Friday, November 27, 2015

Apres Ski Season 1 Episode 4 [Review]

Sorry for the delay! Due to the recent Thanksgiving holiday I have been a bit overbooked in a few areas. I have been dealing with a few things in my personal life and haven't been able to deliver the new reviews in a timely manner. While Below Deck is done (sans the reunion episodes that I'm unsure if I'll cover), Apres Ski is still going full force, and it's about time I get the ball rolling on this one again. Are you ready for the drama of it all?

Note: The holiday hiatus will hopefully end next week with the beginning of RHOBH and WONY, but it as of yet has not been officially decided. Reviews will continue on their regular schedule.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 4 [Review]

This season may have had a slow start, but it's big "Holy Cow!!" moment is just around the corner. This episode came as a bit of a shock (even after the accusations from last week), and it made for some good TV. Vanderpump Rules finally has it's footing in the right place now, and seems to be ready to make it's way into the limelight as one of Bravo's best reality TV shows out there once again. Don't believe me? Well check out all the craziness below.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Apres Ski Season 1 Episode 3 [Review]

Well now, didn't this show turn out to be quite the unexpected gem? I gave this show a shot in the dark, as I had only seen one promo for it. It turns out it is looking like it's going to be quite a bit of fun. The cast is established now, and the drama is flowing. A clear line is appearing and it's clear that not everybody is happy about being where they are.

Also I'd like to note that I am going on a slight hiatus for the holiday season. I will continue to do my reviews (Vanderpump Rules, Apres Ski, and starting in December Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and Work Out New York) but the other content will be much more sporadic. I would like to enjoy my holidays and focus on some other projects for a while, so the news flow may be slowed. Please forgive me!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Below Deck Season 3 Episode 13 [Finale Review]

The end is here! After a crazy charter season, everything is coming to a head. It looks as if most of the drama that has happened so far this season has been building up to this point. There has been lots of stuff going on behind these scenes, and it's about to all come to light. There's also a little tidbit about the upcoming spinoff. Can you dig it?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 3 [Review]

Each year I feel like I may have bitten off more than I can chew, and this year more than ever. But I absolutely could not pass up this show. Vanderpump Rules is my biggest guilty pleasure -- ever. It's got everything I'd ever want from a show and more, and thus it has become a solid part of my lineup for reviews this season. Let's hope it turns out as great as the last few have! Now, onto the review!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dark Intensity And Liz Primo Release "Dance With Your Heart" Official Video

It's no secret that I love Liz Primo. DJ Dark Intensity is growing on me rapidly too. Thus, when the two of them team up, it's obvious that I should be covering the video's release. I'm a tad late (by about a week or so), but I finally found a spot to put this little gem in. Check out the official video for the amazing single "Dance With Your Heart" by Dark Intensity featuring Liz Primo.

Yes! I have been waiting for this for a long time. "Dance With Your Heart" was a wonderful teacup between two talented developing artists. Liz has been a staple on this site for years now, and Dark Intensity has been in my line of vision over the course of the last year or so. When I discovered they were working together on a new track (not just a remix), I was ecstatic. I fell in love with this song many months ago, and now we have a video to go along with it.

As for the plot, it follows the story of the song more or less, talking about rebuilding a crumbling relationship. It is cute to see the two of them in a mock relationship, with Manny (Dark Intensity) sleeping on the couch, and Liz in her morning "I don't really care" attire. After running into each other on the boardwalk, they go to the club together and party the night away. For some reason this video's quality isn't up to the same standards that Liz has brought us in the past, but where it lacks in gloss, it makes up for in heart -- pun intended this time.

This version of "Dance With Your Heart" is not the radio version you'll get if you venture over to iTunes. This one seems to be made specifically for the video, and even features a very club moment with the vocals fading in and out towards the end as if it were on a turn table. The two look like they had a lot of fun with this project, and it really shows. Both of them are attractive and screen ready, and they've got the talent to back it up. Liz and Dark Intensity were a match made in heaven. Let's pray to the musical gods that they work together on a project in the future.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Apres Ski Season 1 Episode 2 [Review]

We had a bit of technical difficulties yesterday, and I do apologize. I know that Apres Ski seems to be a bit of a lower priority, but honestly it's only due to where it falls in the current schedule. I will continue to review the show until it's completion; no need to worry about that. I'm enjoying what's been going on so far, and I hope that the show gets fully fleshed out for it's debut season.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Below Deck Season 3 Episode 12 [Review]

The season is winding down, but the drama sure isn't. Things are always going on with this crew, and it looks like things are reaching a boiling point. They've been stuck on this boat with each other for close to six weeks now, and they are certainly getting sick of one another. This is apparent this week more than any other. Let's get this drama roller coaster started.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 2 [Review]

I look forward to Tuesdays more than any other day now, being that I get to review one of the best reality TV programs out there, Vanderpump Rules. I don't know what it is about the crazy cast of servers, and but his season, the restaurant is more of a backdrop than anything. But there's something about them that always pulls me in. I can't explain it, but I'm sure if you're reading this, you feel it too. The season has just begun, and I can't wait to see what insanity is in store.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6 Trailer + Work Out New York Confirmed Air Date

It's finally here! Bravo has finally bestowed upon us the gift of a megatrailer for season six of one of the greatest reality TV shows of all time, Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. If you haven't watched it, click that little tag at the bottom of the screen that says "Beverly Hills" and get into my reviews from last year. For now, let's bask in the glory that is season six!

Watch the megatrailer here.

Most notably, there are two new housewives, as well as two vets that are missing. Brandi Glanville (known as a "friend of the housewives" in season two, and later bumped up to "housewife" in season three-five) as well as Kim Richards ("Housewife" status from day one) are both absent. In their places are newcomers Erika Girardi, who also goes by Erika Jayne, and Kathryn Edwards a former model. Notably still there is Eileen Davidson, who I controversially claimed would be axed due to her boring storylines last year. The megatrailer reveals that Kim will be returning on a "Friends" basis (as well as being gossiped about), and many people close to the wives have confirmed Brandi will be back on a "Friends" basis as well.

Also returning are Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammar, and Taylor Armstrong (!!) all of whom are former cast members. Faye Resnick, who has appeared many times in a "Friend" capacity will return as well as Bethany Frankel from RHONY. Basically what I'm saying is that this season is going to be full of cameos. But don't let that make you think for a second that means there won't be drama. The trailer alone proves that wrong. The new ladies are causing trouble, last season's unresolved fights flare back up, and they even have a storyline nabbed right out of RHOC with the ladies questioning if Yolanda is actually sick. Yikes!

[To watch the trailer yourself click the link underneath the picture. Embedding videos from Bravo seems to be disabled at this point in time.]

And then, on the same day, the beautiful TV network Bravo decided to gift us with another wondrous thing: The release date for the long anticipated Work Out New York.

Work Out New York is an upcoming series based on a classic Bravo reality show titled Work Out. The original series aired between 2006 and 2008. The new series, set in New York City, follows the lives of seven fitness instructors and their work out routines, the people they help get healthy, and all the drama that happens in their tight nit circle of friends.

The show follows (from left to right) Courtney Paul, Noah Neiman, Joe Lazo, Holly Rilinger, Lena Marti, Lindsey Clayton, and Layla Luciano. Each one of these trainers are hot, committed, and passionate, meaning that each one is going to be vying for the spotlight. Things might get a little tricky.

Bravo will be airing Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Tuesdays starting December 1st and Work Out New York Sundays starting December 6th. I will be reviewing both RHOBH and WONY starting December 2nd and 7th respectively.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Steampunk'd Reportedly Canceled By GSN

Sigh. I can't exactly say I didn't expect this, but the longer it was put off the more hopeful I got. It looks like all that wishful thinking was in vain because according to reliable (although unofficial) blog, Game Show Network News, the show is over and done with, getting no second season.

It's with a heavy heart that I post about this news. I reviewed every episode and got some incredibly p positive feedback from not only the fans, but the contestants and some of the judges as well. It was such a fun romp through the amazing world of steampunk, and it really turned a lot of people onto this once hidden subculture. I met a lot of cool people both from the show and simply from the culture thanks to Steampunk'd and I can't believe it was canceled.

From the looks of it, the ratings really plummeted after three weeks. Being right on the heels of Skin Wars, the crown jewel of GSN, it faired well it's first two weeks, but there were so many complaints about the layout of the show that people gave up quickly. I also feel like the elimination order (IE purposely keeping on Miss Morgan so there would be more drama) had a lot to do with the decline in the ratings. They simply forgot their target audience, which were the steampunk makers themselves, and instead tried to mold it into the current format of reality television competition. 

I sincerely believe that had they gotten a second season there would have been major revisions to the format, but it looks like GSN wasn't ready to take that leap of faith. I hope that this doesn't discourage the network from green lighting other reality competitions. Skin Wars has done inexplicably well using the same format and is just as niche a topic as steampunk is. 

I would like to thank everyone who spoke with me and help me promote my reviews. Special thanks to Ave, Tayliss, Eddie, Karianne, Charles, Tobias, James, and Thomas, all of who liked, reposted, and commented on my reviews and Facebook postings. You were all very instrumental in my understanding and enjoyment of this show, and the growing culture that accompanies it. You are all stars in my eyes, and one season or ten, you were there from the beginning, and opened up so many people's eyes to what steampunk truly is. And for that, I thank you.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Mrs. Kasha Davis' New Video "Seasoned Queen" Tells It Like It Is

Mrs. Kasha Davis is fabulous. She was featured on the most recent season of RuPaul's Drag Race and made her mark on the world by making sure that she let everybody see what a classic drag queen looked like. Now she has her second single, along with a new video, titled "Seasoned Queen" and it's all about just that -- being classic, classy, and maybe even a little c*nty.

The song, featuring my good friend Adam Barta, is a very fun and catchy tune. What is really fun about it, is that Kasha knows she isn't the best singer out there, but she definitely has put in the hours to practice and at least learn the fundamentals of it all, making a nice improvement over her previous single "Cocktail". Unlike many other drag songs, it isn't an on-purpose train wreck, making it vastly more enjoyable than a lot of whats out there. The lyrics really help it out too, with her subtly calling out her fellow Drag Race sisters from winner Violet Chachki all the way down the line to even Gia Gunn.

"Seasoned Queen" as a video really reminds me of some of the recent RuPaul videos. There's lots of colorful outfits, big hair, and green screen shenanigans going on. There's also a lot of double/triple vision effects too, which is a fun way to fill up an otherwise half empty screen. The editing was on point, and it even featured a few cameos from other RPDR ladies such as Pandora Boxx, Alaska, and Kennedy Davenport, as well as some non-tv personalities like fellow New York queen Aggy Dune and Kasha's husband dubbed Mr. Kasha Davis. How cute!

So is this the best song ever? Probably not. Is it a super fun romp? Hell yes! This is the song that literally defines RuPaul's Drag Race season seven. Anybody who watched, loved, and enjoyed the previous season of Logo's top rated reality show will get a kick out of this song. Kasha (playfully) pokes fun at literally every cast member, even down to having parts of her waist green-screened out so she could look ultra synched like Violet. It is a fun ride; one definitely worth taking.

Support this classy show girl by buying her single on iTunes. It will probably help out Adam Barta, too, but then again he may use the money for a third Tan Mom song, so be careful.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Apres Ski Season 1 Episode 1 [Review]

Surprise! I had another show up my sleeve. I'd had my eye on Apres Ski for a while now. I really liked the look of the characters from the extended promo they put out, and I couldn't help myself. I know three shows at a time may be a big deal, but since this is the newcomer, it will be slated for Thursdays for a while. Once Below Deck finishes, it will move to Wednesdays. Anyway, without further ado, let's get this show started!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Below Deck Season 3 Episode 11 [Review]

Remember last week when I said I was finally looking forward to this show weekly? Yeah, well now I am craving it. We finally have gotten rid of all of the horrid cast members (only took ten episodes!) and now we have the best left, along with a couple great newcomers (who are actually old-comers but whatever), and I need more. Sadly the season is almost over, with only one or two episodes left. Things are getting crazy, that's for sure.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 1 [Review]

I have been waiting so long for this. I was initially going to review last season of Vanderpump Rules, but decided last minute to wait until this year, and I'm glad I did. During that year break, I was able to go through all three of the previous seasons and really get to know all of these outrageous people. Now, more than ever before, I am ready to take this show head on, and examine all of the insanity that it ensues. Get ready for Vanderpump Rules season 4!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Angelo Garcia Releases New Spanish Language Single

Hell yes I'm gonna post about Angelo Garcia. Why wouldn't I? He's hot, fun, and talented. That's pretty much every check mark that it takes to get on this site. But something in Spanish? Well I don't speak (much) Spanish, so I might not have much to say, but still, check out that hot cover, and enjoy the fun beat -- unless you speak Spanish, then you can enjoy it for what it is.

This is Angelo's first Spanish language single in practically forever. "La Segunda Fuga Del Chapo Guzman" is such a fun track. Angelo has been campaigning to reconnect with his Spanish-speaking fans for a long time now, posting most of his updates both in English and Spanish for some time now, and even posting several videos of him speaking Spanish so those fans can understand him better. He had been focusing on his newly found LGBT superstar status, and felt the need to reconnect with where it all began.

"Chapo" is a part of his new project El Wero, which looks like could be his new Spanish full album. All I know about this is that the song is super fun. It has a lot of traditional and regional sounds, accompanied by Angelo's strong vocals, making it entertaining even for those who cannot understand what the lyrics are about. I personally haven't spoken Spanish since I was in high school and saying when that was would make me look and feel far too old.

I think this single is incredibly important for Angelo's career. He has a lot of very passionate fans, and may of them have been following him since he was a young boy in Menudo. As of this time, there isn't any (obvious) word if "Chapo" will get a video treatment. I sincerely hope it does, because that cover is stunning. It is also unclear on the status of Garcia's current English language project with it's upcoming single.

You can grab the single on iTunes now.