Friday, May 31, 2013

Song of the Month - Cascada "Glorious"

Cascada has come a very long way. They've had ups and downs, they've had bit hits and huge misses, but I can honestly say they've stayed consistently good over the years. This single, made special by their representing an entire nation on one of the most watched TV shows across the pond, is no different. May's Song of the Month is "Glorious".

I don't know if this song was a response to some of the backlash on the internet they've received in the past. After hearing "all their songs sound alike", they have now come out with something that sounds strikingly different from what we've heard in the past. It still has the bumping bass and the racing synths, but it's laced with a different vibe -- a much more uplifting one.

This month was harder than ever to decide on a selection, but when it came down to it, I felt that this was the best selection. They may be well known, especially in Europe, but this single has gone largely ignored in the US. As a matter of fact, since their last single in the United States, "Evacuate The Dancefloor", they've had two more albums that haven't seen the light of day stateside.

While not exactly indie, they are somewhat of an anomaly here in the US, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. The song is good, the singer is gorgeous, and the timing is perfect. They may not have come even close to winning Eurovision, but they certainly won my heart. Here's to the fifth addition to this year's Song of the Year competition!

Grab the track on iTunes, and gear up for the second half of this year!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Indie Pop Artist Mykal Hoare Reveals Debut Video

It's been a bit since we last heard from Mykal Hoare. He released his first full EP a while back and has since gone back into the shadows to work on more musical goodness for us all. Today, he brought us his first ever music video for the track "Black Out". Let's take a look.

First of all, why didn't we get a video for "Heart Attack"? While "Black Out" is one of my favorite from the entire EP, but it wasn't the most polished of the lot. The song is very fun and upbeat, making it a great choice for a single, so why not make it a video?

The video is very artsy, showcasing Mykal in various different colored lenses singing to his song. Other scenes involve him fully clothed in a bathtub, submerging himself fully underwater. Towards the end of the video, he takes some pills, and ends up crawling around his bathroom floor. This  video was shot on a budget, but for an indie artist, it looks very well done. Being his first attempt, things can only look up for him in the future.

The EP is up on iTunes for purchase. Check out "Black Out" along with the rest of his tracks so far.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Manila Luzon Is Back With "One Night In Bangkok"

You know what I love the most about Manila Luzon? She doesn't quit. Many of the girls from Drag Race shine for a the year their season airs and them fade into a life of touring at your local clubs. Manila is different in that she is not going to let you forget her name. And by that I mean she's got a new song for us all. A cover of Murray Head's 80s hit "One Night In Bangkok".

Manila is breaking all kinds of boundaries this year, isn't she? First she is the first RPDR girl to break a million with an original tune, now she's the first RPDR girl to make a music video in 3D. Most of the video was apparently shot on a whim back in January. Let's assume that Manila is absolutely flawless 100% of the time if this is true.

Oh, Manila. What will you come up with next? This actually comes as a bit of a surprise to me, as Manila has released all original tracks up until this point.  This, however, is a cover of a song from a musical called "Chess" which released a concept album along with it, containing the original version of this track. Manila stays very faithful to the original 80s vibe of the track, as well as a lot of the visual concepts in the original video.

There wasn't a whole lot changed from the original track, the only notable portion being when she adlibs during some of the downtime for the verses. While the song is fun, I don't feel like it's really a Manila track. It feels a little more upbeat and less electronic than we are used to hearing from her, but seeing as she's only had three songs before, I guess it can be a bit unfair to say what is or isnt her style.

The video is pretty amusing, to say the least. Manila in boy mode is doing the majority of the verses, in a nightclub where he seems to be doing standup. Meanwhile, we get to see various styles of Indian themed dresses, including goddesses getups and hats that look like temples. There's your mandatory Manila cross-eyedness as well as a lot of funny faces and head shakings.

Though fun, it feels a bit underwhelming for her first new track of 2013. I can say, however, that this is definitely not the last we'll hear of her. She's got two more projects slated to premier in the coming weeks; one is a project with NYC's famous gay rapper Cazwell, and another is a song with Jinkx Monsoon, winner of season five. She's also featured in a new music video, which I will be bringing you more info on later this week!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Interview: Hyper Crush's Holly Valentine Tells All

It's not secret that every member of Hyper Crush is sexy as hell. Holly Valentine, the group's only lady, spins the whole "nerds are hot" bit back on women. Recently, she took time to speak with me about a few things including their major label experience, what it's like working with a panther as a costar, and she even reveals the names of some not-yet-announced material. That's right, bitches. They've got a new album coming our way.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kim Smith Is Back With New Track "Never Ever"

I will never get tired of Kim Smith. His first single had us all jamming, with a sexy video to go along with it. Now he's back without allowing the trail to cool one bit with a new track called "Never Ever" -- and don't worry. He's not threatening to never make another song again.

Kim has been slaving away over a hot mic for a long while now, working on his new album. His first single came out a few months back, and tested very well on the blogosphere. It looks like he didn't want to waste any more time in getting music out, thus he's sent out his second single "Never Ever." This is set to be the lead in single for his debut album to come shortly after.

"Never Ever" has a much more upbeat it's predecessor "Jealous". This go around, he's determined to get everyone up and dancing. I have to say that I am loving this turn of pace. While the first track was a great intro to show us what he can do (and how sexy he is!), this song really is giving us what we all certainly wanted. The single is also packed with some sick remixes. They make me cry. No, seriously.

The song is all about that one person who came along and changed his mind. He went from being a one night stand kind of person to falling in love. The title is a bit of a bait and switch, leading people initially to believe that the song is about never wanting to get back together. It's been done before, but most others have done so much less subtly.

I guess all I can say now is... Give me another video!

Grab it now on iTunes.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hyper Crush Side Project MVTH Has A New Video

Damn, that title is a mouthful. Basically, MVTH (which when printed on their merch seems to be a to be Delta in place of the V, making it look to be MATH) is a side project of Hyper Crush featuring only Donny and Preston. Why Holly isn't involved, the world may never know. Regardless, they've released their first video for the new single "F*ck".

The main difference between MVTH and Hyper Crush is that there are no vocals. Actually, that is pretty much the only difference. I am betting if they'd had some rapping and singing laid down on top of this beat, it could have passed easily for a HC song. The production values are the same, and the masterminds are present as well. I guess they just wanted another creative outlet for their music.

As far as the video goes, it feels close to a Hyper Crush video, too. I don't mean that because we are seeing Preston and Donny doing their thing, but because many elements of the recent HC videos have leaked over into this release. They are still armed with their hardcore shotguns and they seem to only be able to move in slow motion, much like in the video for "Visions of Coleco." What is different is that this video drops much of the sex appeal, and gives everyone just plain badassery.

"F*ck" doesn't have a clear plot. There are a lot of news clips and flashing imagery spliced into the footage, creating a sense of urgency. Most of the video, the duo is beating the crap out of something, but we never really get a clear shot as to what. For the rest of the time, they are riding around, watching their backs, armed with all sorts of guns. The way it was shot, using a sort of found-footage approach, makes it feel a lot like the Blair Witch movies.

It may not be the best video ever, but the song is catchy, and I love seeing Preston. I'm sure you know this by now.

The track is up on Beatport. Grab it now!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The New Futures Release Debut Video

Remember that band I was talking about a few weeks ago, The New Futures? Remember how I said they were fools for hiding behind that cover photo for their single "Sunshine"? Well they've stepped out into the light (really, no pun intended) and they are showing just how attractive they are. Ok, so they are actually just doing a music video, but I'm allowed to spin anything any way I want.

Seriously, though. Look at the lead singer, Sam. He's pretty attractive, I can't lie. They are all easy on the eyes, which layers on top of them being talented already. I'v already touched on what a breath of fresh air this track is, so let's move right on to look at the video itself, shall we?

Unlike many videos of today, especially for the rock genre, this video follows a story line. For the first half of the video, the lead singer is being interrogated in a dark room. They quickly reveal that he and the rest of the band had stolen some rare jewels, and he was the only one caught. They call in the big guns, which happen to be a sexy lady, to try and get the confession out of him SVU style. Eventually he's rescued, but he can't get the girl out of his head. He does what any rational jewel theif would do -- kill all of his friends and go off with the girl.

Yeah. That happened. While a bit illogical, it does make for a nice twist ending. The fact that he killed off the rest of the band was pretty ballsy in itself, even if it was just for a fictionalized story line. Band dynamics are a common problem in the music industry, so it could be a good thing that they are able to take a joke like this, and prove it to their fans early on. I guess it's kind of a promise of endurance. Or maybe it was just for the laughs. Who knows?

The track is up on iTunes if you dig it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adam & Angelina's "Serendipity" Video Is Finally Here!

All I can say is it's about time! The single has been out since December of 2012, so this video has been long overdue. We finally have it, and I can honestly say I am feeling pretty good about the end result. They had been trying to keep it under wraps (although a few reports saw them in Times Square and leaked a bit of news), and now we finally get to see this "surprise ending" they've been teasing us all about.

Ok, so it wasn't that shocking. The video builds up the entire time letting the audience think that Angelina and Adam are on their way to get married to each other, when in reality they are actually having a double gay wedding. This was a definite response to the extreme negativity received from her anti gay marriage speech during a viral video. The man she was debating with, Adam Barta, is her co-star for this song. Despite this being a bit of damage control, it comes off feeling a bit more sincere than I had expected it to.

What wasn't sincere is the infamous kiss. The reports on this video that predate it's release made things sound hot and sizzling between Angelina and her "wife". While Adam (who is openly gay) had no problem making out with his on screen love interest, Angelina (who is openly not gay) had a tougher time. She barley gave that girl a peck. She's not your grandma, Angie. In fact, she's way hotter. Give her that kiss she deserves.

Little jabs aside, the video is a nice move in the right direction. I wish I could see homosexual rights pushed to the forefront of media more often. Too often gay artists either clutter their videos with hot mancandy or just ignore the topic all together. This is a refreshing feeling to see two people coming together to speak out for gay rights, and show that it's not just a battle for homosexuals, but their friends and families, too. The video gives off an overwhelming sense of positivity and warmth.

The song itself is still a hot item. Pick up your copy on iTunes today.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tan Mom Has A New Song And Video... Sort Of

You are not misreading this. This is a post about Tan Mom. You know I usually don't buy into the tabloid trash, but she's making music. I mean, it's not great music, but it is pretty catchy. Ok, people, you've really got to stop judging me. Yes you there. Just watch this and LEAVE TAN MOM ALONE!

Don't be fooled by the first few lines of the song. "It's Tan Mom, bitch" is pretty much the only part of the song she remembers throughout the entire video. That's actually the part that astounds me. It is her voice singing, but for some reason on the video she doesn't even try to lip sync along with herself. Instead we just see her stumbling around, failing at doing the robot, and being the sun.

Yes, she is the freaking sun. It is pretty obvious that this video was meant to be a trainwreck and to be funny, and it is extremely successful at both of these things. If you pay attention to the lyrics (brought to life hysterically in the video, I might add), she is actually mocking the other non-celebrities such as Octomom and the girls from Teen Mom and their universally panned "music". I guess she gets points for that.

What she doesn't get points for is not remembering her own lyrics. I know I already harped on this, but really? Towards the end of the video, Adam Barta, one of the behind the scenes people turned video ho, actually lip syncs the words for her. The video also stars a hot guy in a speedo and Sailor Moon.

What makes this song so fun is that it never set out to be amazing. Quite possibly they could have set out to make a bad song on purpose to capitalize on all the others out there doing the same thing but taking it far more seriously. Patricia may not be the smartest of the famous-for-no-reason celebrities, but she hast he right team behind her. Unfortunately it doesn't look like much of the internet really "gets" it. Luckily you have me. Or I could be wrong and they are just batshit crazy. Who cares?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

RuPaul and Lady Bunny Want You To Lick It

Along the same vein of music as his last single "Peanut Butter", this song "Lick It Lollipop" has people wondering what the hell just happened. And just like the last one, there's an equally insane video to go along with it. Don't believe me? Well first of all it's freaking RuPaul. And second of all, why would you ever doubt me? Just check it out below.

So the main draw of this video is definitely Miles Davis Moody. That is one hot man. He appears throughout the video, actually he is most of the video. Also, he wears very little clothing. I spent most of the video wondering where I'd seen him before. Well, it seems like the drag ladies of TV share video hoes, because this boy was the guy getting stalked by DWV in "Boy Is A Bottom".

As for the main stars, they both look flawless, but then again, when do they not? Not a lot happens in the video aside for the eye candy. I did find it a bit amusing that the two of them appear in caftans, after they gave Honey so much hell for wearing them week after week. I guess it really is the year of the caftan. Soak it up, Ms. Mahogany. Make them eat it. And dont be afraid to make them gag.

The song runs in the same musical spectrum as "Peanut Butter" but feels a bit less memorable. By that I mean that it has that same electro-rap-pop-insane vibe to it, but due to it having a weaker beat and less quotable lyrics, it falls flat. The most memorable part of the whole ordeal would have to be the chorus, which boils down to "Lollipop. Lollipop. I'll let you lick it." At least Lady Bunny sneaks in a few laughs under the radar.

The track is up on iTunes. Grab it now, or be forced to sashay away.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Help Young London Release Their New EP

Kickstarter has done some amazing things, and for that reason it has become increasingly common. Many bands, artists, and creative minds have been given amazing opportunities by this program, and it's incentive program gives the fans a reason beyond just loyalty to support their faves. I guess that is why one of my faves, Young London, has decided to jump on the bandwagon -- and let me tell you why you should back them.

First and foremost, you should help out Matt and Sarah because they are amazing. Their debut single landed them a UCA back in 2011 and the album landed them a nomination for a Boston Music Award. They have been recording like crazy and releasing singles left and right for their new EP "Instincts". They need a bit of help, but don't worry, they are already well on their way to getting their goal.

If you choose to support them in this venture, you not only get the comfort of knowing that amazing pop music making will continue, but also a few earthly possessions. You can get a signed physical copy, a shirt, or even your own concert if you are willing to donate enough. So 3,500 dollars may be a little steep for your own concert, but it's the thought that counts, right? In all seriousness every little bit counts, especially if you are a fan of their music.

As far as what will be on the new EP, things are up in the air. The video seemed to allude that a track called "Infinite Love" will be featured, complete with it's own cover art. There has been no word if "Broken" or "Call My Name (Tonight)" will be featured on this release or not. Also, they didn't mention much as far as what else we would be hearing other than that it would all be of the new vibe for the group.

What can be said about this is that they are announced as being on the entire run of this year's Warped Tour, which is an impressive feat. They also want to spin a music video from this Kickstarter, as well as some international touring to visit their fans abroad. If only I could get them to hit up a club in St. Louis!

Ok, enough of my soap box plea. I know this is getting a bit ridiculous, but I love this group, and I love what they do. This site has helped literally hundreds of people achieve their goals, and I think this could be YL's chance to move forward. Independent music is expensive, and this is a group that deserves the extra push.

Hit up the site, check out the rewards, and donate!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dina Delicious Stuns With New Song

I may have missed out on Dina Delicious's debut sexy track "Bubble Wrap", but I will not be missing this hot piece of musical action. This time around, it may not be an original track, but it's just as catchy, and breathes new life into a classic 80s track. "Two Of Hearts" has new life in Dina, and she's ready to shine with it.

It's rare that I do covers as a part of TOTU -- especially after I disbanded my recurring segment about covers specifically -- but I really like this artist, and her new spin on the song is so pleasing to the ears that I can't pass it up. "Two Of Hearts" was originally recorded by the one and only Stacey Q, the epitome of 80s pop. Dina has chosen this song to rise out of the ashes and make it her own.

Others have covered the song before, hell even Kelly Osbourne gave it a go, but I find her version to be the most refreshing. By this I mean that it keeps the core feeling of being an 80s track, but updating it to what it would sound like today. It features heavy industrial and dub step influences, as well as modern day electro-pop while still managing to have the core feeling of being from another time. This is why, if nothing else, she deserves to be commended.

The release of this track is not going unnoticed, either. Due to this song being a huge deal compounded on top of the fact that her last single was insane, she has already been confirmed for several big gigs. This diva will be performing at both Queens Pride on June 2nd and NYC Pridefest on June 30th. Now if only I lived in New York. Oh well. Be sure to give the midwest some love after you explode into stardom, dear. Oh, and don't forget we need a hot video for this one!

The track is up on iTunes for your grabbing. It comes paired with a sick remix by Richie Beretta for extra 80s deliciousness. Pun intended. Definitely.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drag Race Season Five Cast-Off Roundup Part Final

I find it so weird that it's Tuesday and I'm not reviewing Drag Race, so in it's place, in one last desperate attempt to fill the RPDR-less void, I am doing the final piece of the Cast-Off Roundup. Here yet again, we will see what I thought of the girls pre-show to what I think of them now. The top three are definitely some shocking ladies, so it should be a fun romp.

First up, Roxxxy Andrews.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cascada's New Song To Be In Eurovision Song Contest

Ok, ok. So I know I'm REALLY late on this one, but in my defense, most of the time the artists who are involved with the Eurovision Song Contest rarely release music outside of Europe. It's a bit of a different story when it's a huge group like Cascada taking a shot at the title. I still take a run through the contestants every year, but I never had an excuse to feature one -- until now. Check out the amazing new song by Cascada called "Glorious".

First off can we talk for a moment about how beautiful Natalie looks? I mean she's been in the public eye for ten years now, and she seems to only get more beautiful with time. So far only the rehersal video has been released, but if she keeps up even half of the poise she had for the dress rundown, she should be a shining star on the ESC stage.

Moving on, the song is incredibly catchy. It definitely has that Eurovision flavor to it, meaning that it's an extremely polished pop song, but lingers in the more middle-of-the-road spectrum. It doesn't take as many risks or involve as much true dance and club factors as Cascada's previous songs, probably because they are serious about winning. That's the thing. The rules for the contest are very strict in some areas, such as singing live only and having no political messages in the lyrics, while other things like not having to even be from the country they represent (I mean Celine Dion was definitely from Canada) and they don't have to be new acts. In recent memory, there haven't been a lot of already internationally acclaimed groups in the contest, so we will have to wait and see if this helps or hinders them.

What I can say is that this song, while maybe not feeling like a totally Cascada-esque song, really is a sold pop track. The winners of the contest in the past have all been wide-reaching pop songs, and that is exactly what they are giving us. The competition this year is pretty tough, and being one of the big four really doesn't help them too much (if you follow the contest, you know what I mean), but perhaps with such a well liked band on their side, Germany can secure another win.  There are a couple of previous winners competing again this year, but as we've learned in the past, that doesn't really mean much.

Grab the song on iTunes and if you're one of my European readers out there, vote for Germany in the finals!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Detox Tells Us About Her Sillicone With New Song

She gets me every time. I always say "Oh, I'm just going to ignore this new Willam release." But then I actually take a look at it, and I realize how genius it really is. I mean, I am obligated to bring you all the best of the best, and Willam is the best. Oh and Detox and Vicky are pretty amazing as well.

Yes, that is a parody of Robyn you are listening to. "Dancing On My Own" is actually one of my favorite tracks by her, which was the main driving force behind this post. Well, I can't exactly say this is exactly the truth. Detox quickly became my favorite of the latest season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Unlike the previous Willam/Detox/Vicky (penned DWV for this video), Detox takes the lead over Willam, giving the fourth place diva the spotlight.

This track is pretty hilarious to say the least. It addresses the over-hyped statements made on the show itself. On one of the early episodes, Detox went through a lengthy list of procedures she had gone through with. "Silicone" talks about her going through a fictional botched procedure.

The video is a bit tame compared to things we've seen from DWV in the past. The video only consists of two looks for each girl -- one in a warehouse and the others walking down a street sidewalk -- both of which show the girls in a positive light. Vicky certainly steals ever scene she's in with her over the top comedy. I have to say that if Vicky isn't in the next season of Drag Race I am quitting everything.

No seriously. Everything.

Buy the track on iTunes so that Willam won't hate me.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Interview: Andrew W.K. Is Gonna Party In St. Louis

That's right. Andrew W.K. is coming to town. Well, he's coming to my town. And probably your's too! But more importantly he's coming to mine. So I hit shot him an email and wouldn't you know? He agreed to do an interview with me. Looks like Mr. W.K. knows a bit about my city, and he's ready to share some insightful moments with my readers and I. Are you ready to party?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Album Review - Colette Carr "Skitszo Part Four"

It's finally here. The last (sort of) part of the epic Skitszo is among us. This journey has been stretched out over half a year, and it has been a trying ordeal. I mean by that each part has left me so hungry for more, and with the cCarr team's lips zipped shut, we didn't know what to expect. Well thankfully part four is out now, and it has four more songs that are begging to be listened to. Let's take a look, shall we?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Album Review - Osvaldo Supino "Exposed"

Osvaldo has popped up on the TOTU radar in the past, more specifically with his last single "I Have A Name", the premier track off of his debut full album "Exposed". This intense pop adventure has finally been released worldwide, and you'd better believe I'm all over this one. Let's take a look at this prime example of indie pop.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap - Reunion (Season Five)

So I have decided that since this isn't a "real" episode, I won't make a big to-do about it this week. What will you get with this review, then? A few laughs maybe, some shade, and of course my thoughts on the winner of the fifth season of the best show on television. So why not give this a read? I mean, if you wanna be really terrible, I guess you can skip it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jadin Recks Remains Diligent With New Track

Jadin Recks may sound like a new artist, but actually he's been on Taking Over The Universe before. Don't remember him? Well this story may refresh your memory. Yup. His old handle was Silveradio, but now that he's signed to a label, he's made out with a new name. Check out his new single "Diligence".

That's right, you heard me right. Jadin Recks has been picked up by a label. Actually, he was signed with two. DJ labels Dangerbox Recordings and Amped Digital Recordings snatched him up, the former of the driving force behind his latest single. He has released another single with Dangerbox and a remix for Amped, with a few more projects to come in the future.

"Diligence" may be under a new name, but it is exactly what we've come to know and love from him. If anything, this song is a little more low key than his previous releases. What I can say about his release in favor of it, though, is that it shows a clear step forward in both quality and style. I guess now that he is signed, he is making every release a clear improvement over the last one.

I know that straight up DJ tracks aren't common on TOTU, but I mean 'cmon. He designed our logo, and he's been a big supporter from day one. Oh, and the track is pretty damn catchy, too. As of now, it's an exclusive on Beatport. Preview it. Buy it. Love it.

UPDATE: The track is now up on iTunes. Eat it up, children.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Manila Luzon's "Hot Couture" Hits One Million

Seriously, how is this not huge news? I mean people made a huge deal about Juju passing up Ru herself in Facebook fans, but nobody's gonna congratulate one of the first Drag Race ladies to reach one million hits on YouTube? For shame. Well here at Taking Over The Universe, we NEVER forget our favorite (and not just favorite runner up, either), Manila Luzon!

You know what I really like about this video? It's all about Manila. It's not about the hot backup dancers. It's not about the cameos (remember, at the time we only knew Jiggly's name, not how she was going to be portrayed on the show). It's not about Drag Race. It's just about Manila and how fabulous she is. I think that might be what boosted this video to such heights in just over a year. You can also attribute the fact that this video is of AMAZING quality, and I did a pretty dope review of it, too.

Ok, so Willam has beaten her three times over, but when you divide that by three (for Detox of season five and Vickie who is obviously top pick for season six) it sort of evens out. Don't let that deter you from seeing how big of a deal this is. Just consider how many girls from the show are making music. As seen in last week's recap episode, there are literally too many to name. Then again, maybe I'm just a huge fan of hers. This is her best track so far, but I'd be willing to bet she isn't gonna stop any time soon. Three singles in one year is impressive, nonetheless.

As always, you can snag this track on iTunes to help support our queen even more. Oh, and tip a bitch.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The New Futures Release Debut Single

I guess I'll lay off the punny name titles for a little bit and keep this straight to the biznass. Well this new group  The New Futures, is straight out of Seattle, and since Jinkx Monsoon is from there, it's now relevant. Let's talk about "Sunshine."

First off let me say that is album cover is bull. These guy's aren't too bad lookin' (actually they are kind of cute. No homo -- also it is an occupational hazard for artists to come on this site and get hit on, so they should understand), and yet they got an old 50s radio on the cover instead. I guess it's artistic, but I wish they'd been on their own cover debut. Then there's the bit where we have to deal with the irony of them being from Seattle with a single called "Sunshine". Anyway, this is about the song itself, not the minor things, right?

"Sunshine" is a very grunge fueled rock explosion. It is a huge throwback to the mid 90s mix of grunge and rock with a little bit of pop sprinkled on for good measure. After looking at the actual context of the song, being that he has that one girl who is his sunshine despite him being "dark and cold", the title isn't all that ironic.

The band is lead by blonde and adorable Sammy J. I'm sure he appreciates that comment. Anyway, the rest of the members Gustavo Carmo on guitar, Chip Reno with the bass, and Robert Ray Baker Jr. bashing on the drums deserve some love, too, as the single illustrates that all four of these guys have some amazing talent. The 2000s were all about bringing back the 80s, but so far the 2010s have seemed to be all about the 90s vibes, so The New Futures should fit right in, and catch some major attention doing it.

Be sure to stop by iTunes to preview and buy their new song!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mika And Ariana Know About Popular

It is a very rare and strange thing to see something as shady as removing a featured artist from album version to single version. It is in an entire other spectrum entirely to not only remove them in the new incarnation, but replace them as well. Although no statement has been made, the original singer for Mika's new single "Popular Song" Priscilla Renea has been taken out of it's newly revamped state and replaced with Victorious's Ariana Grande. Also there's this video.

Isn't this video super cute?

But we'll get to that in a second. While the action of replacing the little known featured artists with a currently huge mega TV star is pretty shady, I have to say that this song is much more appealing now. When I reviewed the album, this song didn't stand out in any way, making the simple mention of it being a single startle me. For it's own good, it has been redone, made more upbeat, and had all those awkward curse words taken out (I mean who wants to hear someone as adorable as Mika say bitch?).

The video itself is just the icing on top of the cake. The majority of the video has Mika and Ariana hatching out a plan to destroy the kids that tortured them in school. Basic enough right? Both of them have great costumes and makeup, to make their ever-so-appealing faces even cuter. The bits with the two staring blankly into the screen while mixing their potions has to be my favorite part of the entire bit.

The only down side is that the video seems a bit too dark in it's direction. I don't mean dark as in content, but instead art style. It looks like the director was trying to go for a Tim Burton theme, but didn't quite get to it's mark. The song is fun and upbeat, but the video is devoid of color, which makes it feel a little awkward on the first viewing.

So when it comes down to it, they did what they had to do to make the song better. Could they have gotten the same results by still including Priscilla? Probably. Would the video be well on it's way to a million views in just three days without Ariana? Probably not.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Drag Race Season Five Cast-Off Roundup Part Three

Once again, there is no new episode... well there was, but they didn't feature me on the fan section so I won't be reviewing it.... well they did feature Isis and Coco, two queens I absolutely love... You know what? Ain't nobody got time for that.  Instead, I offer up another installment of the Cast-Off Roundup, wherein I compare my first impressions of the girls from their initial cast interviews to how they actually did on the show. Let's go through the list of undeserving sashays, shall we?

Let's start with the queen of all queens, Alyssa Edwards.

"The one everyone is calling a Teresa look alike from Real Housewives of Jersey Shore, and I can see why, Alyssa impresses with her looks from the get-go. Let's hope she's a whole lot less crazy than Theresa. This girl may look like a Jersey girl, but she's straight out of Texas. She spends most of her time talking about her family, making her interview a bit boring to most people. Hey, at least she looks fierce doing so."