Saturday, July 30, 2011

Video Review - U Got (What I Need)

Oh God. It's finally time. Jipsta has released his video he's been torturing us with for weeks. The song, "U Got (What I Need)" wasn't my first pick for a single off of the album, but then again, "Best Friend" probably wouldn't have made as good of a video... or maybe Robbie Russell was just to hot for television making a "Perfect Match" video impossible? Moving on.

The video is set up to parody audition rooms in shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent, showcasing some of the worst dance moves and "sexy outfits" you could find. Ever. We get a couple of bears (the gay scene kind, not the picnic basket stealing ones), a hobo or two, and a nudist. Before you wonder why I'd want to watch this hot mess, let me give you four reasons. The sexy Sahara Davenport, the spicy Jessica Wild, the always adorable Jipsta, and my all time favorite drag queen/person on the planet: Pandora Boxx. Yeah. You knew there had to be a catch, right?

Joking aside, I've said time and time again that I sincerely do like Jipsta and his music. The fact that he is friends with some of my favorite celebrities makes me like him a bit more, of course. Saraha, Pandora, and Jipsta spend the majority of the video judging these future contestants (for what, it is unclear). Instead of a numeral score, they write down suggestions, or more often hilarious comments, based on who they are viewing. It seems Pandora is just focused on where that bump is. Try checking a little lower, darling.

Jessica Wild's part of the video is a bit more simple, as she just lip syncs to the chorus, but she does so looking pretty fab. I wonder if she couldn't make it to the shoot with the other girls, or what, but I really would have liked to see her party with Sahara and Pandora. It'd be like a good ole' Drag Race 2 reunion. Well the good ones, anyway... Don't send me hate mail.

When it cuts back to the judges, they finally have found some talent... or at least more attractive people, and deside to abandon their posts to party with the future contestants. Jipsta cops a feel (or two). Sahara gets manhandled by a stud. Pandora... gets drunk and passes out? Oh you. Always hilarious.

The video is hilarious and exactly what any fan of Jipsta would expect. I think what makes the video so great is that you can tell these people are actually friends and actually having a good time shooting the video and being around each other in general. The production values aren't the best, but the vibe is perfect. Maybe I am biased because the video brings together two of my favorite queens, and has brought another back into the spotlight. It might also be because I have a boycrush on Jipsta, but don't tell him that.

In the end, I have to wonder if Pandora ever found the bump...

You can watch the video for yourself and leave Jipsta all kinds of pretty little comments here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Awkward Sing Along Song - Diamond Crowned Queen

We all have them. Songs we know all the words to, even if we think we shouldn't. Those songs who's lyrics are so off the wall, vulgar, or even sexual that we get ever so embarrassed when we are caught singing along by our peers. Maybe you are a straight guy with an affinity for Baby One More Time by Britney Spears. Perhaps you are a nerdy gamer who secretly wants Nicki Minaj's "Boom ba doom boom bass." But enough about my only two readers. This blog is about me and my awkward struggles. Welcome to yet another pointless installment I've thought up: The Awkward Sing Along Song!

Oh God, this song. I've brought this one up before, and yes, it is a strange one. As I've said before, I have a weird love for this song. On the surface it's a hot mess of noise and moaning, but underneath, somewhere, I just... Let's just go on.

The opening of the song is a calm piano. Fair enough. This isn't exactly what I would bump to around town with the windows down, but its not strange yet. The opening line of the song goes as such: "Follow me, follow me. I'm a diamond crowned queen." O...K... I guess this makes sense. Raja did win Drag Race, so I guess she is the queen currently. Now me singing to this is a bit strange, but hey, I'm gay, so I guess I can allow this to continue. "Come with me to my pretty, pretty palace." And cue the My Little Pony theme. Either that or go live with that weird Repunzel chick from Tangled.

I guess I should have expected the song to be overly gay since it is sang by a drag queen, but I really like this song! I can't explain why, and the lyrics certainly don't help my case for trying to make this as good a song as I feel it is. Next up, we have "I'm gonna love you tonight. Gonna lick on your trigger. Every inch will make you quiver." And we have the penis joke. Maybe to those who are deaf or don't speak English, this might fly over your head, but I mean come on. Obvious penis reference is quite obvious. Verbally admitting to everyone around you that you like oral sex can be awkward, but I promise you, this song only gets more weird.

"S-E-X! Yeah! Sex for dinner!" There it is! I knew I'd discover why I have such a strong love for this song. He spells words! In case you haven't taken notice I really have an obsession with songs that spell out words. I mean, Danity Kane's "Damaged", Space Cowboy's "Invisible", Nadia Oh's "N.A.D.I.A. O.H.", Simon Curtis' "Laser Guns Up".. I could go on forever. I have a playlist (not kidding on this one, folks). But still, there is a difference from spelling "Damaged", "Pop", and the singer of the song's name. Sex, while appropriate in the right settings, is not something you want to go around spelling in the middle of the Bible Belt. The end of the phrase is "I'm a thunder breathing dragon betch!" And suddenly Raja is Sailor Jupiter. Who'd have known?

The least awkward part of this song is actually the last new phrase we get in the song. "I'm gonna give you all my love. Much, much more than kisses and hugs." Ok. I can handle this. The song seems to be calming down it's sexual appetite. All is right in the wor-- Oh lord he is moaning. He is moaning a lot. Did he orgasm in the sound booth? These sound real. That guy next to me at the stoplight is looking at me. Oh crap. Change the song!!

Yeah. He moans. A lot. I'm talking over thirty seconds of moaning. What went on while they were recording this song. Did Raven show up and put him in his place? Dear lord I don't know, but I love it. Even if it is a bit... awkward.

I have to say, I knew what I was getting into when I first came across the song. Raja, on the show at least, was always one to push buttons and further the limit on what she was allowed. This song pushes the limits of sexuality in music, no doubt. I'm not going to say it is going to start a revolution or cause a riot, but it certainly is a bit awkward.

Buy the song here. Do it. Pictures were taken from the video here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drag U Tue - Naughty Nurses

Big news! The Raven Show has been canceled! Please stay tuned for a review of Drag U episode five: Raven Gone Missing. What? Oh she did the Drag Tip segment. Never mind. Anyway, We're already at episode five, "Naughty Nurses". And let me tell you -- These nurses are the furthest thing from naughty.


We are introduced to three women. Lanell, a former Penthouse model dubbed Angel Esprit and paired with Jujubee, Hope, a mom who put everyone first named Tawny Fox left with Shannel, and Kim, a woman who has given up on trying any more due to a traumatic few years given the name Nikki Minaj Vixen and partnered with Mariah. Looks like we have one hell of an episode on our hands.

Actually, despite the promos for the episode, which didn't do it justice, this has actually been my favorite episode this season. The women are likable, the professors are amusing and well dressed, and the lessons they learn feel very real. Usually when I watch an episode of Drag U, the women are in the background, and I'm just in it for the catfights and professors from Drag Race past. This time, however, I really felt for them. The drama was real and the women were easy to connect with.

That being said, I still really enjoyed the drama going on. My love/hate relationship with Shannel continues here yet again. I just don't know if I buy her. During Drag Race, she was pretty manipulative and self centered. I understand people can change, and she looks to have, but every now and then you see her selfishness pop up. I really am warming up to her though. Her costumes are more outlandish than the other professors (Causing some drama I'll get to soon) and she knows how to brand herself well. She's the showgirl of the group, and she won't let you forget it.

Filling the role of instigator in for Raven is professor Mariah. Maybe I missed it, but I don't really remember her being so manipulative or caddy during the run of Drag U. She always seemed to be the more classy lady, but for the past two episodes she's the one perpetuating all drama that goes on in the Drag Lab. She mocked Shannel and Jujubee both continuously throughout the episode. I was a little shocked. I mean it's one thing to fight back when Raven shows her claws, but its another to openly mock those around you... Ok so I love it. I love bitches. I have a new respect for this lady and she's climbing the closer to the top of my favorite queens. Don't worry, Pandora, she'll never replace you in my heart.

Back at the Lady Lesson with Lady Bunny, we find that women get all of their magical sex appeal powers from their underwear. Who'd have known. Unfortunately these ladies super abilities were hindered by terrible granny panties. I mean really? Anyway, the professors decided to show these girls what they should be wearing and Lady Bunny made them all strip down in their new undergarments and show the world. Thankfully, they were wearing something a little more sexy than before, but still, I am a gay man. I don't want to see that. Can we get the Pit Crew from Drag Race 3 please?

After the Lady Lesson, we cut to a scene of Lanell telling Jujubee about her bout with cancer. This strong and brave woman has been fighting this battle practically alone. This lead to a lot of tears from Juju as she talked about having to be strong through her father's death. I can really relate to this. I think that is why I like Juju as much as I do. It's not that I like her style or eve her attitude sometimes, but I love how strong she is. She isn't afraid to show her emotions, but she knows how to keep composure and strength when necessary. My only upset about this was the lack of revelation. Why didn't it have a bonus scene of Lanell revealing her cancer fight to her children? That would have been the ultimate payoff, but alas, either time ran out or they didn't find a place for it in the episode. Ah well, I guess.

By the time the dance lesson rolled around I was so upset already by Lanell and Juju's struggles that not seeing the adorable Andre there to give these girls the dance routine of their life, I just lost it. Ok, ok. Joking aside, I really wish they would keep a consistent Dean of Dance on the show... and I also wish it would be the adorable Andre.

Before you can blink, Draguation is at hand. First up was Lanell. While I love her personality and story, she just didn't do it for me. She looked like a Lady Gaga impersonator that just didn't get it. The mask looked awkward, skirt was just a bunch of hanging fabric, and the boas just set it over the top. Hope was my shining star tonight. She had the attitude and a hot dress to match. Her hair looked amazing and I was very proud of Shannel for not making another MiniShannel this go around. Hope maintained her individuality and then some. Kim was just... well... I didn't get the Asian theme. Why? It looked a hot mess. The only compliment I could think of costuming wise was the hair. Girl did have some fab hair.

In the end, Lanell won. I was really rooting for Hope, but I can see why they chose who they did. Lanell had a major personality change, a major look change, and finally was going to face the reality that she needed support from her family. It wasn't a bad choice, just not what I would have picked.

Our drag tip this go around was by Raven, who just had to pop up one more time before her show got taken off the air. In case you haven't caught on yet, Im joking and I love the hell out of Raven. Missed you boo! This time she tells us how to use a felt tip marker. You can make a pimple into a beauty mark, sign autographs, and... leave messages on bathroom stalls? Anyway, it was nice to see her one more time. Hopefully she'll pop up again down the line, but not next week. My sources tell me that Mariah will be back with avengance, Bebe will be gracing the show with her elegance... and HOT DAMN! Pandora Boxx will hit the scene. Drag U are you ready for her cooter?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Song of the Week - One Club At A Time

Please, no hate. I know that boy bands aren't exactly the coolest thing. The art of the boy band has been dead since the early 2000s. Many people thought after the Backstreet Boys and N Sync disbanded that there would never again be a boy band that lived up to such a potential.... And then NKOTB started touring again. But this post isn't about them. This post is about Midnight Red.

While not exactly ground breaking in a musical sense, Red One hast astonished us yet again by making boy bands cool again. The song, while having the calculated harmonies that we've come to love from the genre, totally breaks away from the usual feel of what we knew boy bands to be. In place of your typical pop song is a very electric and dance beat. Even the subject matter dips into the current state of pop music talking about partying at clubs. It's what is cool now, I know, but still, its sort of new ground for this type of music.

I've heard it said countless times. "What about Big Time Rush? They came first!" Sure they did. But BTR is very obviously created to be a TV show first and a band second. The music is highlighted in the show effectively, but the harsh deadlines of television create very forced sounding songs. Midnight Red just lets it flow. Of the whopping three songs I've heard from them, I've not been disappointed once. BTR, on the other hand... Let's just say I find myself channel surfing after Victorious. Bottom line, this group is good.

Similarities aside, this group is definitely making a name for itself. Currently on tour with NKOTB (New Kids On The Block. No, I dont think you are stupid, it just took me a while to get what that meant), the group are making a name for themselves quickly. If they manage to get a few more solid songs like this, I could easily see them on mainstream radio. Plus they are cuties, which means they will have tons of fangirls -- and maybe a fanboy or two (are you guys into that? That would be amazing!). Maybe this whole boy band revival isn't a bad thing.

You can preview and purchase the song on iTunes here!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Album Review - Stark EP

Allow me to introduce to you something that may just change your view on rock music. Picture this: An all girl rock band singing their hearts out, not a single one of them over the age of eighteen. They dye their hair, rock out harder than the boys, and change the rules of rock-n-roll. No, I'm not talking about the Runaways (as much as I'd like to), I am talking about the new rock group Cherri Bomb.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jipsta, Ru, And Sahara Too

Ok, so the rhyming was kind of lame and cliche, but it's my blog and if I want to look stupid, I will. Don't judge me.

The point of this blog entry is to bring up that RuPaul, the queen of all queens, has released a remix EP as an extension of her latest album "Glamazon". Usually I don't give a crap about remixes (unless they are done by notable DJ's/Groups or are hilarious like the Goldfrapp remix for Judas), but this one is special. Why, you ask? How could any old remix catch my attention? Well the opening track, and most "sick'ning" of them all, features the always funny and rather adorable Jipsta. Enter: Sexy Drag Queen.

Jipsta is a character. His solo music is hysterical. I reviewed his album "Bandoozle" last month and I've been bothering him via Twitter ever since. He is buddy-buddy with all my favorite drag queens, making me jealous all the time by talking about hanging out with Pandora Boxx and Sahara Davenport! Yes, the world revolves around me, obviously. All joking aside, I am a big fan of both Jipsta and RuPaul, and this song doesn't disappoint.

The song is pure dancey fun, and it doesn't really sound like a remix. Ru's voice is very autotuned, but as I've said time and time again, I don't place a lot of value on singing well. It sounds horrible, but thats how it is. You can have an amazing singing voice, but if you are boring, I, as well as the majority of the country, won't give a damn. Ru knows how to have fun and how to work with what she's got.

Jipsta's verse is a plea for us to all party with him. Amen, brotha. He is kind of like that announcer at all those sporting events I don't go to but see in movies -- or a beauty pageant emcee. Announcing that you better bow down to the queen as she makes her way through.

Speaking of queens, Ms. Davenport continues to taunt me with her upcoming single. She has released a snippet of the studio version of "Go Off" on youtube and has been hammering it on her twitter... and I finally caved in and listened to it. My initial plan was to ignore it until it came out so it could be this amazing surprise, but I just couldn't resist any more. The song is HOT! Give it a listen for yourself.

I really hope this girl puts out a full album. I hate seeing the trend of endless singles being released. So many people either loose interest or loose funding and never get to release an album. I have a lot of faith in Sahara, though. She knows how to make a good track, as proven with "Pump With Me". Maybe we could even see a collaboration with Manila in the future?

Check out my review of "Bandoozle" here. You can buy "SuperGlam DQ" and the "Sexy Drag Queen" Remix feat. Jipsta here. And if you haven't yet, get Sahara Davenport's first single "Pump With Me" here.

Also: I'd like to give a big thank you to Jared Jones! He was a good sport in that I forgot to credit him. It was a huge oversight and kind of embarrassing. He's got three mixes on "SuperGlam DQ" so you'd best check them out!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drag U Tue - Like a Virgin

This post comes a bit later than usual, mostly due to the fact that my ISP decided it would be awesome to do some really annoying updates RIGHT when the episode was posted on Logo's website. Uhg. Anyway, before I get carried away on a rant about how terrible local service is, lets jump right into this weeks Drag U!

These ladies should really stop making such hilarious faces. I'm gonna get 'em every time. Anyway, this weeks theme was virgins, and trust me, there was a reason these girls hadn't gotten any. Raven's student, Christina (AKA Candy Wrapper), had never been kissed. Megan, given to the care of Mariah (and named Smokey St. James by the Dragulator) graduated from Harvard and spent the rest of her days behind a computer desk. Sally, paired with Juju, can't think of a single thing to be proud of in her life. The professors really had their work cut out for them this week.

This weeks lady lesson was rather uncomfortable for me. It was all about lady scaping. I try to avoid talking about man scaping as it is. I really don't need to know what your lady bits look like, or what style wig they've got on. The amazing Lady Bunny showed them some rather comical example of how they could style themselves including: The Landing Strip, The Bermuda Triangle, The Rising Sun, And... The Wifi? Apparently Raven had full signal in there. It probably would have been less awkward if Megan hadn't have gotten her inspiration from her sweater.. oh and if Lady Bunny had remembered to shave her chest hair! Gross!

 The antics in this episode were above average for the series. Raven's constant battle against, well, everyone, continues in this edition of The Raven Show (Seriously, she is in nearly every episode!) as she steals, yet again. God, I love the bitch but she goes out of the way to create drama. She took Juju's earrings and hid them. Much to everyone's surprise, the winner this time was actually Mariah, who took them for herself. There were a few arguments over how much skin to show and the startling revelation that Jujubee is really a man. Who'd have thought that on a show about drag queens?

I was ecstatic to see that Andre had returned for this episode's dance segment. He is still adorable and now is rocking a killer mohawk. He is adorable, and if I got him a visor, we could have some really awesome Star Trek role play... and suddenly this review got really awkward. Anyway -- Cuteness aside, he really is a good dance instructor, and this routine is the best I've seen yet on Drag U. We ended up having a bit of a problem when Sally began complaining about her ankles. I wanted to sympathize with her, but I just couldn't force myself to do so. A lot of queens go through a lot of pain to look like they do, so she should have just toughed it out. 

Soon enough it was Draguation. Sally looked a bit of a hot mess. Nothing really seemed to be working 100%. The dress was unflattering, the wig didn't fit her well. It was a mess. Megan looked quite put together, with a bit of a Victorian look thrown in there. My favorite, though, was Christina. Her look was red hot and she had some amazing hair to match it. She had the most confidence and the best dance moves. But alas, the curse upon me is that my favorites rarely ever win, and the title was given to the less confident Megan. I guess I cant be too upset. She was good, just not the best in my opinion.

To wrap it all up, we had Morgan McMichaels giving us tips on the unusual uses for petroleum jelly. Apparently you aren't supposed to use it with condoms though. Morgan looked really hot in this. I can't wait to see more of her in the show. And PUH-LEASE! Where is my Pandora Boxx? Four episodes in and she's had a total of ten seconds of screen time. You are wearing my patients, show!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Song of the Week - Skyscraper

The video of the week has been discontinued, but the song of the week shall live on. This week was a hard fight. Four strong contenders were up for the title this week. I guess when you complain about no good music they will prove you wrong. I finally made my decision late last night after a close call. This week's song of the week is Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper".

This song is an emotional roller coaster. I am not too familiar with what all this girl has been through, but I know she's been hospitalized and had to resign from her show on the Disney Channel. She has definitely been through a lot, and she has channeled all of that emotion into this song. She says that no matter who tries to break her or cut her down, she will always rise above them again. It is very inspirational and relatable to nearly everyone.

I am trying not to get too cheesy about this song, but it really did speak to me. I know it sounds lame, but I've had a lot going on in my life and this song spoke to me. The song really did make me feel better -- like there is still hope. I'm sure that she has inspired people with her song as well as her story, and I sincerely hope she can stay on this path and even make more amazing music for her new album.

The song rose to number one on iTunes in mere hours, but fell to the number nine slot the next day. I want to see it at the top of the charts again. Preview and buy the song here. Let's get her back to number one!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Album Review - Devil's Music

I know this album has 'been out' for over a year now, but it only recently was released in the US, which is all I care to blog about. The album features an array of guests and talent, with featuring artists appearing on roughly 3/4 of the tracks. Some of the guests I know, others I don't, but what I am certain of is this album is amazing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drag U Tue - Lesbians Gone Wild

After taking a break to watch the fireworks (and probably make some of their own) Drag U has returned in full swing. This time around we have some overly butch lesbians going back to school to learn how to be amazingly fabulous and get back in touch with their feminine sides.

Julie is our first ladylover and is quickly paired up with Jujubee. This girl hasn't worn a dress since her highschool prom. AJ, a self conscious girl hiding under layers and layers of clothing, teams up with Raven. Skyler, a -- wait. That's a girl? It looks like a man. A hot man. Oh lord. Anyway, Skyler goes with Ongina. It looks like we are off to a great start.

Julie (Calamity), AJ (Thunder), and Skyler (Scorpio) pay a visit to the Dragulator as per usual and then are shuffled into their first lady lesson with Lady Bunny, but not before Ongina proceeded to list off all kinds of synonyms for boobs. Their lesson is in finding the perfect bra. Being a gay man, I could care less about knowing how to configure a bra size, so I spent the majority of this segment on twitter rambling off about music and whatnot. I did come back in time to hear Raven exclaim about how amazing AJ's tatas were. And girl did she prove it when she revealed her corrected bra.

After a few hilarious impersonations by Julie and an extended scene about how Skyler hates every wig in existence, we finally move onto the dance class. The song of the week is Bootylicious, a song that they believe will bring out the sexy in these girls. Honestly, from the clips they showed, I don't think any of these girls needed to be shaking their jelly, but then again, editing always makes things look worse than they really are, right? Right!? Either that or Skyler was just too distracted by how hot the teacher was to dance accordingly.

Oddly enough, I'd have to say the highlight of the episode was definitely the continuing catfight between Jujubee and Raven. Their first fight was over how to walk properly, wherein we discovered Juju is a hoodrat and Raven was rejected from the Real Houswives franchise. In the second fight, Juju tricks Raven into giving up her ring by saying she stole it. I have always loved Raven, and her random drama-for-no-reason instances make me giggle.

Draguation came sooner than I had expected and the girls were all dolled up. Julie looked like a gangster wife straight from the fifties. Not exactly the most flattering colors, but it worked for her. AJ came out wearing a tux-dress, showing off her nice tots (and was that a Mimi ImFurst wig?). Skyler, the most shocking transformation, came out as a Rihanna impersonator -- and a damn good one at that. In the end, AJ won. I was satisfied with the end result. I loved Skyler's look, but her attitude remained the same. AJ showed more of a dramatic change, overcoming her fear or showing her chest and her negative self image.

Wrapping things up, we have Pandora Boxx giving us drag tips on what all you can do with Hair Spray. And DAMN isn't it about time she actually got to be showcased on the show? I've been waiting and waiting to see my favorite queen on the show. And who knew that hair spray could save panty hos?

Also, anyone else think this week's Dean of Dance looked like Carmen from Drag Race season three? Maybe I'm crazy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Song of the Week - Rain Over Me

So this week, sadly to say, no really good or stand out singles came out. I guess holidays like the Fourth of July don't really scream "new music please" as much as, say, Christmas. But alas, I went back a few weeks into the archives and brought out a song that narrowly missed it's chance to be single of the week a while back.

This song has been growing on me -- a lot as of late. It reminds me a lot of a Eurovision entry. If you took out the rap portion it would probably win, too. I have to confess, I love Pitbull. I don't want to, per say, but I just do. His voice is amazing, he can flow, and his Spanglish approach to rap keeps things interesting enough for me. Sometimes I wish his singles weren't always featuring twelve people, but sometimes that can be fun.

As for Marc Anthony, I hadn't heard of him until now. Apparently he is an actor? Who owns part of the Miami Dolphins? Who cares? Anyway, you can preview and buy the song here.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Video of the Week - Champagne Showers

After a short (unannounced) hiatus, I have returned to bring you all the video of the week. This time around, I found an amusing video by the suddenly popular hip-hop/dance group LMFAO.

The video picks up almost directly from where their last video "Party Rock" left off. After narrowly escaping dancing zombies in their previous video (in a very hilarious and clever 28 Days Later parody), they made a few wrong turns and ended up at a vampire rave. And who is the queen of the vampires, you might ask? None other than the amazing Natalia Kills. This video is hilarious and fun -- exactly what you would expect from LMFAO.

Unfortunately, this video suffers from what a lot of awesome videos do as of recent. The focus is more on the effects while they set it to a weaker song. Sure I love Natalia, and I'm glad to see her get more attention in the US, but I really think the song is one of the weaker as far as the album goes; not to mention that they put so many electronic effects on her voice and 'featured' her so little that nobody would recognize her as "that girl with LMFAO" if her songs "Free" or "Mirrors" were to come on the radio.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Coming Soon - July Edition

Ever feel like what you are waiting for seems to perpetually be "only weeks away"? Welcome to my life. Every time I get into something, it seems like they either continuously postpone a release, or they hype it up so much that I can't stand to wait the few weeks until the release.

First up, we have a favorite Drag Racer of mine having her new single come out later this month. No, not Pandora Boxx. I'm talking about Ms. Sahara Davenport "Go Off".

Not a lot has been revealed about the single, but if it is anything like "Pump With Me" I will be all over it. Sahara is one of the few queens that actually has a lot of vocal talent, so I am always happy to see her exploring the world of music. A few videos of her performing the song at clubs are floating around on YouTube, but I just can't bring myself to watch them. I want it to be a surprise when I hear it for the first time. I want to experience it... Like a virgin touched for the very first time -- Ehhh Sorry for the Madonna reference! Anyway, the girl has charm and knows how to treat her fans (she's replied to several of my tweets). I really believe she'll go far. Cant wait to GO OFF! The new track hits iTunes July 26.

Next up is an update on a friend of mine. Since my blog's creation (more or less) I have been a big supporter of Mason Black, an up and coming artist/singer/songwriter. I think he has loads of talent and is a genuinely good person. His latest song, "Jack The Ripper" was put up for free on soundcloud a few weeks back in order to gauge reception. He says that based on how well it does (IE How many listens/favorites/comments it gets) he may or may  not release it as a single. Let me tell you, in case you missed my last post about it, Jack The Ripper is one seriously sick'ning track. Give it a listen here and let him know what you think.

My all time favorite band, Aqua, (don't laugh) has recently risen from the grave for a third time with the new single "How R U Doin", an iTunes exclusive. After the video was released a few months back they went silent again. I was worried that they would give up again, but as it turns out I couldn't be more wrong. They announced today via Facebook that their to-be-named album has just been completed and that a second album single will be released in the very near future. More info will be released in the coming weeks, but this glint of hope has me excited to the max.

There you have it. Wondering why I didn't mention "Cooter" again? BECAUSE I BLOG ABOUT IT IN EVERY POST! And yes, I almost posted the video yet again.

Not sure what this has to do with the song, but it's pretty amusing.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Song of the Week - Free

This week's song took no thought at all. Actually, I had been planning to put this up as song of the week since I heard it was going to be her next US single. I have been in love with this song since it leaked back around February. This go around, Ms. Kills has teamed up with Will.I.Am to make the track even more sick'ning.

I couldn't believe my eyes a few weeks back when I read via Natalia Kills' Twitter that Free would be her next single. I know it sounds really melodramatic, but this song really did get me through some rough times. The song is an anthem for those who got fired, laid off, or quit their jobs. It is about just being free -- living how you want to live and not worrying about where your money is going to come from. Mind you, Natalia has expensive tastes, so her living on a shoestring budget was probably a lot harder than it was for me.

I think this song shows us a lighter, more carefree side of Natalia. The rest of the album is very dark and brooding. While this isn't a bad thing and the tone of the album is great in general, Free is like a breath of fresh air and shows us that she is capable of shedding her "Queen of Darkness" mentality even if only for one or two songs.

Support Natalia and give her single a listen (and of course a buy) here.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Video of the Week - I Wanna Go

It's pretty rare that I obsess over anything in the mainstream media, but on occasion something popular comes out that is actually worth my time (and yours). Let me introduce you to this brand new pop singer Britney Spears -- Oh the sarcasm I'm full of.

This video is priceless. The opening sequence makes the video. "FXXK YOU! FXXK YOU! YOU'RE COOL!" It's hilarious. The entire video is about Britney breaking free from this stereotype she's created for herself, as well as lashing out at the media and not taking herself too seriously any more. I mean, the marquee in the background says "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder".

I love it when celebrities stop being serious and just have a moment where they goof off. It's like she had a bunch of inside jokes with her friends and decided to include them in the video... with really high production values and special effects. The song is catchy, but I don't think I'd like it half as much if I hadn't seen the video.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Drag Racers Raja, Sahara, and Pandora Make Music

I have apparently been living under a rock for the past few months. It was brought to my attention earlier this week that Raja, current Drag Race queen, has released a song. "Diamond Crowned Queen" is her debut single. The song is a bit of a mixed bag, but I find myself playing it more and more every day. We all know Raja can't sing all too well, as shown in the singing competition, but she knows how to work with what she's got, and that is what really makes a star.

The video only makes it better. The video features a plastic-haired Raven, runner up of Drag Race season two, and a guy named Tommy Joe -- some guy I've never heard of. The video seems to be a lot of Raja showing off her awesome clothes and diverse styles, but it works, especially since the song is all about being the top bitch in town. The beat is a fusion of pop and club sounds, making it rather unique. It makes me wish that songs like this would get on the pop charts and really launch these girls into super stardom. And a random note -- Anyone else weirded out by seeing Raven's nipnips?

If me just finding Raja's hit isn't enough evidence for you to believe I live under a rock, look at what else I JUST now found.

Yeah. Where have I BEEN!? I LOVE this video. The production values are very high, the dancing is spot on, and Sahara looks HOT! I mean dayum. Usually when I see music videos for people who aren't on major record labels they are done on shoe string budgets -- and look it too. In this case, "Pump With Me" looks like a polished and amazingly well done video. The dancers look hot! And wait a minute -- That is Manila Luzon! Best video ever.

I wasn't completely sold on the song at first. I usually like something really dramatic and not too fluffy, but when she started spelling, she had me sold. Did I mention I have an affinity for songs that spell words? (In fact, I have). I can't believe I missed this! Oh iTunes, how you forsake me in your recommendations!

Finally, I have been putting off posting about this (because it's a small clip and I didn't have anything to group it with until now). A few weeks ago, Pandora Boxx teased me yet again my releasing a snippet of her upcoming debut single. "Cooter" is set to premier "soon" but I can't seem to get a definite answer out of her! Only time will tell. It's another song that spells out words so you guys know I'm gonna eat this up blindly. Now please be distracted by this video while I squeal like a fangirl.