Friday, August 31, 2012

New Alphabeat Cover + Tracklist

Why is Scandinavian pop so good? Now I know why there is an entire site dedicated to just music from such a small region. Alphabeat is one of the shining examples of how great pop can be overseas. They have a new album coming, and even if their newest single isn't a total home run, fans got something this week that has their hopes kept high -- the album cover.

I don't know about you, but I am loving this album cover. Everything from their logo, to the confetti, to that amazing purple suit -- it's all just so perfect. Also as a nice surprise is the tracklist. Sadly only ten tracks long, the list includes both singles that have come out so far, "Vacation" and "Love Sea". Other tracks that look interesting are "Younger Than Yesterday", "Show Me What Love Is" and the title track "Express Non-Stop". This gives me the hopes that this album will end up great.

Many complained about the lack of originality in the lead single "Vacation." While "Love Sea" did get better reviews, it has yet to become available on US iTunes, so I can't exactly state my opinion on it. The album is set to drop September 24 (a popular date for promising albums it seems), but since the second single is not out yet in the US, there is no guarantee this will be the date for release in the states.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Veronicas Release New "Lolita" Video

The Veronicas have done it again. Just when I thought their new single "Lolita" couldn't get any better, they go and release an epic video for it and I fall in love all over again. This time around they are taking no prisoners -- and they look freaking hot doing it. Check out the brand new video below.

THE VERONICAS "LOLITA" from Spencer Susser on Vimeo.

This song is pretty much my anthem to my readers. "Always stay close to me. Don't think of leaving."

Psychotic tendencies aside, the video is amazing. It starts off slow, revealing both girls separately with their own legion of masked followers with guns stalking their every move. Soon enough the two meet up and the mayhem begins! They unleash gunfire upon a creature that looked like it was stolen from the set of the last Alien movie.

Yeah, it gets weird.

Despite this, I love the video quite a bit, milk baths and all. It's bringing back the style of videos I love -- the ones with just enough plot to be intriguing while not taking over the entire project (get the hint Lady Gaga?). The plot may not have all that much to do with the song, but at least it's entertaining and visually stunning. I'd say the Veronicas did a good job this go around.

Oh and did you know the song is now on US iTunes? Any idea what I'll be choosing for Song of the Week this time?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Simmy Premiers Debut Single

Simmy has always been making great music. He has helped many up-and-coming Australian acts, pop and R&B alike, gain fame through new and exciting beats. Now it's time for him to make a name for himself as opposed to just helping out others. Simmy has released his very own debut single, with the help of a couple of talented vocalists.

The song is all about being in love (which gets repeated often, and is actually the name of the track. Go figure), but the focus of the song is definitely the beat. This track sounds so incredibly polished, and after Giulietta's "911: Code Pink", I thought there was no room for improvement. This is one of those No Remix Needed tracks, kind of like Jipsta, where it needs to be shipped to every club and played so everyone can dance. His great production is highlighted by vocals from Moise Bentley and Scott Summers (points if you thought of XMen!)

Simmy chose to go about releasing music much like David Guetta and Calvin Harris, in that he has guest singers, but still has his name attached in bold print to the music. I think this style of releasing is important because sometimes it's not the singer who did all the work, and yet they often end up with all the credit. This way Simmy can get his name out, get bigger clients, and make some nice moolah on the way. It really beats name dropping the producer at the beginning of the track.

Raise your hand if you are tired of hearing "Red One"/"Cherry Cherry Boom Boom".

I didn't raise my hand. I love it.

No word yet on when it will be available for purchase or download, but I'll keep you all updated. For now, enjoy it via SoundCloud!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Song of the Week - Best XXXcessory

I had no choice. It's just too fabulous. One of half of me wants to think that if I keep choosing drag queen tracks for this that they will overrun my entire website (especially with All Stars and Season Five of Drag Race being almost back to back), but the other half of my head just says "F*ck that. It's Manila, bitch!" Guess which side of my brain I listen to more.

I don't know if Manila is capable of making a bad song. She is a very talented song writer and very good at working with what she's got. Is Manila Luzon the best singer ever? No, and she knows it. She is, however, good at balancing fabulousness and camp in a way that just works. This go around she is going for a more electro-rock sound, adding in some pretty rad guitar riffs and a more driving beat. Manila's voice is much more heavily autotuned than "Hot Couture" for the most part -- until the bridge where her voice sounds very raw. This part was probably obviously left that way due to the sincerity in the lyrics.

The lyrics are my favorite part of the song, actually. The entire song is a metaphor for having the best boyfriend in the world. The song is like a personal love letter to Sahara that Manila made into a song. Lines like "You dress me up" and "I could even wear a brown paper bag/cause with you on my arm the kids will gag" show both comedy and caring. This song feels better in almost every aspect to her debut, and that song was practically perfect anyway.

I guess what I'm trying to say is how the hell could I not pick this as Song of the Week?
Everything about it is so sparkly!

Buy the track on iTunes. It's worth it 99cents, I promise!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Interview: Spinning With Kim Cameron of Side FX

Kim Cameron is an all around talented lady. She's can sing, write songs, and she has a knack for telling some amazing stories. She, along with her band Side FX, have been perfecting her newest album, "Spin Me Ever After", what can only be described as a musical experience. As always, I wasn't shy at getting right to the source to get all my questions answered -- and then some.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Exclusive: Brandon Hilton "Dance Til I Die" Preview

Back when I last spoke with Brandon Hilton, he told me that several of the songs on his upcoming album were re-recorded versions of older tracks like "Frozen" and "So Ready", but he also promised us new material. Lucky for you, he has chosen Taking Over The Universe to show off the first new track "Dance Til I Die" set to appear on his third album. Check out our exclusive clip of the track!

This song is certainly much more upbeat and dancey than Brandon has been lately, which is a good sign in my book. The vocals sound strong and the beats are spot on, as far as I am concerned. This may be my favorite Brandon song to date, but I'll have to hear the full version first to know for sure. As a note, this preview is still in the demo stage, as he is still working on the finishing touches on the finalized version.

But for those of you who are in dire need of hearing this track and happen to live out on the east coast or close by, there is hope. The full version of the track will premier at his next live date in Charlotte, NC as part of his Frozen Hearts tour. Can't make it out that far? Don't worry, neither can I, but there is hope. The single version of the song will be out on iTunes in September, along with an announcement for lots of new dates and other goodies for you all.

For now, we will just have to listen to this 50second clip over and over. Well, that is, unless you live in one of the locations that the Frozen Hearts tour will be stopping in at. Dates include:

August 25 - Charlotte Pride - Charlotte, NC
September 17 - Blue Martini Lounge - Las Vegas, NV
September 21 - Out In The Park - Six Flags New England

For more info on his tour, music, and flawless pictures, go to his official Facebook fanpage.

And also check out this awesome tour poster!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Listen - Raja "Sublime"

And from the sky falls a new Raja song. Much like her first track, I guess I just missed the media hype for it (if there was any) but I'm glad I caught it. Raja may not be the next Beyonce, but he knows hot to make a good song, and how to have fun with it. Thus, the second I found out there was a second song, I knew I had to give it a spotlight. Check out "Sublime".

Coming in at just over four minutes, this song is a nice electronic romp at a much more uptempo feeling that Raja's first attempt. The pulsating keyboard track often time overpowers his voice during the verses, but he picks up the volume during the chorus and bridge. This beat was certainly made for dancing in a club, which given that he will probably be performing the track live on his club touring, makes a lot of sense.

Lyrically this song is pretty amusing. Raja never seems to take himself too seriously, even when he does look as fabulous as the look on the cover for the single. Lyrics like "I want you deep inside of me," and "I want your love all over me" chanted in the bridge over such poppy sounding techno beats is an obvious Raja move, having watched him closely on Drag Race season three to catch onto his little quirks.

I had no idea what to expect going into this single. "Diamond Crowned Queen" was a really odd track, and I didn't know if he could pull off a follow up to it. Thankfully, he has kept the music machine moving smoothly, allowing a very hot track to come out with a nice dusting of camp to keep it draggy and fun. Much like his fellow Heather, Manila Luzon, Raja knows how to create a song that, on the surface, sounds very impressive and hot, but doesn't take itself seriously.

I guess now we just have to wait for him to release an equally awesome music video to accompany this track. I can't even imagine what the video would be about or include. I can only hope that the single's cover would be involved in the process somehow, because it looks gorgeous, and if that is what Sublime is to Raja, that is what it should be to everyone.

The track is smart without being preachy, and campy without being silly. It's fun to listen to and yet it keeps itself from falling prey to being overly campy like many other drag songs do. This may be the best song released by a drag queen this ye-- Oh Manila has a new song out. Uhoh.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Cristal Snow Video Ends With Vague News

I continue to be incredibly delusional and say that I will only be talking about music in the United States. But with the incredible website that is YouTube, worldwide music is becoming more and more accessible to people in the US. For this reason, I find it acceptable that I gush on how much I love Cristal Snow for a moment. Check out his new music video.

When Cristal announced on Facebook he would be doing one last video for his Wicked album, I didn't give it much thought. Sure I was excited to see it, but I didn't think it was going to be as big a deal as it was. As usual, I was proven wrong and taken back by exactly what I saw.

"In order for something new to begin, you must bury the past."

In this video for the orchestral version of his amazing track "Venom", not a lot really happens throughout the bulk. He is standing still, or laying still, singing along with his lyrics. It is only towards the end that things really take a turn, where he is dragged off, wrapped up in plastic, and thrown into a hole to be buried alive. In an odd M. Night Shyamalan twist ending, it's revealed he is the one who killed himself. We are left with the words "Cristal Snow is dead. Resurrection. Fall 2012."

It looks like Cristal is about to undergo a major change. It's not clear if this is a stylistic change or something deeper, but you can bet I will do my best to find out exactly what is going on. It is my job after all!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Song of the Week - Sharpshooter

I know, I know. This week's song goes back a bit. This song was released the first week of August, but I just found out about it and I wanted to be sure it was talked about before it was too late! Like a gift from the heavens (or a newsletter I signed up for, whatever), this song came to me. Behold: Ugly Kids Club "Sharpshooter".

My first exposure to this group and their amazing single was via the video for this song. It was very artsy, and despite obviously being on a budget, it looks phenomenal. The song is very heavily synth, but it doesn't fall prey to many of the indie electronic cliches set up by their forefathers. Instead, they trudge ahead with edgy vocals that shift from light and airy in the verses to heavy and rock inspired in the chorus.  The song has a great mix of the two group members, Aliegh and Steve, as they each sing parts of the song and bounce off of each other very well.

The two hail from Nashville, a place quickly becoming famous for much more than country music, and they are proud of that fact. This release is apparently the first in a string of singles that will each have their own music video dropping each month for the next six months. That is half a year of new Ugly Kids Club. Now that they've made me a fan with this track, I am incredibly pumped!

You can get the track for yourself on iTunes! Support your favorite artists!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

XELLE's Hologram Has A Surprising Trailer

We've been waiting patiently for a year. Lots of stuff has set the "Hologram" project back, and yet we have not complained or started riots. We've been good little fans, and the girls are rewarding us with the debut trailer, which is shocking in more than one way. Don't believe me? Check it out.

First of all, the trailer uses phrases like "choose wisely", leading this blogger to believe that the video is going to be interactive. Initially, the girls announced that the video would use an untapped medium as far as film and music videos go, and involving their fans may be the most interesting way I've seen of creating a music video. Unfortunately, the trailer did not confirm or deny this, so we will have to wait until an official announcement has been made.

Second of all -- Look at that hell of a guest list! Kevin Allison, Janeane Garofalo, and Kerri Kenny-Silver are all on the list. Comedian Michael Musto will make an appearance. It also includes Martha FREAKING Wash, people. Can somebody say it's raining men? I can. And it's raining hot men, because we've also got the (other) hottie from Project Runway, Joshua Mckinley, and everybody's favorite celebrity photographer and A-Lister, Mike Ruiz.

Damn, I feel like I'm talking about an Adam Barta video or something.

The video has a release date of October, no specific date has been given yet. It will coincide with both their new EP as well as the premier of RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race. Combine that with other contestants such as Pandora Boxx releasing music at the same time, and we have the best month ever coming our way. Can we just skip September?

Friday, August 17, 2012

MYPHNH(BS) - John Rowley

I just can't get enough Australian pop. It's getting to the point to where the more I post, the more contact me and let me know about their music. This time around, the very persistent John Rowley has stuck by his music and showed me his single "Guilt Trip." Needless to say I loved it.

The song is a slower type of pop, but doesn't seep over into the ballad territory. Instead it takes a much more Depeche Mode approach, keeping the bmp low and the vocals hypnotic. The lyrics of this particular track struck me, with its passive aggressive approach to love, giving it a tongue-in-cheek approach to telling a story without having to resort to slapstick.

Rowley has released a few songs in the past, and like many indie artists today, he releases it all for free, even despite the costs of recording. Along with original music, he also does mashups of popular songs, and does them quite well. He may not have sold tons of records or been at the tops of charts, but he has a lot of talent and a lot of drive. He also has a lot of patience for a certain blogger who forgets to post stuff a lot!

You can keep up with all of his recent releases on his Facebook page. Give him a "like" and check out his original and mashup music. I doubt you'll be disappointed!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Interview: Electrovamp Is Back!

Remember Electrovamp? This British girl duo responsible for internet radio sensations such as "Drinks Taste Better When They're Free" and "I Don't Like The Vibe In The VIP" has been absent from the pop seen for a while, but you better not count them out. Back and ready to go with a brand new single and a video in the works, Tammy and Kally gave me all the details on their current music, as well as a glimpse into the near future.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Face Makes A Sexy and Sassy Debut

The Face (stylized as THE F▲CE) is a three piece band that are knocking things out of the park with their first official single. They have teamed up with track masters Dream Beats to bring everybody the most amazing piece of pop music to ever grace my ears - "Love Stuck". Oh God, you guys. Oh God.

(Video is a bit NSFW. It's censored, but... You'll understand when you see it.)

Many have labeled this video as raunchy. I on the other hand, would like to say that it is artistic. Well until the point where Tamer takes his pants off. Then I kind of lost it! The entire video comprises of what looks to be mocking the old fad of the "make your own music video" type store that was prototyped in some malls. Instead of making a boring public access video through and through, they being to take their clothes off. One by one each of them strip, leaving little to the imagination behind drum kits and keyboards.

Back in reality, I have to say that this song has to be the most addicting song I've heard in a long time. Upon further investigation, I found the reason to be due to the fact that two members of the masterminds of Dream Beats, Felix and Marta, are members of Le Kid, one of the greatest pop groups of this generation. It is now oh, so clear why this song is totally amazing.

The Face is a hard group to pin down currently. Due to them being a new group, it is hard to get a ton of info on them, but I will be keeping my eye on Tamer, Christie, and Francine over the upcoming months as I patiently await new music from them. For now, they have several demo tracks and a nice remix of "Love Stuck" up on their SoundCloud for now.

As for Dream Beats, they have been around for a little over a year now, and have been taking a David Guetta style approach to music, being the beat makers while having different guest vocalists for each track. According to their Facebook page, they have been working with many different artists including Wynter Gordon and my personal hero, Lene Nystrom of Aqua. No official word yet on the details of either of these tracks, however.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Song of the Week - Live In This City

You know what? Don't judge me. I'll stop picking Dragonette songs as Song of the Week when they stop making good music. Which will be NEVER. "Live In This City" is this week's point.

I can't get enough of this band. These Canadians have had two amazing albums so far, and all the single from the new one so far have been phenomenal. Their style is a mix of rock, pop, and electronic, not sticking to one genre for very long but always managing to stay true to themselves. I know that doesn't seem to make sense, but if you've listened to Dragonette before, you know what I mean.

This song in particular is a bit more poppy than what fans may be used to, but that doesn't mean it's not awesome. The song describes a city that the group has come to love, and can't live without. According to them, the city can't live without them, either. I know one thing is for sure, I'm not sure I could live in the pop world without Dragonette. The new album "Bodyparts" drops September 24, right with No Doubt's new album. It will be a pretty interesting battle to see who wins my heart -- I mean the charts, of course.

Buy the song on iTunes or be forever labeled a hipster!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

No Doubt Post New Cover + Track List

It may have taken "Settle Down" a while to grow on me, but the fact remains that the world's greatest rock band is back in action. With their new album "Push And Shove" rapidly approaching, the group is taking to the internet with a viral campaign to get everybody excited. First up, the posted the artwork for the new album.

Not exactly the most amazing thing I've ever seen, but it sure as hell beats "Rock Steady".  As if that wasn't enough good news, they also released the finalized track list for the album, too, giving fans an opportunity to see (via their imagination or songs they may have heard on tour) exactly how this album will play out.

They have a song called "Sparkle". Hah! Looks like this album has a few surprises in store for everybody. Here's to hoping there are a few classic sounding No Doubt tracks on the album.

"Push And Shove" hits stores and online retailers September 25th.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Octomom Bares All With Barta For Album Cover

Not too long ago, Adam Barta announced his new song would be a collaboration with non other than tabloid sensation Nadya Suleman, AKA Octomom. Recently the cover has been unveiled, and it is something crazy all together. Always late to the party, I'm here to throw my two cents in on the cover for "Sexy Party".

Yup. Octomom is naked. Luckily Adam is there to cover up this epic wardrobe malfunction with his ever fashionable reach-around. God, that sounds wrong no matter how you say it, doesn't it? The crosses combined with the very adult imagery is very reminiscent of Madonna (or for those of you uneducated on pop music, her copycat Lady Gaga). After being on the net for nearly a week, it still shocks me every time I see it.

The song is produced by Mig and Rizzo, and was written by Adam himself. Ocotomom's part, from what I've spied on Twitter, seems to be a rap part, and has been reworked recently to "make it perfect." The original release date was August 1st, but has been pushed back to September 4th. The push back, I am told, was necessarily to make sure the song sounded as polished as possible, and in order to gain more hype for the track before it releases.

How much more hype can you get than with Octoboobies?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

XELLE Announces New Album + Video Coming Soon

XELLE has been hibernating recently. I had been wondering why one of the best girl groups of recent years had been so quiet. Turns out they had to be because their resident drag queen had taken off to be on the first All Stars season of Drag Race. Luckily she's back now and the chaos can resume -- just in time for a couple of awesome announcements.

It looks like XELLE is finally ready to release their album -- err -- EP. No word yet on the exact number of tracks (I know it has at least four on it). In order to get the best info I went straight to the source. I emailed the girls themselves to ask them exactly what the release is all about!

"Right now we're planning on releasing it in October 2012. The EP has all the singles we've released so far (Party Girl, Invincible), plus an epic ballad about life in NYC and lots more XELLE dance floor goodness. There's a super fun song on the EP that we all wrote together with our producer, Zach Adam, and another one that he co-wrote with Lisa Greene, who wrote "Breathe On Me" for Britney Spears!"

That's not all, either. The girls have been busy since Mimi got back to NYC. It's been a long time coming that their video for "Hologram" be released. They have given hints like it uses an untapped medium, and it is something not seen before, but I finally got them cornered in the email long enough to give me a little more info!

"We're putting the finishing touches on the Hologram video at the moment and the preview of it is coming really soon, then the whole video will be out in October. You won't believe the celebrity cameos and all the crazy plot twists! This is a music video unlike any other..."

The EP drops October 23. No date has been announced for the video, but it will probably come out around the same time. Looks like all the queens are syncing up their releases with All Stars. October is going to be one hell of a month.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interview: Cupcake Boss Tone-Tone Goes To War

He goes by many names - Tony, Tone-Tone, The Pastryarch, but one thing is consistent throughout each alias -- he is an amazing culinary artist. Once again he has come back to the reality TV stage to demonstrate his talents, but this time in the form of a competition. He will be proving himself on this week's episode of Cupcake Wars, and of course I was right there to get the behind the scenes info.

(Note: Views expressed in this interview represent Tony Albanese and not necessarily those of myself. Yup, guys. This one gets a tad controversial!) 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Drag Race All Stars Cast Revealed

I am speechless. Therefore, I must use the words of someone far wiser than me. "Bring back my girls -- my best girls." But then again "best" may not have been the word I would have used.

That is right! The cast for the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars has been revealed. It turns out that leak was legit (I don't report on leaks for -- err -- morality reasons), and I have to say that 80% of the selections were so obvious that Logo and World of Wonder might have been boycotted faster than Chic-Fil-A had they not included them. Some of the others, however, are pretty shocking to see on the list.

The official list of girls are:

Chad Michaels
Yara Sofia
Pandora Boxx
Nina Flowers
Mimi Imfurst
Manila Luzon
Alexis Mateo
Tammie Brown
Latrice Royale

Most of these queens have a big following. Willam is notably missing (and even he is getting tired of people complaining he isn't on the show) as well as Shangela, who many speculated to be included. Maybe she'll pop out of a box at the start of the season. Who knows?

I am quite excited for this to get under way, but I have something I need to say quickly. Many people are talking some serious crap about both Tammie and Mimi. Saying things like "They don't deserve to be there" is terrible. No, Mimi didn't rig the voting contest, and no Tammie isn't "bad drag". It can't be all fish all the time! But seriously, this season is not just about fan favorites, but about people being able to redeem themselves and show that they are good performers. Both Mimi and Tammie left under bad circumstances and neither had the opportunity to truly shine.

That being said does anybody have any idea why Alexis is there?

And that was a joke.

Song of the Week - Hands Up

I almost chose this as Song of the Week a while back, and I'm glad I didn't. The original version is great, but this version, with it's special guest singer, is even better. Everyone else may be getting tired of party songs, but this blogger says keep on bringing them to me -- I'll eat 'em up!

Electrovamp is a pop duo consisting of two sisters, Tammy-Jay and Kally, straight from the UK. They have popped up from time to time over the past few years, but now they are making a comeback, and teaming up with YouTube star Keenan Cahill is only showing that they are done messing around and ready to get their musical career back on track.

The song is a "screw the rules, let's party" style of song, and it keeps the listener singing along. Having a lot of reference to school and lacking alcohol name dropping, the song seems to be targeting a younger audience with it's lyrics, but that doesn't mean that it's a kid song by any means. The beats drive the song home, and the vocals, even from newcomer to the singing game Keenan, are spot on, creating a party song that you don't have to be wasted to connect to.

The new version of the song is available for preview and purchase on iTunes.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sorry I Missed It - Le Kid "Oh Alright"

I have been putting this edition of "Sorry I Missed It" off for a while. It's true that I did not talk about Le Kid at all, but it's not exactly that I missed it by accident. I chose not to review this album or highlight it's singles because other than "America", none of the songs are readily available in the US. Recently, however, a few of their tracks have been coming back to me over and over, and I can't ignore this piece any longer.

Le Kid is a band that can only be described as Scandinavian. Either you get that, or you don't. They are an odd version of pop that doesn't come around the US very often. The only group in the United States I can think of that comes close to this genre would be Scissor Sisters, and they aren't even as fully appreciated in their home country as they are over seas.

Le Kid first came to fame during their attempt to get on Eurovision Song Contest via Sweden's preselection contest with their massive hit "Oh My God", which is also included on this album. They instantly labeled themselves "your new favorite band", earning a few giggles from this blogger here. The song was a nice flavor of pop with hints of big band elements.

Nothing else they have done compares to my love for "We Should Go Home Together." This song was my first exposure to the group, and will probably always be my favorite track of the whole bunch. The song is just so campy and 80s feeling that I can't help but sing along into a hairbrush. I have a feeling that if this was their ESC song, they would have made it onto the live show -- but then again that is just me.

I'm not saying that the rest of the album isn't great. The other singles, especially "America" (the only song you can find of theirs on US iTunes) is another catchy track that feels much more laid back than the rest of the album. "Telephone" may not be a Lady Gaga cover, but it stands very well on it's own with tongue-in-cheek references of it's own. Tie this up with a "Mr. Brightside" cover stapled on the end and you have a pretty solid album.

So as you can see, the only real reason I opted not to cover this album was due to it's lack of availability in the United States, as that is my base of operations and where my main reading base is located. This is exactly why I created segments like "Sorry I Missed It" and "MYPHNH(BS)" -- so I could talk about world music and let people know that not only is there great music that exists outside of our North American bubble, but also that I listen to and love it as well.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Beauty That Is "CinderFella"

I know, I know. I am always late to the party. This video hasn't been out too long, but everybody and their brother is freaking out about it. All I was hearing was "this American Idol guy" made a "gay music video." Well I finally watched it and -- wait why did nobody tell me this had Willam in it?

Todrick Hall was a contestant on the 2010 season of American Idol. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't remember him (I mean I don't because I haven't watched that show since the first season), mostly because he was eliminated when they were still sending people home in groups of four. I guess somebody took notice of his talents because he fell out of the sky and swooped everybody's favorite gay (?) Disney Prince (???) off his feet.

Oh and the prince is freaking Lance Bass. Did I mention he was my first boy crush?

The video has a ton of cameos including Willam and Shangela, fan favorite contestants from Ru Paul's Drag Race, as well as Ru's right hand lady Michelle Visage. I instantly flipped out when two of my pop idols, Kimberly Cole and Aubrey O'Day appeared on the same screen, dancing and singing together. And then of course there is Prince Lance.

The video follows the basic story of Cinderella, only with a gay little twist. He is kept from going to the ball, and is visited by his sassy fairy godmother to spruce him up and win the man. The video is just over six and a half minutes long, and the song is undeniably cute. It really does feel like a Disney movie both audibly and visually, making it every little gay boy's dream come true to finally have a prince that he can aspire to steal from some undeserving bitch that had him first (Sorry Todrick! Actually, I had plans as a kid to steal Beast from Belle. I have issues. Moving on.).

The audio version is not up yet on iTunes, and people are about to riot until it is. Todrick has a great voice and I am very glad that he is continuing on his musical journey. I could easily watch this video over and over and over again. Did I mention Lance Bass makes an amazing prince? I did? Well I guess I've repeated myself enough.

Also Willam.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Manila Luzon Reveals New Song Promo

Ooh La La~. Manila Luzon has been your favorite queen (riiiight?) since she first debut on the third season of Ru Paul's Drag Race. She was quick to jump on the queens making music bandwagon, but she was not about to release a song that sounded cheap -- and now she's proving that the gap between song one and song two is justifiable with an amazing preview released exclusively to her fans on Facebook.

Yup. Manila Luzon is back (not that she really went anywhere), and she has announced her second single "Best XXXcessory". It's been almost a year since her debut with "Hot Couture", and it looks like she won't be hopping genres on us any time soon. Much like her last single, she is releasing clips beforehand to garner more hype.

The clip she has released now is the hook from the new song, where she repeats "X-X-Xcessory" a few times in a highly manipulated voice. Even more so than her last single, her voice sounds like it has been run through a computer three or four times. Do I mind? Not really. It sounds good, so I don't care as much. Other fans, however, have not taken the extreme voice effects very well. In her defense, she simply said "Of course! Fake Hair, Fake Tits, Fake Voice!"

No release date has been announced yet. It's only been a few hours after all, but I'll keep an eye out to give you more information as it becomes available.