Friday, January 30, 2015

Liz Primo Explores Her Inner Amazon Warrior Princess In "Like A Star"

It seems like in 2015 the team behind independent pop singer Liz Primo is  much more focused. With only a gap of a week between the release of the song, the video for "Like A Star" is already out -- and of course I'm here to get you all up to speed. New song, new video, new vibe. Check it out.

Now there is plenty that I love about this video. As always, the quality is on par with big time music videos. The lighting and camera styles all feel 100% professional, which really astounded me when Liz told me personally that she spends next to nothing on her videos. Crazy right? She has a very dedicated team behind her that get these videos done, and it really show that they care about what they are doing.

I also love her costuming -- or lack there of sometimes -- throughout this work. For much of the video she in in swim suits or just plain topless, showing off her body that she's worked hard for. I don't know if it is the song or the fact that I know how versatile she can be, but the sex appeal didn't feel cheap or overbearing. It felt appropriate for the setting. Speaking of the setting, it takes place in a very jungle-esque area in Costa Rica. The landscape's beauty finds it's match in Ms. Primo.

What really threw me off was the intro. In the beginning, there is a set up like there was going to be a plot line. We see Liz get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and simultaneously get broken up with via a phone call. Frustrated she throws her phone away and decides to explore around her. She knocks on a nearby door and a native child hands her an exotic flower. She steps in, the song kicks in, and that's pretty much it for that. The rest of the video is Liz singing the song, taking a dive in a lake, and looking like the winner of a Xena costume contest.

Overlooking the minor focus shift at the beginning, this video is really a good intro into Liz Primo. It's a solid song and a great video to give you visual that she is a real person. She has her style down and now she has her look down, so 2015 is really shaping up to be a great year for her. Now only if I could convince her record company to let her do a full album. Well, we can dream right?

Go grab the track on iTunes today!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

RuPaul Finally Gives Us The Trailer And Date For Drag Race Season Seven!

Isn't that a headline you are glad to read? RuPaul has finally lifted the veil and confirmed what we had all expected all along -- Drag Race Season Seven will start in March. March 2, to be precise. Are you excited? Because I am!

I can't get ENOUGH of this trailer! Honestly it looks like they were far more careful with things this year, as in the past the trailers gave away far too much. This year everything is short and choppy and there are very few queens we get to see more than once. Most of what we've seen in this seems to be from the first few episodes, as all of the challenges have quite a few girls. Also it looks like they are doing another throwback challenge, as we got to see some people imitating the House of Edwards ladies. Lawd, this season.

What we actually saw more consistency out of were the judges. Of course we have Ru and Michelle, but it looks like long-time judge Santino has been reduced to guest appearances. No official statement has been made yet as to why he's no longer a regular, but from Ru's end it looks like they remain good friends. In his place we have a couple of new-yet-familiar faces. Carson Kressley from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and Chelsea Lately round-table regular Ross Matthews have stepped up to make sure these girls get a good reading.

The trailer also showed us some of the guest judges such as Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. What we didn't see was the slew of huge names the show has gotten, such as Rebecca Romijn, Kathy Griffin, Oliva Newton-John, and Alyssa Milano. Unfortunately it looks like even though we have seen Ru and Frankmusik become good friends recently, that he hasn't been invited (as a judge at least). There's always next year, boo!

So far I don't have a good grasp on the queens, so I can't really say who is who in the trailer, or who looks better than who, but I can say it looks like Katya makes it past the first episode, and that's something, right? Also Ginger got her name dropped, so maybe a big gurl will actually turn heads this year! Werk!

It all goes down March 2. You can check here the next day for a sickening review.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 11 [Review]

It looks like things are always insane in the big BH. There's always some woman who hates another woman and they turn into divided armies of, well, women. The lines have been drawn now, and the new ladies have chosen their sides. And after last week's episode, another bond was broken. The housewives are not messing around this year, that is clear.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dean Ford Teaseas New Album For 2015

Yes! It has been so long since I have heard anything from Dean Ford. His debut album fell from the sky like a gift to indie-pop lovers, and just like that he vanished again. Recently his Facebook page has been lighting up with some tidbits of info, along with a Christmas song that I tragically missed last season. He may have lost his awesome pink mohawk, but he's just as awesome and talented as before.

Dean Ford's debut into the pop world, CTRL, was released all the way back in 2012. I mean I know that non-label artists take a while to produce stuff, but I was about to give up hope. Luckily I have kept his music on my iTunes playlist rotation and thus I have remembered to check in on him from time to time, and it's payed off. I noticed that not only is he amping back up to do live performances, but also he's been dropping hints that he is about to release a new album.

So far, we only have a couple of posts to go on, the most obvious being an email from his friend saying "Release your album" over and over. The other is a very short video that says that the title of his new song (or single, again, very little info) is called "Get Messy".

I know it's not a lot to go on, but I'm so excited that he is back in the music business. It's been too long! For those of you in New England, be sure and catch him live with The Keepsakes at The Brunswik in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

RuPaul RuVeals The Covergurlz 2 Album

So we don't have a premier date for the seventh season of RuPaul's Drag Race but we do have the release date for a completely frivolous and unwarranted album. By that, I mean that yet again we are getting an entire album of songs by girls we barely know (so far) covering some of Ru's best (and most unknown?) songs. Let's hear it for Covergurlz 2. Yes. They just added "2" to the end.

All shade aside, I am in love with this cover. It's simple, and Ru looks very nice. If only we were getting Ru on the vocals. Instead we have a large listing of tracks for the new season of girls, which do I need to mention again has no premier date. I guess they are hoping that this will tide us over until they get their issues sorted out behind the scenes.

As much as I want to dislike this work, I have to say that it really does set some of the girls ahead from the gate. Unfortunately, other than garnering extra fans, this will not really do anything for them. The show (minus the finale/reunion) has already been filmed. Everything has been said and done for a while, so even if you fall in love with a contestant via this release, it won't change anything.

That being said, some of these girls really can sing. A couple of surprises (in a good way) are Max, Ginger Minj, and Tempest Dujour. This is of course only from the previews. The full album hits digital stores February 3rd. The list is as follows:

01. New York City Beat (Michelle Visage)
02. Throw Ya Hands Up (Kennedy Davenport
03. Freaky Money (Jasmine Masters)
04. Can I Get An Amen (Kasha Davis)
05. Drop That Pimp (Violet Chachki and Miles Davis Moody)
06. Let The Music Play (Ginger Minj)
07. Sweet Kandy of Mine (Kandy Ho)
08. Drag U (Katya)
09. Hey Booty (Pearl and Miles Davis Moody)
10. Geronimo (Trixie Mattel)
11. The Beginning (Jaidynn Diore Fierce)
12. Call Me Starrbooty (Sasha Belle)
13. Dance With U (MAX)
14. Drag Race Theme (Miss Fame)
15. Sissy That Walk (Tempest Dujour)
16. Hollywood U.S.A. (The PitCrew)

Yeah. The PitCrew has it's own song. We will figure this mess all out on February 3. No iTunes preorder, but it is up on Amazon if you wish to have it previewed.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Manila Luzon Goes Around The World In New Video "Stuck On You"

Manila Luzon always drives me crazy with her videos. Sure he music is fun and catchy, but this bitch knows how to make a hot music video. Whether it's her and Latrice kiki-ing, Lil' Manila trying on drag for the first time, or a sweet tribute to her greatest love, she always has something new and fun to keep the viewers happy. This time she's jet-setting around the globe (well green screening around the globe). Check out the official video for "Stuck On You".

There is a lot happening in this video! We've got a super hot hunky man that plays her boyfriend for this video, stuck at home while Manila is touring around the world. We get to see another one of Manila's crazy yet amazing fashion ideas, making a full dress out of post-it notes (as if a dress made of wigs wasn't insane enough!). My favorite part, though, was the destination sections. These pieces were obviously the least "polished" parts of the video, being shot in front of a green screen with some rather cheesy on screen effects, but it was charming and funny. Plus she was giving me Koda Kumi realness in the screen cap I took above.

Unlike many music videos out today, most of Manlia's have plot lines, and this is no different. As I said before her sexy boyfriend (who apparently has a massive drawer full of hot underwear that make his thing look HUGE), is left at home while she is touring. For the first half of the video it's all good, but eventually he gets lonely and frustrated. After a big blowup, and a cameo from fellow RuPaul's Drag Race alum Bianca Del Rio, it didn't look like things would end well. Luckily for the sake of not being horribly depressed (for Manila's sake! Again I digress, that man is smoking!) she shows up at the end and surprises him with supper and a kiss and all is well.

Is this the best Manila music video to date? No, probably not. But is it miles beyond those doing the same thing as her from the same background? Certainly. While other Drag Race ladies do music for fun or for extra cash, Manila has made a career out of it, and it's very obvious that she takes the time to really try and be professional and look polished in everything she releases. She's now going on four years of being off of the show, so she has to try even harder and push even more to be in the spotlight with the crowd of sisters becoming bigger and bigger each year. I think she's doing a damn fine job at it, too.

Also she did a Harajuku look. Eat it, Avirl Lavigne. (Not you, Gwen Stefani. You can stay.)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dina Delicious Returns With New Single "Tick Tick Trick"

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Some time ago I saw that Ms. Dina Delicious, New York LGBT nightlife icon, was working on a new single. Being that she is an independent artist, making music takes time. Luckily she didn't give up along the way and this time around, not only do we have a new song, but we also have her first official music video. Check out "Tick Tick Trick".

This song is exactly what I was expecting. It's fun. It's dancable. It is, indeed, Dina Delicious. The indie pop world turned it's eyes to her when she released her version of the 80s dance hit "Two of Hearts" and now she's ready to show the world what she can do on her own. With the cover, her debut single "Bubble Wrap" and her promotional track "Black Widow" under her belt, she's ready to stun the music business again with her newest piece.

"Tick Tick Trick" is all about girl power. Throughout the song she is demonstrating her power over the boys with her sex appeal, able to control them via their more primitive instincts. “I have no patience for men who wanna play games. You wanna mess with me? The way I build a man up is the same way I knock him down. There’s power in beauty. I never seek to destroy, ever. I just walk away. Men destroy themselves after that."

What had me most excited was the fact that this time around, she was doing a video. For her previous singles, she did a lot of live appearances and promotions, but she's not released a full length music video. "Tick Tick Trick" changes all that, taking elements from the classic exploitation film Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!. The video is a fun, cheeky peek into the life of Ms. Delicious, with lots of boys (can I get the number of that guy in your bed, gurl?), lots of booze, and a couple sleek cars, too.

And that is what is so inspiring about Dina. In a world where people spread hate and fear towards things that they don't understand or "believe in", she is not afraid to be who she is. She is an out and proud trans woman who is making her way in the music world.“Do you know how many times I’ve heard ‘You can’t because the world isn’t ready for a transgender pop star’ or ‘you can’t because you need the backing of a major record label’?" Dina explains. "I believe the world is ready for everything and that if I create openly and honestly, I can.”

That, folks, is why I love me some Dina Delicious.

Hop on over to iTunes and grab your copy of the track today and get your ass dancing! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 10 [Review]

Before I start this week's review I have to say that this was probably the most difficult episode I've ever watched for this series. Much like the past few seasons of New Jersey, the family ties that the show brings out only to have torn apart or crushed really hit home with many viewers including myself. While not quite on the Giudice family scale, the Richards family has it's own issues, and seeing this episode really broke my heart. Now lets get on with it, and I hope my opinions don't hurt anybody with this one.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fifth Harmony Leak New Song From Debut Album

Yup. Less than a month away from the album's release, the girls that make up Fifth Harmony are making sure that their fans are still satisfied after "Sledgehammer" exploded all over the radio. This time we get to hear "Worth It" featuring rapper Kid Ink. Is the song worth it, though?

The song really stumbles from the gate. I really didn't care much for the opening rap section. It really distracts from the song, and the sandwich style raps (opening with one and closing with another) really turn me off from music. The chorus is also rather blah-worthy seeing as its a mess of trumpets in a very jazz meets R&B style that doesn't set well with the listener.

I would really think this song was entirely a lost cause, but the pre-chorus and the verses are more R&B and less jazz, which is the direction the group has been going in lately, and it works. I wish the whole song was like this part of the song. Their harmonies are spot on, and their vibe is strong. Unfortunately this is only for about 1/3 of the track.

Is "Worth It" a lost cause? Maybe. Then again, I really didn't like "Them Girls Be Like" all that much the first time I listened to it, but it grew on me. Fortunately it looks like they won't be spending time on this as a single, which gives me hope for the rest of the album. They are three for four on the tracks they've revealed so far, which is a good sign. Let's hope for the best for Reflection.

You can get the song on iTunes now. If you preorder today, you get both singles ("BO$$" and "Sledgehammer") as well as "Them Girls Be Like" and "Worth It", the so called promotional singles.

Monday, January 19, 2015

An Update On Where Frankmusik Has Been + Is Going

Where in the world has Frankmusik been? Well up until last week I had no idea. After finishing up the promo tour for his last album, By Nicole, he pretty much vanished. Luckily he loves his fans and he wants us to know exactly what he's been up to. Well, not exactly.

Back on January 10th, Vincent posted a very, very long status on his fanpage, telling everyone what he has been up to. Most of the message was him talking about how he wanted to be known for his production skills just as much as his original music he creates for his own vocals. Originally, I didn't pay much attention to the speech because he hasn't named the names of those he's working with, including someone who he says he's produced a full album for, but recently he's been posting more, less cryptic clues.

Let's look at point one.

Yeah. That's Frankmusik working on a new Colette Carr track. We all know how much I love her. He very bluntly said no to a sneak peek. Colette clearly says that it's one song that they are working on, leading on to believe that it may not be the album he was talking about.

We also got this picture last week, another upcoming project for him as a producer.

Vincent posted the above picture last week with the caption "Just had the amazing @rupaul in my studio today and we have a killer funky dance record nearly wrapped! Now sissy that walk!".Yes! Once again Frankmusik is working with RuPaul. He was featured on Ru's last album for the track "Fly Tonight" and has since hung out with the drag mega star on multiple occasions. Now it looks like the two are working on a new record together, but it's unclear if "record" is the slang term for a song or if he really means a full  album. This leaves one to wonder where Ru's long time producer Lucian has gone.

Things may not be clear, but obviously we will be seeing Frankmusik in the future. Maybe he could even pop up on season seven of RuPaul's Drag Race as a guest judge!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

JPop Watch - Sad News As Anime Singer Origa Has Passed Away

It's a sad day for both Taking Over The Universe and JPop Watch as Jpop artist Origa has passed away. It is with heavy hearts that we bring you this news, and we wish the best for her family, friends, and fans.

Origa may have not been a Japanese native, hailing from Russia, but she has been near and dear to the hearts of many of her fans she's made since she her Japanese debut in 1995. She has performed the theme song for all of the installments thus far for the mega-hit anime Ghost In The Shell, and also worked very closely with the production the hit video game Final Fantasy XIII-2, providing vocals on many of the game's key tracks.

Today, anime-focused news site Anime News Network broke the news that the singer passed away after a battle with lung cancer. This news comes just weeks after cast announcements for the live action Ghost In The Shell movie which Origa was assumed to had been involved in. Fans both in Asia and the rest of the world alike are devastated and shocked to hear this news.  She was only 44 years old.

I, along with the rest of the team here at Taking Over The Universe extend positive vibes and a big hug to all of those affected by this tragic loss to the music world.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Real Housewives of New Jersey May Be On Hold Until 2016

That's right. Currently it's just a rumor as there has been no official word from Bravo or the production house yet, but the show may be on hiatus for a while. The reason? Well obviously because it's biggest star is in prison.

Teresa Giudice has recently gone to prison to face her crimes that she committed with her husband. Luckily the judge was understanding and sent her and her husband at separate times to keep her family together. Unfortunately, they are unable to film her exploits in prison for the Real Housewives franchise, which is her main form of income.

I was completely certain that she would be welcomed back to the show in it's eighth season, but if the stories floating around the internet are true, the producers are worried if the show will survive that long. Season six, despite welcoming back fan favorite Dina Manzo, was one of the lowest rated seasons in the shows history. It only came to be popular again when the court case was shown on the air. They are considering putting the show on hold until Teresa is released (early by the way) in February of 2016.

Is this a good idea? I'm not sure. I mean I personally wouldn't watch the show without Teresa. The new trio were rather boring, and the best wives have been gone. Without the crazy antics of Teresa or even Danielle, the show really doesn't stand much of a chance to survive. On the down side, and entire year without the show can cause fans to lose interest, and a year is a long time for their lives to continue on off camera.

We will be watching the net for more information on this story to keep everyone informed.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Willam Recreates Her Hit "Boy Is A Bottom" In Spanish

Yeah. It happened. I mean she has been performing this live for a while, so I guess a video was to be expected. It's a little bit awkward, it's a lotta bit awesome. And maybe in between somewhere it's just OK. Either way, it's here and it's Willam, so I'm gonna fill you in on it.

Prepare for the most obvious statement of the year. Detox and Vicky aren't present. This makes the entire video kind of weird feeling. Yeah, Willam is the sort of mastermind behind the song, but Detox and Vicky Vox really added so much hilarity to the work. Once you get over that one detail, the rest of it is somewhere in between completely genius and a hideous train wreck. I'm still working on where it is.

The video quality took a big step up from the original here. We have a lot of Marco Marco trademarks and a lot of bright and vibrant colors. Although most of the video is on green screen, it is very well done green screen so it really works for the video itself. Although it looks shiny and new, the "plot" of the first video was actually much more entertaining and funny, leaving a lot to be desired in the follow up.

The Spanish was pretty well spoken. It's obvious that she had someone else translate it for her, as her Spanish singing didn't sound very natural. From the basic Espanol I do know, I can say that she did speak rather accurately, and the message of the track does translate efficiently.

Certainly I can't be the one wondering why there's no Alaska and Courtney Act in this, right?

You can grab the song now on iTunes.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 9 [Reveiw]

This week on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we get to see the kids of the wives... And that's about it. It's a slow episode to calm things down after weeks of drama. I understand they can't all be winners, but with an episode full of nothing, I wonder what happened. But don't let that stop you from reading. No, sir!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Manila Luzon Teases New Music Video "Stuck On You"

Manila Luzon is a genius. There. I said it. She is a drag genius. She is a graphic genius. She is also a music genius. I feel like of all the musical RuPaul's Drag Race queens, she really has skyrocketed past the show and developed her own brand. She is continuing said brand with her new ongoing project Eternal Queen, an ode to her lost love Sahara Davenport. Now she's vowed to keep the project going with another single off the album "Stuck On You".

"Stuck On You" is one of the best songs out of Eternal Queen, so I am beyond ecstatic that she chose this to be the next single. The EP was just too massive to only have one single or video. This track follows along in the same vein of "Eternal Queen", this song is very vocal in her feelings toward Sahara. This track is a bit less touching and a bit more extreme, but it still it is very sweet of her.

This single was the clear choice for a second single off of the EP.  It keeps in the theme of the work as a whole that serves as a tribute to her lost lover. I love how Manila is so open with her fans about the struggles in her life, and these two songs are the ultimate culmination of the entire last two years. All of her pain and sorrow have finally turned around and returned to the love that she once had.

In an unusual twist of events, Manila hasn't actually posted any previews of the video, keeping it much more tightly under wraps than her previous projects. All we have so far is the cover of the single (which I assume is from the video), and a lyric video. The video is set to premier January 22 and all of her Fanilas are on edge waiting for any scarps she can give us.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The B-52's Kate Pierson Is Solo And Wants You To Save The Turtles

I have been longing for more music from the B52's. Their 2008 release Funplex was everything I had hoped for, but that has been nearing eight years, and it's about time we got more. Although it's not the full band, vocalist Kate Pierson, the band's red-headed vixen, is solo and about to drop her new album Guitars And Microphones.

This is everything I hoped for and more. If this track is any indication of what the rest of the album is going to be like, sign me up. I will admit I was very worried when I heard Sia was attached to the project, seeing as her music is vastly different from what I was hoping for, but apparently she is some kind of fan of the olden days of B52s because they totally nailed it.

"Bring Your Arms" is the tragic tale of the sea turtles as they have their young fend for themselves on the way to the sea. The song does have it's up moments, most of which come from Kate herself, who is apparently completely insane (in the best way possible).

The album drops February 17, and if you preorder on iTunes now, you get both "Bring Your Arms" and "Mister Sister"

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fifth Harmony Reveals Track List For "Reflection"

I. Couldn't. Be. Any. More. Excited. Rightnow. Oh my GOD! I have been a secret (?) Fifth Harmony mega fan since practically forever, and the wait for a full album from them has been agonizingly long. They finally broke the Billboard charts, and now they are ready to drop their album. And it's about time seeing as it got pushed back over and over. Anyway, look at this picture!

To this day I see it as a national tragedy that we got this hideous cover instead of the original album cover they had chosen. They say that their fans demanded it, but honestly on Twitter I just saw them reveal it, not get that many RTs or whatever, and immediately change it.

Oh well.

Anyway, here's the track listing in all of it's glory.

01. Top Down
02. BO$$
03. Sledgehammer
04. Worth It
05. This Is How I Roll
06. Everlasting Love
07. Like Mariah
08. Them Girls Be Like
09. Reflection
10. Suga Mama
11. We Know
12. Going Nowhere (Deluxe)
13. Body Rock (Deluxe)
14. Brave, Honest, Beautiful

I am so excited to hear some of these. "Like Mariah" sounds like an instant classic, and "This Is How I Roll" has a lot of promise with it as well. We have, however, heard a few of these songs we have heard due to them being performed on their recent tours, most notably "Reflection" which has had a pirated video floating around YouTube (and no, I won't like to it. I'm not about that life). They also released a promotional single for people who preordered the track on iTunes, "Them Girls Be Like."

This only makes me more excited for this release. With two strong singles under their belt already and more than likely another single to come, this album is going to dominate the first half of 2015.

If they release it in the first half.

The new new release date for it is February 3, 2015. Let's pray this one is for real.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Celebrity Big Brother UK Is About To Get Read -- Michelle Visage Joins The Cast

I've had a love-hate relationship with Michelle Visage. I don't mean I love her or she hates me (I'm pretty sure she has no idea who I am) but I mean sometimes I will be living for her, and other times I can't stand her. She's opinionated, unfazed by critiques, and completely friggen' brilliant. Today is one of those "love" days I mentioned earlier because Michelle Visage is extending her craziness to another reality TV show -- Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Now this is a side of Michelle we don't often get to see. On the show, she is mostly just the "snarky judge", often times only seen in the runway portions of the show. Occasionally we got to see her traverse the workroom floors, but this is going to be a whole new level of seeing what she is all about. In the above interview she comes off as a very educated person both in general knowledge and in the British peoples.

What I'm trying to say is she really has a chance of winning this.

On Logo's sista website NewNowNext, they quoted Visage as saying “I’m here to represent the queens, the gays, the freaks, the misfits, so I’m gonna go all out everyday. Come on! More than anybody else in the world, absolutely they will [support me.] They are my lifeline, they are my blood, they run through my veins.”

 Well I support you, gurl. Even though I can't really vote because it's in another country but YOU GO! I hope you beat out a certain other undesirable contestant! No names though.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Brandon Hilton Is Officially Back With New Single "Wavelength"

It's been quite some time since Brandon Hilton released music for his rather large fan base. It seems as if he has been working on a lot of new music, but couldn't quite pick a good "comeback" song after being absent from the music scene for a couple of years. Then he found it. "Wavelength" is the best possible track he could have chosen to get back in with. "Wavelength" is Brandon Hilton.

Back when I first met Brandon, he was putting all of his energy into his single "Frozen". He had been at the music game for a while, but his vocals were still a bit shaky and he didn't seem to be going full force. But every time someone gives him a critique or something constructive to add to his music, his next single has all of those thoughts and more. Now, with his latest single, which is his first full on release since "Dance Til I Die" two years ago, he sounds fully confident in every way.

"Wavelength" is the culmination of years of hard work. He oversees every little detail of his works and make sure they are perfect before he sends them out into the world, and any flaws I could find in this single would simply be me nit-picking. That's because it's got a great beat, flawless lyrics, and strong vocals.

As of now the track doesn't have a music video in production, but I can say that it's not totally out of the picture. Being that he is a completely independent artist, things like music videos aren't cheap, but I know he's working on securing a way to get a video for this out there. It will be his first official video since "Frozen", and I know he is determined enough to do it.  Also, he has announced that he is putting together a Spring/Summer tour for 2015, and if you go to his official Facebook page, you can request your city to be considered.

I have been able to watch Brandon grow over the years, and even though I wasn't there from his glory days as Myspace Royalty, I definitely have seen him become more focused and determined as far as his music goes. With the dedicated fan base that he has, I can see "Wavelength" easily becoming another big hit for him, and maybe even usher in a new Brandon Hilton album that we have been so desperately seeking.

For now, you can grab the song on iTunes. Trust me, it's gonna make you want to dance!

I have just been informed that you can listen to the full song right now on SoundCloud. Get the full effect of this hot dance track below!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 8 [Review]

Another week, another housewife on a downward spiral. It seems like every week someone is edited to look the villain. Well, that's not exactly true. I mean no matter what spin you put on throwing wine in someone's face, you're gonna come out the bad guy. Poor Brandi. This just isn't her week. Now, let's find out why that is so.

Just as a note, all the screen caps this week are MFW pictures. Keep that in mind.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Update: Liz Primo's New Single Up On iTunes + Remixes For Preorder

It was barely a week ago when I informed you of Liz Primo's new single "Like A Star" being previewable on YouTube for some of the remixes, and later that week she went ahead and granted this man's wish. The single's normal version is up on iTunes, and the remixes won't be far behind.

This song is everything that Liz has promised us. She may not have a huge following, but she really should. The song is much more electronic than I had expected it to be. Although electronic music isn't anything new for Ms. Primo, this song really feels more in line with the current state of EDM, and feels much more like a balance of her old style with the newer more melodic songs such as "Blown Away (Original)" and "You Don't Even Know".

I know I've said it before, but this is my new favorite Liz Primo track. I've never had an artist truly captivate me with every track they've released, and grow into a greater artist with each release without getting caught up in a "bad single" or track that slows their progress. I guess this is the benefit of living in the age of single songs over albums. We get more solid and polished tracks as opposed to a really good song surrounded by some sloppy ones.

On iTunes currently you can pre-order the massive remix album and get the original version of the track for free. Unfortunately at this time iTunes won't let you preview any of the remix tracks, but with the short clips that I have heard, I have no qualms with pre-ordering it anyway. The album contains twelve remixes from six different producers, including some extended and instrumental tracks. The full album goes live later this month, January 20th.

Be sure an pre-order the album here.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Word Association With RuPaul's Drag Race Season Seven

Oh how I love me some World of Wonder. They, and Ru to a certain extent I'm guessing, really know how to put together some teasers. As if the intro interviews weren't enough, we also get this little gem. The girls are playing word association -- and some are a little better than others.

Uhh. Uhh. Uhh. Uhh.

Can I say that Katya is a genius before I get onto the other queens that I like now? I mean, of all of the intro videos she is my favorite, which means she'll go home second or third because I often curse contestants simply by liking them. I do have to say that as much as she reminds me of Willam, she has a more subtle humor with smarter jokes that can really fly over your head. Whether she is a genius is yet to be seen.

Anyway, the girls all give us a few laughs with this video. Unfortunately, they don't have name plates on the video's graphics so some of the less notable queens (as well as those that didn't exactly stand out in the promos beforehand) don't exactly get the credit they deserve. I can say that Kandy Ho really impressed me, much more so than her initial interview, and Tempest really made me like her. I guess first impressions aren't everything.

The one who I wish we had got to see more of and/or had more comedy from is Max. I am not entirely sure if we have another Milk (someone who looked quirky but was relatively normal, which really rubbed me the wrong way) or if we have a genuinely odd human being. I guess we won't know until the show airs.

Unfortunately this is another promo without any actual show footage, but it was filled with laughs, and it really shows the girls in a great light. Also, we got to see that Trixie is pretty much the queen bee of the show. Top three, anyone?

The show starts this month (probably the 26th, as that's the last Monday in the month) and you can expect me to be reviewing every single episode.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Giulietta Gears Up For New EP With Video For "Over"

It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to talk about Giulietta. This Australian pop goddess has been steadily releasing music over the past few years, including a completely free album, and a single that was produced by T-Pain. Unlike those who are along the same path as she is, Giulietta is not just a single to single gal. She's a big fan of albums (she's got two of them already) as well as EPs. Her latest single "Over" is a testament of what she's got in store for her new EP XXI.

I am in love with this song. "Over" is Giulietta's ultimate middle finger in the face of someone who has hurt her greatly. Having spoken with her some time ago for an interview, I knew that she had a lot more of a story to tell than what we heard from 911: Code Pink, and this track really gave her the medium to have her voice heard. Coupled with a brief appearance from Charlie $tardom (who is oddly uncredited in the track itself), it seems like she has another amazing hit on her hands.

The video is a bit below what I had expected. While she does look beautiful, as she usually does, there isn't a lot that happens. The visuals are stunning, with the backdrop being a cliff on the roadside, but with most of the video just her walking in circles and singing her song, it's not really enough to keep a person's eyes glued to the screen to see what happened next. I guess it was just needed as an introduction to the upcoming EP, so it didn't have to be extravagant.

Now, this is the part of the blog where I'd usually throw an iTunes link your way, but unfortunately she hasn't provided one yet. It looks like the video was released to garner interest in XXI prior to it's release, and it's certainly got me talking. No track list has been provided for the EP yet, but it looks as though the producer for "Over", Praajex, who is crazy talented by the way, is going to be working on the entire project. All we have to go on is a statement from her management saying "The two have been working on her EP over the last 2 months and plan to release it early [2015] with a series of videos."

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top Five - What TOTU Missed In 2014

Admittedly, for most of 2014, Taking Over The Universe was out of commission. There was so much that happened in the first three quarters of the year that I didn't have the chance to comment on, so I decided that the first day of 2015 will be dedicated to me missing out on all the greatness that was this previous year. I've selected five things that are the biggest regrets I have as for what I missed this past year.

5. "The Pee Pee Dance" by Adam Barta (Featuring Vivacious)

Oh, Adam. You never fail to make me laugh. This video was passed along to me just before the return, but by the time I cleared time for it, Adam has moved onto his next big thing. This video is probably my favorite of Adams in the past few years because it's both funny, and done on his own. Sure it had Drag Race vet Vivacious turning up, but the song itself is all Adam. This is what I'd been asking for. No Octomom. No Tan Mom. No Angelina. No fake Kim Kardashian. Just Adam. This is the real way I wanted to start off the year.