Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exclusive Interview - Mason Black

In a sea of music out there it can be hard to find something really meaningful and honest -- something that speaks to you. Most of the time you have to wade through a load of crap before you find a gem, but sometimes... some very rare times you have something fantastic fall from the sky and smack you in the face. This, my friends, is the case with Mason Black and I.

The strange thing is Mason actually found me. He added me on Twitter after seeing a post on my blog (though I never got it out of him which post drew him to the site to begin with) and asked me very politely to check out his music. He has two singles available on iTunes. Cruel Embrace and Showdown are available for purchase (and please do so). After buying both and raiding Soundcloud to listen to yet another song of his, I decided I quite liked him, and I let him know. He was very eager to reply and wanted to tell me everything I wanted to know. And I do mean everything.

Check the interview under the cut.

Video of the Week - Jump Out The Window

As I am preparing for my vacation, I don't have a ton of time to post this, so I'll get right to the point. This video popped up on my radar a week or so via Nadia Oh's twitter. It's a mini music video to her track "Jump Out The Window".  In between lines from the song is a mini (biased?) interview as well. Check it.

Gotta love Nadia. She definitely has a sense of humor. And yes... the JLS boys are pretty cute.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Song of the Week - Superhero

This week I took a look back at my recent purchases on iTunes to see who was best suited to be Song of the Week this go around. At first nothing stood out too much, but there was a single song that kept growing on me with each play.

I wasn't really sure what to make of this song at first. The song has a slower "we will rock you" type beat that you just want to stomp and clap to, and it really works for the song.  When you add the sick beat to Simon's beautiful voice, you have a track made in heaven. He has proven time and time again that he can sing, so this song is a bit more of a fun project with him dabbling in autotune and more electronic sounds (much like the Saturdays did with Missing You).

This really needs to be said. Simon is adorable and he can be my superhero any day. Did I mention he is friends with Colette Carr? Yeah. This guy is pretty awesome. You can buy his single on iTunes here. Do it. Don't question me.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ru Paul's Drag U Season Two Sneaky Peeky

We finally have a peek into what the second season of Drag U will be like. Once again, Ru has gathered together his professors to better the lives of biological women and give them that drag queen attitude.You can watch the extended preview here, but before we go any further, let me draw your attention to this:

That would be my favorite Drag Race 3 contestant, Manila Luzon, reacting rather comically to one of the Drag U contestants. It looks like the "mini challenges" to give the women an edge has returned, and I believe it's quite clear who won this one... even if she did confuse a penis with a mangina. The challenge is for these women to bring out their sexual sides by becoming sex chat line girls. Anyhoo, after the first woman's lackluster performance and the second's drastic mistake, the third one goes on to talk about how she wants a guy to come over... and play video games? While this may sound like every straight man's dream, Raven was not amused.

"You're not wanting him to play video games. You're wanting him to fxxk you." Video games? Really? I mean my boyfriend is a gamer nerd, but when Im feeling derty, I don't ask him to come play video games for me. Oh well. At least Raven looks super fierce... and maybe by Drag U season two, Manila will have a full Sesame Street cast of outfits. She's serving some Cookie Monster realness, HUN-TEY!

Also Shanel was there I think.

Playlist of Fame - May '11

I've been asked by a few people what music I listen to on a regular basis. I could be generic and say "Oh I like me some electropop!" or I could be juicy and post my most recent playlist. This, folks, is my May 2011 playlist. Below are the tracks I jam to. Without further ado and in no particular order:

01. The Shield and the Sword - Clare Maguire
02. Oh Glory (Demo) - Panic! at the Disco
03. S & M [Remix ft. Britney Spears] - Rihanna
04. Judas - Lady Gaga
05. Shotgun - Limp Bizkit
06. Animal (Billboard Remix) - Ke$ha
07. Devastated ft. Chantelle Paige (Howard Jones Remix) - Space Cowboy
08. Superhero - Simon Curtis
09. Beauty & a Beast - Nadia Oh
10. Waiting for Clouds (Live Piano Acoustic) - Bentley Jones
11. Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous - Cobra Starship
12. Bad Kids - Lady Gaga
13. Alive - Goldfrapp
14. (We Do It) Primo - Colette Carr
15. Hot Mess - Natalia Kills
16. Road Trip to Oblivion v2 - Bentley Jones
17. Winner - Cheeseburger
18. Spin - Cherri Bomb
19. Army of Love - Kerli
20. Is That U - Nadia Oh
21. Weird Science - Colette Carr

And that is what I jam to in my car... mostly just on the way to work. No promises, but I'll try to post my playlists every month... if the songs don't overlap too badly. I tend to listen to the same stuff... over and over...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pandora Boxx's Debut Single + Drag U Season 2

 I could give you all a million and one excuses for the lack of updates the past few days (I never said this was a daily blog, did I?) OR I could just go on and get with the news, already, yes? So off we go!

Sexy chick, right? Well let me go ahead and reveal just how gay I am by saying that this is a man. Pandora Boxx is a drag queen from the hit TV series Ru Paul's Drag Race, winning season two's fan picked title of "Miss Congeniality". After her controversial elimination in season two, she became a "drag professor" on Ru Paul's Drag U, a spin off of Drag Race.

Recently on her twitter, Ms. Boxx announced that she is recording her very first single via her twitter @ThePandoraBoxx . The yet-to-be-named single is co-wrote and produced by Jipsta, who just releaesd his album "Bandoozle". Preview it and buy it here. Pandora has not revealed much about her new single, but she remains her witty self when revealing things (She said this was going to be the cover of her album). The only serious information about it seems to be the first line: "I see this straight guy from the corner of my eye..." I am going to remain extremely optimistic about this. Drag Queens releasing songs is an awesome phenomenon pioneered by the queen Ru Paul herself, and I hope that Pandora shines through the crowd.

In other news, Drag U is coming back for a second season! I'll admit, I was really skeptical of the show at first. I mean Drag Race was awesome, but in the back of my head I had the thought "Why would real women want to look like a drag queen." Most of the queens on Drag Race wore outlandish clothes and looked crazy half the time (thats why we love it, right?) but I gave season one a shot and I fell in love. It was awesome seeing the previous season's queens again, most of whom Id grown to love.

This season's nostalgia (?) factor is looking to be no let down. Just take a look at the professor list:

Carmen Carrera
Manila Luzon    
Morgan McMichaels
Pandora Boxx

And get this! Both BeBe and Tyra are joining the very impressive list of professors. Thats right. The first two winners of Drag Race are going to be part of Drag U. Personally, I am more excited to see Manila, Raven, and of course Pandora Boxx again. The new season starts June 20, and you better believe I'm going to be recapping every episode right here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Video(s) of the Week - Primo + Spin

In case you haven't noticed, the day of the Video of the Week has changed to Tuesdays instead of Sundays. This week was really tough though. I was fully positive what the video of the week was going to be up until two hours ago when another amazing video was posted on Twitter.

First up: Primo by Colette Carr

Primo has been the most played song on my iPhone since it was released May 10. Colette had been hyping up the video on Twitter, Facebook, and even the Cherrytree chat. This girl knows how to survive in a viral market. The video was definitely not a letdown.

The video feels like pure summer. From hopscotch to driving around jammin' out like a dork, this video has everything a perfect summer should. The video makes an interesting use of green screens, as instead of being the main set, she walks in front of them momentarily as she walks down the street. The green screens even continue to display her adventures in driving and sidewalk chalk (land?) as she continues walking. Towards the end she even dawns the fabulous middle-eastern inspired wear she dons on the cover of the single -- much to my joy. The video is spectacular.

Next up: Spin by Cherri Bomb

Now this video is quite different from Primo. This is actually the second video created for their song, but the first done on an official record label. The video is vastly improved over its predecessor and the girls look fantastic. I really think they have the drive to make it and if they do, the could be the new age Runaways. As you probably don't know I am a giant fan of the Runaways, so for me to go as far as to say that, they must have some potential. But now, don't go thinking dirty thoughts about them either... They are only fifteen.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Song of the Week - The Shield and the Sword

This week's song of the week may come as a bit of a shock to you all. Usually I listen to dance and techno music, but this week, I stumbled upon  something a bit different. In place of my usual dancey track, I have chosen a laid back singer-songwriter track. Check it out.

This week's pick is The Shield and the Sword by Clare Maguire. In all honesty, I  had never heard of her what so ever until a few days ago. A follower of mine on Twitter was sharing some of their musical taste with me when this gem caught my eye. I literally only previewed about thirty seconds of the song before I clicked buy on iTunes, and I don't regret a thing.

The song is much more mellow than what I've had on my playlists lately, but it is still very intense. It's a song that uses metaphors through an actual physical battle of love, one with a shield and one with a sword. I am -very- impressed by the single, and I am very excited for a full album. Any fans in the UK should buy her new album "Light After Dark". For the US fan, or those just curious, click here to preview and buy the track!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spin The Bottle + Trans//lation 2

The Ustream for The Dolly Rockers just finished and it was a goldmine of interesting (and a bit useless) information. They revealed crushes, fashion secrets, and most importantly they said my name live on the air! Excuse me while I fanboy for a bit.

The Dollies have been recording with Red One for a while now and we finally got to hear a bit of it. I love the acoustic version, but I really want to hear the beat that goes with it, since Red One is all about the bumpin' techno beats. It's still pretty awesome, though. Check it. Here is "Spin The Bottle" acoustic. Make it famous on twitter with #spinthebottle.

The Dollies have also revealed that they will be holding a weekly/monthly contest for people who want to make Dolly-inspired clothing. They will pick their favorites and send the winners "You've Been Dolly Rocked" stickers. While the contest is open to boys as well as girls, I don't think I'll be entering. I don't have much of a fashion sense. Maybe if I get inspired by some thrift store stuff I'll give it a go, but no promises.

In other news, another favorite artist of mine has announced his second Japanese album, Trans//lations 2. The album consists mostly of cover songs, but it still looks to be solid. Many of the songs will be my first hearing of them as I don't keep up with Jpop any more. The album is due out June 1, but no word yet on if it will be available in the US as this is a venture on his Japanese record label. We can hope, though, right?

That about sums up my excitement for the day. Tomorrow is the next song of the week. I've made my mind up, and it might surprise you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Album Review - Colours

In my infinite love for Space Cowboy, I have ventured out to give some of his friends a try. I like to think of Nadia as his protege, as he has spent a lot of time shaping her up, and I have to say, this new album is a vast improvement over her first. Upon hearing the leak of the title track a few months back I knew she was stepping things up. Let's take a look at these tracks

01. Hocus Pocus
This is a great opening track. It gets straight to the point with the bompin' beat and her party or die attitude. The beat is very reminiscent of a Dr. Luke song, but it's the vocals where the song becomes truly unique. Nadia finally shows her ability (or at least a decent attempt at) singing. She may not be the best singer in the world, but she tried and I gotta give her props. As for the lyrics, she is once again chasing after this same mysterious beautiful man from the first album. Maybe it's Space Cowboy? Lyrics are solid... except for the "OMG LOL" portion towards the end...

02. Is That You

This one is probably my favorite on the album. It is one of the songs where she spins out some pretty solid raps. I have to say, though, that the random Minnie Mouse-like voice in the chorus is a little creepy. The song is all about her trying to find out if this sexy guy is really who she thinks he is. Despite being repeditive, I really love this song and I sincerely hope it is her next single.

03. Jump (Out The Window)

I am conflicted with this one. It starts out really well with the basic chorus line being repeated a few times, but then it goes into a beat that sounds like a bad Black Eyed Peas rip off. Compound this with her rhyming "London" with "London", I just didn't really care much for the song. The lyrics, as always with Ms. Oh, are quite amusing. She boasts a big ego, but thats why I dig her. If you believe you are awesome, other people will too, and if they dont, they are just jealous.

04. Taking Over The Dancefloor

 This song... I just don't dig it all. The song starts out with a very autotuned Nadia threatening to take my money, which continues for a good forty seconds until an annoyingly loud breakdown. I just don't see this as single material at all, which floored me when I found out this is her leading single for the album. I'm not saying this song is terrible, but I don't feel like it represents the album. This song feels like a song that was cut from her first album, as it has the older style of her music to it as opposed to the newer electro-pop feel.

05. Soopermodel

First of all... Sooper? Really? Uhg. Anyway, despite the poor grammar the song is pretty catchy. It starts off fumbling a bit, but as it progresses it turns out pretty good. Seeing as she keeps commanding you to "do the soopermodel", I'm guessing this song will need a video to make sense. It seems to be a type of dance... I dont know. Anyway, this is a solid track, but it doesn't stand out on it's own. 

06. So Unforgettable

This song is more of an interlude with the same vibe as "Is That You" but with quicker lyrics and a new chorus. This song is yet another big-egoed track, but just like before it's what I've come to expect from her. This is the kind of track you could blare with the windows down as you drive by an ex who needs to see how incredibly awesome you've become. And what a coincidence! It's just long enough for a  drive by mocking, too!

07. Amsterdam

This song is... strange. All I really gather from this song is "Amsterdam is for the win, yo". It is very sexual driven as she talks about sexy guys while she's tripping on acid in Amsterdam WHERE THIS KIND OF THING IS TOTALLY LEGAL. The song is pretty short and leaves the person with a blank stare wondering what they just heard.

08. Beauty & A Beast

 After a few "wtf" tracks, we finally get back to being awesome with this track. The song is about a wild girl who is totally hot, but a complete beast in bed. The song is fun and upbeat and totally my style. I am in love with the "rawr" sample in the background, and I now throw in a random "rawr" to songs as I sing along with them... but mostly when I just forgot the lyrics. I could see this song being a big hit quite easily.

09. Colours

Let me start by saying I knew all the words to this song coming into this. The song was leaked to the internet months before the album dropped, so I'd been jamming to this for a while now. Aside from the annoying edits (such as a DJ scratch on the word "E" for ecstasy, but whatever). The song's verses are sung in the style of "Heart of Glass" by Blondie and I LOVE IT! The song is all about her hearing a guy ramble about what he's seeing while he's bugged out on ecstasy. "Purple skys and candy rain/Pink balloons and airplanes".  The lyrics are amusing. The vocal effects are amusing and unique. The song is golden.

10. DJ's Girlfriend

And now we learn more about Nadia's mysterious crush! He's a DJ! Anyway, the song is another great track about how she admires a DJ and would do anything to be his girlfriend. The best part of the song is the bridge where she confesses about how he is amazing and making the crowd go "gaga".... maybe this mysterious DJ is Spacey after all.  The song is pretty short, clocking in just under three minutes, but it is a nice and fun way to end the

So there you have it. I have to say that Ms. Oh has come quite a ways. Her first album, while great, feels very unpolished after hearing her new tracks. I am very satisfied with my purchase. This album shows that artists really do grow -- Even if it is just from being an Egyptian princess to Queen of Amsterdam.

Top Track: Is That You
Current Single: Taking Over The Dancefloor
Next Single Prediction: Beauty & A Beast

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Space Cowboy + Dolly Rockers, New Gaga and More

A few months ago, I saw a tweet that made me really excited. It was a link to a picture of the British "wonky pop" group The Dolly Rockers with my future husband favorite song writer collaborating together. Now with any unsigned or recently signed band, a lot of things are going to be uncertain, so with the recent spike in activity with The Dolly Rockers, I took it upon myself to find out what is going on.

The Dollies have started a mailer with exclusive content including pictures, personal messages, and videos. Their first installment announced that they have been signed to RedWalk and having their entire album produced by RedOne, the hitmaker best known for his work with Lady Gaga. This made my heart sink as it looked like the tracks written with Space Cowboy might never see the light of day... So I took it upon myself to go to the source. While the Dollies were a little vague, it did sound hopeful.

I made a post about the picture and my excitement and the dollies replied!

" we are signed to redone but have worked with the fabulous x"

In an excited panic I replied to them asking if the songs will ever see the light of day and got yet another response!

" ull have to wait and see whats on the album! there will be plenty of surprises x"

And with that Im going to remain optimistic.  And who knows? Maybe Spacey will post something about it on his twitter soon. Who knew I'd get addicted to yet another social networking site (sarcasm hurr).

In other news, Lady Gaga has released yet another song in an effort to draw attention to her already hugely anticipated album. Before I get on to talking about the song, let me make it clear that I am not the biggest Gaga fan. Go ahead and call the gay police but I think I might be the only homo on the planet that doesn't see her as the second coming of Jesus. Born This Way and Edge of Glory were nowhere near as good as they should have been. Judas is my guilty pleasure... and the new promotional single "Hair" is... kind of in between. The song has made me torn. It is looking like while half of the new album will be terrible, half of it has potential. I guess I may have to go against my OCD habbits and buy selected tracks instead of dropping fifteen dollars on the full album.

Other noteworthy releases this week:
Just one for this week. The return of Limp Bizkit. "Shotgun" is not only awesome but pretty addicting too.

And per request, I leave you with a picture of Katy Perry doing a rather convincing immitation of a certain 80's cartoon character.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Song of the Week - (We Do It) Primo

It is officially Summer, and it is about time we have a good Summer track to jam to. I have been following Colette since she released her mix tape for free online. Now she's got a single on iTunes. Im unbelieveably proud of her and thus, I present you - Colette Carr's first official single - (We Do It) Primo!

This track has a very eastern vibe going for it and really took me by surprise. This was NOT what I expected from Colette at all, but it is still true to her. I have come to respect Ms. Carr over the past years. She raps about what she knows: Malibu, having a great life, hanging with friends. I believe her when she spins. This song is no different.

This was the very first song I ever purchased from iTunes and I am very proud to say so. Colette deserves to be famous. She has talent and this song displays it perfectly. This is the perfect summer song.

There is a video on youtube where you can listen to the full song, but in this case, I really want to suggest buying the song on iTunes.  It's only $1.29 and it is gonna help boost her career.

Check it out. Buy it. Make it go!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Video of the Week - Goldfrapp - Alive

I've got to admit, when I first heard this song, I thought they were straight out of the early 80s, but amazingly enough, this gem was released just last year. I present to you the rockin' synth and smooth voice of Goldfrapp's song "Alive". And trust me, it's not their only strange music video.

At first this video looks like your typical 80's work out video... Well maybe if you were a KISS fan. I'm sure they did workout videos, right? Anyway, this Olivia Newton-John look-a-like really has a lot going for her, even if she ends up looking a little more like Claudia from Interview With The Vampire towards the end. Guess that just goes to show you that when it comes to being "Queen of the Damned", the "damned" can be much less cliche than you'd expect.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Where My Money Goes

I went to my local GameStop to trade some stuff in and make a few payments on some reserves when the subject came up of just how many games I had pre-ordered. The list sort of shocked me, but I decided to list them out with the what's and why's and reflect on just how pumped I really am.

Duke Nukem Forever - 6-14-11

The What: Duke is a beefy stud out to score with some strippers... Oh and there are aliens too. The games never made a whole lot of sense, nor really gave you a whole lot of direction, but what direction do you really need when your main goal is to kick ass and chew bacon?

The Why: I can't tell you how much I loved Duke as a kid. I mean what is better than vulgar language, potty humor, and killin' aliens? NOTHING THAT IS WHAT! Seriously though, I feel a lot of fans are going to freak over this game, over ten years in the making, and also the big guy's first entrance into the world of next gen consoles.

ARE YOU PUMPED!?: Totally! I need a break from all these serious games, and plus he's pretty sexy. I have the special edition reserved (100 bucks, but soooo worth it) so I'd say Im pretty damn pumped.

Silent Hill Downpour - Fall 2011

The What: Silent Hill is a long running survival horror game, which is my favorite genre of video game ever. It has always been a step above the competition story wise. In place of corporate sabotage or evil masterminds is an eerie town that you can never really figure out. After the initial two games the franchise started going in a lot of different directions, but after the critical success of the Wii installment, Shattered Memories, the creators are returning to what made the game amazing in the first place: learning when to fight and when to get the hell out of there.

The Why: Honestly, I didn't care a whole lot for Silent Hill when I was younger. It was just plain too creepy. That and my brother never bought it (he was the one who got all the games while I hoarded anime). It wasn't until the movie came out that I took notice. After I realized how amazing it was, I went back and played several of the games. I now just have to wait for this gem to come out so I can enjoy the horror in all new ways.

ARE YOU PUMPED!?: Pretty pumped, I must say. I would probably be more excited if they would put the first two games on the Xbox Marketplace. That would be awesome.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Winter 2011

The What: This is (obviously) the sequel to the hit game Final Fantasy XIII. Not a whole lot is known on the game yet other than it will feature the same heroine, Lightning, and a new mysterious character.

The Why: I loved FFXIII so much. I loved every bit of it. It truly is deserving of a sequel, despite what most people say. I may very well be the only person on the planet to buy this game, but I will love it anway.

ARE YOU PUMPED!?: I am really excited about it, but its hard to obsess when all you have is a short promo and no info what so ever.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 8-23-11

The What: I'm... Not sure. It looks cool.

The Why: See The What.

ARE YOU PUMPED!?: It's a Square game, so Im gonna love it. Its more of something to keep me tied over until 2012.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - TBA

The What: Just think back to the original Resident Evil. Forget 2, 3, 4, 5, Code Veronica, Code Veronica 2, Zero, and every other installment of this never ending franchise. This game is designed to be not only a companion to the very first Resident Evil game, but also a game-changer for the whole history of the franchise. In this installment of the game you play a special tactics force that is investigating the outbreak in the city. And get this: You have the option to either help or hinder the original characters -- Yes, you can kill the STARS team.

The Why: Resident Evil has always had a special place in my heart. Over the years the series has deteriorated a lot, but this title looks promising. Mix that with four player co-op and classes that are more than just different looks with a couple perks, and you have a game with a lot of potential. I've mentioned it to my friends and the idea of a few of us getting it and playing co-op is quite exciting.

ARE YOU PUMPED!?: Not as much as for the new Silent Hill, but Im still excited. If my friends do get it, it could be a really fun time.

And finally -- What you have all been expecting...

Gears of War 3 - 9-20-11

The What: Gears of War is one of the best Xbox exclusive games I've ever laid my hands on. I started with 2 and went back to play the first. I think it is pretty safe to say I fell in love with the series. Not only does the game excel in story telling, but it is the game I have spent the most time in multiplayer. The third one is shaping up to be even better than the others. We are told all our story related questions will be answered, and the beta proved that the games mutliplayer is only getting better.

The Why: This one was a no brainer. I have the super delux edition of the game reserved and they haven't even announced what is in it yet. I guess you could call me a fanboy. This franchise is just so special to me. It brought together my group of friends now. Lori, who beforehand was just the sister of a friend of mine, became a good friend as we adapted to the gameplay together, and the people she and I both met in multiplayer have become close friends of the both of us. If I had to choose one game on this list to get over the others, this would be it.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Retro Salad - Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

What is Retro Salad you ask? This is my opportunity to take a look back at television shows I found awesome as a child and do my best to ignore nostalgia and determine if the show was good or just a poor ploy for toy sales. Anyway, without further ado: the first installment of yet another tacky blog idea!

So this time around I chose to take a look back at Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. Now, in all honesty, I had watched the movie a few times before today, but the same logic applies.

The Nostalgia:
Now I remembered this movie pretty well, so I thought. Imagine me: A hip six year old kid who was into everything you could possibly find cool in 1998: Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z.... Well you get the idea. When my friend Matt proposed we watch a 'kids movie' that prominently featured a little girl clad in rainbow with a matching horse, I wasn't too enthused, but after getting through the horribly annoying opening song, the movie drew me in. I rented it a few more times on my own as a kid, but the rental place soon went out of business, and Ms. Brite was soon logged away in the depths of my mind under "Things a Young Boy Probably Shouldn't Admit He Likes."

The Reality:
After years of forgetting about the hour and a half gay pride parade of a kids movie, I saw this gem pop up on Netflix. I was a little hesitant to watch it again, but my love for terrible 80's movies lead me to watching it late one night. I have to say, it wasn't too bad. The opening musical number was still atrocious, but after making it through the first five minutes, I started to remember why this movie was so awesome.

For a kids movie, the plot was pretty dark. I mean a selfish princess wants to take a diamond planet for herself even though it will bring the destruction of the universe and cut off light from every planet. Words like "death" and "kill" are thrown around like nothing and there are some gruesome looking monsters that battle our mini heroine. Not only this, but the show itself was dark. Despite Rainbow's sunny color pallatte and the color kid's bright designs, once in space, the movie is splashed with lots of dark blues, purples, and shades of black. I wonder how my mother allowed me to watch this as a child.

Dark things aside, this movie actually had some decent writing to it. Things happened for a reason instead of being just random action like many 80's cartoons suffered from. Plot holes (aside from that jerk of a talking horse) were pretty much absent. As for being made to sell toys, I have to say a cliche "as if". If they really wanted to sell toys the Color Kids would have tagged along for the ride, or at the very least the girls (selling dolls and what have you). Even Stormy and Tickled Pink were left behind. The movie centered around Rainbow and Krys.

The Verdict:
I have to say that this movie actually exceeded how I remembered it. At the time in my life that I originally viewed it, the movie was more of a time-waster while I waited for Sailor Moon to air so I could see if Prince Diamond's latest plan to capture Serena succeeded. Now, the movie has a much deeper meaning to me. Maybe its just one of those gay prerequisites. Who knows? All I know for sure is that this movie rocks. Don't agree? Then you, my friend, can suck it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Song of the Week - Army of Love

It's time to usher in the first of a few new segments, this one being a weekly installment. I am going to use this to showcase the music I love. Most of the tracks will be (hopefully) current, or at least a bit unknown. Anyway, enough with the explaining -- On to the track!

Kerli has come a long way from her first album. In place of the laid back gothic vibes are a new dance beat with rave elements sprinkled on. I was really impressed with the song and seeing as it is my current ear-worm, I decided to share the glory that is Kerli's newest single - Army of Love. The song was a bit of an inspiration for revamping this blog, so I found it quite appropirate to honor it in this way.

"Moonchildren... Prepare to take over the universe."

The video only adds to the awesomeness that is this song. Every image you get of her being the worlds cutest raver come to life on the screen. Don't believe me?

So there you go, Kerli. You have been awarded GaoSalad's very first Song of the Week award. Enjoy your moment in my two-person spot light.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is the last time I am going to attempt reviving my terrible blog, I promise. This time, however, I wiped the slate clean and I am starting anew. Many things in my life have changed since my last post and I don't wish to be identified as the same person. I am now an evil villain mastermind, and in case you haven't realized it by now the new name is a joke.

I often times find myself looking around on the internet with nothing to do. Facebook can only hold my attention for so long, and that is the only thing other than porn that the internet is good for, so I find myself coming back to this blog once again. I know not many people may read this now -- I dont expect many to in the future either -- but I really enjoy putting my thoughts and opinions out there so that some jerk can come along and send me hate mail (trust me, it works. I still get hater mail from my youtube subscribers). I came back to this blog hoping to pick back up and go right back into things, but as I was reading the most recent posts, I saw that things had changed drastically. I am not an avid Eurovision follower any more. I've become a gamer and a pop-music whore. I traded in the cheesy horror movies for terrible television shows. I have... evolved into a much more awesome person, and obviously the only place left for me to go is world domination.

I want to be more current with this blog now. To try and keep to this idea I am going to have some regular installments:

Episodic reviews: Although my holy grail of television - RuPaul's Drag Race - has ended for the year, there are still a few shows I watch regularly. I am not saying I will have a review up ten seconds after the show airs (I have a job, you know) but with devices like Hulu and Netflix I can review stuff fairly quickly.

RetroSalad: The name is pretty lame but so are you for reading this so shut up. I want to take a look back as shows I loved in the past and comment on how stupid they are now. Then again, who knows? Maybe I was as cool as I remember.

Song of the Week: Every Monday I want to post up my pick for song of the week. They may not always be new songs that have come out, but I hope to at least keep them recent. If not, they will have to be really kick ass.

Memetiem: I will post random meme crap I find hilarious on /b/. If you are easily offended just... leave.

So yeah. I have plans. Can I follow through? Ehh. We'll see.