the judges. I was outraged when she got sent home and I almost stopped watching the show that season... Almost. I think the thing that makes Ms. Boxx so lovable is her open personality. Her comedic timing is impeccable and her style is an amazing representation of said comedy. Always quirky and always fun, Pandora seems like the perfect candidate.

What makes Pandora a top notch professor is her background. Pandora revealed in Drag Race that she had attempted suicide in the past. It really made a lot of sense in terms of her humor. Humor is therapeutic. I feel she does an amazing job at transitioning her life experiences towards helping out the ladies going through the turmoils of their lives. She took away so much from this dark period in her life and is now using it to help others.

On the negative side, her humor can get a little too campy for Drag U. Don't get me wrong, I love drag camp. I think it is the best "flavor" of drag there is. My problem lies in the use in the series. Her humor seems a bit out of place. Much like the random drama in the series, it is fun to watch, but not always to the point. The premise of the show is helping these girls, and sometimes her jokes just don't translate. Don't take this as an attack, Fandoras (I am one of you, too). I'm just pointing out my opinion.

My other top pick is Manila Luzon. This girl is always spot on. Her look is always crazy, but fashionable. If my blog had not been on hiatus during season two of Drag Race, you would have probably gotten sick of me talking about this lady. Every week she turned it out and made a star of herself. Her personality is what really makes her shine. In a recent interview with her partner, Sahara Davenport, it was revealed that Manila started out as a club girl and gradually shifted to the ballroom scene, which would explain her unique approach to drag.

She has a way with words. What I mean is she can say something that, on paper, would sound really bitchy and spiteful, but when she says it, it is hilarious and pure gold. Her joke about Raja "dying of old age" so she could become the winner was hilarious, and everyone knew it was only in jest (I hope, anyway). She won challenge after challenge and always had Michelle Visage's heart -- which is a damn hard thing to do.

Manila has a very amazing connection to her girls. Instead of being based on her past experiences, she bases a lot of her support on the success she's made of herself. If she can do it, why can't you? Her jokes make it look like she is only in it for her own glory, but when it comes down to it, she is always concerned with her girl, not as a piece of meat to display for the judges, but as a person.

A big negative in her favor is exactly what I love about her. She always wants to be the center of attention. This isn't a bad thing, in my opinion. If you are fabulous, you deserve all the attention you can handle. In the show's context, however, she sometimes outshines her student. Whether or not that makes her a "bad" teacher is in the eye of the beholder.

My main bout with this decision is weighing my fanboy thoughts with the actual meaning of being the MVP. Vivacious means "lively" or "animated", but to me, an MVP should be the ideal professor. Both of these girls do what they do well. As humans, they both have their bad points, but as a whole, both are very worthy of the title. I've narrowed it down to two, folks. It is almost time for me to make my final decision -- and vote over and over like crazy!

Don't agree with me? Prove it by voting for your favorite professor on the official Drag U blog here. Check out the Sahara Davenport interview by the fabulous Pollo Del Mar I mentioned earlier here to find out more about her relationship with Manila and her new single "Go Off!"

Friday, August 12, 2011

Exclusive Interview - Young London

The cheesy notion of "I get by with a little help from my friends" took on a whole new meaning this past week as a friend of mine gave me a big push in the right direction. After a few emails I had set up an interview with the next big deal in the pop world - Young London. Recently featured as Song of the Week with their hit "Let Me Go", the duo sat down with me for their third interview ever. I got the third scoop! And that one is always the best (because its the strawberry scoop in the Neapolitan ice cream).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drag U Tue - Mama Mia, I Need Help!

Week after week on Drag U, we see women's lives get changed. We see people connect with others and come out of their shells. That's what it's all about. Despite all the things I post about the show, it's more than just an excuse to see our favorite Drag Racers. Drag U is about regaining confidence and becoming a better you. Now that I've said what I needed to, please allow Pandora to wake up your vagina!

This week's gals are three moms who need a lot of help. Michelle, paired with the fabulous Pandora Boxx, is convinced that to be a good mom, you have to be boring! Alicia, Morgan's student, spends every waking moment with her daughter. Anna, left in the care of Bebe, goes through great lengths to hide her many tattoos from her kids and peers. Needless to say, these full-time moms need help!

I was actually glad to see Morgan back. I really didn't get to know her too well in Drag Race. She was always paired with Raven, which I believe worked to her disadvantage greatly. She didn't have her time to shine. Thanks to Drag U, those of us who can't make it to her shows can see her shine on her own. She did a very amazing job of encouraging her student. She made her yell about her being the queen of Drag U and even gave her a whip to make her feel powerful. The trend of the "ice heart" queens showing their softer side is something I adore. Raven helping his drag mother in season two, Raja giving Stacey her "Heathers" necklace -- Its all so surreal and charming!

Bebe is a character I just don't know how to take. Mind you, I got into Drag Race half way through season one, and I never quite understood Bebe. She always looked fierce, but I didn't connect with her, exactly. It finally hit me in this episode, though, who she really is. She connected with Anna on such a personal level that it is unreal. Anna was upset about her tattoos and scared to show them. She was reassured by Bebe that she is who she is and she is beautiful. Isn't that a recurring theme for drag in general? So many people are put off by drag; they think these men are wusses and just want to be females. Most of the time that isn't the case. They are artists. Anna had no more reason to be ashamed than they did. "What other people think of me is none of my business" is one of the RuPaul quotes I live by.

The Lady Lesson this week was all about making housework sexy. Lady Bunny gave a few tips on how to accomplish this. She said they should do household chores in heels... and make bedazzled aprons? Sometimes the thought process of Bunny scares me. Anyway, they all made their fiercest looking... aprons, and I guess learned a lesson about what's sexy? I dont know.

Pandora's girl gave her a bit of trouble in this relatively drama free episode. Not only could she not walk in heels, but she also ended up twisting her ankle. It was at this point that Pandora stated "I lost quite enough on drag race. I am not loosing this competition!" and I totally agree. I wasn't counting her out just yet, but I felt bad for her. Pandora always does so well but is often overlooked or criticized by the risks she takes. Oh well. I still love you, boo!

Of course, yet again Andre is missing from the dance segments. Jamal was here again this week, and he made them do some pretty funny dance moves. Inspired by their frustrations with their uncooperative children, he made up several unique motions. We had the "Pick Up Your Toys" and the "Clean Your Room", both of which, scarily enough, I've seen used by my mother in fits of anger. Fun, no?

Things wound down at draguation. Alicia's look was ok. I have never been a fan of animal print of any kind, and her hair and earrings were a bit too much for me. That skirt looked amazing and well crafted, though. Anna honestly looked like a second Morgan. Similar makeup was used and the plaid half-suit-half-dress thing going on was something I could easily see her in. My favorite was Michelle. She pulled out all the stops in her dress and dance. She had a bad ankle and she still turned it out.

Michelle ended up winning. I was torn. I thought she looked and did the best, but the show is about transformation, both mentally and physically, and I thought the one who embodied this the most was Anna, but I'm not going to complain too much, because Ms. Boxx FINALLY won! Yay!

The drag tips this week were with resident Asian lady Jujubee. She was giving out tips on where to stash your stuff when you dont have a pocketbook. Put your money and ID in your heel and keep an extra tube of lipstick in your cleavage. Somehow that girl always ends up drinking. At least we can rest assured it was Absolut!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Song of the Week - Arrow Through My Heart

This week's song of the week is from an unlikely source. Kimberly Cole was not really "on my radar" until her latest single. Before hand, she was a bit middle of the road in the pop category. I liked "Smack You" but it wasn't in my top ten. And then, out of the blue, she releases a new single -- and this thing is as far from "middle of the road" as a pop song can get.

By that, I mean that she picked a definite niche that has yet to be fully explored by the pop industry. Pop has now officially gone Dubstep. Some of you (you know who you are, in particular) will be very quick to tell me that other pop stars have dabbled in dubstep before. Britney's hit "Hold It Against Me" had a breakdown that exploited the genre, but no pop song (to my knowledge) has plunged off the deep end like this song.

Like many people, I don't quite know how to describe dubstep. It uses heavy distortion effects on the bass lines of song to create a "wah wah" sound, and uses every sound a keyboard can make. My only problem was the lack of lyrics. Sure, a few people made lyrics to the songs but those were very few. I liked the music, I just needed something to sing along with. Kimberly provided me with this opportunity and thus I commend her. This song is definitely on a different level from what she's done before. I hope she continues this trend in the future.

You can preview and purchase the track on iTunes here

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Decision 2011: Drag U MVP

I may get hell for saying this, but deciding who to align myself with for the Drag U MVP is hard. I am giving this more thought than I did the presidential election -- Wait. I wasn't old enough to vote then. Anyway, I gave less thought to picking my Drag Race season three Miss Congeniality. I mean, it's easy when there are only three to four amazing queens in a season, but every single queen in Drag U is fierce. The best of the best were selected. How in the hell am I supposed to pick just one?

I know, I know. You can vote as many times as you want, for different people, too, but If I vote for every queen, my vote would just be fluff and do nothing. Thus I am embarking on a quest to pick only one queen -- and believe it or not, Pandora isn't the only lady at the top of my list!

Option One: Mariah

I love this bitch. While she may not be the best at causing drama, she sure as hell knows how to put herself in the middle of it. My main reason for wanting to pick this queen is due to her quick wit. Any time something is said, it doesn't take her a split second to come back with something sarcastic and harsh. For example: She once asked one of her students if she was ok. After a tentative "yes" she immediately told her something to th effect of "Ok, Moving on". A lot of my memories of her were a bit overshadowed in Drag Race. She was very fierce, but with so many queens, it was hard to see her. She wasn't the best during her stint at pushing to the foreground, but Drag U changed this for her. The balance of bitch and sweetheart is what I love about her.

Option Two: Raven

Dear god. My love/hate relationship with Raven over the course of Drag Race season two is a thing of the long gone past. I honestly think she should have won season two, given the final three, and I had a lot of faith in her. When she didn't win and instead went on to Drag U, I was concerned. She is known for being cold hearted; she even said it was her trademark at one point. I just didn't think she could pull off teaching someone how to do drag... but damn she pulled it off. On the reunion special, she vowed to change. This new Raven still has that bitch-fierce attitude, but with a softer side. She has a really good niche for connecting with her students emotionally, and she wins -- a lot. I am a sucker for a good drama queen, and she always starts something, whether it is stealing other queens stuff or calling out some of the busted looks the others come up with, this girl knows how to werk!

Option Three: Manila Luzon

Manila, Manila, Manila. She was my top pick from episode one of Drag Race season three. When she was in the bottom two, I stopped breathing for nearly a minute. When she didn't win, I was devastated. I was afraid I'd never hear from her again, but come time for Drag U, she was prominently featured on the series sneak peek decked out in Cookie Monster gear. I just can't describe what it is I like about her exactly. Manila is self absorbed, caddy... and spectacular.  Her sense of humor is always spot on, and she manages to come off as a bitch without being mean. As confusing as that sounds it is possible. I have become a huge fan of this lady, and Drag U is no exception. It also doesn't hurt that she is always spot on. I can't think of one time that I hated her outfit. She hand draws her designs and is dating Sahara Davenport. What more could you ask for?

Option Four: Pandora Boxx

You knew it was coming. If you've read any of my posts on here (ever) then you know I am a Fandora at heart. She won my heart in Drag Race season two. I thought she would go all the way, and I was extatic to find out she was going to be a professor again. She just has a heart of gold. She never really got into drama, she always looks amazing (dem fishnets, grrl), and she is funny as hell. Pandora's story touched my heart way back during season two of Drag Race, and I connected to her on a mental level. I think that is why I feel so attached to her. I know she isn't the most polished or fierce, but she is real. She is an amazing person and that can outshine any "tacky" outfit one might put on -- and I mean that in the most loving way possible!

See!? It's hard. I mean, we haven't even seen all of the queens on the show yet. Carmen and Tyra haven't even had an episode! How and I supposed to pick just one. I still have a few more weeks to make my decision (and spam the hell out of it with constant voting). Over the next week, I'll do my best to narrow it down. Now, ladies, who loves me the most?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Album Review - Victorious Soundtrack

Don't look at me with those betrayed eyes. I have always loved Victoria Justice. She the only reason I even considered watching Zoey 101, and I loved her one-episode stint on iCarly. Nickelodeon has been producing better and better quality teen shows the past few years. They have realized that kids need something much less generic to identify with. iCarly raised the bar for teen-aged shows everywhere, and Victorious followed suit -- with better music.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drag u Tue - Nominated By Loved Ones

You know what time it is. No, it's not adventure time. It's Drag U time; Time to take three women and need and make them into glamorous drag-queen-things! I was especially looking forward to this episode because  former MVP (most vivacious professor) and my favorite Drag Racer ever, Pandora Boxx, is finally on the screen for more than fifteen seconds! Commence the obligatory bad screen cap!

The episode stars three women who have been nominated by those who love them to get a make over and become the women they are on the inside. Randi (Vanessa Du Jour) is a dog enthusiast who is left in the care of Drag Race season one winner Bebe.  Liz (Britney Ciccone) is a lesbian with body issues paired with Pandora. Latonya (Tres Jolie) is a not-so-womanly truck driver studying under Mariah. This episode definitely has a lot of promise. The only thing that could make this episode better is if Manila was around to make me laugh. She's in the drag tips section? Looks like we have a winner!

Given who the professors are, the prof on prof drama was kept to a minimum. There was a three second clip where Bebe tried to take a boa that Mariah planned on using, but it really didn't go anywhere. I'm almost certain now that every ounce of drama on this show is perpetuated by Raven. When is she coming back again? The rest of the drama had to do with fighting between the girls and their mentors. Randi was all over the place, having the attention span of a fly. Liz refused to wear pink, but that didn't last long, and after some intense staring from Mariah, Latonya abandoned all hope of a purple dress in place of a silver one.

The Lady Lesson this week was rather unusual -- even for Lady Bunny standards. I guess the theme of the episode was too vague to fit in a lesson so they just made them do yoga... Yoga named after celebrities. They did moves named after Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and even and all-fours position called The Paris Hilton. Lady Bunny is always hilarious and fun to have around, even if some of her jokes fall flat (such as "Fatness Instructor").

My main beef with this episode centrals around Bebe. I'm not really sure how to take her. Sometimes, she is this fierce queen looking amazing and standing strong, and others shes just kind of there. She continues to recycle the phrase "Im from Africa" over and over. We know you are. We can tell from your accent. I'm told you've also lived in both France and the US for extended periods of time, so Africa is not an excuse, nor is it a defense. All griping aside, she did win the first season of Drag Race, and it does show in her appearance. She is always spot on and looks amazing.

The dance class had me disappointed for all of five seconds. No Andre again this week, but damn, this instructor is just as hot (if not more?)! His name is Jamal and everyone has a crush on him. Little do they know that I have my own plot to steal him away in the dark of the night! Ok, that was creepy, even by my standards. I honestly can't remember anything about the dance itself. I was too focused on Jamal...

I have to say that Mariah is one of the more interesting queens on the show. She has a way of being caddy without it hurting her in any way. Sure, Raven does that, but Mariah doesn't have the background of being a complete bitch. On Drag Race, she wasn't the nicest queen, but she definitely wasn't shady in the least. I like her way of being assertive with humor. She says things like a joke, but forcefully enough to make you know you better watch it. This episode also showed her softer side when she talked to her student about carrying on after loosing a loved one.

I was a bit saddened by how little screen time Pandora got. I know it wasn't going to be the Pandora Boxx hour, like I had imagined it in my head, but she was the least featured queen in the episode. I barely got to see her second outfit at all (and it was cute! Couldn't even get a screen cap of that shiz). I was hoping to have some kind of focus on her like Raven and Mariah seem to get so often. Maybe it is because she's so laid back. Even in Drag Race she generally stayed out of drama, and drama is what gets ratings. Oh well. I still love you, Lady Boxx!

Draguation came quick and the girls looked stunningly close to their Dragulator predictions. Latonya looked pretty good. I wish her dress had been shorter, though. I bet she had some killer legs. Randi had the weakest outfit of all. I didn't like the back poof and the shoulders. She was channeling a bit of the Ongina spirit with that cute hat, though. Liz was my favorite. Her makeup was a bit off (my one critique of Pandora every time), but her dress was cute and poofy. He legs looked rockin' and her heels were to die for. In the end, Latonya won. I can't say I was upset about it, but I wanted my Pandora protege to be at the top of the class!

This week's drag tips segment was all about the uses of milk of magnesia. Yeah.... So Shannel told all of the viewers how queens put a bit of it on their face before putting on makeup. It is also good under the arms, on the feet, and anywhere else you might need to use it. I guess Shannel was too classy to demonstrate these uses, so they employed Manila to get the job done. Gotta love that lady's sense of humor!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Song of the Week - Let Me Go

Last week was a mixed bag of music: Some great songs and some flop songs. As I weighed my options, a new band popped up on the radar. Young London. There is almost no info on this band other than they are a reformation of an alternative band, but this isn't an alternative group. This is a pop group!

The song is a very fast paced and peppy song. The remnants of the past band can be heard, much like Black Cards, but this band does a bit better of a job hiding that fact. "Let Me Go" is about two people in love, but don't know how to make it work. I have always been drawn to bands that have two vocalists. Songs with two lead singers make more dynamic songs, as well as stories. Sometimes you can get a story of two people wanting two different things, and sometimes, like this song, we get a song about two people who want the same thing, but haven't found a way to tell each other.

The track itself is very bold and dancey. I purchased the track without knowing anything about the group, and I'm still doing my best to dig up information. Their album comes out early October (which I will review) and the video for this song will be out very soon. As they are on tour, their twitter hasn't been updated much, but I'll work my magic to squeeze some info out of them!