Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Victorious" Star Ariana Grande Goes Solo

Victorious was a rare breed of show. Sure, it had the cheesy jokes and bad situational humor that is trademark of all Nickelodeon shows, but it had something the others didn't -- it had great music. Backed by Dr. Luke producing tracks left and right, the show was bound to be a hit, and with a new single every three weeks or so, it was a money machine. But what about the supporting characters? Well one of them has decided it's her time to shine. (Re)Meet Ariana Grande.

I am beyond excited that Ariana is now able to take center stage. Victorious's music was very much dominated by Victoria Justice, who is a great singer, but clearly not the best talent wise from the show's ensemble. Ariana was only featured prominently in a few songs throughout the show's run, making this the first time the audience has a real chance to hear what she's got.

And she is serving us straight up 90's RnB Pop. Think TLC, but updated for 2013. This song may not be a club banger, but it is a very addicting track. Ariana shows her vocal range quite well, and makes off with a very solid debut single. Sad to say, as with most tacked on rap bits, the most annoying part of this track is Mac Miller's intro. His mid-song rap improves a bit, showing more talent, but I still much prefer the bulk of the song to his tidbit.

The video is a bit of a different story. Instead of exploring the deeper levels of love, which the song deals with, it is mostly just a montage of the two flirting in front of a plain white background. I don't know if she had a big budget for this, but seeing as she is backed by Nickelodeon (complete with her own spin-off show coming later this year), Id say she probably has the cash flow. The video just feels lazy with poor art direction.

Verdict: Great song, lacking video.

Grab the track on iTunes.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Kerli Releases Long Awaited "Utopia" EP

Oh, Kerli. You are always close to my heart. Kerli has gone from being Goth Princess to Queen of the Raver Kids -- or Moonchildren. She released a couple of singles over the past two years to show her major change of genre, but they were too far apart. It's time for something solid. It's time for "Utopia".

The EP stays right on par with her previously established rave-pop style, giving us all more of what we've been craving. Lead in track and potential new single "Can't Control The Kids" is the hottest of the group of six (seven if you count the remix). That is not to say that the rest of the album isn't solid. Each of the songs is polished, shiny, and ready for radio play. They pulled out all the stops for this entry.

My only real beef with the album is the track "Sugar" which sounds like a leftover song from her debut album which had a much darker tone. The new era of Kerli is all about positivity, keeping her fans uplifted with lyrics and beats alike. "Sugar" is a more sullen track, even if it's lyrics are quite as brooding as those found on "Love Is Dead".

The high point of the work comes at the end. I couldn't ask for a better closing track than "Chemical" which is a beautiful love song explored in a very unconventional way. It aslo is the only ballad on "Utopia", making it stand out moreso. This is the one Kerli song I have to hear live. No exceptions.

One thing that is instantly noticeable is that her big hits "Army of Love" and "Zero Gravity", both of which have no home album, are missing. I guess she wanted to start with a clean slate for this release, but one has to think that having the two tracks, or at least "Zero Gravity", would have bolstered the release even further.

"Utopia" is everything supporters of Kerli could ask for. It manages to also be very accessible to newcomers as well, especially those who like all the different genres of techno. I can honestly say this is among my favorite releases thus far in 2013.

Be sure to preview and buy "Utopia" on iTunes.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sexy Remix For Cherie Lily's "Body"

Man... anybody (straight OR gay for that matter) who doesn't think Cherie Lily is sexy needs to get their eyes checked. This girl is all about fitness and keeping her body perfect, which is what the track "Body" off of her debut EP "Dripping Wet" is all about. Don't believe me? Let's see how many other artists take a video with a usually unforgiving webcam in tight swimwear.

Two things are spot on about this video. The first, as I mentioned before, is that her metaphorical balls are so huge for her to release a video of herself dancing in front of a webcam (even if she has the body to do it). Secondly is that the remix for "Body", provided by Vjuan Allure, is sickening. It keeps that distinct drum set that I crave from the song that I love, but puts a new extended dance vibe to it that was missing from before.

This is already the EP's top selling track, and I'm sure it will only continue to succeed. I personally hope this will be her next single to get the video treatment. If she could come up with this with just a few minutes and a computer camera, imagine what she could do with a budget! Also, when can I get this remix? Here's to hoping at least that is released for us.

On a much less professional note -- dat ass.

You can grab the original version of the track, as well as the other twelve sizzling songs from "Dripping Wet" on iTunes!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Drag Race Season Five Cast-Off Roundup Part Two

No new episode tonight, so instead, I offer up the next portion of the cast off round-up. In these posts, I compare my initial reactions based on their debut interviews to how they actually did on the show. Do they measure up to their potential? Do they surprise me at all? Probably not, but let's see where it goes anyway, shall we?

First up, Lineysha Sparks.

"Our first Puerto Rican queen of the season! These bitches always look fierce, but as shown last season, Ru isn't giving any of them free passes. Her English is pretty bad -- like Yara level bad. The entire interview was hard to understand, but I'm not sure if it was her English, or if I was distracted by how amazing she looked. She better go far in this competition, because she looks fierce and I can't wait to see more of her looks."

Anyone else how upset how quickly Lineysha went home? I mean with season four, at least they had reason to send home the Latin girls quickly. Lineysha was talented, fierce, and a part of Team GaoSalad. I have to say that her English was lacking, but when Lineysha was in boy mode... with that mohawk... and those muscles.... Wait what was I doing again?

Next - Jade Jolie.

"This queen is named Jade Jolie (no relation). Her name is from Mortal Kombat. Let me do a double take. From afar she looks cute, but up close, she doesn't look as polished. Her voice sounds like she may be related to Tatiana, which is not a good thing. She talks A LOT, which got on my nerves by the end of the two minute interview. Not sure if I can stand to see her for a full hour."

I can honestly say that I cannot stand Jade. She looked like a Kandy raver kid most of the time, looking more like a teenager than a woman. As a boy, he creeped me out and as a girl he failed to impress. Seeing as he is the only person to go four weeks not being in the top or bottom, Id say that she could be one of the most forgettable queens who lasted past the first three weeks. Pity.

Last for this entry Ivy Winters.

"This was one of my top picks based on the photos released prior to the interviews. She's not too camp and not to fish looking, and that colorful dress is giving me everything. Her laugh is a bit annoying. I am really feeling her, but I'm not sure how far she will go in the competition, especially with some of the bigger names in the show already. She does have being a costume designer going for her though, that is if they go back to the season three sewing madness challenges."

 Ivy, Ivy, Ivy. I wish that you had gone all the way. You had the skills and the look. Why did you get booted before you truly could shine? There was a budding romance with Jinkx going on in the final episode she appeared in. Unfortunately for Ivy, the sewing challenges are all but gone (as they were week after week in season three), or else she probably would have won this whole thing.

So next week we get another new episode. Judging by the timing, I'd say that they will be announcing a girl returning to the competition very soon as this usually happens around the top four or top five. Who do you think should come back? Check out my first roundup and let me know who of the seven eliminated queens deserves a return.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

MYPHNH(BS) - Amy Weber

All too often, the talented artists out there are constantly bordering on stardom, but can't seem to make that one last leap into the big leagues. They may be on the charts and causing a stir on the net, but they haven't found their way onto the radio. This is exactly where most of my favorites seem to be -- in a musical limbo. It's my job to help them as much as I can. With that being said, let me introduce you to one of my new favorites -- Amy Weber.

Amy has this undeniable beauty that is often people's first draw to her. Seeing as she's doing her best to balance her music with her budding film career, it's no wonder why this is the way it is. She actually reminds me of Nicole Scherzinger, having a very racially ambiguous look, and having a wide appeal to men (and women, for that matter).

But let me go ahead and say that she isn't just a beauty. As shown by her most popular song to date "Let It Rain" (shown above), she has a great voice to go along with her image. The song is a very soft sounding pop track, summoning thoughts of The Saturdays from my days when British music was everything to me. This girl, though? She is straight out of Illinois, from a city that isn't too far from the place I call home. That makes her even better in my book.

Her newest song, "Dance of Life" is a much more electronic song, catching her up to the present day's radio-ready singles. This song is actually a lot like what you would hear on the radio, quality included, which really surprises me that it hasn't blown up yet. The song has been out since November of 2012 and has only wracked up a few hundred views on YouTube. Let's correct that by watching it now!

With a beat as catchy and voice as strong as that, it seems it is only time before it catches on. I am simply doing my part in spreading the word. With a new movie premiering on DVD this month and no signs of either her modeling or music careers slowing down, I'm sure that things will only go up for Amy from here.

Check out her body of work on iTunes.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dragonette's New Video "Run Run Run"

I may be a little late on this one, but I do my best not to miss any news from Dragonette. They released a great album late last year, and they aren't backing down with it yet. "Run Run Run" is the latest single off of "Bodyparts" and they've released a brand new video.

This video is actually pretty interesting and unique. By that I mean it is entirely shot from the same angle, as lead singer Martina makes he way through various situations and scenes. All of the camera shots are shown straight on, only occasionally deviating from this. The journey is mostly played in reverse, showing you her night out, and how she got the various stains and messes that she is present with towards the beginning of the video.

While "Run Run Run" isn't the first song I would have liked to see made into a music video, it certainly wasn't far down the list. This is clearly one of the stronger tracks on the entire album, making it an easy seller while also showcasing a different side of the group after their staple of being an electro-pop band from the previous entries.

It still isn't clear if the "Bodyparts" era of Dragonette is coming to a close. They could very well still make other videos from this pristine album (anybody else wanna see what "Riot" would be like?). All I can say is that this video was perfectly timed to bring people back in just as the album was starting to lose attention from both the music and blogging worlds. Bravo, guys. You've won me over yet again.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Official: The Hush Sound Is Back!

Yes, my friends. One of the most influential bands on my teen years has finally come back together to release their first new material in five years. I can't even begin to explain how excited this makes me. So why don't we just move right into it?

Over the past few days, The Hush Sound have been pushing their new material across various websites -- a soundcloud link here and a behind-the-scenes YouTube look there. This new material had dropped seemingly out of nowhere. All we had to go on were eye witness accounts from their recent tour.

Then it dropped. The new double A-side single (they call a 7 inch) has been dropped on the fanbase available exclusively via their official website. The band has become known for switching up their sound from album to album (from indie to jaunty to blues), so it's no surprise that the new material is of a genre we haven't heard from them yet.

The two tracks "Not at Stranger" and "Scavenger" offer up a much more raw and indie feel than we've seen from the group before. The first of the tracks focuses on Bob on vocals while the second moves on to showcase Greta. The group is known for it's dual vocalists, and it's nice to see this carry over to the new era.

Also announced exclusively on a site called The A.V. Club was a full list of their upcoming East Coast/Midwest tour (as well as a SoundCloud link of "Not A Stranger"). The dates are as follows:

May 14—Webster Hall—New York, New York
May 15—Theatre Of The Living Arts—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 16—Royale—Boston, Massachusetts
May 17—9:30 Club—Washington, DC
May 18—Amos Southend—Charlotte, North Carolina
May 19—The Loft—Atlanta, Georgia
May 21—The Social—Orlando, Florida
May 22—Culture Room—Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
May 23—The State Theatre—St. Petersburg, Florida
May 25—Trees—Dallas, Texas
May 26—Fitzgerald’s—Houston, Texas
May 27—The Parish—Austin, Texas
May 29—Firebird—St. Louis, Missouri
May 30—Blue Note—Columbia, Missouri
June 1—Mill City Nights—Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 2—The Rave—Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 4—Metro—Chicago, Illinois
June 5—A&R Music Bar—Columbus, Ohio
June 6—Altar Bar—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 8—Grog Shop—Cleveland, Ohio

Guess who is going to the May 29 St. Louis show!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hyper Crush Gives Us Visions (Of Coleco)

Hyper Crush has returned to us. There is a God! Ok, so it was bound to happen sooner or later, especially seeing as their last album did incredibly well for an independent label and they've been making music video after music video. Actually, they haven't really gone anywhere, but this is a new song. Just let me have this, damnit!

Everything about this video is sexy. Ever since "Maniac" the theme of Hyper Crush has been Sex Sells, and really that remains true. But what I can say is at least sex isn't everything they are about -- just their videos. And I'd also like to add that they do sex very well. With queen bee Holly Valentine fronting this new image backed by newly buff Donny and hunky Preston, they definitely have got that down pat.

As for "Visions of Coleco", the video is phenomenal. They feature a lot of animals, most prominently a panther that is incredibly adorable. I have to say their use of animals more in a nurturing sense as opposed to as exploitation is admirable. Plus did I mention that panther is adorable? Sadly, most of the focus is on the animals, leaving the video to not have a lot of action in it. It consists of a lot of slow motion shots of each member alone with little to no interaction with each other.

On a side note, this has only made my crush on Preston worse.

I have to say in all honesty that this song is not their best. It reminds me a lot of "Chead" and "The Foundation" from their latest album "Night Wave". There is not much focus on the lyrics, as they repeat themselves to a close to obnoxious amount, but instead on the beat. The beat itself isn't even their trademark electro-pop-rap they've become famous for, but is instead a more straight up electronic-house mesh that doesn't carry as wide of an appeal.

Is this video/song combo enough to derail me from loving Hyper Crush? Hell no. The video and song may not be their best, but that doesn't mean it's not top quality. The song is already confirmed as being a non-album single anyway, meaning that this may not have any influence on their next album. Even if they continue in this direction, I will still support them because they make quality music, and I still have enjoyed "Visions of Coleco" a great deal -- perhaps just not as much as some of their other tracks from their body of work.

You can grab the track from iTunes.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap - Scent Of A Queen

Just so we are clear, if you don't like Aubrey O'Day you can get out. Like right now. Oh lord. You can expect to see a lot of fanboying for her in this review. I'll try and keep it classy. Try.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sorry I Missed It - Shockolady "Hello"

It's been a while since I have done a "Sorry I Missed It" segment, mostly because I feel that with the slow start to the year, I've been pretty on top of my spectrum of artists. Fortunately, when I do miss something awesome, people are never shy to let me know. That's exactly how I found out about Shockolady.

In case you aren't familiar with her, Shockolady is a rising star over in the UK. How big is she? Well she supported The Steps on their reunion tour. If you don't know who The Steps are, we can't be friends. No, really.

This video, released in early January, is a very interesting piece. As a whole, it is very fashion forward, and might remind people of an early Gaga video, only amped up to eleven. A lot of the video actually reminds me of the new adaption of Tron, having lots of technological and reflective based outfits.

"Hello" is a very upbeat and fun track. It brings to mind XELLE's hot song "Hologram" with it's catchy hook of "Hella hella hella -- Hello". The verses, sang in a very hushed voice, cause a unique comparison and make the chorus pop even more. On the down side, it makes the lyrics as well as the meaning of the song harder to comprehend.

That hook makes it so worth it, though.

The single is not out as of now in the US, so enjoy the video over and over so she can crank those numbers up!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mason Black's First Music Video "This Too Will Pass"

Mason Black has been a good friend of mine for a long time now and a huge supporter of the site as well. Recently he revealed to me that he was doing his first music video, and it was all I could do to contain my excitement. Without further ado, allow me to introduce to you for your viewing pleasure "This Too Will Pass" -- Mason Black's first music video.

I know what you are thinking. For those of you who haven't been paying attention to my posts on this artist, he has hopped genres and become a country music singer these days. Although it doesn't exactly fit in as far as this being a pop-dominated blog, but it's my damn site and I'll post what I please. And it also helps that this very song came in a close second for Song of the Year in the Universal Conquest Awards last year.

The video focuses mostly on what the video is about -- that low point that we all feel in our lives. It has a lot of solemn looking shots of Mason in some pretty depressing states. A few times he resorts to drinking as an escape, others he just wanders the streets. In the end, however, he reminds us that even if you feel that you are at the end of your rope.

On a personal note, I have to say I am incredibly proud of Mason. Would I have liked to see a video for one of the hot tracks from "The Sinner EP"? Yes, but that is in the past now. Things are moving forward and up. I'm really happy to see how far you've come, friend. Keep it up.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Natalia Kills Is A Problem

To be specific, she is a goddamn problem. At least that is what she is portraying to the world in her new song. Yes, you heard me right. Natalia Kills is back. She is back, and you are going to like it!

Dear lord I am so happy to have Natalia Kills back with new music. Her debut "Perfectionist" has been a constant part of my musical rotation since even before it's US release, so you can imagine how hungry I've been for more. Late last year she released a promo single titled "Controversy", but nothing had come of the project until a week ago, out of the blue, she started promoing hard a new single called "Problem", the lead single for her second studio album "Trouble".

My thing with this single is that it's not exactly something we haven't heard from her per-say, but it is something we didn't hear much of on her debut. This single follows more in line with one of her first released tracks "Zombie" focusing more on slow pulsing beats driven by dark and brooding lyrics. Gone is most of the techno-pop we've been hearing from her over the past two years and in it's place is hard rock with a hard focus on drums and guitar.

The song's lyrics focus on her persona of being a hard chick. She claims to be a good girl, but her rep shows that she is nothing but a problem. The self mockery makes for an interesting track, especially juxtaposed to the back track's edgier rock style.

While we can't really base an entire album based off of one track (again I bring up "Zombie" being the odd one out on her debut album "Perfectionist"), but I think this, combined with promo track "Controversy" -- which is reportedly confirmed to be on the new album -- show a definite shift in focus as far as her spectrum of music goes.

There is no official release date for her new album "Trouble", but for now, hold yourself over by buying "Problem" on iTunes

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Interview: Vivienne Pinay Gives The T

Last week, I had spoken with one of the most memorable queens from this season of RuPaul's Drag Race, Honey Mahogany. Now, in true TOTU style, I am flipping the table and speaking with the other half of the world's most shocking reality TV elimination, Vivienne Pinay. There was so much that the show didn't capture from her, but you bet your ass I got the story. Check it!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap - RuPaul Roast

Can you believe it's been a full week? This week has flown by, and I almost didn't realize it was time for a new episode. This week is full of surprises. I open up to the possibility of liking a queen I've previously detested (only a little, though), and a couple of background girls take center stage. All this, and lots of pictures of Alyssa, of course. Bitch turns it. Let's start, shall we?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ricardo Autobahn Releases "Rasterscan"

It's not often that I talk about music without lyrics, but sometimes something just strikes you as so cool you can't help but talk about it. From one of the masterminds behind the crazy pop duo Spray comes another release under the name Ricardo Autobahn. This album may not be exactly what you are expecting coming in from the Spray fandom, but hell if it isn't worth a listen.

Each of the tracks on "Rasterscan" are not named, but numbered. The single for the release is "Part Two" (shown above) and is one of the most addicting songs on the album. "Rasterscan" is a romp through the world of early gaming. Described as "an 8-part instrumental album – in the vein of classic synthesiser albums from the late 70s/early 80s", this collection of songs has a lot of appeal for today's market. And it's released just in time for you to watch in tandem with Wreck It Ralph!

Honestly this release was a big step out of my comfort zone, but with the gentle nudgings of a couple of friends, I gave it a listen. I  was not disappointed, to say the least. Actually, I was going into it expecting to hear instrumental Spray tracks, but it was quite different. They posted on their official Facebook "It's entirely instrumental, but does have "intermittent" "vocal" "appearances" from Jenny so it's probably about 1.66% a Spray release." Thus, fans should be warned, they are going into something quite different than what they may be expecting. 

I think the main reason the album is so catchy is that it draws on a lot of nostalgia. The album has a lot of the same styles of music that early video games had, and since they are classics, virtually everyone regardless of age has played them. It also draws on a lot of spacey type music from classic sci-fi moves, making it a double whammy for all those nerds out there. I guess what I'm trying to say is I LOVE THIS ALBUM OH LORD.

It came out today, and thus you can buy your copy on iTunes! If you need more proof, check out the sampler below.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Video Review - Kwanza Jones + Pollo Del Mar "Made U Look"

It has become tradition in the past two years to review the videos that talented vocalist Kwanza Jones releases. Why stop now? This time around she has paired up with famous San Francisco drag queen Pollo Del Mar to bring us the video for "Made U Look", a bonus track off of her newest album "SUPERCHARGED". This video is like nothing you've seen from Kwanza before. Brace yourselves. She is indeed going to make you look -- probably twice.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

XELLE (Finally) Releases "Hologram" Official Video

Dear lord it is about time. I love these girls, but it was so hard to wait month after month for this video to come out, and now that it is here, it's overwhelming. Why is that? Because it's not just one music video, but upwards of twenty. Still don't get it? Watch the first part and then take a screen shot of your reaction.

Yeah. This video is a choose your own adventure. The first choice is to decide which place to go to search for clues. Choose wisely, because Martha's life is at stake! Over the course of several videos, depending on which destination you choose to go, you will figure out where she has been taken, and by who. The XELLE girls are the modern day Charlies Angles -- and Ronny makes one hot Lucy Liu.

My experience with the video has been a bit of a trip. My first "playthrough", my love for JC lead me down a downward spiral where I ended up with her breathing heavily and apologizing for failing in her mission. My second time around was different, but I don't want to give away what happens.

While other artists have used the "Click here for another video" option they integrated a while back by including bloopers or alternate takes, none have taken it to the extreme that XELLE has. This series of videos makes for the first ever interactive music video, putting Gaga's extensive videos to shame. It may not have been exactly what I had expected when they teased that it was something that had never been done before, but it certainly was a great turnout.

What ending did you get your first time through? How did you go about saving everyone's favorite Weather Girl?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Album Review - Colette Carr "Skitszo Part 3"

Here we are again. Two months have already passed since the last installment of Skitszo, and it is again time for my bi-monthly review. cCarr has been pushing this album very hard, and she has an amazing fan base that has been waiting patiently as the time creeps by. This week, part three hit the net, and people are eating it up. Let's take a look -- oh and don't mind my poorly edited album cover.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kim Smith's Sexy Video For "Jealous"

Kim Smith may have only popped up on my radar a few short weeks ago, but he is already pinning my attention down. He has recently released the sexy new music video for his debut song "Jealous" and it has a lot going for it. Mostly because he's freaking hot! Check it.

OK, now watch this video and tell me he's not sexy. You can't do it, can you? Kim's "Jealous" is mostly a mashup of him singing his own track, but for this situation it works. It reminds me a lot of Tokyo Black's "Steal The Night" but with more muscular men attached to it. Of the lot, my favorite look has to be the suspenders go, where he has the leather arm straps. Gotta love a man in suspenders. Someone back me up on this!

This video also proves that Australians are among the hottest people ever.

My favorite part is that we get to hear the original version of this song. Before, he was teasing everyone by only releasing a remix. While I like the mix, it's always great to hear the song how it was originally recorded, and introducing everyone with a remix instead of a original mix was a very ballsy move. I'm not 100% sure this move worked, but what I can say is that it left me checking back for the original. I guess in a way that works, right?

The video is hot and so is the song. You can hop on iTunes worldwide and buy this track.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Interview: Honey Mahogany Is Sticky And Sweet

Honey Mahogany may have been booted from the ever growing in popularity RuPaul's Drag Race, but she certainly isn't letting that get her down. She still has extensive touring to do, music to write, and a little interview to give this blogger right here. Check out my chat with Honey, getting the deets on her music, TV experience, and of course, finding out what she meant by notorious San Francisco comment.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap - Can I Get An Amen?

The time has come for one more queen to go home (probably). It's also the first week where things are starting to get tough. Wonder why? Well this week's challenge is insane for one, and there's non-stop drama. Let's just get into it, shall we? Week six: The singing challenge.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hyper Crush Side Project MVTH + New Song Coming Soon

Hyper Crush is back, bitches. After taking a bit of a break, they are ready to jump back into action, and in more ways than one. Who is ready for more Hyper Crush action? This blogger is, and you should be, too.

First up, we have the announcement that Preston and Donny have decided to work on their own side project called MVTH. Unlike Hyper Crush, this project is focused on making club beats. No lyrics, just music. Recently, the released their first track called "Wide Body (Burn The Fire)", and it is already climbing up the Beatport charts where it was released exclusively.

While it's not exactly something I am overly into, I have a great amount of respect for all three of the members of Hyper Crush. I can also appreciate the song from a technical standpoint, as I have seen before how hard it is to produce a track. Being their first release I am willing to wait things out and see where this venture goes. You can listen to and buy the track here.

Meanwhile, the main group released this.

This video gives next to nothing away about the video, but it gives us a clean one minute chunk of the new song. "Visions of Coleco", a pun on the old school gaming system ColecoVision, is the new song and video coming from Hyper Crush later this month. It looks like for any more info on this release, we are going to have to wait until March 19.

No word yet on whether this will be the lead single to a new album or if it will simply be another promotional track like many of the singles released between their first and second albums.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Album Review - Kwanza Jones "SUPERCHARGED"

It is finally here. After literally years of waiting for this album to surface, Kwanza has finally delivered. "SUPERCHARGED" has arrived and is already making waves. This album is sexually charged, and ready to make everyone get up on their feet. If you listen to this album sitting down, you are definitely doing it wrong. Let's get this party started, shall we?