Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Song of the Month - Natalia Kills "Saturday Night"

Did this really surprise anyone? Actually, it might have. In my review for the song, I noted a few things such as it not feeling like a full single or not being as strong as her initial tracks for the new album. I was wrong. "Saturday Night" is one of my favorite tracks, and it has grown on me an insane amount. That is why this song is July's Song of the Month!

I can't exactly put my finger on what it is that makes this song so amazing. It isn't the typical pulsating and growling type of track that Kills has shifted her focus to. Instead, this piece is a shining example of how a true story can make for a powerful song. Natalia has come out and said that many of the tracks from her new album are events or memories from her life, and this is no different. "Saturday Night" in particular is based off of her experience as a young teenager having to bounce from home to home as her wealthy parents shuffled her around the globe. It all seemed surreal, and all she wanted was a taste of normalcy.

What is really great about the song is that if you hadn't known about her life, you could still piece together what happened without her outright telling you. The power of lyrics is an amazing thing, and well written ones don't have to come out and spell everything out for the listener. This shows a definite change from her first album, which did have more complex writing, but was about more superficial things (pun intended).

This looks to be the last taste we will get of her new album Trouble before it's September 3rd release. Thus far, between this song, "Problem", and "Controversy", it's looking to be a well rounded sound, and seems to be staying true to her promises she made for the album. Now all we can do is wait... and listen to this song over and over for another month.

The song is up on iTunes for your enjoyment! Grab it now to tide you over until the full album.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Natalia Kills New Album Info Released

Finally! I've been on the lookout for this info for months, but she had been keeping everything secretive for so long. It's about time she threw us fans a bone and gave us what we want. What we craved was simple: a release date. Well she's given us that. She's given us that and much, much more.

CherryTree Records, the label for Kills and many other of my favorite artists, released the floodgates today with info on Trouble. Let's start with the obvious. Above is the official album artwork for the release. I have a bit of mixed feelings for it, because she seemed to shift her style recently to a more dark glamor style, but the cover comes across as a bit gothic and over-shopped. That being said, I really like the use of pinks, and how all the items they crammed into the picture really fit with the lyrics of the singles that have been out so far.

Next, we got a release date. Are you ready for this one? Her second album, Trouble, is due out September 3rd. That means we pretty much only have a month to wait. No bull like with the last album where she says a certain date, and then it turns out to be a Europe only release date. This time we are getting it, too.

Last? Oh, last we have the full track listing. Wanna see? Well check it out! (Note: When listed on the CT website, they were not numbered, meaning the order may be subject to change.)

“Stop Me,”
“Boys Don’t Cry,”
“Daddy’s Girl,”
“Saturday Night,”
“Devil Don’t Fly,”
“Out Of Time,”
“Rabbit H***,”
“Watching You,”
“Marlboro Lights”

I can't even tell you how happy I am "Controversy" made the list. I know it should have been obvious that it would be there, but since it was released so early on, it could have easily been a promotional single. We have both of the other singles, which isn't a surprise. I, for one, am excited to hear the title track, as well as "Daddy's Girl" which may explain more of what we saw during the events of "Saturday Night"s music video. On a side note, does anyone else know what "Rabit H***" is going for? The only word I could think of would be "hole" but I'm not sure why that would be censored.
There you have it. We got a lot of news on Natalia today. Maybe it will pop up as a pre-order on iTunes or something so we can preview the tracks. You can expect me to hop on a review asap for this one. We've been waiting, and now we don't have much longer to go.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Abi Ann Can't Stop Daydreaming In Her New Video

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. Abi Ann is totally adorable. I had mentioned her new single "Daydreaming" once before, but now we have something even better -- a video. There's nothing like seeing a song that you've grown to love come to life, and having the wait in between might have even made this moment even sweeter. Let's look at the romantic little tale known as "Daydreaming".

This video has a lot going for it. It is cute (see above), it's believable, and it's relatable. I honestly think that every girl has been there (and most gays, too). There's a cute boy from across the room that you have next to no intention of actually approaching, but you sure are going to imagine the hell out of what it would be like to have him. Think of it as Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" video, but without the awful twist ending.... that I kind of loved.

In the video, Abi spots a guy from across the library, and proceeds to imagine herself with him. What's really sweet and captivating is that she doesn't imagine things in your typical "we're in love now!" sort of way. One of her daydreams focuses on the two in Bonnie and Clyde outfits, riding away in a car with crayon drawings for backgrounds. Another one of her imaginings is the two of them bonding on a ranch. They aren't what you are used to seeing in music videos (unless maybe you're a huge country music fan, then you can shut up).

As for the negative, I have to say that it does end up feeling a bit Taylor Swift-y. It wasn't the implementation that felt odd, it was the idea itself. I feel like I've seen this entire plot before in a Taylor Swift video. You know, the one where she calls the guy's girlfriend a whore and ruins their relationship for her own gain? But at least here the guy is presumed single. Though the idea seems overdone, she does bring a different light to it, showcasing sweetness over sex appeal, which I believe will set her apart in the long run.

Yeah, don't even try and tell me you don't perv over CRJ. You'd be lying.

If you love the song as much as I do, grab a copy on iTunes! (Note: This version of the video is apparently the "Deluxe Country" version. I kind of like it better. Don't tell the pop Gods I said that.)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Clare Maguire Stuns With New "Paper Thin"

It's been a long while since I've heard anything out of Clare Maguire. As a matter of fact, I'd almost forgotten I'd signed up for her email list. Thankfully she didin't forget I had (or rather her website's automated system didn't) and it informed me she'd put up a new track on SoundCloud. Oh lord did she ever. Check out "Paper Thin".

This song is so emotional and soulful! Running a bit longer than most singles these days, it has more ups and downs than any track I've had come my way in a long time. It starts out as a slower piano piece, with simple electronic drums and a repeating piano part. Slowly, it evolves into something more, and even gets more uptempo and poppy at the end.

What really makes not only the song, but Clare herself stand out is that she has an amazing soulful voice. She reminds me of other famous British voices such as Adele and Amy Winehouse, The song isn't the most moving thing on it's own, but Clare makes it moving. The bit she repeats towards the end "I couldn't get through to you" has her voice shaky, raw, and real. There aren't effects added on in post production. She doesn't need them. She's got talent -- and the views to prove it! (I'm talking 10,000 in just two days).

To be honest, this isn't the first track she's posted since the last time we've seen her, but it is the most promising. This is the most polished of the four on her Soundcloud, and the only one not marked as a demo, which gives me hope that we may get an even more stunning version of this song as her next single. It's about time she throws out a new single. We've been waiting, lady. Please deliver to us soon!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chelsea Korka Is Back!

Oh my god. I can't believe I missed this last month. I am the world's worst fan ever. Chelsea Korka is an amazingly talented singer that was once part of one of the greatest unknown girl groups of all time. Now she's solo, and it's been a good while since she's released anything solid. Thankfully we have "Save Me" to, well, save us.

First off this cover is gorgeous. I was hoping that it might be a music video tie-in, but it's not looking overly likely due to the gap between it's original release and today's date. Fortunately, we did get a lyric video with a bit of footage shoehorned in, so it's almost like having a music video. Her last EP deserved a video or two, but nothing came of it. Hopefully things will start to change for her.

This single fits right in with her sound. She doesn't seem to be budging from her pop/r&b mix that she's developed. What I really like about the song is it's constant tempo changes. One moment it will be slower and mild, and when the chorus kicks in fully, it speeds up and gets much more upbeat. About half way through the song we get that distinct C. Korka roar as she picks up the vocals to another level. That is exactly why I love her.

Story wise, it's pretty simple. The track is about being far too enthralled with a boy and needing to be rescued. I believe it's about being in a bad relationship, and having another guy come along to pull you out of the madness and return you to normalcy. It may not be the best message to send, but it is a viable option for some. Honestly I could care less what the track is actually about, as long as I get to hear her amazing voice.

You can grab the track from iTunes. Also check out the lyric video below!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ellie Goulding Drops Single Version Of "Burn"

Here's a secret for you guys. I love me some Ellie Goulding. I was very shocked when her album didn't really go anywhere... until way after it's initial release when it completely blew up for some reason. Regardless, she's a big deal in the US now, and she's determined to make her latest album Halcyon just as much of a success. Check out the latest single from the album "Burn".

I am very glad to see this turned into a single and video. This was one of my top picks off of the album, and with three other tracks chosen before it, chances were looking slim for it to get picked up. Lucky for me, it did, and it has a beautiful music video to go along with it.

The track is a mid-tempo track, focusing heavily on her light vocals, while tossing in a lot of voice effects. It is all about positivity in being yourself and shining on your own. I like her approach to it as opposed to other mainstream divas such as Katy Perry or Ke$ha in that the song can be interpreted, but she doesn't exactly spell it out. Yes, it's a song about individuality, but it's a bit more complex than "Baby you're a firework" or "We are who we are".

The video is a gorgeous addition to bring it to life. While not exactly the most exciting thing on the internet, it does it's job well of showcasing Ellie, and after a half-album full of singles, it looks like this is her track to wind down with. That being said, it's not like she's giving up on Halcyon. "Burn" is looking to be the lead-in track for the redone version of the album called Halcyon Days, which apparently features re-recorded tracks, as well as some that were only available previous in deluxe editions.

For now, you can grab the track on iTunes.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Todrick Hall And Pentatonix Give The Wizard Of Oz New Life

Let's face it. Todrick Hall is a freaking genius. First the gay Disney princes video, then the ghetto version of Mean Girls, and now he's redoing The Wizard of Oz as "The Wizard of Ahhhs" (not to be confused with the similarly titled EP by Black Kids). It's like he's crawled into my brain and made everything I've ever wanted from YouTube spring to life -- and this stuff isn't getting taken down for copyright infringement!

Basically this is a melody of famous songs, both old and new, but remixed together to make them one long song. Songs include "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry, "Can't Be Tamed" by Miley Cirus, and "Damaged" by Danity Kane. Oh and Kelly's "Shoes" is tossed in there for good measure. All of the songs are fit in so they seem to be talking about the plot of the movie, which is really genius. Some of the selections have minor tweaks to fit them in better lyrically, but overall they fit insanely well.

The production values on this were insane, too. The costumes look amazing, and both the visual and audio qualities are amazing. This must have taken a long time to prepare, and with over two million views in a week, things seemed to have payed off. The members of Pentatonix have some amazing voices, and they fit together very well.

The best part of the video has to be the wrapup at the end. Most of the comments on the video agree with me that including the clips from the original movie at the end was a very nice touch. The very Rent-esque bare-set vocalists-in-font-of-a-curtain ending was very risky, but it payed off and made the video complete. There's not a lot to talk about plot wise, because everybody knows the plot of The Wizard Of Oz, but the few spins they did put on it, such as the much more elaborate and confident Wizard (I mean it was played by Todrick. You really think he was going to be timid?), were nice, but not enough of a separation to really make a fuss over.

As of now the track is not up on iTunes. This is actually something I would want in my collection, so I'm hoping they put it up, but since it's a mashup of covers, I don't know if they can do so. For now enjoy the YouTube version and wrack up more hits for this amazing and talented artist.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adam Barta and Pandora Boxx Take It To Grindr (In New Video)

Oh my. I don't know exactly what to say about this one. When Adam told me he was teaming up with one of my top queens, Pandora Boxx, I was excited. It was a bit of a speedy process, especially for the indie music scene, and now we've got the final product. "Knew You Seemed Shady!" may not be a masterpiece, but it's pretty damn entertaining.

This video is hilarious. The song is all about Grindr and the terrible people that inhabit it. Ok, so it's not exactly fair to say everyone from Grindr is rancid, but most of them seem to be. Consider yourself lucky if you meet someone substantial on there. Anyway, the track showcases a bunch of crazy people (including one of my favorite queens Isis Vermouth, who hasn't been on RPDR but should be) who aren't who they say they are. There's the busted queen, the guy who lies about his age, and the creepy fetish man. That about sums it up.

Another great thing about this video is it's pretty much a fangasm for anybody who's invested any amount of time in RuPaul's Drag Race. It features a ton of the girls across the majority of the seasons. The list includes Sharon Needles, Phi Phi O'Hara, Manila Luzon, Shangela, Alyssa Edwards, Coco Montrese, Ivy Winters, Mimi Imfurst, Jade Jolie, Vivienne Pinay, Morgan McMichaels, and Milan.

The only complaint I have about the video is that it didn't feel as polished as the rest of either artist's work. The video was fun and campy, but felt a bit off, whether it was the type of camera it was shot on or lighting on set I am not sure, but visually it wasn't at the standards I'd expected. The editing was well done, and it had great direction, but the quality itself is where the video suffered.

As for the song itself, it's a fun relaxed comedy track. What else did you expect from Pandora? She really stole the show with this one, too, having the funniest lines including her saying she would walk all four thousand some-odd miles to the guy, and at the end of the song obnoxiously asking if they were done yet. Adam wasn't completely left in the dust. He had some funny lines and definitely had the upper hand when it came to singing. The two balanced out surprisingly well, creating for an interesting duo and a catchy track.

As of now, the track is not up on iTunes. I will keep you all posted!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Manila And Jinkx Team Up For New Song

I was originally going to wait until the full track was out, but the internet seems to be going literally insane over this track already, so I figured I'd hop on it as soon as possible. It looks like Manila has enlisted fellow RPDR alumni and current crown holder Jinx Monsoon to help out with her new track. What do they have in store for us? Well it is Manila Luzon we are talking about, so it's bound to be crazy!

NewNowNext broke the story (that Manila had already basically given away on her Facebook), and people are very excited over this one. Since it's not show-related, we get to hear about it before hand, instead of it appearing out of nowhere like "The Chop". They seem to have put a lot of time and energy into this one, and I for one am beyond excited for it's release.

Jared Jones, who also produced "The Chop", had apparently sent Manila a new song he wanted her to record. Manila was hesitant about there being a rap part, so she decided to have a feature instead. Who better to rap in a drag queen song than another drag queen? And who better to ask than the one queen who rivals even Sharon Needles's popularity? Personally I think this was a genius move, especially since they both capture camp without being one-note with it.

Which brings me to the topic of the video. This is pretty much all they gave away. There was no snippet of the song in the interview, just the two talking. Apparently they are fairy drag mothers... who rap... and dress up like Spongebob and Patrick. I have no idea how all of those things really go together, but I can NOT wait to see Jinkx's Patrick Star outfit. They've got some other looks, such as partiers and workout spandex. Ivy Winters had a hand in some of the costuming, which wasn't much of a surprise given her closeness with Manila lately.

So who is excited for this song? It's not Manila's only track coming out. She has a song with gay rapper Cazwell coming up, and she's been hinting on Facebook of another project that is coming to realization. Manila is not going to let 2013 go to waste, it seems. That's good for me because in my heart, Manila won both season three and All Stars!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Reality TV Review: RHNJ Season Five Episode 7

Back again for another week. These episodes seem to come out so fast, but I just can't keep myself from watching like an addicted drug addict. Is it possible to be literally addicted to reality TV? Not just any reality TV, but Bravo in general? Well while I get mental help, you can read my recap of the latest episode. This one was crazy, but then again, which aren't these days?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Osvaldo Supino Shows Us His Radio

Oh, Osvaldo. I haven't been following you for long, but already you've been mentioned on the site three or more times now. How is that possible? I tell you it's possible because this guy never slows down. He released an EP last month, and he's already on the move to release a video for the next single off of it. Let's watch the video clip for "Ma Radio".

I have to say this wasn't my first pick for a single. I don't even think it was the most obvious pick for a single, either. While I like the song, it's highly repetitive chorus really gets to me. What I can say about this release, though, is that the video makes me like the song more -- a lot more.

By this I mean the video is actually really interesting, borderline cute, and something refreshing. Keeping with the much less sex appeal tactic of "I Have A Name", the video for "Ma Radio" focuses less on him shirtless with buff men and more on having fun. He spots various situations where the people are bored or stressed, and he literally slams his boom box down by them and makes them start dancing. Strangely enough, the ladies don't seem to have a lot of rhythm, but those construction workers sure knew how to drop it.

This video came as a bit of as surprise, but the fans have already reacted. Apparently his homepage was flooded to the point of the server going down in order to see the video. YouTube has only clocked around 900 views, but as anyone who's ever posted a video on YouTube knows, they take forever to update their counts. I guess it will be another couple of days before we see the real results here.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Album Review - The New Futures "Radioactive"

The New Futures are one of the bands I've had my eye close on for the past few months. They have been moving quickly, and gaining a lot of momentum. Without wasting any time, they've unleashed their first EP onto the internet entitled Radioactive, and they are ready get you up and jamming.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Regina Spektor Is Back WIth New TV Theme

I can honestly say I haven't covered Regina Spektor on TOTU before. It's not that I don't like her -- I do -- it's that I haven't had much of a chance to do so in the past. Now that I have the opportunity, I am jumping at it. And you wanna know why? Because it's for one of the greatest TV shows I've seen so far this year. No, I'm not kidding.

I seriously can't get enough of "You've Got Time". I heard it (or at least most of it) at least 13 times as I watched through the series it's attached to, which I'll get to in a moment, and even more times in my car, at my house, and around my "day job". The song is about how prison can change somebody, and to keep in mind that they are still people, even if they'd made bad choices.

This ties in completely with the show it's used as the theme for. Orange Is The New Black is a Netflix Original series based on the book of the same name about a woman named Piper's true story of  her year in prison. The series as phenomenal, has has renewed many people's hopes in Netflix after it's sad revival of fan-favorite Arrested Development. The series has been very well received by viewers and critics alike, and has already been renewed for a second season, which is great because the whole thing ends on a cliffhanger.

The real question is if this show is helping out Regina. Honestly, I think it's the other way around. Seeing a well-known artist like Regina Spektor attached to a project that was based on a book few knew of probably boosted the show's interest as opposed to being the other way around. She is no stranger to having her music on TV, so this was not anything new to her. I do believe this is the first song she's written specifically for a show as opposed to using a previous single, however. It has not been confirmed if "You've Got Time" will be a lead in for an upcoming album, or just a promo single for the show.

Grab the track on iTunes now.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Natalia Kills Shows You A Typical Saturday Night

Natalia Kills has been hinting about her new album Trouble for a good while now. We were told that it would be much more personal than her previous album. We got a little taste with "Problem", but nothing like what we got out of the blue. Without any promotion beforehand, she's dropped a new single and video. Prepare for Ms. Kills to show you a typical "Saturday Night".

This video is a bit hard to watch. Not because it's graphic, but because it feels so true. All that is listed on the Wiki article for her (reliable, right?) is that her parents she came from a wealthy family. Here, we see that though this is true, the family had it's own problems too, and being rich isn't everything. The video implies that her mother was beaten, and her father was into some less than honorable businesses.

During the course of the video, there isn't a lot of action. It's mostly her walking through the same room over and over again, which is quickly revealed to be a stage set, as her parents interact with one another without even noticing her. Towards the end, her father tries to hug her, and her mother reaches out for her, both of whom get rejected instantly. At the end, we are treated with what appears to be a real home video of her at a very young age during one of her birthdays where her family appears perfect. Who knows? Perhaps they were when she was that age.

Video wise, this piece is perfect. It's the song that leaves something to be desired. The writing is spot on, but something about it just didn't click. I guess the nicest way to put it is that the song feels much more important to Natalia than her fans. It seems very personal, like something you'd stick as a bonus track, or further along the album -- think "Heaven" from Perfectionist -- not use as a single. It's a good song, but I don't know if it was something she'd want to release as a single, presumably the last one before her album drops.

Despite my dislike for the particular song's position as a single, I still like it very much. Natalia is showing us a much more vulnerable side, and is becoming a person instead of just another artist. If anybody even mentions her name in the same sentence as Gaga again, may God have mercy on them because they are dead wrong. She's evolved. And maybe, just maybe, she is finally making the music she's yearned to all along.

Grab the track up on iTunes now!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Reality TV Review: RHNJ Season Five Episode 6

It's that time again. This week's episode has come and gone, and I've finally gathered my thoughts on it. What I can say is now that we've got all of our characters down pact (it did take Kathy a couple seasons to "find her place"), it's finally starting to evolve past what it had been before... Nah, I'm just messing with you. It's still just the Teresa Show. Well, what can I say? Enjoy, I guess.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jipsta Is Back With New Single

These gay rappers are what I have been craving lately. I mean I can always imagine other rappers I like (and there are a few I do like) are gay, but it's a totally different ballgame when they actually are. Last week we touched on Cazwell's newest track, and now it's time to talk about the return of Jipsta. It's been far too long.

Oh my GOD Jipsta has evolved into such a fun artist. He took his sweet time piecing together his first album, but this time around he's taken a new approach to his music. Instead of releasing the album single by single, he's taken to the studio, slowly crafting together a new album for us, and this is our first true taste of what is to come. To be honest, the remix released on SoundCloud is more of a preview than an official release, but the song is so addicting, I had to post about it.

"Abracadabra" is the name, and it features talented singer Joe Thompson. Jipsta takes care of the verses, talking about him rocking a club. It sounds a big generic, but with the way Jipsta pounds the raps onto the beat, he could be singing about sitting on the toilet and I'd still find it awesome. Joe shines on the chorus, giving us metaphors only a DJ could spin our way.

In a way, this feels much more mainstream than what we've had from him in the past. This mix at least sounds much more pop-centric than his last album that was settled firmly in house and circuit party styles. I really love this shift, as it fits more firmly into the music I listen to on a regular basis. I don't know if this will dethrone "I'll Take Your Man" for me, but it comes close.

I will update as soon as I get more info on the album's title, release date, and track listing. As of this time, previous single "Moomba Zoomba" has not been confirmed as a track.

You can check out "Abracadabra" for free on SoundCloud. For some reason it won't let me embed this one. Sorry guys!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hyper Crush Is Back With "Rage"

Oh, Hyper Crush. I love you so much. It seems the more I fall in love with them, the more they give. Whether it's new music, new videos, or new side projects, these guys are always doing something. Now they've released their second single off of their upcoming new album. Yeah, it's f**kin' "Rage"!

I've been waiting for this track for a while. They'd been subtly teasing fans about this track since right after the video for "Visions of Coleco" came out. Holly dropped the name in my interview with her, and they posted a picture where with a caption saying they were arguing about how many times they should say the f-word in the new track. And now we have it.

By the way, the answer was they say it a LOT.

This song actually sounds a lot more like something you'd have on The Arcade as opposed to Night Wave. It's poppy, but in more of a bubble video game way as opposed to mainstream radio. The lyrics, however, are far from it. Holly keeps saying she wants a freak who can have sex to the song, and Donny wants to take a girl down to the pool to see her in her bikini. Though it's not confirmed, I can only assume the "woof"s in the background are Preston. I hope they are, anyway.

Sources say that a video is coming very soon for this track, but I couldn't hold off posting about it any longer. It's not exactly my favorite track they've released, but it is a great sound, and gives me hope that we will see many more styles of Hyper Crush past in this new album, due out this fall. Are you ready for Vertigo?

Buy the track now on iTunes.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Album Review - Daniel Robinson "Guesswork"

I am slowly falling in love with Daniel Robinson. His latest single, "Running With The Wolves" totally won me over, and now he's got a full EP that is that same style of music. His presence is magnetic and his music is addicting. That is exactly what Guesswork is all about. Why don't we take a look at this?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sorry I Missed It - Naked Highway's New Video

Sometimes my musical adventures are like a domino effect. It starts with one artist, who leads me to another artist, who leads me to another. Thus is the case of the group Naked Highway. From RuPaul (technically) to Manila Luzon to Jared Jones -- and now Naked Highway. The adventure continues. Now, let's check out their latest video, shall we?

Speaking of Jared Jones, this video is set to the remix version he did for their song "Cause This". I really like the song itself. It sounds a lot like a Depeche Mode song, or maybe even a Blakq Audio song (who, in turn, sound like Depeche Mode). It has a dance beat with very flat and digitalized vocals. The title is also a bit misleading in that they don't repeat it one hundred times like most other pop tracks do.

As for the video, I have to say it's probably the least gay video you'll have seen on this site in a long time. No really. It's still all about the sex, but instead of man on man action, you have man on woman action. Strange coming from me, isn't it? Intertwined with the sex appeal are a lot of shots of the two singers faded over one another. I'm not a fan of this editing choice, but it fits.

This particular video is made up of shots from the original video for it which came out back in March. A few of the original shots were removed, which was probably due to the fact that the original video was over a minute longer than the remix version. The song flows a bit more smoothly in the remixed version as well, keeping it short and sweet.

The Jared Jones mix, along with a ton of other awesome mixes for this track, are up on iTunes.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Album Review - Ms Trez "Beat's Our Guide"

I have been waiting for this album for a good while now. Beat's Our Guide is the debut EP from the up and coming girl group Ms Trez straight out of Sweden. Made up of three beauties, Lorena, Marlene, and Mira, they specialize in harmonies and pure pop music. Not heard of them? Well get ready because this release will give you a pretty good idea of who they are.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Reality TV Review: RHNJ Season Five Episode 5

This show stresses me the hell out. No joke. Sometimes these people's lives just make me that upset. Why is it so hard to just make up and be a family. Well except Jacqueline, who is now crazy and nowhere near my favorite. Also I like Caroline again. These are the days of our lives in New Jersey. Let's see what Episode Five had in store.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Natalia Kills Finally Releases Problem Video

Oh lord it's about time we saw this video. The song has been out for what seems like FOREVER and she's usually pretty good about following through quickly. I guess perfecting the album (which is due out soon, so we are teased) was top priority. Thankfully this did surface now, and we can enjoy it in it's full HD glory. Let's take a look at the official video for "Problem" by Natalia Kills.

What can I say about this track? I've already said most of my piece on the song itself when it first released. This song has been a constant on my playlist and has ushered in a new era of Kills. She no longer will be called a Lady Gaga rip off. She's blossomed far beyond the critics and given us a peek at just how dark and raw her new album "Trouble" is going to be.

The video is a whole different story. I'm not saying it doesn't "fit" the track, it's just certainly not what I had in mind. I was figuring it would be something a bit more outlandish like her previous works (even "Controversy" was pretty crazy looking) but what we got was less crazy and more sexy. It comes as a mixed bag because it wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't what I had expected.

Instead of crazy costumes and beheadings, we get her and another guy being overly sexy. No really. She spends much of the video trying to get away from the cops, but it never really goes far enough to say why they are after her. There are scenes of them in the hotel, in a park, and a convenience store. Visually, it is dark and grainy, which feels more at home given her history of releases, and the whole thing plays out like a classic grindhouse picture. In the end, we are treated to a dramatic scene of her standing over her coat that she set ablaze herself. Perhaps she was burning the evidence away. Perhaps she just wanted a really dramatic shot to end on.

The whole thing plays out very well. I have been a fan of Natalia for a long time, and I'm glad to see her develop into this new sound. My only real complaint is the ridiculous amount of product placement in this short video. They start off with the new Beats Pill, a portable radio by Monster. Then we are treated to an awkwardly long scene of her love interest smoking a Blu electronic cigarette. She also grabs a bottle of Cherry Tree Cola out of the store and starts sipping it. The annoying part is that it's not seamlessly played into it. It's like Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" bad. Instead of the Pill being part of the background they have an obvious closeup of her handling it. And there is a closeup of the guy pulling a cig out of the Blu pack, which lights up by the way for extra obviousness.

At least the Cola was downplayed a lot. I nearly missed it, but it added to my mini-rant.

If you wanna jam to "Problem" in your car, you can pick it up on iTunes.  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Persia and Daddies Plastik Show Us Their Google Apps

The last time we saw Persia she was plotting the kidnap and molestation of Santa. The last time we saw Daddies Plastik was never. Now they've (re?)surfaced to release a new song and video. The track has been up for a couple of weeks but the video is spankin' new for your viewing. Let's all watch "Google Google Apps Apps".

First off let me say that this song just doesn't make sense. Well, kind of. I think the song has something to do with Persia's need to be white. Anyone else get this feeling? I love her ability to make a comedy song that is actually fun to listen to as opposed to a terrible beat with wall to wall jokes. I love the combination of speaking and singing. The part with the Plastik girl begging her "daddy" and the response "For Christmas, girl. For Christmas" was the best thing. Like ever.

The video actually does it great justice. Although it was obviously done on a budget (and my lack of Daddies Plastik knowledge making the faces harder to distinguish), this video is a riot. It starts off using the Google Maps app, and segue into a hot mess of greenscreen madness. For most of the video they are dancing around the screen until the end. The end is where it gets crazy.

All four of these ladyboys take some cakey-white substance that I assume is makeup but am not gay enough to know for sure and start painting their faces. These bitches are taking their xenophobia to an extreme! I kid, of course, but it is a hilarious way to bring the song's hook to life. I really didn't see it coming, and when they stop mid-painting, it makes for an even bigger laugh.

It's nice to see a non-Drag Race queen make some music for a change. Not that I don't love my RPDR gals, but this goes to show that there are funny bitches out there who aren't on TV and still deserve the same attention. Now I got another group to keep an eye out for. And my list of artists grows. Who will be added next?