Monday, April 30, 2012

Song of the Week - Wrecking Ball

Everyone saw this coming. Aubrey O'Day is amazing. This song is amazing. Amazing.

By now, Aubrey O'Day has become a household name. From Making The Band, to All About Aubrey, and now Celebrity Apprentice,  Aubrey is a queen when it comes to reality television, and she is not one to shy away from the lime light. This song is timed so perfectly, coming after her controversial moves on Celebrity Apprentice, but don't let that make you think the song doesn't have any merit to itself.

The song is pure 90's girl pop. The vocals are strong and on point, and the upbeat guitar and drum back beat do a great job of showcasing exactly what O'Day is capable of. The lyrics describe a crumbling relationship that she is ready to break out of. The metaphor or the wrecking ball may have been done before, but Aubrey's powerful voice set this song apart from all the rest. Let's just say there is a reason she was the first pick for Danity Kane. 

I am ecstatic to see her explore genres beyond today's electro-pop, over processed vocals style song. While these songs can be fun, they don't do her justice. Don't get me wrong, "Automatic" was a fun song, but she sounded like a robot for most of the song. "Wrecking Ball" is all about Aubrey being a strong woman both vocally and mentally. This song is exactly what she needs to push her career to the next level.

You can buy the song for yourself on iTunes. For 99cents, you can't really beat it.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Basshunter Shows Off "Northern Lights"

Basshunter has been an emerging artist for a long time now. I can remember first discovering his music before it was even translated into English (or to be more accurate, adapted into English). I have been excited to see more from him, but nothing new has really surfaced in a while. Finally, after all this time we are treated to his newest single, along with it's music video, "Northern Lights."

It may not be exactly what people would come to expect from him, but by damn it will do. The song has been described as much more mainstream than what he has produced in the past, and to be honest, this is true to an extent. What people don't realize is that in order to make music, you have to figure out what people want to listen to, and given that this is a bit of departure from his past, he may be searching for new sounds to call his own.

The video, a continuation of an unfolding storyline from his previous videos, follows a couple who have recently gotten back together as they take a road trip. I guess I didn't find it as interesting because I hadn't followed the story from the start. I felt that he could have had a very interesting video to go along with the song, but decided to give us more samey instead. Oh well. The song is still pretty rocking.

Despite it's weaker video, I feel the song is strong enough to carry it's own weight. It is just mainstream enough to appeal to the general audiences, while still being true enough to it's techno roots. The vocals on the track remain mostly the same, and it gives us a nice preview of what's to come from his next yet-to-be-named album coming this summer.

As of now, the track is not available on iTunes in the US. I'll try and keep everyone updated as to when it is.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nicki Minaj Lands Starships Video

Oh, Nicki Minaj. How I love your random bursts of insanity. Half the time, she puts out rap stuff that I couldn't care less about. The other half of the time, she makes such horrible yet amazing pure pop music that I can't resist. That is basically "Starships" in a nutshell.

I think we can all agree that the song makes no sense at all. The lyrics seem to be picked out of a hat at random even more so than most of Dev's tracks. She goes from riding in her "hoopty-hoopty-hoop", to talking about not paying her rent, to flying starships. Yeah. I have no idea either. The video... well it's pretty much the same thing.

Let me start by saying this video is full of eye candy no matter what you like. You like beefy black dudes in loincloths? You got it. You like busty and curvy green haired women. You sure as hell got it. You like... Wait that is it? Oh, well I'm still satisfied. Nicki lands her spaceship on an island of barely clothed sexy ripped dudes and walks around. That is about all there is to the video.

I can't really explain why, but the song just kind of works. I dont know if I have just come to expect random insanity from her, or if the video really does have a purpose, but I like it nontheless. Actually, now that I think about it, it was probably the loincloths.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Jared Jones Remixes Drag Race Royalty

I've quickly become a fan of Jared Jones. He is becoming popular in the music community, and it's easy to see why. After doing a mix for Ru Paul's smash "Sexy Drag Queen", he has now set his sights on new targets. Jared is releasing not one, but two mixes with queens from the hit TV show Ru Paul's Drag Race, Willam, resident bad girl from season four, and Manila Luzon, the runner up from season three.

First up, he did a special remix of "Trouble", the club single from season four's Willam. I really like this version of the song (which is already available on iTunes!) because it not only extends the depressingly short track, but it also give the song an entire new raw and dancey feel. The clip below won't even do the full track justice, and you can get an even longer preview on iTunes. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think.

His other remix, which has a release date of "very soon" according to Manila, may be the best remix to come from Mr. Jones yet. I love the placement of the vocal notes, using actual bits she sang but rearranging them so that it sounds completely different. I love that it will be a "radio mix" as well, meaning that is a bit more mainstream and keeps the original flow of the song. I have been waiting months for this one, Ms. Luzon, so "very soon" needs to speed up a bit!

Jared Jones has certainly become the go-to mix artist in the gay realm of music. I guess doing exclusives with Ru Paul will do that for you. I hope that he can continue to work with the Drag Race ladies, as well as other up coming artists such as Jipsta (for whom he remixed "Lover Who Rocks You", and did a freaking fantastic job).

Who would you like to see Jared work with next? Any other fabulous mixes I missed? Comment below and let me know!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pob Does Beyonce (The Remix)

I don't usually post about covers here. They happen all the time. Artists who don't have as a big of a musical library will often do covers to get their name out more. Most of the time they are either a carbon copy with a different voice, or a boring acoustic version. This isn't the case. Pob took it a step further -- a cover remix.

I can honestly say the song, Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had", is almost unrecognizable. The remix is done in dubstep style and comes complete with a trippy pop culture inspired video. The song may have once come from Beyonce, but Pob has taken this song, mixed it up, and made it his own.

Pob was part of a short lived yet wildly popular British group Boy Banned. Now he is trying to make it on his own, developing his solo career. He's had some nice solo tracks so far, but this really sets him a notch ahead of his peers. As far as covers go, this one is a definite stand out.

What do you think? If you like, you can give Pob's music another taste with his original tracks via his SoundCloud.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ru Paul's Drag Race - The Final Three

Well, I'm not entirely sure what to say. This week we had probably the most shocking twist of the season. Yes, even more so than Willam's unconventional exit. I don't really have much to say other than I think I'm more angry over a TV show right now than I have ever been in my life.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Song of the Week - Fight Like A Girl

It's been far too long since Emilie Autumn has come out with new music. I know genius takes time, but I was starting to give up hope, but when news comes, it comes in floods. We'll get to the other important bits later. For now, let's talk about her new single, "Fight Like A Girl."

This song picks up right where "Opheliac" left off back in 2009, giving you girl power in it's most raw and intense form. The song talks about a girl going to extremes to defend herself, leading some to believe the song is about a rape victim. Whether or not this is true is up to the listener, but it has a very clear message that the phrase "fight like a girl" is not an insult to Emilie, but actually a compliment.While I am a male, I do believe in female empowerment. The song even has the line "Even if you're only a boy you can still fight like a girl."

This song is every reason why I have loved Emilie Autumn in the past. She isn't afraid to "go there", even leading to her growling in some instances. The instrumental has a distinct change over her previous release, going for a more industrial sound as opposed to her Victorian vibe from before, but the vocals remain strong and distinctive.

This single, along with it's B-side "Time For Tea", which is given to you free of charge when you purchase the single, is just the first taste we are getting of her upcoming album. Sadly no release date is set for it yet, but seeing as she is starring in "The Devil's Carnival" (from the creators of the now cult classic "Repo The Genetic Opera"), it is certainly going to be on it's way quickly.

The song is not yet on iTunes, but you can buy it directly from her website. Two amazing songs for 99 cents. Why not?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Single From Aubrey O'Day Is Coming!

Yup. After talking it up for a few days, Aubrey herself confirmed via Twitter that her new song "Wrecking Ball" will be coming out on Monday, April 23. Now, who's excited?

The timing couldn't be more perfect (or more obvious?) after some serious attention over her heated argument with fellow Celebrity Apprentice castmate Arsenio Hall, she has been in the spotlight. An overwhelming amount of people have shown support for O'Day, and being on a major network (as opposed to the less watched Oxygen channel due to not being carried on all cable providers) is a definite push for her.

The song was penned by Tia Toscano (from season ten of American Idol) and produced home-state hero, another Arkansan David Hodges.  David is best known for his time in Evanescence, as well as working with big name American Idol contestants such as David Archuleta and the original American Idol herself, Kelly Clarkson. Impressive, no?

I'd say the world is ready for more Aubrey. I'm hoping this will be her big comeback, and after a full evening of trending on Twitter, I'd say she is going in the right direction. The odds are in her favor, and now all she needs to do is deliver an amazing track, which should be the easy part.

You can catch the premier of the song on Jay Leno Monday night, and if you miss it, catch it shortly after on iTunes.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bebe Zahara Benet Releases "Dirty Drums"

I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to not like Bebe Zahahra Benet. Long ago (at least it seems that way) she was crowned as the very first winner of Ru Paul's Drag Race, she turned heads and helped change the views of not only a nation, but a very special blogger. Now, Bebe is putting effort into a music career, giving the world something to dance to.

This being the third single from Bebe, she has the music thing pretty much down. Naturally, the song is very polished and very likable. I was surprised, honestly, to discover that she hadn't released a full album yet. She has been making music since 2009, but we have only seen sporadic singles over the years.

The song itself is very African inspired, much as the cover art. It is a track that you could take straight to the club and dance to all night. And just in case you want something to make you shake it even more, it comes packed with an extended version and a remix.

I, for one, am glad to see Bebe re-surface. The queens from the very first season of Drag Race are often overlooked -- even it's winner -- due to the show's low budget at the time. Even Logo seems to want to push the first season off into a corner and forget about it. They didn't even put that season on DVD like they did the others. I know that I love them all, and I know Bebe has her style of music down pat, so in my world, there is not a thing that I don't love about her.

You can buy the song for yourself on iTunes. You can watch her on Drag Race season one -- oh wait. Logo took the episodes down. Nevermind.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Hot Girls" Become Internet Craze

So usually I don't comment on stuff I think is really bad, but some things are just too amazing to miss out on. "Double Take" is a new group (?) that consists of two average looking girls under some delusion that they are really hot. The hilarity doesn't stop there. Neither of them can sing (like worse than The Millionaires) and they even try and do Ke$ha style rapping. This, my friends, is what the world has come to.

I almost couldn't make it through the whole song. It was just bad. Even if they were able to sing, I don't think the song would have been entertaining. It may have been tolerable, but the production was just as poor as the vocals. The song is just bad.

Then why talk about it, you ask? This video has only been up for three days and has amassed over half a million views. From people curious, to radio DJs thinking this is hilarious, to trolls wanting to give them fake support, everyone is coming out of the woodwork to give them a shot at mocking them. Move over Rebecca Black (who is talented by comparison), we have a new hilariously awful internet phenomenon.

Expect a full album from them within the year. Expect it to be just as horrid, too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who Should Win Drag Race Season Four

This is the ultimate question. Who cares about the Presidential race? It's the Drag Race we all should be looking to. The sad part is, we, as free Americans, don't get to vote in this one. We have to trust that Mama Ru and her close-nit group of friends chooses the right queen. This has to be tough, but I'm sure they can do it. This week, we were denied the final episode and given a painful filler 'recap' episode instead. I am not going to review this episode because recapping a recap is stupid. They did give us the "Glamazon" music video though.

I was really, really against watching this video before seeing the episode, but I finally snapped and gave it a view. It was very... strange to say the least. Cameos were made by... everyone. Literally every judge makes their way through and gets crushed by one of the big Glamazons. Complete with Japanese words flying around and (yet again) much more polished footage of Ru looking fierce, the video is another one that was obviously not the highlight of the show.

I honestly have never been a big fan of the music video challenge. The first one was amazing, having them create their own verses for the song, but afterwards, it got a bit tired. Next year let's have the final challenge be inviting the most amazing blogger ever (me) and let him interview them all and take fabulous pictures with them. Delusions aside, it could have been better.

But the question remains: Who should win? Obviously I am Team Phi Phi, as I love both her style and bitchiness, but both Sharon and Chad are amazing performers as well. Sharon has the future or new wave feel. Chad has showgirl spirit of days gone. Phi Phi has the current club kid style and vibe. Each of them are experts in what they do and who they are, but in the end, it is up to Ru to decide who he wants to carry on his name and legacy.

If Phi Phi doesn't win, I won't be heartbroken. Unlike last year where I had a definite favorite, this year I have been a general fan of everybody. Call me a wuss if you must, but I'm taking the middle ground this time. What are your opinions? Who do you think should win? Why was the Glamazon video so bizarre? Comment, my children!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Song of the Week - Let It Go

Dragonette has been making a name for itself lately. They've been touring,  featured at SxSW and had one of their songs featured in a commercial or two. It's been a while since they have released anything new, and needless to say, I was ecstatic when they announced a new single.

The first second of the song gets you instantly re-acquainted with their signature rock-synth vibe. The guitars become more obvious as the song progresses. This song picks up right where "Fixin To Thrill" left off, getting the listener up and dancing instantly.

My favorite part of Dragonette has to be the airy vocals. They sound almost unreal, but after hearing some live recordings, that is definitely her real voice. The lyrics are a bit vague in the chorus, but they are memorable enough to allow the listener to catch on quickly and sing along.

This is definitely a strong come back for the group, and it has me craving another full album. I guess it's only a matter of time. For now, you can buy the song on iTunes.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giulietta Calls It "Voodoo"

Giulietta is a breakthrough dance pop artist, being the first unsigned Australian artist to make is onto the US Billboard Dance Charts. That is pretty impressive, to say the least. Well we know how much I love dance songs, and we all know that the only thing I love more is an unsigned artist. This should be good.

The video isn't anything mind blowing, but it is impressive for an unsigned artist, for sure. I found myself more drawn to the song than the video, which, in the end, is what most go for so that people will buy their music.

I did love the looks for the video. Giulietta's hair was amazing, having only one side shaven. Her outfit really reminded me of something the great Michelle Visage would wear (actually I think I have seen her wear those furry shoulder pads). The guy, who had minimal movement and involvement, was pretty hot, too. He came complete with voodoo paint. Sexy, no?

Sadly, the song isn't up on US iTunes yet. Let's hope that her new album 911: Code Pink gets a US release!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Video Review - Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is the newest single from international musical sensation Kerli who broke into the music scene with her gothpop smash "Walking On Air", but now she is going in a totally different direction. Some may call her the queen of the rave, but she is more affectionately known as the leader of the Moonchildren.

Note: This review is dedicated to my long time friend Chaice. Not to sound like a whiny emo loser, but without him, I can honestly say I wouldn't be the person I am today. He is the biggest Kerli fan I know, and I hope he gets a kick out of this.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Sound For Mason Black

I know, I know. I talk about Mason Black a lot. The thing is, he supported me from day one on this thing, and I want to give him just as much support back. Mason is an independent artist who has been tagged as an up and coming dance pop artist. Well forget everything you know about him up until now. Let me introduce you to Mason Black the Country Music artist.

Photo by Jose Zepeda.

You didn't miss-read. Mason has figured out that it can get boring making the same style of music over and over, and as amazing as those songs were in my opinion, it is nice to see an artist branch out to new and exciting things.

The song is called "Lie To Me" and is a very sad track about a love lost. It is all about that feeling that you are losing someone for reasons beyond your control, and you wish so badly they would make you hate them to ease the pain. This song actually brought tears to my eyes, mostly because I have felt that kind of pain before.

Country may not be everyone's thing (especially my readers since I mostly blog about mindless pop), but I suggest giving the song a listen. It may just surprise you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Phi Phi O'Hara Talks Drag Race and Music

Love her or hate her, Phi Phi O'Hara has certainly made a name for herself on this season of Ru Paul's Drag Race, currently my pick for winner, she is [as of writing this article] in the top three! Even her haters must admit this is pretty impressive. Luckily, Phi Phi is quite generous with her time, and spoke with me about her drag career. Oh and did I mention? I got the scoop on her venture into the musical field. Check it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ru Paul's Drag Race - The Fabulous B*tch Ball

So for the second time we have a top four! Hopefully no other queens are going to butt in during the course of this episode. I really would like to see Phi Phi crowned winner already. Jeeze they just keep dragging it out! Hah! Anyway, it's the semi-finals and things are heated... or maybe just in heat.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Song of the Week - Put Your Graffiti On Me

I hadn't really heard of Kat Graham before. So sue me. This song is actually really catching and oddly addicting, driving me to the point to where I actually picked it over a song from a band I've loved for years. Yeah. Pop music does crazy things to a person.

I'm not sure what it is about this song. The lyrics are rather simple, the beat is nothing I haven't heard before, and the vocals are on par with most other up-coming divas out there. But something about this song just stands out, and apparently has to everyone. The beat going along with the chorus has an amusing assortment of clang noises like someone was hitting metal pipes. Maybe that is it? I still can't tell you.

The lyrics themselves are fun to sing along with. "Tag me" has become my new thing to say in place of other sexual things. It's more "work friendly" it would seem. The song is very sexual, having an array of sexual metaphors and innuendos. These only add to the fun of the track, keeping everything tongue and cheek for the most part. Nobody likes it when you come out and say it all nasty like. Just put your "graffiti" on her. Yeah. That's what the kids call it these days.

You can buy the song on iTunes. I suggest it, obviously.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

MYPHNH(BS) - Polaris At Noon

Sometimes people email me. Sometimes people tweet me. Then there are times that I randomly stumble upon new music. And it is glorious. I wasn't sure of this group at first. Usually the groups with "Insert Three Words Here" style band names are emo and terrible. This guys is not. Music You Probably Have Never Heard (But Should) : Polaris At Noon.

This "group" is comprised of solely Jason Suwito,  and he creates some very nice dance tracks with very haunting vocals summoning thoughts of Depeche Mode. The new EP may only have three tracks, but it leaves a lasting impression. "Pleasure and Pain" may be one of the most under rated songs of the year thus far, sending all it's listeners back to the golden age of the 80s while remaining distinctly modern and new.

Currently unsigned, Polaris At Noon is an amazing solo project, producing quality music. Many indie artist fall prey to lack of budget or resources. This new EP was obviously the culmination of hard work, as it sounds great and has a lot of emotion and drive behind it that is missing from a lot of more quickly produced mainstream tracks.

He is currently on tour with British sensation Sam Sparro, who has a very similar musical sound. It might just be  a perfect combination, and I can only hope that the two of them have some kind of collaboration in the works.

You can pick up the EP for yourself on iTunes. Be sure and fan him on Facebook to get a taste of the EP for yourselves. It is pretty rad.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rufus Wainwright Releases "Out Of The Game" Video

This has been a long time coming. I have been missing a crucial part of my musical life for some time now, and that part has been Rufus Wainwright. He sneakily released his new single "Out of the Game a few weeks ago (I almost missed it!) but the video was a bit more noticeable. Two seconds into this gem of a music video and you'll see why.

Yup. That is Helena Bonham Carter. Mad famous by every Tim Burton movie made in the last ten years (and Harry Potter!), she is now more or less a major movie star, and she has teamed up with Rufus to make one quirky music video. Come to think of it, everything she does is a bit... odd.

Anyway, Helena plays the role of a bored to death librarian in a setting that opens the floodgates for memories of watching Running With Scissors for the first time. The video has her walking around, being uptight, only to reveal at the end that she was not as tight laced as she appeared. I'm talking gay orgies people. Gay. Orgies. And you have to question why I love Rufus.

The song is amazing on it's own too, a true spectacle of what he is able to achieve musically, as it is mellow, while still having a feel that makes you sway and lyrics that call forth actual emotion. I know, I know. Emotions are hard to imagine after spamming meaningless "crunk in da club" tunes. Who'da thunk.

Buy the track on iTunes and support yet another one of my icons. Do it. DO IT NOW!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Colette Carr Drops "F16"

Finally. After months of hiding this track from us, F16 has been revealed. We first got a taste of this when she was on the Cherry Tree Alternative tour a few months back, but only a few shoddy fan-shot videos made it online. I'm not sure if this was a leak or a deliberate upload, but the studio version of the song made it's way onto YouTube. Either way, Colette is embracing it and getting a ton of feedback from the fans.

I love that this song goes back to what she was initially famous for -- dropping super fast paced hilarious rhymes. Rapping is what got her discovered, and I feel like she had been drifting into becoming mostly pop as of late. It was a breath of fresh air to hear her spit that first verse out so fast that I had to listen to it a second time to catch everything.

The song is a bit low quality, leaving a quality freak like me begging for more. Actually, I think this song has everybody begging for more. The original release date was slated for October 2011, but we have yet to see "Skitzo".

What do you guys think? I know I am a bit biased because I have been a huge Goer (thats like being a CCarr stan) so I'd like to hear what you all have to say. Comment below and share the love.

Album Review - The SOPA Opera

He's back, guys. Frankmusik is officially back. Well, he is sort of back. He started a side project called "Vincent Did It" , which is basically the same thing as Frankmusik. Yeah. I don't get it either, but he released a new EP entitled "The SOPA Opera". I haven't been so happy to see an artist back since the Aqua reunion.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ru Paul's Drag Race - DILFs

This week, I was a little less depressed about Willam not being on the show any more, and I decided to trudge on with the hopes that either Phi Phi or Chad will pull out a win and make it all better. Judging by the bombshell Ru dropped last week, it looks like this week is going to be one crazy ride. Anyway, on the the action. Bring me the daddies!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pandora Boxx Announces New Single

It's about time! I interviewed this fair maiden a while back and she said that after being floored by how well her first single "Cooter" did, she would definitely be up for more musical action. After months upon months of silence (well almost silence since she, along with all other Drag Race girls spammed us with All Star voting), we have an announcement.

OK, so it's less of an announcement and more of a picture. "Nice Car" is the title, and other than the amusing outfit (who any true Pandora Fan knows what episode she wore that in), we don't really know much.

I have to say I am excited. "Cooter" was hilarious, and from what I gathered from speaking with her previously, she wants to continue down a road of comedy as opposed to the overly serious dance-pop route most are going. Comedy being her strong suite, the song will end up being another success, and I hope she doesn't tone down the raunchiness one bit.

She has only a couple of weeks to get the word out. I plan on helping and digging up as much info as I can because it seems that people actually come to me for news now. I'll keep you all updated!

After an email to Pandora herself I put her on the spot long enough to get a quote out of her.

"It's a dance/club song with a funny twist.  The song plays on the theme of the price of a guy's car being inversely proportional to the size of his penis.

I was tired of singing about vagina so I wanted to go with something I really like which is penis.

Gotta love her. No, really. You have to.

Song of the Week - Vava Voom

So yeah. The pickings for SOTW this week were pretty slim. Cmon people, lets get some music flowling out there! At least there was one good song released this time. Check out "Vava Voom" by Bassnectar and Lupe Fiasco.

It's rare that I choose a true techno track for a song of the week. Usually I would pass it up, but as in the past, I find it both amusing and necessary to change things up from time to time. If you don't like it, deal with it for a week and come back next week. Damn, I am rude to my readers. Sorry guys.

Love you.

Anyway, being that Bassnectar is the main artist, the vocals are quite downplayed and often times looped to the point of insanity. The beat is spot on, creating a very dancable and catchy dupstep track. The vocals, performed by Lupe Fiasco are awkward, as most of the time they are so altered to sound deeper and more electronic that I'm not even sure what the purpose is other than to give people words to mouth as they -- erm -- "drop it."

Buy the track on iTunes. Trust.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Drag Race 4 Cast Off Roundup Part Three

It's that time again. Another three weeks have passed, and another three queens have gone. It's getting down to the wire, and the really good ones are starting to go home. Well, sort of. For those of you who are not familiar with this series, I have been going back and looking at my first impressions of the new crop of queens (Via this now old post) and comparing those to how they actually performed on the show. Feel free to check out parts one and two also.

First, let's talk about Jiggly Caliente.

"Jiggly Caliente is our next queen and the first of the big girls this season. Her name comes from Pokemon, and being a 90s kid, I was pleased to know I wasn't crazy in seeing the similar name to Jigglypuff. She may be big, but she is fierce and she knows it. She is very confident and has the presence of a superstar. She has the potential to win this, and that would be groundbreaking for the show, as no big girl has even made the top three yet."

Was I drunk when I wrote this? No, thinking back her promo was quite impressive, and she is friends with some Drag Race Royalty, but she just didn't seem to make an impression on the show. She gave us prom dress up every runway and did nothing but talk crap about everyone. I'm not ready to completely write her off just yet, but she's got a lot of ground to make up to be a top performer.

Next up, Willam.

"Willam is third... Or is that Shangela? I can't be the only one not getting that vibe from her. She totally gives me that vibe. That aside, this girl actually looks rather sickning. She apparently sings for a band (which I will be looking up later!) and has dubbed herself the bitch of the show. We all know how much I love bitches. This may be one of my favorites this season, but I'm always scared to pick my favorites in the show before it airs. Last year, the one I thought would go all the way went home in the first episode!"

Willam did not disappoint. Well, she kind of did by getting sent home for reasons unexplained in a horrid attempt for more views to the shows finale, but that's in the past. Willam was the shining star of this season, and I really think she was going to win. I love Willam. You go to hell if you don't love her. No seriously.


"Dida Ritz looks like she may be the underdog. While she does look pretty great, she is way more sheepish than the others. She is the first, and one of the only actually, to admit she is nervous about the competition. The again, she may have just been one of the few to be honest about it. She looked quite good and left a great impression."

Wait a second. She admitted she was nervous about the competition. Isn't that why Ms. Beyond went home? Anyway, after being a hot mess for a few episodes, this one finally realized how serious Drag Race is and pulled herself together. I grew to love Dida a lot over the course of the show, but there is one thing that needs to be said. She needs to get some new wigs. Didn't Ru name drop a site or two where she can buy them?

Next week, a queen is being brought back from days past to compete again. Last year, the answer was obvious, at least to me, but this year seems like it could be anyone's game. I'm not sure if Willam is eligible, but she would be the obvious choice. The Princess, Dida, and Kenya would be very solid choices as well. We have less than 24 hours to go before that person is revealed. I'm not sure if I will be able to make it!