Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fifth Harmony (Finally) Lets Info Slip On New Album

Now let me tell you. If they hadn't just released a single, I would start to think that "Reflection" was just a hoax. These girls have pushed back this album twice already, and we haven't gotten so much as a tracklisting. Really, all we have to go on are the singles, the free iTunes track, and the cover art (which looks pretty meh in my opinion). BUT NO MORE! Thanks to PopCrush, we have much more info straight from the girls' mouths.

Once again, my gurl Camila takes the lead and is one to explain all about the new single "Sledgehammer". To be honest, I really didn't care much for the single, especially compared to "BO$$", but it is still a very polished and strong track, so I can see why they would put it out. We got the video earlier this week, and it made up for some of my initial dislike for the song, but from what I've heard form the live performances, there will be better tracks.

And according to the girls themselves, there are more gems in store for us fans. First off, there is a track with a "big feature", and another that samples Tupac. Damn, girls. We also got a few song titles such as "Reflection" (duh), "Going Nowhere", and "You Know". We also learned that the song is full of "throw backs" and "jams".

Tacked onto the end of the video is a question about how they decide who sings lead. Well obviously they just throw Camila in there! But in reality, as much as I love her and love her singing voice, I hope that some of the other girls get their time in the spotlight on the upcoming album.

To recap, all we know about the album so far is that it has been rescheduled for January 27th, 2015 and that it's a total jam. This was well worth your time, wasn't it?

Preorder the album on iTunes now and get both the singles ("BO$$" and "Sledgehammer") as well as an album-only song called "Them Girls Be Like".

Friday, November 28, 2014

Ms Trez Release New Single "Easy"

Ms Trez is an all girl trio singing group out of Sweden, AKA the home of the most talented people ever. So many groups pop up from Sweden, and yet they don't get the recognition they deserve. No more! I hereby pledge to tell you about this new song. I pledge to inform you about "Easy".

After first popping onto my radar with their song "Beat's Our Guide", I had been keeping my eye on them. They had released an EP, but this is their first new venture since supporting that. Here, we get a different, more R&B feel. Oddly enough it feels really natural for the girls. Lorena, Marlene, and Mira all make their voices heard calling for some great harmonies.

The song is actually not about what you might think. Instead of being about being easy, they are talking about being not easy at all. By this, I mean they are saying that sure, they will fall in love, but they have to be sustained after that to keep their heads in the relationship. While it's not the most positive message out there, I guess it has it's ways of staying relevant.

Ms Trez is making a name for themselves slowly both in their home country and abroad. Girl groups have come and gone without leaving much of a mark in the past, but with strong beats and tight vocals, a group like Ms Trez can really go somewhere. Here's to hoping these three ladies make it to the states and are very successful.

Grab the track on iTunes now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 2 [Review]

Oh my GOD I forgot how much I loved this installment of the Real Housewives franchise. Unlike some of the other series, they really start in with the drama and the comedy from the beginning. The first episode was a bit relaxed, but now we are full swing and I'm back to loving this show again. Welcome back, Kim Richards. We missed the real you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kwanza Jones Makes Billboard Charts (Again) And Drops Hot New Video

If you don't know by now that I am madly in love with everything Kwanza Jones does, then you haven't been paying much attention to this site. For those who need a catch up, Kwanza is a singer-songwriter turned EDM goddess. She dropped her debut album "SUPERCHARGED" in February of last year, and has been going strong ever since. Now she's amping up her new single "Turn It Up" and it's already splashing it's way onto the Billboard Charts!

Although when first listening to "SUPERCHARGED" I didn't see "Turn It Up" as a single track, it actually worked out very nicely. It has that kind of club energy that you'd come to expect from Kwanza over the past few years, and it's video has that same high quality that is a regular from this artist.

Speaking of the video, I like it for some surprising reasons, the main being that we get to see a softer looking side of Kwanza. By this I mean in most of her video's she's got crazy outfits, hair, and makeup to fit the vibe of her song. This time, she's wearing softer makeup and in most of the video toned-down outfits showing a more "normal" side to the pop diva. Also, she continues her tradition of having ridiculously hot guys as backup dancers.

And that's another amazing thing about this work. The dancing is so tight and spot on, and most of it is done on stairs. I can't think of too many music videos that have entire choreographed stair dances. That must have been a hassle to get together and to practice beforehand. This alone deserves recognition.

"Turn It Up" did make it onto the Billboard charts last week. It came in at a kind of low number, 47 on the Dance Charts, but it also hasn't been supported for long, which means in the coming weeks, I can see it climbing far beyond that. This isn't Kwanza's first time at this rodeo either. She has had five other songs chart in the past, so she knows what she's doing. I'm sure this track will only help her career and her Billboard presence.

You can get the song on iTunes today.

Monday, November 24, 2014

RuPaul's Drag Race Season Seven Cast To Be Announced Dec. 7

It's official. Logo has snuck a lot of ads for this, but they aren't really making a big deal out of it. Actually, if it wasn't for fellow drag blog Dragaholic, I would have never noticed. But it is for real. The long anticipated announcement of the season seven cast for RuPaul's Drag Race will be made in just two short weeks.

There have been so many names swirling around for the supposed cast list, from full names of people confident they've got it right to the "hey, this queen has been M.I.A. for the past few months", but only Ru and the production crew really know who's who, and none of them are talking. At least it looks like we won't have to wait too long to find out, though.

They actually have a whole amazing line up for Dec 7th.

7:30p - RuPaul's Drag Race: 15 Fan Favorites of All Time
8:00p - NewNowNext Awards
9:00p - Season Seven Cast Ruvealed

I for one am excited to see who's made it on the cast. I've kept my eye out and noticed a few people popping up at certain events and others that went missing from tour dates. Now in reality this means nothing, but it would be interesting to see if some of the queens I really enjoy have made the cast. Only time will tell, and in the weeks approaching the announcement, I'm sure the hype will only increase.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Conchita Wurst Shows Us What A Hero Looks Like

Conchita Wurst took the world by storm this year, being one of the most shocking Eurovision Song Contest winners in history. Why was it such a big deal? Well she was not only a drag queen, but in the bearded lady category of drag. But don't go thinking she looks a hot mess. Conchita is one of the most beautiful drag queens on the scene, and she's got a voice worthy of the ESC crown.

I am madly in love with this song. It is a slower ballad, but it's filled with so much energy and emotion that it could easily compete with radio rockers today. I love Conchita's voice, and her ability to belt out notes at the top of her lungs and still sound feminine and beautiful. It's clear there's a reason why she won her title this year.

The video is a bit of a shocker. She's abandoned the non-political stance of ESC. The song is all about equal love and respect, and it is personified by having people who represent the countries in the Austria, the most notable being Putin from Russia. But being political doesn't mean that it has a bad message. It is actually about peace throughout Eastern Europe, especially with all the violence and threats that run rampant in that area these days.

Political motives aside, the video is visually stunning as well. It has been a very long time since I have called a video shot in black and white beautiful. It relies more on Conchita's striking eyes and flawless apparel than flashy colors and crazy props.

You can grab the track on iTunes now and support her in her journey forward.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sorry I Missed It - Kelly Mantle's "Eliminated" Video

I'll be totally honest with you. When the season was originally airing, I had no idea how big of a deal Kelly Mantle was. I thought she was far, FAR from the worst that season had to offer, but the odds weren't in her favor. Apparently she was a fan favorite before the show started, and it caused a big shock when she went home. Shows how detached I am from the RPDR community. Anyway, earlier this year she released a video and song about her experience -- and it's pretty good!

The entire song is about how Kelly was eliminated on day one. She starts in quick going through all the judges, reading them from top to bottom with Santino getting the most shade. So much happens in the four minutes that this video takes, including a lot of name drops (Kevin Bacon) and her Downton Abbey dress (more bacon!). The beat is hot and the quality is above par as far as RPDR tracks go.

I was really surprised to see Wendy Ho's name attached to the song. Bitches know I love me some Wendy. She serves as the hook ho here, and rightfully so because it's in her name. The rapping is done by Bownce. This is my first experience with him, but he did a very good job, and his rap actually fit within the context of the song, adding to the track instead of taking away or distracting. Tammie Brown pops up in the video, standing in for Wendy who tragically is not present during the video shoot.

This song was really cute and I wish I had noticed it back when. When contestants release stuff during the show, I often don't see them due to the extreme coverage of the show itself, but now that I've had the time to step back and look around, I can see that I missed one of the best songs to pop up from season six (No shade Adore!). It's fun. It's light. It's relevant.

"Don't you know who I think I am?"

That right there is my new catchphrase.

Be sure and check out the song on iTunes.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moses Universe Unveiles New Video "My Prediction"

Moses Universe (Formerly simply Moses) has finally unleashed his new single and video. Trailing long after his debut with "I'm Your Man" featuring pop trio-turned-duo XELLE, this single has revived hope in the LGBT (? -- we'll get to that in a second) music scene that Moses will continue on his musical journey. For now, let's check out "My Prediction".

The track itself starts off a bit rocky. I'm not sure that Moses really had that whole sexy talk-singing thing that's been so popular lately down. It came across a bit awkward, but thankfully it doesn't really last long as we move into what he is best at, which is singing. The vocals are very strong here despite the often unneeded audio effects to make him computerized.

Given that he was working with Zach Adam, the quality was no surprise. Everything that producer touches sounds amazing, and this is no exception. The video seemed a bit lacking from what we are used to from Zach's crew, and especially given how dramatic the video for "I'm Your Man" was. It features a lot of static shots against black backgrounds with some questionable wardrobe choices.

Where things get really confusing is where Moses lies in the spectrum. I mean, I'm not one to try and forcefully out anyone or even question someone's sexuality, but in the beginning he was presented as an LGBT singer, which usually panders to the "gay" side more than the "bisexual" side. The song and video for this track really push towards him having a female for a love interest. And to confuse things even more, he's partying it up with gay night life icons, the most notable being trans superstar Amanda Lepore. Again, not really judging, just confused.

The song is a great jam. I wish the beginning was different, but it still fits within the context and feel of the song, so I wouldn't say it's something that would turn people off. Moses Universe sounds amazing as usual, and Zach Adam really turned it out. Moses is still promising us a ten album track, but seeing as he has been for quite some time now, I wouldn't really hold your breath just yet.

Go ahead and hop on over to iTunes and pick it up.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Real Hosuewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 01 [Review]

Look at me, actually following through on a promise to review a show for once! This show is very near and dear to me, and I've grown to love each of the girls over the course of the past four years, so this seemed like the most logical next step. I am a human being, and I obviously will be biased on some occasions, but I hope that won't deter you from reading. Without any further ramblings, let's get started on season five, episode one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Contest Alert! Rukkus Is Going To Pay For Your Concert Tickets!

That's right! A site I've been working with and purchasing through, is holding a new contest to give away 200 USD in concert tickets! The money can be spent on any concert listed on the site, and entering is simple and interactive.

Get details here.
 No longer will you have to miss out on your favorite concerts just because you can't afford the tickets -- and believe me, some artists charge a hefty price to see them perform. There is nothing that beats seeing your favorite artist live, and it's never been easier than this here.

There two ways to enter, and both of them count as separate entries (meaning your name is in the pot twice!).

To get your first entry simply email with a short four sentence poem about your live music experience. Get creative. Never been to a live show? Tell us about your dream show!

To get your second entry, tweet “I just entered to win $200 in concert tickets from #jointherukkus”. It's really that easy.

Just a couple minutes of your life could land you the best night of your life (or nights, depending on how far you can make that 200 stretch).

We here at TOTU are planning to implement more contests and giveaways in the future. If you would like to see more of this type of event, let us know on our official Facebook page, or via twitter @GaoSalad.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Spray Is Back With Catchy Tune And Video 'Manga Eyes'

For those of you who haven't heard of them, Spray is one of those bands that pops up once a year or so with a new solid track and then vanishes to return to their normal lives. Jenny and Ricardo, who make up this synth duo, have been together for years, but have been known to release things at their own pace and not follow any sort of strict deadline. I guess that means now they were good and ready to release "Manga Eyes", and fans and newcomers alike have thanked them for it.

Unlike most of Spray's other tracks, this one really reminds me of the golden age of indie synth pop. It takes me back to the early 2000s with groups like Freezepop making their way online and discovering new fans. This retro feel is amazing, and works in the bands favor quite well. It's quite a bit slower than the other singles they've released in the past, sounding nothing like "Sparks" or "Muppets".

The only thing that really turns me off to the track is the pronunciation of "manga", as they went with the popular yet incorrect way of saying it "Mayn-ga" instead of the correct "Mahn-ga", but that's just me nitpicking.

This is a great return for Spary, who the last time I had talked to them, admitted that they weren't the best at promoting their music. But this time they look to be on top of things with all sorts of ways you can grab the song, including iTunes and BandCamp, both of which include an uptempo techno version of the track to satisfy their normal listeners.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Exclusive Interview - Josephine "Banig" Roberto Brings Filipino Cultrue To American Music

For those of you who don't know her, Josephine Roberto, known internationally as Banig, was one of the youngest people to win the International Star Search 1989 when she was only ten years old. Throughout the following year she went on a tour of talk shows and concerts. Recently, she's been making a comeback with two full albums under her belt, and a new single and video out for the masses. Recently she sat down with me to talk about her career, and what the future holds.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Former 'Cake Boss' Cast Member Tone-Tone Eyed For Show Takeover?

It's no secret that 'Cake Boss' is currently in a state of dismay. Following the Honey Boo Boo scandal last month, TLC has found itself in a new jam. Buddy, the show's leading man, found himself arrested this week for drunk driving. This stunt may land another TLC staple in the garbage, but one blogger has an idea that could salvage the show, and point it in a new and interesting direction. Enter: Tone-Tone.

Tony "Tone-Tone" Albanese was a cast member of the original season of 'Cake Boss'. He worked with the family at the bakery for a while before leaving the show to start up his own business, The Pastryarch. Since his time on TLC he has made a name for himself on shows such as Cupcake Wars, and creating works of edible art for major stars like Madonna.

Earlier this week, an anonymous blogger on the site has come up with a creative solution to put Tone Tone in Buddy's spot to shift some of the negativity away from the franchise. The article also contains a mention of the public post Tony made on the situation, calling out the so called "fake wholesome family guy" persona the network had set up.

Do I think that they will cast Tony in place of Buddy? No, sadly I don't. But if the show is canceled or put on indefinite hiatus, it would be a great way for the show to fill our cake-less void by giving Tone Tone his own show. And the reality star has New York celebrities and icons amping up the idea, such as long time supporter Adam Barta.

As of the posting of this article, nothing has been said officially from TLC on either the topic of Tony Albanese or the state of the show. I will update with more info as it becomes available.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Marina and the Diamonds Confirm New Album + Release Date

Marina and the Diamonds is officially back! I love her style, and I've been digging "Froot" since it dropped on SoundCloud some weeks ago. Apparently this is the title track for her new album, and it's already up for preorder despite being quite a few months away. But there is a method to the madness -- and it's one hell of an awesome method.

So the album has been put up for preorder online already, with a release date of April 6, 2015 (and for only 8 dollars if you go through iTunes!). This is unusual in a number of ways, the first being that it's set for so far off, yet it's already up for preorder. The reason for this, apparently, is that if you preorder it now, you'll get a new track every month leading up til the release. She calls them different "Froots", so it is unclear if this means remixes of the single or new songs.

The other way it is immediately unusual is that it already has all the tracks up and listed. Most often times when an album is put up for preorder, we only get "Track 1", "Track 2", "Current Single", "Track 4", etc. With this, she was upfront with the entire process, giving us track names (and lengths for several tracks) to keep us interested. The tracklisting is as such:

Happy (4:03)
Froot (5:31)
I'm A Ruin (4:32)
Forget (4:09)
Gold (4:14)
Can't Pin Me Down
Better Than That
Immortal (5:21)

To me, it looks like she is really expanding the horizons of her music. There isn't a single song listed so far that is under four minutes, making it for an unusual pop album, most radio ready tracks being around 3:30. And if the album sounds anything like "Froot", then we are definitely in for a departure from the norm.

Be sure to preorder the album on iTunes. Also, check out the new video for "Froot" below.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cazwell Is A Hot Homo (Obviously)

For those of you who don't know Cazwell (why!?), he is a rapper out of NYC who just so happens to be gay. And hot. Anyway, in case you had forgotten he is a homosexual, he's going to remind you with as many stereotypes as he possibly can. Also there's a lot of hot guys around. Check out "Hot Homo".

This song is a parody of Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N*gga" that went viral earlier this year. His version, "Hot Homo" is a hilarious take on the original, being all about gay stereotypes such as bottoms having a six pack of enemas, gays loving Beyonce, and everyone loving James Franco.

What is really nice about this song in particular is that it harkens back to the early days of Cazwell when he was strictly a rapper. Now he has branched over to all sorts of pop and electronic dance music. This is a testament to those doubters who say he's just a gay singer. He's out to prove you wrong by dropping some hot rhymes and flowing like a pro.

Towards the end, the video mixes it up by featuring Big Dipper, who is far from what we'd seen in the video thus far. He calls himself a "fat homo", but if you wanna get real he's what the gay world would call a "bear". Bears are a much overlooked aspect of the community, despite them not exactly being a minority when it comes to gays. He is put on display and 'exploited' just as much as the buff guys was a great breath of fresh air to the usual LGBT themed videos.

"Hot Homo" is apparently only a promo video and not an official release. It was put up on SoundCloud to stream and download for free, but it looks like the offer has already ended.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Former Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Sings In Public -- As The Pink Ranger

Yes! My girl Amy Jo has gone viral this week. Her directorial debut The Space Between is becoming a reality via Indie GoGo is becoming a reality very quickly, and as a reward for those who have supported her so far, she did a free concert. In public. In a replica of her original pink ranger costume from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Yes. It happened.

Amy Jo Johnson stole the hearts of every young boy back in the early 90's playing the original pink ranger in the mega hit children's action show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. She portrayed the role of Kimberly for nearly three seasons before leaving the show. Although she's been distancing herself from the iconic role ever since -- BUT NO MORE!

For years, she has been working on making music and making a name for herself beyond her acting past. She rarely toured conventions while fellow cast mates such as Jason David Frank and Austin St. John have been touring as their respective rangers for quite some time now. However when her new movie came about, she found a strong support from the Ranger community, so she decided to reward those who felt a strong bond to her in the past.

After being challenged by former cast mate David Yost, Billy the blue ranger, she decided to sing live, dressed as her 20-year-old role as the pink ranger on the streets of Toronto where she performed many of her current songs in her repertoire. It was truly an event that could please both fans who remembered her from childhood and those who have been following her music.

But there's still time to make her new film The Space Between an even better reality. Flex goals are set up, as well as rewards for those who are contributing for the first time. They will eventually need 200k, but I'd say 101 is a great start, and with almost two weeks left, I'd say they stand a great chance of making it happen. Go ahead and help Amy make it a reality.

Unfortunately at the moment, no good quality videos have surfaced of her street performance. I will update if one does.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

JPop Watch: Koda Kumi "Dance In The Rain" Video Review

I understand that this is the second JPop watch ever, and that it's pretty much on the same topic as the first, but give me a break here! This video is phenomenal! And I haven't done a video "review" in a long time. It's kind of tradition that when Kumi drops a big budget piece of work I go and rip it to hell in the most loving way possible. So here's me taking a stab at "Dance In The Rain".

(Warning: A TON of pictures under the cut)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Sorry I MIssed It: Willam Belli, Alaska, and Courtney Act Are American Apparel Ad Girls

How the hell did I miss this? I mean, sure, I saw that Willam Belli, Alaska, and Courtney Act were getting contracts with American Apparel to be models and put out a line of t-shirts, but how did I miss the song and video? Was it because they were so similarly titled? I have no clue! But what I do know is that I know about it now, and if you don't yet, now you will too!

We start off the song with Courtney belting out some amazing (albeit autotuned) vocals, and Alaska having her amazing and quirky comedy with lines like "I like it when you don't touch my hair" and "anus". I was actually kind of surprised that Willam didn't take center stage until a good way into the song (around 30 seconds in), where Courtney had to actually call out the fact that she'd not said anything yet. OK. You've got my attention. [EDIT: It's been brought to my attention that Courtney calling out Willam was about the laser hair removal joke. This makes sense. I took it more as Courtney was trying to get a response from Willam who, up til now, had been sort of staring off into space.]

In true Willam fashion, the songs are a good balance of comedy and listenablity. Far too many times "funny songs" are not something you'd play in your car, but all three of these girls know how to carry a tune, and how to be funny. Great combo. Even when Courtney's comedic timing is off, her two co-stars really pick the pace back up. The jokes and shade extend not only to their Drag Race family, such as calling out Nicole Paige Brooks, but also to pop culture with Ariana Grande. And also there's a poop joke.

But it's the video that completes the experience. It's quite simple. Willam, Courtney, and Alaska look like beautiful women and lay around while near-naked men hang around. That's pretty much it. BUT The guys are really hot. So it makes up for it. Right? Quality wise, we've come to expect that when Willam is involved in a music video it is going to look good as far as production goes, so that's no shocker here.

After the drama of DWV's breakup, it's nice to see that Willam has a few people balancing him out again. Willam is funny, but his former co-stars offered their own brands that were far different, and that's exactly what we get with Alaska, the quirky alien, and Courtney, the pretty snob. While the dynamics are a bit different than DWV, I feel like AWC (trust me, that's the best acronym seeing as the other options are CAW and WAC) has a great vibe to it, and I would love to see them work together on another musical project in the future.

Grab it on iTunes now!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Official Trailer For The Devil's Carnival 2 (Finally) Surfaces

Waaaaaay back, and I'm talking back even before our extended hiatus, a video surfaced online that featured rapper Tech N9ne that served as a message to all the fans of Repo the Genetic Opera and The Devil's Carnival that a sequel was coming. Then -- silence. We got tidbits here and there on Facebook and Twitter, but now, finally, we have the full trailer, and confirmation that next year, we will have the sequel we've been waiting for. And it looks fantastic. Check out the official trailer for The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia.

I am blown away. We already knew that Tech N9ne and Paul Sorvino would be back and it's obvious Emilie Autumn isn't going anywhere (and why should she!?), but look at some of the other names of people who have contributed to this project. Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence), Adam Pascal (Rent), David Hasselhoff (duh), Bill Moseley! Holy crap! The section name dropping artists is literally one long run-on sentence-paragraph. I mean jesus.

The trailer itself looks to be of much better quality than the first movie, which admittedly was done on a tight budget. The music sounds very fitting, and the plot, involving the seedy underbelly of God (Sorvino) and his crew along with the Devil (Zdunich) not taking the crap any more really make for an interesting piece. Darren Lynn Bousman has never disappointed me from his grip on the Saw franchise to Repo to this series of movies, and I don't expect Alleluia to disappoint.

One thing that is on the mind of all of the fans of the Zdunich/Bousman duo is the length of the first project. The scope of this movie expands far beyond three lost souls finding their way through the carnival of Hell. I really hope this reaches full movie length and ditches the mini-movie aspect of the first installment. The stars are here (sadly minus Alexa Vega), the music is here, now we just need to get the time to flesh it all out and make sure every aspect of this potential masterpiece is shown to it's intended audience.

No specific release date is given. The trailer merely states "2015", but I'm sure more details will surface in the remaining months of 2014.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Album Review: Danity Kane "DK3"

Oh Jesus where do I begin? This album is both a blessing and a curse. This may very well be the last album we see from Danity Kane -- for real this time. They tried the reunion thing, and it didn't work out. Lucky for us the decided to go ahead and release DK3, one of the best pop albums in the last ten years. Don't believe me? Well let's check it out.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bravo Previews Most Intense Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Ever

I won't lie. Last season I slacked a lot on my Bravo shows, and one of the shows I failed to keep up with was Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Don't get me wrong, I live for Brandi, the shows queen bee, and Kyle will forever the the most amazing housewife on the west coast, but the show failed to capture my interest. Well let's throw that out of the window because the new season looks insane. So much so that I may have to do some reviews! Yes! Reviews will be returning to TOTU! Check out the trailer below.

Ok. Bravo, Bravo (get it!?), you have succeeded in capturing the awe of this blogger once more. Where do we begin?

First off, one of the commercials has already spoiled the "destination" episode(s) being Amsterdam. This could be very interesting, especially considering many more things are legal there than here. I wonder what sort of trouble they will get in. We also have a few other mundane plot points like Kyle worried about her daughter being too spoiled and Yolanda has some unspecified family drama going on. But then the bombshells start dropping.

We have Brandi, who has always been at the center of most of the drama, back to her old season two habits of picking on Kim. We also get a very intense clip of Kyle finally confronting Kim on her issues and not taking responsibility for anything. You go, girl. Four years was long enough to wait to hear that. And of course, we have Brandi throwing drinks.

And if that wasn't enough, we end the whole ordeal with Brandi slapping Lisa V. Now the clip looked like it was played up (IE she didn't hit her very hard, and it looks to be taken a bit out of context), but this is still a big factor to see where this actually fits into the puzzle.

Another good portion of the time is spent highlighting the new housewives, much more so on Lisa R than Eileen, showing that the new Lisa may be a big figure in the new season. With the two "new" housewives from last season dumped already and two "old" housewives returning as guests (Adrienne and Camille), it will be interesting to see how the dynamics play out. Will the new ladies last? I hope the new Lisa does, at least. Girl's got a mouth on her!

It all goes down in two weeks. Are you ready?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Exclusive Interview - Bentley Jones On How To Defy Gravity [TRUTHSt4k34z Takeover Weekend]

Welcome to day two of TRUTHSt4k3rz Takeover Weekend here at Taking Over The Universe. The wait is finally over. Ben fans and newcomers alike can finally see for themselves what all it took to make Bentely's latest album, Defying Gravity, and maybe even what he has planned for the future. This was my favorite interview I'd done in a long time, and was something I've not only dreamed of for a long time, but something I was ecstatic to see become a reality. Without further ado, let's get it!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Album Review - Bentley Jones "Defying Gravity" [TRUTHSt4lk3rz Takeover Weekend]

Welcome to day one of the #TRUTHSt4k3rz Takeover Weekend! We are going to start things out easy with a review of the Bentley Jones, the star of this weekend, new album "Defying Gravity". I had the pleasure of getting a deluxe copy, so my review will be segmented into what you'll get from each purchase. But enough time has been wasted on introductions! Let's get to it!