Friday, November 30, 2012

The 2012 UCAs - You Betta Vote!

It is that time again. December (although it is still a few hours away) is the official month for the Universal Conquest Awards. Every year TOTU honors the people that have been featured all year long by choosing the best of the best for various awards. This year we have expanded the voting to every category, meaning you, the reader, are in 100% control of the outcome. Who is your favorite? Click the link at the top of the page (or just here) and pick your favorites!

The official categories and nominees are as listed below. Who are your favorites?

Album of the Year
Express Non-Stop - Alphabeat
Spin Me Ever After - Side FX
Magic Hour - Scissor Sisters
Night Wave - Hyper Crush
911: Code Pink - Giulietta

EP of the Year
The SOPA Opera EP - Vincent Did It (Frankmusik)
Queens - XELLE
Pleiades - Quigley
Adamantine Heart - Kieran Strange
Supersonique - Jada

Best Drag Song
How Embarrassing - Pollo Del Mar
Bext XXXcessory - Manila Luzon
Sublime - Raja
Chow Down - Willam, Detox, and Vicky Vox
Love Pinata - Tammie Brown

Best Debut
Holly Elle - Infinitude
Tokyo Black - Steal The Night
Pob - Greatest Hits Volume One
Belmont Lights - Telegraphs
Di'zain - Play The Game

Best Lyric
"I'm a gladiator in a thong." - Kwanza Jones [Supercharged]
"Nice car - Shame about your penis!" Pandora Boxx [Nice Car! (Shame About Your Penis)]
"Tag me!" Kat Graham [Put Your Graffiti On Me]
"This record hotter than ten bitches in a hot tub" Nadia Oh [Slapper (Ayye)
"This city can't live without me." Dragonette [Live In This City]

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Video Review - Kwanza Jones "Supercharged"

It has been soooo long since I've done a video review. Lately, there either haven't been videos that have really caught my eye with their visuals or story, or I have been incredibly lazy and just announced when the videos come out. It's your choice depending on how well you think of me, ya know? Anyway, a video finally has come forth that I really love, and I think it's about time to bring back my old style of reviewing music videos -- lots of pictures with cheap ass jokes! Check out Supercharged!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race Recap - The Grand Finale

Thank Jesus this ride is finally over. Can we get to season five already? I'm ready for me some new bitches. These girls do make an impression, though. Believe me. Let's take a moment and find out who wins this!

Spoiler alert!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Song of the Week - This Too Will Pass

Yes, children. It's time for Mason Black to arrive on the scene again. Mason has been around just about as long as TOTU has (Ok, maybe a little longer), and he's been a constant supporter of mine, and vice versa, since. His new single is out, and you bet your ass I'm choosing it as Song of the Week -- even if it is country!

Now, don't go and think that I'm only picking this song because Mason is a friend of mine. Sure, I probably wouldn't have found the song had I not known him, but that doesn't discredit the track in any way. The song is still very "Mason", in that it is raw and real, two things that have drawn me to everything he's written so far. The style a song is sang or written in should hold no barrings on the emotional impact it truly has.

The song is a smooth mix of country and blue grass styles of music, leaving Black a chance to let his real country accent shine through. The lyrics chronicle the very personal challenges he has faced in his life. The song has a positive message to it, however, because as the title states, bad times don't last forever, and "this too will pass."

You can grab the track on iTunes.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brit Pop Singer Pob Releases Free EP

It's been a while since I've heard anything out of Pob. He has been working diligently on his new material, and he finally resurfaced earlier this week to let his fans have it -- and he's giving it out for free. Let's take a quick look at Pob's debut EP "Greatest Hits: Volume One".

This time around Pob has perfected his sound, and is ready to go full force. The EP may only be three tracks long, but it is more than enough for Pob to prove his worth. No more is he the boy band clean cut boy you thought you knew. He has gone the way of Justin Timberlake and shed his musical past to make way for a darker, dirty-pop sound.

When I first saw this EP, I was expecting it to be much lighter than it was. I was delightfully surprised to find that it fleshed out the darker side of pop music, along the same vein as  Simon Curtis. Even his cover of Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had" felt much more sinister than it's more soulful source material. The best of the three is the one bringing up the rear. "Scavengers", a collaboration between Pob and a Manchester based band called Kleino, focuses more on a hard techno/borderline dubstep beat. It is the most polished of the three, and will hopefully be his next single.

I've been following Pob for a while now, and I have got to say it's been great seeing him grow as an artist. This EP is a big step up from "Shout It Out Loud" and "I'm The One." He's been working on music for a while now, and titling something "Volume One" usually (but hilariously enough not always) means there is certainly going to be a "Volume Two", meaning that he has even more delicious pop music up his sleeve. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

For now you can get his EP for free on BandCamp. Or if you are feeling generous, or aren't a completely awful person, you can donate any amount of money you wish.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

MYPHNH(BS) - Tokyo Black "Steal The Night"

Black Friday is always a killer. Moreso this year than any before, I was completely exhausted when I got home. Instead of updating my blog, I got on Facebook like the lazy bitch I am at heart. Upon hovering about, I found myself another "black" that was much more appealing (damn that sounds racist, doesn't it?) -- much more dancey that this Black Friday I'd suffered through. And her name is Tokyo Black. This is Music You Probably Have Never Heard (But Should).

Let me just say that both this video and song are everything to me right now. I have no idea how I hadn't known about her sooner, and why she hasn't exploded everywhere. The song is very much a dance-pop track, tinged with that extremely New York sound that comes packaged with many arits from the area (not that it's a bad thing!). I've had this song on repeat for a little over a day now, and I don't plan on letting up any time soon.

What is amazing about Tokyo herself is that she came out publicly as a transgendered woman. Being an avid member of the LGBT community, I know that often the "T" in "LGBT" is overlooked. The fact that she is putting out music, performing, and going harder than any other new artist I've seen in a long time all the while identifying herself as transgendered is brave and commendable. Let me also say that I was completely sold on the song, under the assumption that she was a drag queen, so this wasn't a gimmick for me.

The song's lyrics seem to be about Tokyo herself, as she was once homeless on the streets of New York, but has since climbed her way back up to the top and is now a respected recording artist in New England, and is expanding her music to conventions and other countries. I'm definitely excited to hear more from her. Tokyo Black's debut album was due out this year, but we all know in the world of independent recording, setbacks happen, so I will keep waiting patiently.

In the meantime, grab her debut single off of iTunes.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Electrovamp Post Hot Video For "Hands Up"

It's been a long time in the making, but my girls Kally and Tammy have finally put out the official video for their latest single Hands Up. As promised, Mr. Cahill has made a guest appearance, making the video feel that much more complete. Check out the new video below.

In the video, the dynamic sister duo shows up to kidnap Keenan from his boring class that is doing nothing but put him to sleep. And what do they do to entertain him? They party of course. What esle would a couple of hot young girls straight from the UK do?

Joking aside, it is so refreshing to see a group follow through on a featuring part. I know that funds are tight all around, but when a video doesn't have the featured artist in it, it turns out to be a bit of a let down. They not only had Keenan in the video, they put him front and center, making much of the video about him, and for that I applaud the girls. The video also proves that the two are back and really mean business this time.

Electrovamp are still working on their debut album. They've told me that they want it to be nothing less than perfect, so I guess the extensive amount of time it's taken is excusable. They've managed to keep me interested all these years, so what's a little while longer?

You can get your copy of the track on iTunes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race Recap - Dynamic Drag Duos

I'm late again! Please forgive me. At least I'm still keeping at it. I had a moment of weakness, wondering if reviewing this half-season was even worth it, and you know what? The show lifted my spirits higher than ever. This is truly one of the best episodes ever. You know what would have made it better? Manila Luzon.

Note: I wrote my review as I was watching the episode for the first time.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Song of the Week - I Need A Doctor

Adam Barta is back again with a new track. No more is he going to release just one song a year. This guy is ready to start churning and turning it out, and he's got some great up-and-coming talent at his side this time around. It's time for "I Need A Doctor" by Adam Barta and L.A. Kid.

This song is written by Adam himself with beats made custom by KC Styles, and the entire reason it was crafted was for Adam to pay tribute to his close and dear friend Nadya "Octomom" Suleman. This queen of controversy has recently entered rehab for her anxiety problems, and the song is a reflection on the more personal side that Barta has seen of Suleman... But don't let that make you think the song is some slow boring ballad. This is Adam Barta we are talking about, after all. It's gotta be dance.

Joining Adam on this track is Chris Snail, assuming the name LA Kid, for a rap bit towards the end of the song. He already started making a name for himself by starring on the Sony reality tv series "Mommy XXX", but this song showcases his full talent as he rolls off a rap quick enough to give Nicki Minaj a run for her money.

Adam released a statement to go along with the track, which truly sums up my feelings towards the track:

"The words will speak for themselves and people will have to listen VERY carefully to really interpret what it is saying. I wanted Nadya to know that I love her so much by writing this just for her, because to me, music can cure the soul. This chronicles the struggles and triumphs she has endured recently. The world will be her oyster when she is done and we may be back in the studio to work on new music together, or we may focus on performing "Sexy Party" like everyone has been waiting to see."

The track is already climbing both the dance and all inclusive iTunes charts. Buy it up and make sure this song hits the top.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

And The Rest Of The Drag Race Season Five Cast

I waited another day just so I didn't clog up the blog with posts about the show one after another. Either that or I'm really lazy, just take which ever excuse you like the best. For your entertainment I've compiled a list of the queens. Without Logo announcing their names, only revealing pictures, the job became a bit harder than I expected for it to. Unfortunately one of the queens (#7) I couldn't match a name for. If you know who it is, please let me know and I'll update ASAP.

Here they are:

Alyssa Edwards   

Vivienne Pinay


Penny Tration

Alaska [Thunderfuck]

Monica Beverly Hillz

Ivy Winters

Coco Montrese

There you have it. Let me know if I misspelled or mis-named a queen. Social media isn't always the most reliable. And no, I'm not picking my top dog until I see an episode or two... or maybe until I see the promo they are posting tomorrow. Anyway, these fishy ladies better werk if they want to make their way into my heart.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Five RuPaul's Drag Race Season Five Queens Announced!

Yes, hunty. You heard right. They are already announcing the cast of Drag Race Season Five. Who the hell even cares about All Stars any more. Gimme dem new ladies, please. This photo set is all about being a goddess, and damn do they look the part. Logo is doing a multi-day event called the Scavenger HUNT-y, wherein they are using all their social media (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram) to get their point across. Sneaky, no?

Well if you are too lazy to go to each of these sites, and believe me it's exhausting work, I've done the hard part for you and compiled them here. I searched through many-a-comments to find the names of these queens, too, as Logo doesn't seem to have announced the official names just yet. Luckily, there are some super sleuths out there... or maybe just people supporting their friends and faves. Check it out.

Lineysha Sparx

Serena ChaCha


Roxxxy Andrews

Jade Jolie

There you have it, ladies. I'll definitely scoop up tomorrow's batch of queens too. We already have one familiar face -- Detox is a good friend of Willam's, appearing in her Chow Down video that went crazy viral earlier this year. Who else do you expect to see? Five bucks says Alaska is on the next season.

Or Shangela.

Will that joke ever get old?

Moses Releases Sexy Follow-Up Single "I Always Say Goodbye"

Finally Moses is back. His debut album may have been pushed back, but with yet another amazing single up to the plate, I think that can easily be forgiven. This time around, he's released another top notch video that once again puts other indie videos to shame. Check out Moses's "I Always Say Goodbye".

 This video may not be as dark and brooding as "I'm Your Man" the video still fares well, and shows us a different face for Moses than the initial introduction. This time around we get to see him in the light in all his beauty, as well as see him get a pretty wet (giggity). Unfortunately he gets pretty up and close with a lady friend, discouraging our more homo-erotic tendencies here at TOTU.

Once again proving that Moses is one of the most addictive up-and-coming musical talents from New England, his video already is nearing 450,000 views in just two months. I guess that means he isn't a one-viral-hit-wonder, right? The music is very much Europop, which makes since since he is European after all.

This is another solid hit written by Zach Adam, proving that this man can do no wrong. He is the writing genius behind a great deal of XELLE, and is working with several other talents, including Phi Phi O'Hara (who's debut is still yet to see light of day outside of live performances). Now, how do I go about getting him to write some music for me?

You can buy the track on iTunes, and I highly recommend you do!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Album Review - Colette Carr "Skitszo Pt. 1"

Dear baby Jesus it is beyond time that Colette Carr has released her debut album. Following in the steps of label-mate Robyn (but with a twist of course), she is releasing it in pieces in order to get the material out to the fans as quickly as possible. Part one may only be four tracks, but it will leave a lasting impact on you, whether you are a long time fan, or just trying to figure out who the hell this crazy girl is!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race Recap - All Star Girl Groups

Ugh. Manila is gone. Why am I even watching this show any more? I guess I love me some Chad and the shade from Yarlexis can be fun, but the real reason I came back into this game was to see Manila get the crown she deserves. Oh well. We must continue on, regardless of who goes home.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Song of the Week - Supercharged

I have been waiting oh, so patiently for this single to come out. The song has been up online for weeks now as she's been pushing it to be played on radio stations across the country, but the official release had been just out of our grasp until now. Behold in wonder and amazement - "Supercharged" by the beautiful Kwanza Jones.

"I'm a gladiator in a thong. Applaud when I come on." This may very well be the best lyrics of all time. No, seriously. Just walk up to someone and shout this at them. Watch the reaction. Regardless, the song is still very catchy, and I have been obsessed with this track for countless weeks. You guys know I love me a good girl-power pop track, and this song takes it to the next level. "Supercharged" goes far beyond "Time To Go", which itself was a benchmark.

What I really love about this song is that it balances talent with having fun. She is able to show that she can really sing, and even break down a rap segment, but it's not overly serious. There are a few vocal effects thrown in to get the listener more into it's electro-pop vibe, adding to the more fun side of the song. Even it's lyrics bounce back and forth between serious and funny, keeping it from swaying too far in one direction.

This song may be coming into the game a bit late, but it is definitely one of the best songs of 2012. It justifies all the setbacks that have happened along the way, as well as the lengthy gap in between "Time To Go" and this track (although we did get to hear much of Vicious, another track from the album).

You can buy the song for a dollar on her official BandCamp page, or if you are feeling generous you can give her more. The track is not yet on iTunes. Be sure and check back later in the week for another "Supercharged" surprise.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sorry I Missed It - Daniel Robinson "Deep River"

I've been really good at missing stuff lately, haven't I? I can't be up on the news all the time, I guess, especially in such a hectic time as the Holidays. What? He came out with this in June? Oh, well I was probably drunk busy, too. Regardless, Daniel Robinson has got talent.

Just because you may not have heard of Mr. Daniel Robinson doesn't mean he hasn't been around the block before. He actually has gained notoriety lately due to his huge success in the John Lennon writing competition, taking the grand prize in the Electronic division. It's easy to tell why, once you give him a listen. His music is not only fun to listen to, but very polished. Not to mention being selected from thousands of submissions from around the world is pretty impressive on it's own.

This American-gone-Canadian singer released a new track called "Deep River" earlier this year, and what do you know -- I missed it. This song has a bit more of a rock edge to it than stuff he'd released previously, but only slightly. The song is still very electronic. What makes this song really stand out for me is it's slower beat. Most artists of this genre seem unwilling to release a slower-paced single. Daniel has opted for just that, focusing much more on his lyrics and voice than getting caught up in a high BPM count.

The sound is very much Owl City inspired, but with stronger vocals and a bit more passion put into the performances. He has a strong foundation to move off of, and if "Deep River" is the future of his music, I want to be kept in the loop on this one. The song is the lead single from his upcoming EP that has yet to be titled (as far as I know).

What's impressive is that he is out there winning competitions and writing at such a young age. This guy is only twenty! He's younger than I am! That just goes to show you that age really isn't nothin' but a number. That gives me hope that someday really soon I'll be able to release my very own EP.

I decided on a title for it, by the way.

If you want to check out his music, you can preview and buy his new single on iTunes.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Interview: Producer Jared Jones On Manila Luzon and Latrice Royale's "The Chop"

I keep telling myself that I won't overload my site with RuPaul's Drag Race posts, but how can I resist talking about Manila? Sure, she may have gone home, and yes, I have next to no reason to continue watching the season, but who the hell cares? She's released a new song! Thanks to my relentless social-media whoring, I've finally made a few connections, and what do you know -- My friend Jared Jones, the famed Drag Race Remix King, dropped by to give me the scoop on "The Chop".

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race Recap - Queens Behaving Badly

I may be a day late, but at least I still got it in. It's been a long week, and Drag Race was exactly what I needed to calm my nerves -- well at least until the end of it. No spoilers up here, though. You'll have to click the link for the full article to see who went home, and just how insanely pissed I got because of it!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Song of the Week - The Mother We Share

I'mma be honest with you guys. I know next to nothing about this group outside of their Facebook page, but damn this song is addicting! It's like crack. Not that I'd know or anything.

First off, let me say that I am well aware that this song has been out for nearly a year, Let me follow that up by saying "shut up, the rules say it has to be available in the US." The length of time a song has been out elsewhere is pretty irrelevant. Regardless, I think the world is already convinced that this is the best song of all time ever. No, really. Go ahead and look up a review on the track real quick. I'll just wait here.

See? I told you. Everyone loves it.

But why is the song so good? I honestly can't pinpoint it myself. The song is so light and easy feeling, but still manages to have the synths and melodies that we crave in music today. Even the vocals sound similar to something you would hear on the radio these days, but it still manages to be a sound of it's own. I could go on and on about how mysteriously awesome this song is, but you probably just want the iTunes link already.

Here it is. The remix is pretty rad, too.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Site News: Announcing the 2012 Universal Conquest Awards Categories

Yup. It's that time again. It's time for my very own awards to be figured up. This time I'm gonna make it a bit different. No, not because I've had time to plan or think things out better (who does that?), but because I'm leaving the whole thing in your hands -- if I can get the voting to work right. That's right. Every category sans the editor's pick will be chosen by you, the reader. Can you handle the pressure?

I can't believe it's already time for the UCAs again! It seems like only yesterday I was rigging carefully selecting and hand picking each category. This time, since I have a much larger viewership, I'm hoping for an even better turn out. That means you betta vote. I mean what does it matter who the next president is when the Song of the Year is on the line?

The setup is going to be similar to last year. Starting December first, all Song of the Week posts are hereby considered in the running for 2013. That means that the song chosen on Monday, December 3 will be in the category for next year. In a similar fashion, the first few selections for the award this year are actually from 2011. It makes sense in my head so just shut up. Anyway, I will compile a list of every Song of the Week from the previous year and put them up for voting for the category of Song of the Year. It's gonna be a lot to choose from, so make your selections wisely. The editor's pick will be chosen by myself only. In the case that my top pick and the winning vote are the same, my second pick will win the category.

As for what you are voting on, things have changed a bit this year. You'll see some old tired and true categories returning as well as some brand spankin' new ones. The categories are as follows:

Song of the Year (Vote)
Song of the Year (Editor's)
Album of the Year
EP of the Year (Because everybody these days is doing EPs!)
Best Drag Song
Best Debut*
Best Lyric**

I'm going to try my best to select the best of the best this year, but after getting a bit of feedback from last year, I must call upon my readers once more. I need you to put your two cents in, giving me options for nominees. What drag queen released the best track this year? Who's EP shined better than the rest? Who was a lyrical genius? Let me know! Any and all help is welcome. Suggestions do not have to be something I've covered over the year (although it is preferred). In order to have the best of the best, I gotta know what the people want.

The deadline to get your nominees to me is Sunday, November 25. You can get in contact with me via email at or better yet, "like" my Fanpage on Facebook and give your favorite artist a shout-out.

*Best Debut must be an artist who released their first official single (or EP/Album if they didn't have a single before) between December 1, 2011 and November 30, 2012.

**Best Lyric must be no longer than two lines. The category is meant to be funny, but serious lyrics are certainly welcome. The song they come from must be released officially between December 1, 2011 and November 30, 2012.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Giulietta Releases Video "@ 2 AM"

It's been a while since I've talked bout Ms. Giulietta. She's been over in Australia, cooking up new ideas no doubt, but also, it seems that she was working on a new video. Almost under my radar (but not quite! Better luck next time!), she released the video for the next single off her latest album entitled "@ 2 AM".

The video can easily be separated into three distinct segments. The first is the most obvious, and the biggest chunk of the video, being the black and white party sequences. They consist of Giulietta and her friends taking to the streets, jamming and dancing along with the song in the dead of night. The second is a shorter segment of her during the night, but in color, so you can see her beautiful red locks. The final, and my favorite, is a handful of segments with her dancing during the day time, with a foggy filter over the camera.

While not as extravagant as "Pixelated" or as intriguing and eye-catching as "Pretty In Pink", the video does what it set out to do -- and that is show that she is still partying no matter what time of the night it is. If there's one thing she knows, it's how to have fun, and she does it in oh so many different ways. While the previous videos she's released showed her serious and edgy side, this video shows the world that she can have fun and be goofy, too (even if there was choreography, which was a nice touch in my opinion).

Unfortunately it seems that Raz B, the guest artist on the track, was not able to make the shoot. This is the second time that she has made a video with a featured artist that wasn't in the video. In her defense she is an independent artist, and flying someone out and budgeting them into a video can get pricey fast. And who knows, maybe it was just a scheduling conflict? Anyhow, the video fares well enough without him, though it would have been interesting to see their chemistry on screen.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Di'zain Release Debut Video "Play The Game"

I've been following Di'zain for months now, waiting silently in the shadows like a fiend in the night. I was waiting for just this moment when they released their debut single and video so I could strike the iron while at it's hottest with my swift writer's motion -- oh damn I'm still caught up in the Halloween spirit. Didn't mean to get dark on you. While I freshen up and take off these fake vampire fangs (two days later) check out their video for "Play The Game".

(Warning: Video is somewhat NSFW because you can see one lady's bewbs through her dress.)

Di'zain, a play on the word "design", is a British group that can be a bit hard to describe. They are sort of pop and sort of rock, but in a sense so mellow you might not even recognize. The vocals are experimental, and the sound makes use of a lot of ambiance and ambiguity. "Play The Game" in particular is a very non-traditional track, with a core in synth pop that spreads outwards into a form of it's own.

The video is a very artistic piece of work, consisting of various images of people in black in white, including the lead singer, moving slowly to the easy-flowing beat. I'm sure there is some kind of deeper meaning to the video (there has to be, right?) but I unfortunately don't get the connect of the songs topic of accepting the rules of the game called love, and the artsy video to go along with it.

It does look awesome, though. And it has a shirtless dude! (Plus one for the homo crowd!)

If you can't get enough of the single, and are tired of hitting repeat on YouTube, the song is free on their official Facebook Page. You can't beat free!