Friday, August 19, 2011

4 Times Video Review - Poppin' Love Cocktail

Although I will complain to no end about music not being in languages I can comprehend (as in, the musical standpoint of understanding the point of the song), but sometimes an artist comes around that transcends that... or is just too catchy to deny. Koda Kumi has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years, and it's about time I show this Asian Diva some attention.

Koda Kumi recently released her 50th single "4 Times", and as the name suggests, it is a quadruple A-Side single. Yeah. Quadruple. And each one of the songs has a music video... and they are all very well done. Oh dear. So instead of critiquing the song, I'm gonna tear into the videos -- as gently as possible, of course. First up is the first (and most heavily promoted track) Poppin' Love Cocktail featuring Japanese rapper TEEDA.

(Warning: Lots of pictures under the cut)

This video has a lot going for it, and a lot kicking and screaming against it. The main portion of the song is the two singers racing against each other. Kumi is in some kind of car and TEEDA is on a motorcycle thing. Yeah. I'm not good with cars.

These things!

The main problem I have is actually a kind of tacky thing to point out. Her hair doesn't blow in the wind. I mean, they look to be moving at very high speeds. Why wouldn't her hair be all over the place. Maybe it doesn't look good for the camera, but it makes your video look cheapish. Gah.

Actually, She just uses a lot of hair spray.

This car race continues on for a while, as they sing back and forth like they can hear each other over the wind. They both look stunning. I pictured TEEDA as being kind of gross looking, but he only is for a few minutes. Eventually they get stopped at train tracks, and damn are they pissed about it.

Couldn't they have just raced through?

As the train zooms by, we find out the two of them are on top. They are jamming around, once again with no hair blowing. The train is moving faster than the cars were! UHG! WHY WIND!? WHY!?

Remember when I said TEEDA would look gross?

The train segment pops up off and on, but the main race continues, where we learn how not to drive by both Koda and TEEDA. Did anybody tell her how dangerous it is to drive with your feet? In heels? And going no-hands on a motorcycle is like asking for death. Oh god he even stands up on the motorcycle while going speeds in excess of one hundred miles per hour.

Neither of them have their drivers licenses.
Nitpicking aside, the best portion of the video is another one of the random in between segments. The set up is a plain white background with the two of them going crazy as the lyrics pop up on the background.

It would help if they were in English, guys.
I really think this is the best look for Koda in the video. While TEEDA isn't as odd looking here as he was on the train, his biker look just did it for me the best.

Hottest thing I've ever seen.
In all seriousness, the video doesn't have much of a story. Many videos now don't (other than Lady Gaga). It is more about the experience of "look at me! I sing and I dance! Its being recorded!" While not always a bad thing, it can be a pain. This time, it worked out for the best, I'd say. There is enough chemistry between the two singers to pull it through. And you hardly even realize you are watching a five minute video!

I believe this is illegal.

Dem nailz!
Nothing bad to say about this one. It's just too cute!

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  1. Koda Kumi is amazing. And so is this review of her outlandish video(s). Oh, if only all boyfriends could be little with the lyrics to our lives printed behind them. Because that would be a-mazing.