Do you feel like I am missing something? Wanna have your input heard? Here's how!

Any and all suggestions should be sent  to but before you get carried away, let me give you a listing of all the areas you could fit into:

Basic News
This is something my circle and I will do ourselves. If you wish to send in recommendations for this, it needs to be within a two week release area. There are areas of the site for songs, videos, and shows that have been around for longer than two weeks. I also am accepting pre-release items, such as if you/your client has an upcoming single or album they want promoted from day one.

*Must be less than two weeks old OR not yet released
*Must be available in the United States in some format (Youtube, Vevo, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc)
*I must be able to view or listen to it somehow (Press Kit, Youtube, Advance screeners, etc)
*I will need as much background as possible

Sorry I Missed It
This is one of the newest additions to the site. This segment is for things that are past two weeks that I did not post about. I cannot see everything, and sometimes when big events happen, some of the smaller or less known artists get put aside for a while, and by the time we get back to them, they aren't "new" any longer. Other times, we may have completely forgotten about them. If you feel either has happened to you or your client, this is the area for you.

*Must be older than two weeks but newer than one year (Some exceptions happen, email for details)
*Must be available in the United States in some format
*Press kits preferred. Youtube/SoundCloud/etc links also accepted

This is one of the foundations of Taking Over The Universe. The segment, meaning Music You Probably Have Never Heard (But Should),  is for artists and fans who think that they have a gem that not enough people know about.  This can include those who don't feel they have enough fans on Facebook or Twitter, or those who need a boost in sales.

*This is reserved for independent or small label artists
*Must be available in the United States in some format

JPop Watch
This is the newest segment I have added due to increased interest in Japanese Pop music on the site. This is the most lenient section, as some Japanese artists do not release their music in any format in the United States. My knowledge of this topic has waned over the past few years, so I really need help here.

*Must be Japanese in origin (Not necessarily Japanese in language, but part of the market)
*Does not have to be sold in the United States, but an official Youtube video is preferred
*Must have a way for people to buy legally (Amazon, CDJapan, YesAsia, etc)

Unfortunately at this time  I am having to be very selective with interviews. These articles take a lot of time, scheduling, and effort to make happen. I do not discourage anyone from asking if this would be possible, but often the outcome results in one of the articles above.

Song of the Month
Currently not available. 

If you have any suggestions for new segments or anything I may have missed, please let me know. I am always up for hearing from my readers!