Friday, June 29, 2012

Kwanza Jones Remix Winners + New Contest

I embarrassed myself enough by entering Kwanza's rap contest, and without the proper equipment, I was left no choice but to keep away from the remix contest as a competitor, but thankfully other talented people kept in the race. Tons of people competed to have the best remix of her new smash track "Supercharged", but only three prevailed on top of the rest.

Recently, Kwanza announced the top three winners in order of third to first. Third place went to Alex Lewis' "CHOON remix". Second place was awarded to Crysis. This left Cliffhanger as the winner with the "Cliffhanger VS LightniX Remix". All three of these are solid, but I have to say I was impressed the most by Alex (maybe it's just my thing for supporting the underdog?). I am still excited to hear the song is it's original glory, as I missed the contest page where she gave everyone a sneak peek, but these remixes are certainly doing it for me for now. Check out the top performer below.

The race was close, and there was a bit of an upset when fan-favorite DJ Shellshock did not win the contest. He was instead awarded a "fan favorite" title, but no word yet on if this holds any bearing in regards to a release.

Once again keeping her title of Contest Queen, she has wasted no time in devising a new contest for her fans to prove they got what it takes. This go around it is much more accessible for the every day fan (as opposed to the musical genius fans she obviously has already showcased). Kwanza is calling for her fans to make their own videos to Time To Go. The title says a "Lip Sync" contest, but from the description Kwanza gives in the video below, it sounds like she's looking for something a bit more creative than a girl singing into her hairbrush in front of a webcam.

So yeah, this is definitely a contest I am considering entering. The first prize is one hundred dollars, and the winner will also get attention from Kwanza.  This might be another time I go out on a limb and make myself look like a total derp, but it will all be in good fun. Maybe I can put what I learned in school to good use! Give me some ideas, people!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aubrey O'Day Shoots "Wrecking Ball" Video

You should know by now that I think Aubrey O'Day is an amazingly talented vocalist. She may not always be portrayed in the best light as far as her personality, but she always sounds good and looks even better. It's trickling down through the fandom of the Aubtourage that she's been working hard on a special surprise for those who have supported her so far. Check it out.

Over the past few days, Aubrey has been filming a video for her latest single "Wrecking Ball", a ballad about a ill-fated relationship. The single has been out for a while, and hype has started to die down a bit, so it seems like a good way to get attention back on the pop diva. After he surprisingly long tenure on Celebrity Apprentice, she has been moving quickly back into the public eye.

So far only a hand full of screen shots have been released through Instagram, such as the picture above. Most of the screencaps show Aubrey and her band playing a live gig, donned in a sexy black dress and fishnet stockings. Another, lower quality picture surfaced of Aubrey and her man filming a beach/shower scene in Santa Monica.

Other than the pictures and hashtagged tweets, not much else is known about what actually happens as far as the plot of the video goes. It seems she is wanting to keep things under wraps for her first solo music video. For now, we only have the song itself to think about, and piece together the images with what the song is about.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kimberly Cole Reveals "U Make Me Wanna" Video -- Sort Of

I have talked time and time again about how much I love this song. "U Make Me Wanna" has been on my Bumpin' In Da Car playlist since it came out, and I have yet to get sick of it. Kimberly has been teasing her fans with the video for this gem for a while now, and it's finally out... Well kind of. Check it out and see what I mean.

The video starts off really strong with Cole and her crew coming upon a run down trailer park and making it dance heaven. A fourth of the way into their number, she accidentally hits one of the dancers and has to find a replacement. That replacement just so happens to be comedian Nathan Barnatt. I don't understand him or who he is.

Anyway, the rest of the video is mostly Kimberly being super fine and sexy while Nathan is uncoordinated and awkward. It's something totally unexpected from her, and it really is a surprise for the plot to be put to a more serious sounding dance track.

My only real complaint has nothing to do with the sillier aspects of the shoot, but more so that my sexy mayun Garza was absent from the shoot. I was looking forward to seeing more of him. I guess I can still cling to the hope that there is a second version of the video in the works where he is available to be in the production.

What do you think of the video? Love it? Hate it? Don't get it? Let me know! I love hearing your feedback.

Update: Upon further investigation, it has been discovered that Garza is absent from the shoot because he is currently on tour dancing for Nicki Minaj! That is a crazy accomplishment and we are all proud of him!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Song of the Week - Ruin

I think I should start this one off by saying until about an hour ago, I had no idea who Cat Power was. I was simply looking through iTunes for new music to jam to. I recognized the name, but I had never listened to anything by her. That being said, I have no regrets making this Song of the Week.

"Ruin" is Cat Power's big return to music, not having released any original material in over six years, leaving her fans itching for more. Luckily my timing has me coming in at the exact right time, because this single is fantastic. The vocals are light, airy, and relaxed, allowing for the feeling of the song to truly shine through while still being appealing to the ears.

The lyrics are laced with political statements like "complaining from some people who ain’t got shxt to eat"show that the song really does have a message behind it, but it can be clouded at times by her low-key vocals. It's easy to get lost in the easy feel of the song and over look the true meaning of the song, which is a bit unclear even when you do get curious enough to look up the lyrics.

Confusing or not, the track has a great piano part, blending the genres and catering to both past and future fans of her work. The upcoming album "Sun" is highly anticipated, and even caught the eye of this blogger. Unfortunately there are no previews for the other album tracks on iTunes yet, but you can still get the single and preorder the album.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Music News: Koda Kumi "New Album" On The Way

I freaking love Koda Kumi. Something about her has made me love her. She is like a nerd's wet dream. She has been involved in iconic productions such as the live action remake of Cutie Honey and Final Fantasy's first direct sequel X-2. Koda Kumi is already famous for pulling crazy stunts such as releasing four singles at once (more than once, too) and making a music video for each of the seventeen tracks on a single album, but now she is attempting an even crazier stunt -- tricking you into buying music she's already released.

Don't get me wrong, Koda Kumi is honestly my favorite J-Pop star, but she is being pretty shady with this new album. Out of the eleven or so tracks, only one is new. The rest are already released singles. That's it. The songs she chose for this release were rather obvious, such as "Cutie Honey", "TABOO", and "V.I.P." with it's hilariously misplaced T-Pain rap (although my personal favorite from her latest album, and the single that released the most hype "Poppin Love Cocktail" was noticeably missing).

To be fair, it should be pointed out that some translations for the press release state that the songs are remixed, but they have no mixer tags like American releases do, and they are not labeled as different from the songs' previous releases. It's not like groups haven't done this before, but it always feels so shady to tack on a new single to a more or less "best of" type album -- and yes, my favorite group Aqua did it, and those three (or four depending on when you bought it) tracks were great, but still it was pretty shady.

The new song is called "Whatchu Waintin' On", and surprisingly it's not a huge Gwen Stefani rip off. No seriously. The song is not the best I've heard from her, at least judging by the thirty second preview that has been released so far. It sounds a bit lazy, and since I don't know Japanese fluently, I can't really tell you a lot about what the lyrics actually say, but I'm sure it's something silly to counterbalance her over-sexed "Japonesque" release.

It's not that I'm trying to be overly harsh, but I really expect a lot from Koda. Her last album really stepped things up, and was a nice hybrid of Japanese and American pop music. The new single just doesn't seem worth the twenty five dollar import. Maybe, and its a big maybe, if the songs are nicely remixed, I will consider ordering this album, but I'd have to be strongly persuaded.

So this just leaves me with one question -- Why is she being so lazy? Well, thanks to the invention of Google, I have learned that she is pregnant. You're excused this time, Koda Kumi, but don't let it happen again!

UPDATE: It appears that the singles on this are, indeed, remixed. I know the title should have been a dead giveaway, but knowing Japanese people and their overuse (and most often misuse) of English, it could have gone either way. Check out the tracklist under the cut.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Musical Heroes - Cherie Currie

I have been thinking a lot lately about what exactly makes a musician a hero. Simply getting on stage and singing about dumping their boyfriend may be empowering, but it takes more than inspiring lyrics to be a hero in my book. It takes courage, determination, and the ability to get back on your feet after even the most trying of times. Upon going through my (surprisingly vast) back catalog of favorites, one name stuck out far more than the others: Cherie Currie.

You may be thinking why I thought of Cherie as my hero. To me, it was an obvious choice, but to an outsider looking in, it may be confusing. First off, Cherie was able to accomplish so much from a young age. In her mid teens she was an international rock star. She was on top of the world, and practically took over Japan, much to the dismay of some of her band mates.

Sadly, this fame didn't last long. Just as quickly as she and her fellow band mates in The Runaways reached success, they fell apart. Different sources cite different reasons, but the bottom line is they broke up, leading to a downward spiral for Cherie. I bet you are wondering why this makes her a hero. You see, it's not about the fall, but the rise back up. She was able to pick herself up from the ashes and make a new life for herself.

Sometimes the music career can be a poisonous environment, and I really think Cherie knew this. She released a solo album with her sister and soon vanished from the music scene entirely. She kept in touch with her fans, letting us know that she was doing OK, in the form of a memoir, a Runaways movie, and her Facebook page. As a new career, she has taken up sculpture making with chainsaws. Awesome, right?

Cherie has been my hero since I was a kid. At first I was fascinated with her stint in The Runaways. Later, I came to admire her strength as a person. Both her autobiography and the movie in which she was heavily involved in show her hit rock bottom emotionally and physically, but she was able to pick herself up and prove that it wasn't the end of the world. I think everybody can relate to that or at least draw inspiration from the story itself.

On the plus side, her music was good both with her and and on her own. It's been one of my goals to find an original Runaways vinyl (which I've had little luck with). She continues being an artist today, but in a different way, proving that there are always options and ways to keep going as long as you have the passion and the drive.

I guess what I am trying to say is Cherie Currie is my hero.

Become a fan of hers on Facebook to check out all of her sculptures as well as all the current happenings in her life.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Music News: Dragonette New Song + Album Date

Thank God this group is still going at it. They promised that they would come back into the limelight, and here they are again. Dragonette is the best thing to come out of Canada ever. Suck it, Bieber.

Though not officially, the group has already released a new single virally online, and they are at it once again with the brand spankin' new "Rocket Ship." Chock full of innuendos (or maybe I'm just perverted), this single goes back to the original feel of the group from their debut album. The song is a bit more low key and a lot less electropop than what you may be used to from them, but it still has the distinctive vocals and provoking lyrics that any fan of them would be accustomed to. Check it out for yourself.

And if that isn't enough to satisfy even the most curious, their recent mailer has announced not only the title of their third album, but also the release date!

"Dragonette are happy to announce their third album! Bodyparts will be released this September. Official release dates by territory:
US + Canada: Sept 25
Europe: Sept 24"


" That's a lyrical taste of another new track on Bodyparts called "Untouchable," and we're presenting a unique opportunity to you. Head over to Talenthouse to see the full lyrics of the song, and and then get your creative caps on. We invite you to use these lyrics and create your own version of the song. Add music, do it as poetry, make it a film - whatever you like - make it yours! The winning entry will be the official b-side to a future single, and we'll give you a fair piece of your version (depending on what you do) if we release it. The contest ends August 17th, so pull out your guitars, laptops, hairbrushes, microphones and get recording! You can find all details here: "

That's right. A contest. I personally showed my share of fail during Kwanza Jones' rap contest, so I won't be entering this one, but I know I have some talented readers out there that might want to take a stab. What can it hurt -- I mean other than your dignity. Yes, I removed the rap off of Youtube. Stop trying to find it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Music News: Giulietta Releases "Pretty In Pink" Video

It's finally here! Giulietta has completed her video for her newest single "Pretty In Pink" and it is just as mysterious as she had promised me weeks ago.  Check it out for yourself below.

The video is all about Giulietta punishing her boyfriend for something he has done. She throws him in the trunk, drives out to the middle of nowhere, and leaves him stranded and hog tied. Remind me not to cross this lady in the future, ok?

Along with the video, we are also given news of not only the release date of the upcoming album "911: Code Pink" but also a place to pre-order the special edition of the album. This special version may not come with any extra tracks, but you get both a keychain and your choice of three different sweat shirts (My personal favorite is #003).  The album will be released July 12, 2012, and the special edition pre-order price is only $30. Get yours here!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Song of the Week - Frozen

It's been another slow week on the music front. Thankfully, my good friends over at OutLoud Talent aren't shy about making sure everyone sees their artists, and Brandon Hilton has been promoted quite a bit lately. I gave the song a listen, and what do you know? It was actually pretty good. Check out his latest single "Frozen".

This is my first exposure to Brandon, but I have taken my time to look over his back catalog and get to know his musical style, and I can say that he has grown musically over the past two years, and "Frozen" seems to be the accumulation of all of his hard work. He boasts that the song is all him, no autotune, and it does show, feeling a little unpolished -- not that it's a bad thing. The lack of conventional musical tweaks gives it a raw and unique feel.

The song is about longing for someone lost, and feeling frozen, unable to do anything. The songs dark, almost Depeche Mode feel, gives it a lot of undertones that could be interpreted in many different ways. It looks like we may not know the true extent of what he was going for until the music video drops (which, according to Facebook will be in just a few days). I will definitely keep my eye out for more from him in the future.

Get the song for yourself on iTunes.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cherie Lily is "Dripping Wet"

Apparently there is a lot going on in the music world that escapes my attention. Thankfully, I have friends like Pollo Del Mar who keep me in the loop. The queen of "Houserobics" is back with another amazing track. Cherie Lily is about to leave you "Dripping Wet" -- and yes, even you, my loyal gay readers. Check it.

Before you ask, yes those are spikes sticking out of her breasts, and no I have no idea why. He fashion is actually great throughout the video. From the glasses to the black hair highlighted with an array of pinks and oranges, she looks great throughout this promo. To be honest, the fashion really isn't the focus of this video. It's all about the sex appeal.

I am sure she is fully aware that her clothes aren't exactly the focus of the shoot. There are so many almost naked sweaty men and women (dem firefighters!) sprinkled throughout this video, making it appealing to almost anybody. Well, anybody who likes hyper sexed up people who are sweating and ready to pounce. Damn, I just had Hyper Crush "Werk Me" flashbacks.

The song itself is really amazing, too. The song is just as sexualized as the video is, but the beat is so catchy and she has some great vocals. I really can't wait to hear more from Cherie, and seeing as she's gotten almost 7,000 hits in just a few days, she is definitely on her way to going viral. Let's hope we see this song get the notoriety it deserves -- and gets on iTunes soon to qualify for Song of the Week!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sorry I Missed It - Friendly Fires "Pala"

So technically I never "missed" this release. I downloaded it last year as soon as it released. I love Friendly Fires, but at the time I got really busy, and didn't have a lot of time to cover it. Alas, as fate would have it, I started a new segment for just this situation. Check out Friendly Fires amazing album "Pala".

The entire feel of this group is like something I've never heard of before. They drew me in initially with their 2009 single "Kiss of Life", and that same primitive, almost tribal, vibe has continued in the new album. The vocals are airy and the lyrics are very positive and feel-good. This album, compared to the last, has a bit more simplistic feel to it, focusing more on lyrics than the beats themselves.

As much as I love this album, I know it isn't exactly for everyone. The group is very distinctive, and they don't have that usual dancey quality of the groups I usually post about on here. I myself have to be in a "Friendly Fires mood", but when I get in that groove, these songs are everything. I guess what I'm trying to say is for people to give them a shot, because you never know whether you will like this odd group or not.

Friendly Fires is a band that is hard to place. Their sound is more experimental than most of what you would hear today. I think they might have had a better place in the 80s when the synth was fresh and new, and everybody was trying to find the newest and most creative sound. Today, popular music has a bit more set path that people expect it to follow, and when something isn't club ready or remixable, people tend to overlook it. Thankfully, the group has not been discouraged yet, nor shown signs of slowing down. 

Stand out tracks include "Hawaiian Air", "Hurting", and "Blue Cassette". Included on the iTunes bonus version is a cover of Depeche Mode's "Strange Love" which is an amazing, yet weird fit for Friendly Fires. The vocals are spot on, keeping that same rumbling yet haunting voice that Depeche Mode is so famous for.

You can get the album on iTunes.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Album Review - Scissor Sisters "Magic Hour"

I know this album has been out for a bit now, but I'm still playing catch up from my mini-vacation, so humor me for a moment. Before we get started on this magical (hah!) journey, let me just say Scissor Sisters may be the most genius pop act ever. Seriously.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update: Octomom and Barta Record Next Week!

It's official. Ms. Suleman and Mr. Barta are making a song together. I know it had been discussed previously, but it now looks like it is a definite. People are still buzzing about it, and not everybody is sure she can pull it off, but this blogger is keeping high hopes. Check below for details.

If you are a Twitter hound like I am, you might have caught Adam's tweet about hitting the recording studio. In case you missed it, Adam and Nadya will be convening at an undisclosed recording studio to lay down vocals for a yet-to-be-named single. This will be "Ocotomom's" first go at singing, so who knows how the end result will turn out.

As for the song itself, I went directly to the source to ask Adam himself. He let me in on some little known info, including the song being produced by Mr. Mig (Who you may know from his work with Beyonce and Taylor Swift) and Mike Rizzo. Both of these guys know exactly what they are doing in the music world, which should hopefully put a more positive light on the project when it comes to those who have been skeptical thus far.

"[I am] Majorly excited to have Mig and Rizzo on board again (they produced "Give Yourself Up")," says Barta, exclusively to TOTU,  "it's gonna be another Billboard chart topping smash for sure!"

Do you have questions for him yourself? Maybe you would just like to see just how sweet he can be? You're in luck, because he has been added to a new site where fans can call in and speak to their favorite celebrities. Check out Adam's page on Dial-A-Star!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Aqua Single In Fall

Trusted site, Aqua Fan Page, a site dedicated to news exclusively centered around Danish pop group Aqua and the members' side projects, has translated a recent interview where Aqua tells fans that a new single is on the way this fall. Of course I couldn't resist this story. The Aqua fan in me wouldn't allow for that.

The translator makes a distinct note that they did not say whether this would be a brand new single, or another track pulled from their last album, Megalomania. My gut says that it will be a song from the album, but I will keep up high hopes for a new song, as I can never have enough new Aqua. Not much has come from the band recently, as they have been busy with their Australian tour. We still have yet to see a music video for "Like A Robot" which was promised prior to it's release.

Another exciting bit of information released at the end was an informal announcement of a US and Canada tour. I am excited, and I hope that they plan to tour more than just Hollywood and New York City like most other foreign acts. Here's for hoping they hit up the Midwest!

Not much else is known for now, but I'll keep you updated. For now, I will focus on making a point to show them that they do have US fans who do want to listen to and buy their material.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Song of the Week - Never Give Up

It's not often I pick a song out of the "dance" section on iTunes, but sometimes it just feels right. I know nothing about this group (so don't expect this one to go on for long), but I do know the song is hot. Two artists this time - ATB and Ramona Nerra.

The song has a much more traditional dance vibe than I'm used to. It's not this new wave dance we hear on the radio -- this is what it was originally meant to be in the realm of straight up techno. The beat would be perfect for dancing in a club of almost any kind, and given the recent draw of mainstream music to the club scene, this might be a nice breath of fresh air for those who have been there for a while.

Ramona's vocals are on par with most of those in the same field. The lyrics themselves are sparse and repetitive, which is what one would expect coming into this situation. The song is about a love that can last through anything, but the majority of the song is just her reassuring she will never give up on you. Despite it's weaker lyrics, I really found this song appealing.

You can buy the song on iTunes.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Live Review: Manila Luzon and Sahara Davenport In Memphis

It's pretty much common knowledge that I live in the middle of nowhere (the Deep South of the Midwest -- IE NOTHING HERE), but I do live within short driving distance of Memphis, Tennessee, which is thankfully starting to pull in big names for the drag world. This was the first time I have gotten to see a live performance from one of the Drag Race girls, and I am glad that of all of them, it was my girl Sahara and her equally amazing partner, Manila.

The show had a lot of both local Memphis talent, as well as imported talents. A big highlight of the show was definitely Florida queen Andromeda Strain, who didn't get a lot of attention due to not being from Memphis and not being a Drag Race girl (Yet, hopefully!). I did have to give her a hug, though, because she did amazing for both of her numbers.

Other very memorable performances were Anita Cocktail and her amazing Wonder Woman costume, and Memphis vet Beverly Hills. Also, my new friend I made at the venue actually thought Akasha, the stand out Memphis diva, was an actual woman. Now that is how you werk it.

First up for the headliners was Sahara. She came out looking super disco-fied, and sang both of her singles, "Pump With Me" (to which I was pissed that nobody knew the lyrics) and "Go Off!". That woman got CRAZY on the stage, just like I knew she would. High kicks and splits were abound, and the crowd ate - it - up. My favorite part was knowing that Sahara really is a great singer. She sang her two songs live, and sounded just as good as the recording.

Manila came out shortly after and got the crowd going with a sexy remix of her track "Hot Couture". With furry shoulderpads that look like they were stolen off the set of Designing Women, she strutted her stuff and sang along, and to my surprise, she was being quite modest about her vocal talents. The song we know and love obviously had some autotune on it (to which she fully admits) but her live vocals aren't bad at all. Towards the end of the song she pulled not one, but two "I Mwah Manila" shirts out of her shoulderpads (how she kept them up there and hidden, I have no idea) and tossed them to the crowd. I didn't try for one because, well, I already was wearing one.

After a break, the two of them came back on the stage to do a duet together. I say duet, but it was more like a battlefield. They would constantly try to outshine each other, in a playful manner, and keep it totally campy. I am a huge Sahara fan, but I have to say, when it comes to camp, nobody can outshine Manila. Those crazy faces had me rolling and begging for more.

I'm no club kid, but I have to say that Jack Magoo's was a great place to check out. The food looked good (my mind was set on drag and therefor too busy to eat), the staff was friendly, and the atmosphere was amazing. The beauty of the place is that it isn't just a gay bar. It has sports on the TV, plenty of people of all sexual preferences, and plenty of booze to keep everyone happy. I can already guarantee I will be back -- mostly because this is only the beginning of an entire Drag Race event series at Jack Magoo's. Check out these sweet dates for those of you who might want to give the Memphis gay scene a chance:

July 14 - Sharon Needles
August 11 - Latrice Royale
September 8 - Jujubee and Mariah
October 13 - Nina Flowers and Raven

And as a special treat, they have announced that for Memphis Pride, right on Beale Street, will be headlined by the one and only Chad Michaels! It looks like Memphis is moving up in the world, no? I will be attending as many of these shows as possible, and you better believe I have some tricks up my sleeves for them. Are you going to be there? Don't be shy, say hi. I won't bite unless you're into that kind of thing and I'm drunk.

[Sorry for the low quality of the recordings and the annoying fanboy screams from myself.]

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Album Review - Kat Graham "Against The Wall"

I'm back, bitches! I had a relaxing mini-vacation and I am now back at it yet again. Kat Graham continues to surprise me. To be honest, I've never watched The Vampire Diaries, so I had no idea who she was when she ever-so-suddenly broke out onto the music scene. Thankfully I kept tabs on her, because she dropped an EP (we all know how much I love EPs) and this one is HOT.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Site News: GaoSalad On New Pop Music Critic Panel

Recently, I (GaoSalad, this site's lead blogger) was invited by a friend of mine to join a group of talented writers to examine pop music and discuss it beyond just saying "Oh that is a flop/Thats a total smash." Check out the full article via David's website Vertigo Schtick.


A few of them I knew beforehand, a few I am just getting to know, but I am honored to know that I was selected. Dean, David, Sarah, Gregory, Minna and Techno School are all talented writers, some of which I actually look up to. I will continue to show my support for the underdog (it's in my nature) and probably end up disagreeing with the other panelists most of the time, but that's what makes it fun. This month we reviewed Adam Lambert, Cheryl (who I am the only fan of, apparently), Queen of Hearts, and more.

The panel will be a monthly project, posting the first Thursday of every month. I will continue to write on this "Popologist" post for as long as David continues to ask me back. I had a great time working on this edition, and the future looks even brighter. 

As for other news with the site, I am back from vacation, and posting will resume tomorrow (possibly with multiple posts in one day to catch up). I have a few album reviews, a few returning segments, and a couple of surprises up my sleeve. Stay tuned, folks!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Song of the Week - Every Inch Of You

What can I say? The Darkness is back. The hilarious almost self-parody rock group from my childhood has risen again to create music that is not only funny, but epic all at once.

As expected, the group's big comeback is another song about sex. "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" was a huge hit back in the day, and it really gained them a lot of notoriety from not only rock-n-roll fans, but the musical community as a whole. The lead vocals are pure 80s with falsetto wailing, and crazy guitar solos. This song may not be your typical song, but it's exactly what you'd expect from The Darkness.

Set to be the kick off for their upcoming album "Hot Cakes", this song is a fight against the machine, saying that he wants to throw everything away just to have every inch of you. No, it's not unusual for them to be so dramatic. This song is a bit of a change of pace for the blog lately, straying from the same old pop sound I've been thriving on lately. I like to think of it as a sign that I'm growing as a writer -- I mean it's not. The Darkness is just a freaking awesome band.

Buy the track on iTunes! Do it. Do it now.

Note: I cannot guarantee the site will be updated this week. If I find the time for it, I will, but I am currently on vacation. The worst case scenario is that I don't update again until Friday night. Thanks for all of your patience and understanding.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Colette Carr Drops "Like I Got A Gun"

For those of you who didn't happen to be on Twitter at the butt-crack of dawn yesterday, you may have missed a special message from Colette Carr. Via Cherry Tree Radio, she dropped a new song called "Like I Got A Gun". Even more amazingly, she dropped by the chat room to give exclusive details to her dedicated fans.

"Like I Got A Gun" may very well be what Colette's initial fans have been waiting for. Gone is any trace of pop music, and in it's place is that raw rap sound that she was famous for on her initial mix tape. The song is very cCarr, keeping her sense of humor, potty mouth, and her Malibu attitude. In the track she commands her fans to put their hands up like she's "got a gun". Initially, she said that the song would be a CT Radio exclusive, but later in the day it was put on SoundCloud (thankfully) so that everyone can have the chance to experience it.

Along with the song, Colette made an appearance in the chat room to talk to her fans and tease us all on what is coming up. She said that in the next few months she has two confirmed videos coming out, as well as a possible third soon as well. When questioned on release dates, she stated she wants her fans to be surprised by the songs coming out, and challenged them all to keep their eyes open so they can "make it go" when they drop.

The fans in the chat went crazy with this news. Buzz and speculation about the upcoming songs were going crazy. Due to her friendship with Rye Rye, many people are hoping she does a song with her fellow female rapper. The only feature she confirmed was with Far East Movement's Kev Nish.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Album Review - Manika "The Middle Of Hollywood"

It's been so long! Too long, actually. It has been nearly a year since we last saw Manika on iTunes, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's not been working hard. Now a touring pro, Manika is the opening act for the current One Direction tour, and given they are the next big thing as far as the (what I believed to be extinct) boy band craze goes. Thankfully, being in the spotlight again has given us the chance to get re-acquainted with this singer with her debut EP, "The Middle Of Hollywood".