Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blood On The Dance Floor Scandal Over Rumors

I've been meaning to cover this group for a while now, and since they are back in the headlines again with not only a new EP and video, but also a startling accusation that is causing uproar in the online fanbase, I finally have the opportunity. Though they are not the type of music I usually cover, I am still a fan, and this story was too much to overlook.

According to the official Blood On The Dance Floor Facebook page, after being given the exclusive story on their new music video for the track "Don't Want To Be Like You", music mega-site Buzznet took the opportunity to call singer Dahvie on rumors of abuse in his past. The article was very short, only a few sentences, but had the pretext warning of:

"Buzznet was unaware of Dahvie's alleged past and while we unknowingly supported the release of this new video we do not  -- in any way condone violence against women."

The comment was obviously there to protect the site and it's writers, but it still felt unneeded, especially since the only allegations against him were over two years ago, and the matters had been settled and done with. In the meantime, the group has released numerous anthems to speak out against abuse, bullying, and violence. Let me clarify: I'm not saying anything can make up for what may or may not have transpired, but I still felt the inclusion of a pretext was unnecessary and detrimental.

Buzznet's original post has since been removed (although Dahvie took a screen cap on his laptop), but another user re-blogged the post, minus the disclaimer.

Dahvie was quick to respond, posting a long message to the fans on Facebook.

"It makes me sad to see what Buzznet did to us today. We gave them our video for Don't Want To Be Like You to post before anyone else and they do this to us. They accuse me of having violence toward women which has never happened, all of my fans know me and know I would never hurt anyone. When my manager called them outraged they were arrogant and disrespected us. I am hurt by the things they'v e said, especially after all of my love and gratitude for my fans, we do not deserve this. I am better than them, I am living my dreams and nobody can take away our love for what we do. These people think they are bigger than the music, and they are nothing without the music. All I can think of right now is the words to Don't Want To Be Like You and what they mean to me. Our new EP came out today and I could not be happier, I love you all, I feel free of people like Buzznet right now. ♥ Dahvie"

While not exactly taking the high road (with the inclusion of the phrase "people like Buzznet", it still shows that he is attempting to move on from the situation and focus on promoting the new material. I, for one, would like to take a moment to focus on how hot Jayy is. That seems like a much more pleasurable topic, doncha think?

On the plus side, the song and video are both beautiful and inspirational. We get to see Jayy in a lot less makeup than we are used to, and we get to see a very vulnerable side to Dahvie, making it vastly different from the videos they've put out in the past. 

The new EP "Anthem For The Outcast" is available now on iTunes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ru Paul's All Stars Drag Race Recap - Ru Paul's Gaff-In

Has it already been a week? Well I guess it has. It's time for another episode of Ru Paul's Drag Race Team Edition. The most obnoxious twist to a reality competition ever continues to send two girls home per episode, meaning we get to see even less of them this season! Yay us! Anyway, its time for the second installment, where we see the Snatch Game. Oh wait, I mean the Not Snatch Game.

Yes, I will have a picture of Latrilla here every week. It's my site.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Song of the Week - Nice Car! (Shame About Your Penis)

I think this is the first time I've used the word "penis" in a headline before. Oh well. At least I'm not flaunting it or anything, right? It's Pandora Boxx and she's allowed to say what ever the hell she wants. Pandora has been an idol of mine for years now, and she's not slowing down any time soon. Her newest track is sure to have everybody rolling. Check out "Nice Car!"

The song is in that same vein as her first single "Cooter," but features a bit of a different brand of comedy. Instead of longing for lady parts, she's judging your man parts. Yup. Pandora is complaining about how all the guys with nice cars have little wangs. I don't have enough experience to say whether this is true or not, so I'm going to take her word for it. The song features my friend-of-a-friend Shango, who I am very proud of, and glad is getting attention for her hard work now.

What I really like about the song is that Pandora sounds a lot more comfortable with her voice now. This is her third (or fourth if you count the Madonna parody) track she's put out, and she really seems to have the hang of the whole recording thing now. I certainly like her more playful side with "Nice Car", and it offers us a new side to Pandora. Well new-ish.

The song is up on iTunes for grabs. Also check out the video below. I'm sure it's banned from TV, too.

Friday, October 26, 2012

MYPHNH(BS) - April Kae

It's been a while since I've done a segment of Music You Probably Have Never Heard (But Should), mostly because it's been a while since I've found a really great artist that needs more recognition. My mindset was originally set to think of groups or people who had been around for a long while and needed the boost, but what about people who just started? April Kae may only have one single out so far, but you should still keep your eye on her.

April Kae was in the spotlight briefly as she appeared as part of "Hollywood Week" on American Idol's tenth season, but after she left the show, she vanished for a good while. Now, thankfully, she is back with her debut single "The Writings On The Wall". April may not have made it far on her season of Idol, but she is definitely proving herself in the industry today.

The thing about this song is that it deals with a serious topic, moving on from a relationship after everything has ended, but it deals with it in an upbeat manner. Not every song about a serious topic has to be dark and brooding, which is what sets this song apart from the rest. The song also showcases her confidence, not needing a man to be herself. The over all message of the song is that of positivitiy and progressiveness.

The most addicting part of the whole track is April's raw talent. The easiest way to prove that somebody has talent is to watch them from before they have a major record deal. No autotune; no million dollar recording studio; just talent. If they can sound amazing without all the expensive editing and touch-ups, they definitely have what it takes to make it. April has just that -- and all at the young age of 21 (looks like we are both prodigies! There goes my ego again).

Help support this budding artist by buying her debut single "The Writings On The Wall" on iTunes.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Album Review - Xelle "Queens"

It's been a bittersweet week for me. I got to see the beautiful Mimi Imfurst back on TV, but only for a brief moment before she was sent home. Luckily, this gave her the perfect opportunity to release he group XELLE's long anticipated EP "Queens".This has been a long time coming, and I'm glad to finally see the finished product.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Side FX Video Goes Viral

Today I decided to brace myself for what is to come -- and that is a huge influx of Drag Race related content. With all the reviews, music, and extras coming out over the next month related to Drag Race and queens in general, I decided to take a breather and post about my first passion: Music. Today we have the amazing group Side FX fronted by the beautiful and charming Kim Cameron.

This video is very sexual. It took me by surprise at first, especially when compared to their previous internet sensation "3 Seconds" which was much more tame in regards to sex appeal. This go around, Kim spends a lot of the video showing off her body and lounging in bed with a very sexy man (who I should get more familiar with, no?). Appropriately so, the video made it's debut on Playmates Presents, a talk show on SiriusXM just under two weeks ago.

Almost instantly, the video skyrocketed to over 230,000 views, and now, two weeks later, it is brimming on the edge of 300,000. Being on the Billboard Top 40 numerous times, it wasn't too far of a stretch to see the video get popular, but the numbers alone are still impressive. This is the group's second video to go viral, showing that they are no one-hit-wonder. This is surly not the last video of theirs to explode either, as this is only part one in a line of music videos spanning five installments, creating a full story line with each video featuring another song from their newest album "Spin Me Ever After".  The series, called "Spinning Romance" is being Produced by Parule Basu-Barua of Wide-Eyed Entertainment and directed and edited by Brandon Ruckdashel.

As if this isn't impressive enough, Kim has also announced that the proceeds won't even be her's alone. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Kim is donating a portion of the profits from "The Man I Used To Know" to breast cancer research. That means that when you buy the song on iTunes, you are not only getting a great track, but you are also helping out in the grander scheme of things.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race Recap - It Takes Two

The queens are back! Some for better, and some for worse, but they are back, baby! I really like the way they went about All Stars for this show, in that not all of the contestants are the top placers in their seasons. Instead, they picked those that have made an impact since they left the show including some low placing contestants such as Mimi Imfurst and Tammie Brown. Enough rambling, though, it's time for the race to begin!

(Photo taken from
[Note: As All Stars is a mini-season, I won't be devoting a lot of time or energy to this show. Very few screen caps and extras thrown in this go around. Gotta save my energy for Season Five! I'll try to keep up the laughs.]

Monday, October 22, 2012

Song of the Week - Catch My Breath

It's rare that I pick bigger more mainstream artists as the Song of the Week, but my heart has a soft spot for Kelly Clarkson. The first season of American Idol was the only one I watched, and she's the only winner who's really gone on to do something (although a lot of #2s have gone on to be huge). "Catch My Breath" is another solid hit from a solid artist.

Can I start off by saying how gorgeous she looks on the cover of this single? She's been in the spotlight for years upon years now and she always looks amazing. "Catch My Breath" is the lead single off of her upcoming Best Of album, entitled "Greatest Hits - Chapter One". For a "best of" single, this song is very well put together. Most of the time, the new or bonus tracks put on single collections sound like reject tracks from previous albums or terrible demos they had long forgotten. I'm glad to see that Kelly isn't taking a shortcut with this release.

The song is a bit of new ground for Kelly, at least single wise. The song is bumped up to the current state of pop music, incorporating a lot of electro-pop sounds you'd find on the radio. She does retain a lot of her original sound, keeping her same rock-pop image; the style change is a bit more of an update to the new radio-played sound. The lyrics are all girl power but don't go too over the top (ala P!nk), making it a great all-ages track. Basically what I'm saying is this song was bred for radio play -- and I freaking love it.

Buy the song on iTunes!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The (Very Late) October Popologist Panel

It's finally here! Did we keep you on your toes long enough? No? Oh. Well I guess we will try harder next time! David keeps saying "Better late than never", but I don't believe in cliches so I prefer "It's here now, so shut your lip-flaps." Check it.

The article is available exclusively on Vertigo Shtick's blog, but I can say that this month was a challenge. We all had our own real-life problems, but I think the article pulled together nicely. For those of you who saw the (ahem) unabridged version of the article, no, I was not drunk. At least not when I wrote this.

Though I can't say why, for obvious reasons, next month's panel is going to be even more exciting. We have collectively decided to focus more on new and growing talent more often, to give some underdogs the spotlight. Expect to see a familiar face for those of you who read my blog often. For now, check out our thoughts on artists such as P!nk, No Doubt, and Natalia Kills. That's right. Don't drink that damn Kool-Aid

Friday, October 19, 2012

Holly Elle's "Don't Come Home" Video Debuts

I had some mixed to negative feelings about Holly's first video, "Freak", and it's over the top mess of things happening and people running about. I said previously that she should tone things down, and go for one of the slower, more meaningful songs on the EP. It looks like she followed my advice! No, my ego isn't that big, but this time around, Holly has selected a slower song with a more simple approach. And you know what? It works. Well.

First of all, let me say that "Don't Come Home" is probably my favorite song I've heard from this budding artist. The song showcases her vocal range, and it feels really genuine. The entire track borderlines on the country side of the pop spectrum, much like the sound Taylor Swift is pushing these days, but actually sounding like she had been through the subject matter of the song.

The video is incredibly simple, mostly just showing Holly singing directly into the camera, trying to keep herself smiling through the pain. The video feels incredibly real, as if she wasn't acting while filming (and if the song was from her experience, it may have brought back memories that caused her to not have to act). There are a few scenes with her looking through boxes of her ex's things and standing on a pier, but for the most part it is just different shots of her singing. The impact is a lot stronger than you would think.

I love Holly's look! She isn't a skinny-as-a-rail girl, and she isn't ashamed of it. There's nothing wrong with having curves, and this girl knows how to work it. Her wardrobe and makeup are both spot on throughout the video, letting people see a much prettier and clearer image of her when compared to "Freak." As a whole I feel this video speaks volumes, and I sincerely hope she continues in this direction.

Don't forget to check out the rest of her EP, Infinitude, on iTunes!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

America's Next Top Model To Add Men To The Mix

The title really says it all. After numerous attempts to spice up her almost ten year old reality modeling competition, she has arrived at one conclusion: The show needs men! I, for one, and all for this movement. Bring on the boys! Gimme some beefcake!

There are a lot of changes in store for ANTM. Men have never been contestants on the show before (although many male models have guest starred in episodes to assist with judging, photos, and eye candy), meaning that the show could go in one of two ways: either the producers go for the more masculine and rugged men you might see in GQ, or they could go for the more petite and feminine looking models who you would be more apt to see at Fashion Week. Either way, this season is going to be different.

My theory is that the show will be more of a boys VS girls competition, at least for the beginning stages, much like the British Invasion season earlier this year. It's been a while since I've really followed a cycle of ANTM closely, but this gimmick may just be what I need to get me back into the show. I have a soft spot for hot almost naked men. Maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. The cast hasn't even been revealed yet.

Another big change for the show is singling things down to one season per year. Previously, the show aired twice a year, having a spring cycle and a fall cycle, meaning that you got a whole lotta model TV time. Starting in 2013, we will only be getting one season, set tentatively for the Summer season.

This being said, I think it's safe to say that I will be covering this show once it starts. I am starting to work more with reality TV, getting a big push from Ru Paul's Drag Race in the past. This fall/winter I will be covering both seasons of Drag Race (All Stars in fall and Season Five in Winter) as well as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

All this news about testosterone infiltrating the show probably has little to nothing to do with this video, where she talks about wanting kids before her eggs get "parboiled". Yeah. She's still crazy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sorry I Missed It: Vinyl Floor "Peninsula"

I absolutely love it when bands email me. Sometimes they are not so good, other times they are amazing. Luckily for me, when contacted by Vinyl Floor, I found out quickly that they are very put together. This being their second release, the trio from Denmark are ready to make a splash. I truly am sorry I missed this one! From February of this year, I give you "Peninsula".

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jipsta Releases Video For "Too New York"

It doesn't get much more awesome than being an openly gay rapper. Jipsta is probably sick of hearing that, but it's really fun to say when telling people who he is. Truth is, he's more than that -- at least more awesome than that. Jipsta is an artist, a wordsmith, and a friend. Check out his new hilarious video for "Too New York".

This song has been around a while, so when he told me he was doing a video for it, I was pretty surprised. He has been working on a lot of new material, so a video for a song that has been out a year and a half seemed like an odd thing to do, but then again, Jipsta has never been too conventional. This song is actually my favorite from the whole album (which I told him to make a single. Glad he listened all this time later.), as it has a lot of flavor and personality to it.

The video itself is a sort of eclectic collection of things anybody who really knows New York would see. No tourist spots here, only the streets, sights, and people that the every-day New Yorker would see. The video is a bit of a step up quality wise from "U Got", looking much sleeker and professional grade. This time around he's spared no expense, including a few custom made street/metro signs, adding that distinct "Jipsta" flavor to the mix.

Though it may be a little late, the video is still welcome in my book. Hell, any Jipsta related material is welcome. Now, where do I go to complain about that new song not being out yet?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Song of the Week - Dance Til I Die

Yup. It's Brandon Hilton time again. This Myspace star doesn't ever slow down! He's had an extensive tour landing some pretty big gigs at Six Flags and in Las Vegas, and now he's released another smash single. "Dance Til I Die", starting out a TOTU exclusive and premiering live for the first time last month, has officially become one of my favorite tracks.

The song may start out slow, but by the mid point, he is spitting out lyrics faster than some may be able to understand (don't worry, there's a lyric video for that). The quick pace of this song is a huge juxtaposition to Frozen, which was slower and more articulated. Much like the title suggests, the vocals are more hurried because all he really wants to do is dance. The track also has a much fuller and strong sound than Frozen (not picking on the track! I really love it!), making it take the top spot for my favorite Brandon track.

This song is a big step forward for Hilton. His production quality has improved ten fold over the past year, and this song is the shining example of exactly what he can do. He sings much more confidently than before, allowing everybody to finally hear what he has to offer. The song may not be an outstanding example of clever or deep lyrics, but it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: Get everyone up and dancing.

Preview and buy the song on iTunes today! Let's make this his top track!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Trailer Reveal

I know I'm pretty late to the party on this one. Let's blame it on not having cable any longer, but Bravo's Beverly Hills incarnation of it's large and extremely popular Real Housewives franchise has revealed the promo for it's upcoming third season. Let me tell you. It's freaking intense.

The promo starts out pretty innocently, with lots of kissing and cute doggies. Much like the other incarnations (except New Jersey, which is always a roller coaster), this season looks to start off pretty tame. The promo quickly escalates, bringing on a lot of new topics and dynamics to the group.

Let me start off by saying BRANDI IS OFFICIALLY BACK! There had been rumors for months around her being a full fledged housewife, and by the looks of the promo, being that she's in practically every scene, I think it's safe to say she's in. A lot of the drama this season looks to revolve around her, including a few altercation with Adrienne's hubby. Yikes.

There's also a new housewife, Yolanda, who doesn't seem to make too big of an impression in the promo. It might have helped had they shown which one she was (I don't even think her name is mentioned in the video at all), but she's there. She spends most of her time trash talking the other girls, which is a pretty big no-no in my book seeing as I love almost all of the cast. It has also been confirmed that Camille will be back this season in a much smaller role, which was the other big rumor floating around.

Can anybody tell me why Faye is even still appearing? I know she's Kyle's friend, but she doesn't serve the show much purpose. Moving on.

There's a few scenes of more tension and drama between sisters Kim and Kyle, leading Kyle to confess she is in constant fear of getting the phone call that tells her that her sister has been found dead. This would lead any person who has followed the show to automatically assume that Kim has relapsed back into alcoholism, or perhaps even to confirm statements made by other housewives of her doing something a bit more severe than drinking.

Taylor was pretty much absent from the show. Hopefully she hasn't been demoted (the site still lists her as a housewife), but she probably doesn't have any main storylines for the first half of the season. After last year's horrible incident, I'd say it is a deserved rest for her.

Oh, and Adrienne's house burns down.

Oh, and Kyle announces that Adrienne is separating from her husband.


All the madness lets loose on November 5th. Are you ready?
[Note: Since RPDR All Stars and RHBH air the same night, some weeks RHBH reviews may be moved to Wednesday as to not overflow the site on Tuesdays.]

Friday, October 12, 2012

Drag Race All Stars First Look

It is coming. I may not seem too excited about it as of late (it's hard to be excited when we've lost someone so special, but I'm keeping my head up), but I am beyond ready to see some of my favorites return to the show to prove themselves again. Thankfully Logo is really bad at keeping things wrapped up too tight, and has decided to show us the first few minutes of the show, with the queens arriving in the work room. Check out this craziness!

Of course two of my favorites are highlighted, but for two extremely different reasons. Manila Luzon was picked up in the promo because of how outrageously fabulous she is. She has the most extreme look of the group, with her hair literally holding an old fashioned cigarette in her Cruela outfit. Her attitude is sharp as always, and I have a feeling that she is going to snatch the crown this year. She may have some tough competition, but she has what it takes.

The best part of the whole promo had to be seeing Mimi Imfurst walk into the work room. Literally everyone  lost it. Of all the queens, Raven seems the most upset to see her back. I'm not sure if they have a history, or if I'm just not remembering Raven as being such a bitch on things that don't have much to do with her. Either way, the entire room went up into a roar of laughter and anger when she walked in. I guess some people are just jealous.

The footage we are seeing is taken from a few minutes into the show. We don't get to see the first queens walk into the room (I would have liked to see Tammie Brown's entrance), and many of the other queens were pushed to the background to make way for some of the big names. Pandora Boxx, for instance, is hardly even shown or noticeable in the background of the happenings while Manila, Chad, and Mimi make their way into the work room.

I have mixed feelings about this promo. Half the fun of the show is seeing a new set of girls come in to make a name for themselves. Then again, I have such love for Pandora, Raven, Mimi, Tammie, Manila, and many of the others that made it back onto the show. Many of the girls had connected before and after their season with girls from other seasons, so the dynamics and alliances will be fun to discover. The show probably has a few surprises up it's sleeve, so stay on your toes.

The first episode goes down October 22, in just over a week. The premier will be dedicated to the memory of Sahara, which is a very kind gesture from Logo. Are you ready for the madness to begin?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Octomom, Barta, Angelina and More Debate Online

Now-a-days, being a celebrity is about more than being in music or movies. It's about personality. It's about interacting with fans, whether it be via Twitter, Facebook, or their own websites. Luckily for us, we live in a digital age where you don't have to be in the same city as our favorite celeb to get a piece of them. The fame-craze has just gotten bigger, it would seem, with the debut of a website that allows you to not only speak with them, but also to debate with them.

New social media site Deeyoon is all about debates. As long as you have a webcam and a microphone for your computer, you can participate. The site covers a wide array of topics from sports to politics, allowing anybody to voice their opinion on what they think. There are very few rules (like don't get naked, guys), allowing for people to express themselves, no matter how unpopular their opinion may be. People can click "agree" under those they side with, to determine a winner for each room, meaning you don't have to be on cam to participate.

Recently, the site got a huge boost when an array of celebrities, reality and music alike, have agreed to appear on the website to debate both with each other and fans (and probably haters, too). The long list of names includes my buddy and established singer Adam Barta, MTV's resident Jersey Shore bitch Angelina Pivarnick, do-er of all things media related Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, former Real Housweife Alex McCord, and many others.

In the preview I have seen, Adam Barta and Angelina Pivarnick (shown in the video above) went toe to toe debating gay marriage. The whole ordeal was very intense, and both of them stood their ground regardless of what the other had to say. I really have always loved Angelina -- I'm always a fan of the bitchy girls who never apologize for doing what they do, but I was saddened to hear her views on the matter. Things get very heated towards the end when Angelina uses the fact that she isn't gay as her defense for being against the matter, causing Barta to go on an extended rant where he informed her that the laws aren't up to her, and we all walk away learning that taxes are important.

These stars are not shy about their opinions, and they are ready to let loose. The madness all starts October 28th. Get on over to Deeyoon now and set up your account so you aren't late for all the action. And don't be afraid to voice your own views on world issues while you wait for the big names to make their debut.

What would you debate about? Would you go on there saying New York City is the worst of the Real Housewives franchise versus McCord? How about getting Pivarnick riled up by saying Jersey Shore was better without her? Now is your chance! Not that I am encouraging you to be a huge troll or anything like that.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Side FX To Play Live On Radio

Surely you guys remember my new friend from the group Side FX. Kim Cameron is not only talented, but a sweet person, too. It's that combination that makes me want to support them in every venture they take. Recently, they were given a big opportunity, and they are definitely taking it. Now it's up to you, the fans, to listen in.

The group is being flown out to LA to perform on a radio show, and this one isn't any small time gig. They are set to appear on the Playboy Radio show "Playmates Presents". The whole event will go down at 4PM West Coast time, on October 12, this Friday. Unfortunately it will only be available to those who are subscribed to XM Radio, so hurry now and check into it so you can get all the latest info.

The group will be answering questions live on the air, as well as playing several of their songs from "Spin Me Ever After" live. The set list hasn't been fully released, but I can say that "The Man I Used To Know" will be among the tracks picked.

Side FX has made it into the Billboard Top 40 on numerous occasions, making this another achievement on their list. The group has been growing wildly over the past two years, and with the release of their fourth studio album "Spin Me Ever After", things seem to only be going up for the band. If you can't make the radio show, don't fret. Their album is up on iTunes and other online retailers.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Song of the Week - You & I

Oh, Anjulie. I have missed you in my life. This isn't exactly the first single she's had since "Brand New Bitch", but it is the first solid single she's released since (with the exception of some viral tracks). I am so glad she is back on the market. Let's take a look at "You & I".

This song has the best beginning to a track I've heard in quite a while. It is simply Anjulie's amazing voice set to nothing but an acoustic guitar. A few moments later the electro beats kick in, and the song becomes a bit less amazing, but not enough to really make the song unlikable. This track is much more electronic sounding than I'm used to hearing from this artist, but seeing as it was produced by Benny Benassi, it shouldn't be too big of a surprise. I am glad to see that she is working with big name people now, and making a name for herself.

Lyrically, the song isn't as impressive as I was hoping for it to be, but the actual notes and vocals is where this one truly shines. Her fluctuation on the chorus's repeated "you and I" is enough to make my ears go straight to heaven. This song is begging for radio play, and being a bit more friendly than BNB, it may just get some attention. I can think of a couple of people in particular that would be overjoyed if she made it big time.

You can preview and buy the track on iTunes.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger IS The Pussycat Dolls

Usually I wouldn't post about something like this, as it is a bit too shady for the likes of me, but I just couldn't resist, and, well, it's a bit of a slow news day, it would seem. Anyway, Nicole Scherzinger is about to rock everyone's world by unveiling the music industry's best kept secret. Watch below and find out exactly what that is.

(Note: The video has been taken down once already. No guarantees on how long this version will remain up. Also, I love how incredibly serious everyone is in this clip. Made my day week.)

Yup. You guessed it. Nicole Scherzinger did all the work in the Pussycat Dolls. Or to quote her she "probably did about 95% of the album". In the extended version, she probably goes on to take credit for the solo songs by the other dolls in the extended version of "Doll Domination". I guess we will have to wait until tonight to find out.

But really, did this surprise anybody? Not really. It was pretty easy to tell that it was all Nicole. The girl can sing, and she can sing well. Her solo career may not have taken off just yet, but when she was with PCD, she was on top of the world. So what if the other girls didn't sing? Pretty much every group has a lead singer, or one who gets the spotlight more often, so why pick on her? I only do it for the laughs. I am actually a fan of hers, both with the group and by herself. I just find it amusing how serious people are taking this, and how stupid the record companies really thought we all were.

In the rest of the episode, Nicole will go on to explain her insecurities  including an eating disorder she dealt with for many years. I am also told there will be previews of her new album tracks (in an effort to push her solo act in the US), as well as candid interviews with producers and ex-dolls alike. The episode premiers tonight on Vh1. Check your local listings or whatever. I'm not freaking TV guide.

It all boils down to whether or not the video is actually newsworthy. Then again, who cares? I think it is hilarious.

"Do you understand what I'm saying. We played the album for the Pussycat dolls."

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Colette Carr Confirms "Skitszo Is Coming"

All I have to say is "it's about damn time." Colette has been talking about her debut album "Skitszo" for years. Literally. Ok maybe not as long as I'm making it sound, but it has been a long while, and as promised, she has brought us news -- and it's not as simple as you might think. Check the video.

In the very amusing video, Colette lets all the fans know that her album will be coming out in chunks. Much like Robyn's "Body Talk" series, the album will be released in stages, each set two months after the other, spanning the course of over a half a year, starting in mid November (see the picture below for a full list of dates). The album will be released fully on July 9, 2013 along with four additional songs. But there's a catch. The only way to get the full album is to preorder it, with a link to do so coming later in the week. (Keep up with me on Facebook for the link when it's posted!).

Fans who preorder get all four parts of the album as they are released, the full album, and a special yet-to-be-determined gift from Colette herself. Did I mention the version you get on July 9th will be a physical copy? I live for physical album copies.

My best guess is that each part of the album will have a single, with a video accompanying it. Colette has already said she had three videos in the work (one of which, it was assumed, was for "Like I Got A Gun"), so this wouldn't be a far stretch at all. It should also be noted that rumor has it that Colette is teaming up with Porcelain Black, a RedOne artist who has already made herself known to the CherryTree family buy doing a track with RyeRye.

You probably already know I will be reviewing Skitszo piece by piece as it comes out, and that I will definitely be getting that physical copy. It will be worth the half-year wait. This site could use a lot more cCarr. Hell, the world could use a lot more cCarr.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Remembering The Life Of Sahara Davenport

I've been staring at my computer screen blankly for the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to even go about this. Sahara Davenport was a true queen. I had been a fan of hers since I first laid eyes on her in the second season of Ru Paul's Drag Race. And now she's gone.

Yesterday, October 1, 2012, Antonie Ashley, better known as Sahara Davenport from the second season of Ru Paul's Drag Race, passed away. No details have been released so far on what exactly happened, but it seems everyone she has touched in her life has come out to show their support for both Sahara's family as well Manila Luzon and his family as well.

Now I guess it's my turn. Sahara has personally touched my life on a few different occasions. Were we really close? No, but that doesn't mean I don't care. Sahara was one of the first people to get behind the idea of Taking Over The Universe and was one of the first people I interviewed. She was always very polite about it, and was eager to help whenever I needed it. It really meant a lot to me.

I didn't get the real feel for who Sahara was until I saw her live. Back in June of this year, just four short months ago, I saw bot her and Manila live, and let me tell you, it was a sight to see. She was such an energetic person, and she was an amazing live singer. She would do high kicks and moves that I've never seen any other performer do -- in or out of drag.

Sahara will be missed by so many people, and I am certainly one of them. You don't have to be around someone all the time, or even at all to miss them. Fans everywhere have hearts full of sorrow, showing that you don't have to win the crown to win the hearts of millions. We all must remain positive about the situation, knowing that she is in a better place and is not suffering.

R.I.P. Sahara Davenport.

And from the hearts of myself, and those that are helping me every step of the way, our condolences go out to the families of those touched by this tragic event.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Song of the Week - Die Young

Does this really surprise anybody? I mean really?

Do any of you know how long I've been waiting for this day? I have been wanting to blog about Ke$ha so bad since I started this site, but she has been mostly dormant for the past two years or so. Sure, she has released some demos, but I wanted something solid. I managed to hold out long enough, it seems, because her lead in single off her new album "Warrior" (Due in December!) has arrived. And it is amazing. No hate.

Ke$ha has an amazing ability to make party tracks over and over, but every time from a different perspective  Instead of always being about getting drunk and dancing, she puts other spins on it, such as this song where she is talking about being at a party with a taken guy, and wanting that one night of perfection before they return to the real world. The song features her signature speak-singing, which is so nice to return to after all this time. It also features her singing, which sounds much more natural than on her first album, meaning she either has better production on this album, or has become far more comfortable with her voice.

Either way, the real queen of pop music is back. We can finally stop talking about Gaga. Thank you, Jesus.

Preview and buy the track on iTunes. She needs another number one track, right?

Album Review - Alphabeat "Express Non-Stop"

Warning: The review of this album will be incredibly biased because I believe Alphabeat to be on of the top five pop groups of all time. Like ever. So you should probably disregard everything I have to say on the matter. Or you can bow down to me and my undeniably correct opinion. Anyway, it's time for some friggen' new Alphabeat!