Thursday, January 31, 2013

Song of the Month - Nausea Nostalgia

So in case you haven't noticed, the Song of the Week segment has been tossed out of the window. For many reasons, I have decided to go with a monthly segment instead of a weekly one. Now, every last day of the month I will be hand picking a song that I feel is the best of the best for that month. This will make the UCAs much more precise as well as up the stakes for everyone involved. So here is January's entry: Kids Without Instrument's hot track "Nausea Nostalgia".

I may have done a story about these two less than a week ago, but when I looked over the new crop of tracks for this month, nothing stood out more than this unique duo. It combines the best parts of artists like Black Kids and Gotye into one amazing package. The vocals may not be perfect, and the music may be a bit odd to those used to popular tracks, but it all meshes together so well.

The song is about remembering an old relationship and deciding whether to let it go or try and move on. Both the male and female vocalists seem to be wanting the same thing, but are having trouble communicating this to one another. The title alludes to this, without being the focal point or the hook, which is a bit of a refresher while still not going as far as Panic at the Disco or Cobra Starship had done.

Wanna know what is the best part about the song? It's free. I have never knocked on free music. Even if you don't like it, nothing was lost. Putting music out for free is not only a great way to gain fans, but also a gesture from the artist showing that they are not just in it for the money, but also for the sake of art.

You can grab the track for free on their Facebook page. Don't forget to "like" them, too! And also, take a moment to look at the re-vamped rules for Song of the Month. The limitations are much more relaxed, allowing for many more people to submit their music. Click on the "Suggestions" tab to get started!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Interview: April Kae Keeps The Hits Coming

April Kae may still be new, but with one solid hit heating up the indie pop scene, and another one just released and ready to shine, she definitely is going nowhere but up. Recently she and I sat down and spoke about her budding career, including her status as a role model as well as the big start of her career -- her stint on American Idol.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap - RuPaullywood Or Bust

So the time has come yet again. Another season of Drag Race is here, and I have mixed emotions. Prior to watching the episode, I hadn't had high hopes for it, for obvious reasons, but after seeing it (as well as how my top and bottom predictions performed) I have to say that it may be a bit better than I had expected. Well, let's not waste any time, shall we?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Site News: Drag Race Updates And Disclaimers

I didn't know if I should even "go there" and post something like this, but after all the insanity that was Drag Race Season Four, I think it needs to be said. I am going to take a moment to discuss with you my reasons for saying what I say and doing what I do. Consider this your warning.

Where should I begin? First of all, I have to say this, and make it very clear. When I read a queen, it is almost always in good fun. These are people on a television show. Unless you are their friend or have met/worked with them, you really have no business judging them. I write for your entertainment and to be funny, so when I say something like "...and that wig looked rancid!", it is merely to get a laugh out of a few people, not to say that said performer is bad at what they do. They did make it on the show, after all, and that has to say something if they were picked out by Ru herself.

That brings me to my first major point. Any rude comments said out of malice or hatred will be removed. Period. I put up with some very rude people last season, and I won't do so again. I don't care if you can't stand a queen. Go ahead and tell me why, but if one cannot convey their opinions without degrading someone else, the comments will have to be taken down. This is for the good of not only myself, but for the queens themselves.

Secondly, I have to bring up something that has put me under fire recently. Yes, I do find much of the casting this season to be very suspicious. I will do my best to put these feelings aside and keep in mind that it is just a TV show, but this can be hard to do. As a human being I have my own opinions, and I will do my best to convey them in the most civilized way possible. If I don't fawn over your favorites or judge them more harshly than you think I should, don't get too offended. We are all coming into the show with our predetermined thoughts. I originally didn't agree with the casting of already famous Chad Michaels being cast last year, but she completely changed my mind. If you really have faith in your fave, give me a few episodes. Maybe I'll change my mind.

Lastly I want to say that this is a spoiler free zone. Occasionally information is spread around, most of which makes it's way to me, but I will not be posting about anything that has not aired on Logo yet (hence why I haven't put up my review of the first episode even though the full episode minus the elimination has been on their website). I didn't have a problem with fans posting spoilers or rumors in the comments last year, and I appreciate your courtesy. 

Thank you all for your support. Drag Race has been a big part of TOTU from day one, and will continue to be as long as it stays on the air. I hope that I can keep the laughs going this year in my reviews, and I can't wait to hear what you guys think of my oddball take on things again. Tomorrow will kick off the first of my reviews, to which will hopefully stay on schedule this season.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New And Hot - Kids Without Instruments EP

The talent of young people these days amazes me! The duo known as Kids Without Instruments are both under 21 (19 and 20 to be exact) and they are already out there making music that is not only good but compelling, too. They've had a busy year so far -- and we are only one month in! Check out the their debut video "Nausea Nostalgia" below.

The video is definitely a departure from what people are used to seeing this way. The video is less action and more artsy, which is nice to see from time to time. The colors and slow movements fit the vibe of the already trippy feeling song quite well.

The duo, already on the same record label as chart topping artist Gotye, are billed as being a young Cristal Castles, but I honestly find myself relating them much more closely with Black Kids. They have two vocalists as well as very unconventional vocals. They also write very mellow electronic sounding music, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

Another really positive spin to come out of this group is that it feels like music is finally moving away from the superficial. I hope this duo falls in the footsteps of Adele and Beth Ditto (Lead singer of Gossip) pushing past the boundaries of body image in popular music.

The news of the video comes doubled (thanks to my extreme tardiness) with the release of their new self-titled EP. This release features "Nausea Nostalgia" as a track. The opening track "Stardust" and the closer "Don't Let Go" are definitely the standout tracks for the entire work. The kicker? This EP is free to download on Soundcloud! Check out the playlist of all six tracks below and let me know what you think!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Colette Carr Asks "Why Are You Leaving"

So what if I'm bad at predicting things? I often times state my opinion, which turns out to be completely wrong in the end. So what? I'm still hot. No, we aren't talking about Luciana today, we are going to talk about Colette Carr some more. Don't roll your eyes at me! There can never be too much cCarr! Check out the video for her new track "Why Are You Leaving" featuring Kev Nish from Far East Movement.

Can we take a moment here to talk about how gorgeous Colette looks in this video? I mean she always looks good, but here we really see how pretty she can be when she's dolled up. She has been in the spotlight making a name for herself for a good while now, and seeing her all-grown-up was a bit of a shock at first. The only word that comes to mind is "gorgeous".

As for the video, it is a pretty simple set up wherein cCarr is walking about town looking for her lover who has abandoned her and having to deal with the emotional void he's left. While not a lot of action actually occurs over the course of the shoot, it does feel very emotionally charged by being so well tied in with the subject matter of the song. It may not be as energetic as "Back It Up" or as career changing as "Primo", but it does have a strong standing for itself and leaves an impression.

What I really enjoyed was being able to isolate a member of Far East Movement. I haven't followed them closely over the years, so I hadn't seen what each one was capable of on their own. Many people may not know who Kev Nish is just by his name, but his flow is distinctively FM, and with the right push, this song and video have the potential to allow Kev to sway from the pack mentality of being in a musical group from time to time and allow him to shine on his own again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exclusive Permiere - Holly Elle's "Predator"

The time has come! Remember when I said I was going to get the scoop on Holly's new EP? Well she and her team contacted me and asked if I would like to premiere her new track "Predator". Of course I hopped right on that -- and what is better is that this isn't just a thirty second clip -- You are getting to hear the whole song two weeks before it's February release!

The song is in a much more modern pop direction than the previous material we've heard, and adds a much harder edge to this pop diva. Already the winner of the 2012 Universal Conquest Award for EP of the Year, what I've heard out of this release exceeds even the quality and enjoyability of the last. Check out "Predator", the lead in single for her new EP "Leopardess", for yourself!

The EP is due out on all online retailers February 5th. Keep an eye out on her Facebook page for even more exciting news on the EP in the near future! Like it? Love it? Comment below and share the love.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jessica Ashley Takes Us To Neverland

Have you ever heard of that cliche saying "a friend of a friend"? Well sometimes, or more accurately most of the time, cliches are true. Here is a prime example. Jessica Ashley, a talented vocalist, is a friend of a friend. This friend (who we will get to later) opened my eyes to a video that I am now in love with -- and apparently so are over 800,000 people around the world. Check out "Neverland".

Let me start out by saying I'm in love with this song now. The track is the strongest song off of her debut ep "Prelude", and is probably my favorite thing to have heard from her so far. The song is about finding an innocent love that is not only timeless but always feels like that perfect honeymoon phase of the relationship. It may sound like a fantasy, but much like the video, it could really happen.

It's the video, though, that truly brings this piece together. It may reference Peter Pan, but she takes on the role of Cinderella as opposed to Tinker Bell (I guess she didn't want to be a huge jealous brat the whole time). She is neglected by her family, including my pal JC Cassis who plays her mean-but-not-ugly-because-JC-is-gorgeous step sister. They take it to the extreme just like in the fairy tale, to the point to where JC drops a cup of tea because it wasn't just right.

Eventually her prince charming shows up at her door and takes her away. Instead of going to a royal ball, they show up at a local nightclub where he shows her what real life is like and they awkwardly slow dance while everyone else is doing the usual club dancing.

The entire video is obviously a metaphor for how our world is today. People go out to clubs so they don't have to 'act their age' and can stay in a state of "Neverland" for a while where they can act like kids all night long. While a neat concept, it does create a strange juxtaposition to what the song is actually about, which is an innocent and pure love. Regardless, it is a very polished video that has had a lot of people captivated and wanting to know more about Jessica Ashely -- including me!

You can grab the track on iTunes, as well as her entire EP "Prelude" here!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sorry I Missed It - Bentley Jones "Upgrade 1.0"

Yet again, this is an example of something that I knew good and well was coming, but when it came time for the release, things just got lost in the mix. This gem came out back in October, and was the long awaited major label debut from UK gone Japanese artist Bentley Jones. "Upgrade 1.0" might sound like a re-packaged album for his debut, but it is "So Much More" than that.

Honestly I don't know how I could have missed posting about this. My original plan was to review it as soon as it came out, but I guess time got the better of me. With the title, I expected this to be a lot of older material re-recorded or remastered for the new album, but it was actually a full new album sans two old tracks that have had major upgrades. The album spans fifteen songs (or more if you got to it early), and each of them are worth a listen.

The album retains that J-Pop vibe that Bentely has taken on recently, while retaining his harder edge he has grown to have since his days as "that Sonic music guy." It goes from slower power ballad songs such as "Touchscreen" to more intense pop tracks such as "Boys And Girls". This album was obviously tailored for Japanese audiences, as it uses a lot of Japanese words and phrases, much like his "Entourage" EP, but the majority of the album is sang in English.

Not all of the tracks are new, of course. "Down In Toyko" got a major update for this album. Originally from his "Finally Free" album, this upgraded version make the original look like an unpolished demo. So many more effects have been added in and additional backing instrumentals are pushed to the foreground. "Joyful" on the other hand, seems to be brought down by it's "Winter" upgrade. The song was from his most recent EP, which was pretty much on par quality wise with this album, so not a lot has changed other than making it sound a bit more full.

The album has a couple of featured artists, such as his long time collaborator and friend Curtis Young, and fellow English speaking J-Pop artist May J. There is also a track featuring an artist named Shun which is credited as "featuring Shun and Bentley Jones" for some odd reason. Other than that the album is all Bentley, showing that he doesn't need big names or tons of help to make a name for himself.

Originally there was an extended version available on US iTunes (which has since disappeared) that featured the previous singles such as "Oh-Wei-Oh" and "Bad Boi" as bonus tracks. Currently all that is available now on iTunes is the standard version with the original fifteen tracks. You can grab it here.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Devil's Carnival Episode Two Preview Released

What is the one thing I love most? Independent music. What do I love second most? Cult movies. Thankfully every once in a blue moon a perfect combination of the two comes to be -- most recently at the hands of Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich. First Repo: The Genetic Opera, then The Devil's Carnival, and coming soon, The Devil's Carnival: Episode Two.

Warning: Graphic Content

So this franchise isn't gone after all. There had been rumors about a second installment being in the works (mostly due to star of the first film Emilie Autumn being unable to control her excitement about the project), but we finally have something solid to go by -- even if it's not much. The "preview" goes on for just over nine minutes, and surprisingly offers up very little about the plot.

What we do learn is that this movie will provide a much clearer picture of Heaven, far beyond the couple of shots of Paul Sorvino (anyone else in love with the fact that he is GOD?). This video shows us a scene with a character known as "The Librarian" with his extreme no talking rule. He takes it pretty far, even ripping out the tongue of a boy who couldn't keep himself from singing. There also appears to be a layer of social commentary with the act of burning or censoring books by heavenly officials, but we won't go into that.

What the point here seems to be is to make people see that Heaven can be a far more detestable place than hell. Sure, in the first movie they did some pretty crazy things to the victims that fell into their traps, but it was all played out as a test to see if they were really meant for damnation. Here, we just have a bunch of strict rules placed on our characters, to which the officials are rewarded with their angel wings for carrying out these violent acts. Yeah. This stuff is messed up.

There has been no official word on the casting as of yet, but doesn't that guy playing the Librarian look familiar? He's Tech N9ne, a famous rap artist (Missouri represent!). I would imagine given the setting that Paul Sorvino will be back, and I'm sure that both Ms. Autumn and (for eye candy's sake) Marc Senter will make a return as well.

The first movie is streaming on Netflix, and is available for purchase via the official Devil's Carnival website.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Holly Elle EP Coming

Remember Holly? She has not lost a bit of momentum from the last time we checked in with her. After picking two singles off of her amazing debut "Infinitude" (which won EP of the year in the 2012 UCAs), she is now ready to move forward with new material. What is it going to be this time, you may ask? Well I don't have that answer just yet, but what I do have is all the latest news!

The new EP is titled "Leopardess". Unfortunately for her fans, we don't have much other info -- only speculation. For myself, I hope that she continues more on the road of "Don't Come Home" and less on the side of "Freak". The former showed a much deeper side to her, as well as a much more in depth approach to songwriting, which could always be appreciated.

The only other info that we have currently is the track listing for the EP. The endeavor will go on for five tracks, of which the titles have been made available exclusively to her fans on Facebook. The tracks are as follows:

1. Predator
2. Seeing Red
3. You Deserve A Song
4. Wanna Be Loved
5. Who I Am

I know that it has to be said. Comparisons have been drawn to Holly before in that she sounds a lot like Ke$ha on certain tracks, and throwing around words like "Leopardess" and "Predator" probably won't stop such comments either. I sincerely hope that these are purely coincidental and this work has enough distinction to make it by itself. 

The EP releases in less than three weeks on February 5th. I hope she releases a clip of one of more of the songs beforehand to get us all pumped for the release. You can bet if she does, I'll be all over it, and you can certainly expect a review once it hits retailers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top Five: Most Wanted For 2013

It's a new year, and there is so much out of it that I really want. There are so many things that were promised over the course of 2012 that just didn't happen -- whether it was due to lack of a budget, a busy schedule, or just stupid rumors. But could these things happen in 2013? There's still eleven and a half months left for these guys to make their move. Let's take a look at my Most Wanted list for this year!

5. XELLE to release "Hologram" Music Video

This video has been soooo long in the making. Originally said to be coming out in March 2012, it got pushes back to October, and then again to "very soon" status. The trailer reveals next to nothing about the video other than it has a list of guest stars longer than an Adam Barta music video. It claims to be a new breed of video, but other than "choose wisely" being tacked on at the end, it doesn't say what else is going to happen. This one is so high up on the list mainly because we know it's going to happen. They have been consistently releasing things in place of this video, but still keeping the fans pumped about it. But when will it really be released. Let's hope for this year.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Awesome Posts: Hollis Hollywood: Experience Tammie

People have been awesome to me over the past two or so years I've been working on this site, and I've been meaning to pay them all back for so long now. I guess it's about time I stop procrastinating and get on that, right? Well let me introduce you to a new segment I like to call "Awesome Posts". In this segment I'll highlight some of my favorite bloggers and what their talent in the form of interviews, reviews, and critical thinking.

This week, it has come to my attention that my perpetual rival slash good friend has one-upped me yet again by landing an interview with an All-Star. Legendary insane ladyboy Tammie Brown has sat down with Hollis Hollywood to discuss her childhood, stint on Drag Race, and current buzzings in the biz.

Hollis and I have been working on getting you all the info on your favorite queens for some time now, and it's such a great thing to see her land such an iconic performer as an interview.  Not to mention she has featured many of my bigger stories.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Frankmusik Is Back With Newness

Frankmusik, winner of the 2011 UCA for Album of the Year (something to brag about!), is finally back. For a time he left this stage name for the name "Vincent Did It", but he has chosen to return to "Frankmusik" both to please his fans who had grown so attached to him and to return to his roots of being an electronic artist. Newly independent, he is now on a mission to make the music he wants to -- and that's just what he's done.

A few months back, when Frankmusik announced he would be recording again, it almost slipped past my radar. He released a few amazing demos, such as the extremely catchy "CAPTAIN", but this is the first track to be presented as finished since he retook his original name. "You Are Here" is a departure from what those who were introduced to him with "Do It In The AM". Gone is the shiny dance pop music and in it's place is something truly worthy of someone called a songwriter.

The sound of this track could be called almost tribal. The very Genesis sounding song comes as a bit of a surprise even to me. The only other demos I had heard fell somewhere between "Do It In The AM" and "The SOPA Opera EP", but this is completely new and interesting. While it may not get you dancing, it really fits in with the way pop music has been moving lately with people like fun and Gotye topping the charts.

What is retained is his distinctive sound. He has that wail that he does pretty often that cannot be mistaken for being anyone but him. I often wonder if he strains his voice doing it, but seeing as he does it often, and loudly, I'd say that it is just his style and what he feels comfortable with.

This comes paired up with the news that he is in the middle of writing a new record. He is known for doing Ustream recordings during his stints in the studio, but due to the conflicts in schedules I've been unable to catch him live. As far as written materials there has been no speculated time set for the release, nor a name put out for fans to go off of.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brandon Hilton New Song Preview + Best Of Album

My, oh my. Brandon Hilton never stops does he? It hasn't been long since he released his last single, and since then he's done a free promo track, too. Now he's released a preview for his next single straight off his next album that is coming sooner than you might think. And just in case that isn't enough Brandon for you, he also has put out a best of album. Yeah, it can be a lot to take in. Let's get started, shall we?

Brandon is branching out in many different directions this time. "Dance Til I Die" may have been a very upbeat pop track, but "Daddy", the new single, is to a very different tune. Instead of having traditional fast paced beats and electronic voice effects, he has opted to go for a more raw and emotional sound -- which is perfect given the topic. The track is all about his father (pretty obvious by the title, no?) who Brandon has a very dark history with.

It's not just the beat and the vibe that has been swapped out for this song, but also the style. In place of his usual autotune vocals is a very real voice. And what's more -- he raps. So it may be a bit more of a Ke$ha speak-sing style, but that doesn't mean it is going to be a trainwreck. The preview offers up a bit of a verse, the chorus, and what seems to be the bridge of the song, giving the listener the full dynamic of all it has to offer.

While I don't see this track beating out "Frozen" and "Dance Til I Die" as my top Brandon tracks, I can certainly see the appeal to this song. Not only does it humanize somebody who rarely gives the world a peek into his life, but it also offers up a variety from much of what we've heard from him in the past.

In other BH related news, he has announced that he is releasing a "Best Of" album, compiling a total of 29 tracks. This album will be a mix of old favorites, new remixes, and newly remastered tracks. As of now, the only place where the track list is available is the newly redone MySpace (Wait, what?), to which you have to have an invite to. If you are really curious, you can like Brandon on Facebook and he will send you an invite to the preview, or you can wait until I update with the full tracklist soon. Up to you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Album Review - Skitszo Part Two

Ok, guys. The first week of the new year is finally over and I can resume normality -- and what is more "normal" about my site than to see Colette Carr featured on my site? Well she has been releasing her debut album "Skitszo" in segments every two months and the new year is bringing in part two. Let's take a listen.

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012's Biggest Misses: Young London's New Music

It seems like I overlooked far too much this past year -- especially if I'm forgetting to talk about Young London. They were my first big interview, and they have remained supportive of my endevours, so it's about time I return the favor. They've released a couple of singles over this past year, and it's about time I talk about them!

Young London released their debut album at the beginning of 2011, and spent most of the year promoting it, doing tours and music videos. In 2012, they started fresh working on new material. I was able to catch their cover of "Video Killed The Radio Star", but I missed the other two singles that had been released over the course of the year.

"Call My Name (Tonight)" is a very Matt-heavy song, which isn't surprising as he usually fills in the roll of lead singer. Sarah does have a verse to herself, giving her side of the story, showing that both the people in the story want the same thing, but don't seem to be communicating this to each other. The track is very electropoppy, sounding a lot like their first album.

On the other hand, "Broken" is a much more low key song. It still has that distinctive YL sound to it, but it has a much longer build up, and a very choppy, unconventional flow to it. Matt takes the backseat to Sarah much more in this track.

The two tracks are set to be on their sophomore effort, which is still up in the air as far as release dates go. I'll have to hop on that and get the scoop from them, as I'm pretty sure they still like me (hopefully moreso now that I've mentioned their new singles). I'll have to get back to you guys on that one!

Check out their iTunes store and grab their new singles as well as their first album if you haven't checked it out yet!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012's Biggest Misses: Maya von Doll "Is This Love"

I don't usually cover British acts, sans a few very obvious people I stan for, but when someone reaches out to me -- and they've got quality music -- I feel the need to help them all I can. And hey, she even admitted to being a fan of Nadia Oh, and anybody who likes that bitch is OK by me! Let's talk about Maya von Doll and her new video and single, "Is This Love".

I have to say one of my favorite things about British acts is when you can hear their accent shine through to their singing. Often times some of the UK artists sound American when they sing, but others, like The Dolly Rockers, sound very distinctly British, which is so adorable. Maybe that's not the right word, as the song is pretty serious despite it's upbeat electro-pop sound.

The plot of the track is all about a failed love, with a girl being addicted to someone who does nothing but hurt her. Unlike any other songs of the same nature, this offers a different point of view. This one is told from the point of view of a girl who hasn't experienced much love in her life, and she is starting to question of love and pain are the same thing.

I have mixed feelings about the beat to the song. It is coming at the tail end of the dub-step-pop-song phenomenon. It seems that fad is finally being put to rest, and for good reason. The thing is, it doesn't come off as cheap as a lot of others who did the same thing. I find myself conflicted between being sick of this mid-track breakdown and being completely in love with the work as a whole. The beats were produced by duo Robs and Duke.

As for the rest of the song, it sounds very upbeat, with a tinge of darkness that is sprinkled in by the lyrics. The video is surprisingly literal to what the song is all about. It goes on to show that the pain she is feeling is being caused by her man cheating on her with not one but three girls. The video adds a lot of sexiness to the vibe, giving it a much more three-dimensional feel. I also would like to note that the video is very well done, which is not surprising given her work for Girls Aloud and involvement in the Sohodolls. She actually has an extensive resume in writing, but this is a very solid attempt to branch out and make a name for herself.

This is the second single off of her upcoming EP entitled "Fresh From The Fight" due out sometime in 2013.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012's Biggest Misses: Hyper Crush Releases (Several) Videos

You'd think as hot as I find Preston from the group Hyper Crush that I would keep up with them better. The truth is I do, but I usually can't find a whole lot to say about them that isn't just about how incredibly sexy they all are. Seeing as it's a new year, I guess I should start it all off right, right? Well I missed these three videos, and it's abut damn time I talked about 'em!

"Bad Boyz" was one of my favorite tracks from the band's newest album "Night Wave." This video does it great justice in that it is completely batshit crazy. I mean this video makes next to no sense. It starts with Holly coming out of the computer in order to make Donny into a man, and from there it all spins out of control in the best way possible. They continuously lag across the screen (leaving copies of themselves overlapping each other as they do so), they dress up as ninjas, and there's even a tiger or two. It's completely green screened, which was something a lot of the fans seemed to hate. Others said they just don't "get" it, but really, I don't think there is anything to get. It's just the trio being crazy, business as usual.

This one is much more coherent than the previous video. Donny gets busted for smuggling a new drug called "Chead", and cops Holly and Preston interrogate him. My question is why couldn't I be frisked by Preston in a cop costume? The rest of the video consists of the two cops torturing Donny to try and get info out of him spliced with flashbacks of the club where he had used the drug. All I really have to say about this song is that it took one of my least favorite tracks from the album and made it truly enjoyable. Preston totally stole the show, and now all I can think about is his porn stache. Dear lord help me.

I am sad to say, but this is probably my least favorite Hyper Crush video to date. I mean, they look good, and the production is great, but it just didn't feel right. The only way I can describe the video is if Hyper Crush invaded the set of Animal House. At least my megacrush looks stunning. But when does he not?

It's obvious to anyone with a brain and an eye or two that Hyper Crush has come a long way since they left their record label. If anything, since leaving Universal Motown to found Night Wave Records, they have gotten far better. They've honed their sound and found a core audience. They have also found the right production team to make some visually impressive videos, with "Werk Me" being one of the best videos released this decade.

2012's Biggest Misses: Jipsta On Ranny's Debut EP

Man I am a horrible friend. Jipsta, a constant supporter of mine and good friend, has released another new song. Usually I'm on top of his new music, but this one slipped right past my radar. Again, I've missed something everyone expected me to talk about. Please allow me to rectify this situation by talking to you about Ranny having Jipsta's new track on his debut EP. Lemme talk about "Moombah Zoombah".


All biased aside, I have to say that Jipsta has come a long way over the past two years. His debut album was a long journey, and at times it really did show. This song, along with the other single that was by both Ranny and Jipsta "Lover Who Rocks You" both sound astronomically more polished and on point. Not to say I didn't love his debut!

The song, as the name suggest, sounds a bit more tribal and raw than what is heard on the radio. As always, Ranny has produced an addictive beat for Jipsta to flow to. Speaking of which, JP's raps on this track not only run smoothly and sound just as good, if not better, than rap you would hear on the radio these days.

Ok maybe I'm biased just a little, but he is good!

The rest of Ranny's debut EP, "Party Crasher" has a lot of familiar faces. Not only does it have Jipsta's other newest single featuring Reina, it also has the song he released a while back with Drag Race star Jessica Wild, "You Like It Wild" and the track with Drag Race Allstar Nina Flowers "Loca -- both of which were pretty big hits considering the names they were paired off with.

You can buy "Moomba Zoomba", as well as the full "Party Crasher" EP on iTunes. Give it a listen.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012's Biggest Misses: The Drag Coffee Table Book

Dear lord I am behind on the times. I had no idea that there were so many drag queens outside of those fifty or so from Drag Race. (Did you get the joke? Hah). Thankfully there are many different outlets for talented queens to get their names out. My buddy over at BookTheFilm.Com has taken it upon himself to publish a compilation of glamorous photos that would be perfect as a conversation piece for anybody's coffee table -- so long as they aren't a judgmental prude.

Well let me take back what I said earlier. This book does feature some of the Drag Race girls. As a matter off fact, many of the girls, such as Tammie Brown, Nina Flowers, Ongina, and Roxxxy Andrews appear in this book. There are also a lot of independantly famous queens such as Hedda Lettuce, Lady Bunny, and my fave Ms. Sherry Vine.

Photo by Anna Patin
The photos in the book may look familiar to some, and that is because they wrangled famous photographer Jose A Guzma+n Colon, who has taken photos of pretty much every gal that has been on Drag Race (and even snapped a picture of my dear friend Pollo Del Mar), as well as famed photographer Mike Ruiz, who is known for his extensive reality TV resume -- oh and his breathtaking photography.

Photos by Jose A Guzman Colon
 What I find amazing about this book is that the focus is not just on female illusionists in the United States. Many of the queens in the book are from other places including both Canada and Mexico, giving the viewer a broader idea of the scope the drag world has. Sure we know that Puerto Rico has some fierce queens, but what about Quebec? Or Mexico City? Yup, they got 'em, too.

Photo by Jose A Guzman Colon
These few pictures I've posted are only a taste of what the book has in store for everyone. I have to say when I was first pitched the idea of the book, it didn't seem to appealing. I mean you can find pictures on the internet, right? But this is much more than a collection of pictures. It's an amalgamation of art, design, beauty, drag, and fashion.

The book is available for the US for the reasonable price of fourty bucks. Try beating that at your local Barns&Noble. It's also available internationally. Just hop on over to BookTheFilm and order your copy today!

2012's Biggest Misses: Willam's Other Releases

Where to begin with this one. It's not exactly that I accidentally missed all the other stuff Willam has put out over the course of 2012... it's just that she releases so much freaking music all the time! This lady never stays still for too long, and for only being a household name since January of last year, she already has a resume longer than some people who've been going at it for years.

Willam Belli songs can be categorized in two ways: Original songs that are pretty good and hilarious amazing parodies. So let me think here for a moment. I covered Chow Down and Let's Have A Kai Kai, both parodies, as well as Trouble, both the original and Jared Jones mix. That leaves us with four or so songs and a few videos. Let's just cover the highlights shall we?

Let's start with "Love You Like A Big Schlong". This is probably the single most hilarious parody in the history of all history. No, seriously. The song is an ode to the infamous disqualification on Drag Race, as she was taking congigal visits from her boyfriend in her hotel room. Apparently getting the D is more important to Willam than winning. I mean she's obviously the biggest star from the show this season. Sharon who?

She released a few more original songs over the course of 2012, too. "She Doesn't Know" added a flavor of rock to her growing resume. It is also probably the most vocally impressive of the lot, but at the same time it is the least polished sounding. Maybe I know the person who wrote it, maybe I don't. I should probably say more nice things about this.

Also, "Stand By Your Man" is bad. Like... bad bad.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Willam makes better parodies than original songs -- in my opinion. "Trouble" was fun, but short. So far all of her parodies have been not only funny, but legitimately good songs. "Love You Like A Big Schlong" is still one of my favorite songs of the year. "Chow Down" was a massive hit, and "Let's Have A Kai Kai" is the top parody of the world's biggest gay anthem. Still, though, seven(ish) singles (not just songs or album tracks, but singles) in a year is a very impressive feat. She certainly knows how to jump on the money train while it's still in business.

Also I feel the need to express how much I love the LYLABS video. Not only does it have the hottie pit-crew member Shawn in it, but there really are a lot of huge friggen schlongs throughout. It's pretty NSFW, so if your boss it hovering over you shoulder, about to get onto you for not doing your job and instead reading the world's greatest blog, you probably shouldn't give him a reason to question your sexuality at the same time.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012's Biggest Misses: Liz Primo

Another day, another miss. Sometimes I get shown a video that I fall in love with, but due to circumstances I just don't get around to featuring. This is the woe that is Liz Primo. I've been meaning to talk about her, and show off her videos for a while now, but I kept forgetting, but no longer!

Though she's been around a bit longer than just 2012, this is definitely the year where she's started making her mark. She has released two killer videos this year, "The Devil In Me" (posted above) and "Wind Me Up" which I'll put at the end of the list.

To sum Liz up is a hard thing to do. Her music is phenomenal. As Ive stated many, many times, I absolutely love indie pop. It's something I can't get enough of -- especially when it's polished and professional. That is exactly what Liz Primo is offering with both of her singles. "The Devil In Me" was my first experience with her and I definitely was hungry for more.

The other song that she produced this year, "Wind Me Up" is far more sexual and a touch more professional looking as far as video quality goes. But her newest song, "Beautiful Whore", that has yet to see a video release takes the lead as far as best song form her. As a matter of fact, had I known of it's existence, would have probably been my pick for song of the year. No joke. The song is part of a double A-side single with the song "Operation Get You Back" which is another excellent example of pop music as well as an impressive and risky venture for an indie pop artist.

All of her 2012 works sans the video for "Wind Me Up" are part of a new album that has yet to be titled (as far as I can tell). I will be looking forward to see if a full album comes of this, or even if a video for "Beautiful Whore". Seeing as my info and knowledge of Liz is very small, I have no idea what is in store. This looks to be another venture worth taking, and another artist I need to get to know for the sake of information!

Sexy back-up dancer alert!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012's Biggest Misses: Sk8 And Her New Video

As much as I take pride in finding quality artist before anyone else, sometimes I completely miss the boat, and by the time I've found them, the ship has already been out of port for months. Thankfully I'm good at inventing reasons to talk about old stuff you probably missed too, much like "2012's Biggest Misses". And with that, please allow me to introduce singer Sk8.

Sadly until just recently I had never heard of Sk8. A friend answered my call for quality talent that I had missed over the past year, and I was immediately taken by her. She is cute yet distinctive looking and has a great voice. There is just something about the indie scene in New York that is so appealing, and this lady is no different.

Her latest single, "One Love", has had a video come out recently that has definitely made a lasting impression on me. Not only is it full of Kwanza Jones level hot backup dancers, but it is also full of energy and looks very professional. My only complaint with the work at all would be the segments that look like they were shot in a poorly lit condo in front of the window, and those are used few and far between.

If the video looks impressive, and it does, it's because it was produced by renowned New York photographer Montana Vasquez, whom I have been a closet fan of for a while now. He produces amazing work, such as this video, and has been working with my new fave Tokyo Black on some projects as of late. We certainly can't wait to see what comes of that, but for now, back to Sk8!

Sk8 has already placed on the Billboard Top 20, and this song is proof that she has it in her. While "One Love" has yet to chart (it's still pretty new, to be fair), the song definitely has what it takes. It's got light and airy vocals compiled on top of bomping beats that make everyone wanna dance. The song carries a message about how strong of an influence just one love can be in a persons life.

Also, no shade, but does anyone else think she looks like Priscilla from Not Another Teen Movie in some of those closeups?

Grab the track on iTunes and remember 2013 the way you should have remembered 2012!

2012's Biggest Misses: Punk Bunny's New Album

I cannot lie. I have been a fan -- like a legitimate fan -- of Punk Bunny's since I was sixteen. I'm... notably older these days, so you can rest assured I've loved them for a long time. Unfortunately over the course of this past year, I overlooked them as they released a new album. Today I make amends for this by featuring it on my site.

Warning: Punk Bunny is EXTREMELY NSFW.

First of all let me go on record (again) saying that Punk Bunny's lead singer Gil is on of the hottest men in the world. His raunchy appearance and IDGAF attitude give him the presence of being the male version of Ke$ha, only maybe a tad bit more extreme. Don't believe me? Check out their video for "I Wanna F**k".

Did you see it? Did you feel it? This song was their lead single off of the new album "Hung, Proud, And Sloppy", which fits in completely with their previous music. All of Punk Bunny's music has been cheap sounding techno-garbage with over offensive lyrics layered on top. From a musical standpoint they are terrible, but there is something about them that I just can't give up (it's Gil, and his sexiness).

The new album has spawned such hits as "Watch It Grow", "PNP", and their newest song to get a video "Suck It". Each of the songs runs around three and a half minutes, proving that he knows exactly when things go from being funny to annoying and cuts them short before they get obnoxious. The songs that do go on longer still retain much of their humor even in the further portions of the song.

So why even listen to them? They are crude, rude, and kind of gross. I can't say why you should, or who their target audience even is, but they do have a bit of a cult following of people who support them religiously. This means they are doing something right. Perhaps it's because it is refreshing to hear someone be so brutally frank and over the top with sex. Maybe it's just because they go where traditional radio play music would never dare to go. The result: Something you know you should instantly find terrible but are somehow drawn to it.

That or you just find their singer hot. Your call.

Don't watch this video if you are easily offended... by anything.

Preview and grab the album on iTunes if you dare!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012's Biggest Misses: Honey Mahogany Sings

So here's the deal, for the first full week of 2013, I am going to be going posting like crazy to showcase a ton of artists that I missed over the past year. Lots of amazing things happened, and being just one person, there was no way I could keep up with it all. Therefore, these first seven days of the new year, I'm bringing you the biggest "no duh!" moments I missed over the past year!

First up, we have Ms. Honey Mahogany, one of the upcoming queens from Ru Paul's Drag Race season five. She wasted no time at all getting her music out there, and I think such a bold action deserves a bit of applause, doncha think?

Pretty much from the day she was announced as being a contestant on RPDR5 she announced her debut single "It's Honey." Suspicious? Yes. Smart? Also yes. Now that the show is in it's fifth season, the number of queens that have been on the show are becoming a bit overwhelming, and with the show at the risk of becoming like America's Next Top Model with the winners being forgotten a month after the show ends, it is probably for the best that she cash in as soon as possible.

The song has me on the fence, and my true opinion on it depends on the truth behind it. If it is a serious attempt at writing, I would have to shake my head. However if it is what it appears to be, which is a parody that is poking fun at her name and bringing on the camp, it is amazing. Confused yet?

Well, you see, the song from a musical standpoint is not something you'd hear on the radio or top 40 playlists. It has a lot of disco to it, and the singing gets very sexual very quick. I'm not talking Kanye West "I'm going to threaten you into sex" sexual, but more like Raja "listen to me moan for three minutes" sexual. It's awkward, yet at the same time a bit genius.

The more I listen to it, the more I'm sure the song is poking fun at herself, but one can't be too sure. I guess I'll just have to wait until she makes some sort of statement about it. Perhaps I can even get her to comment for TOTU. Only time will tell. This one was a narrow miss, as the song came out mid December, but I promise more is to come! Stay with me, people!

Grab the track on iTunes and let me know what you think of it. Parody or just weird?