Tuesday, April 28, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 9 [Review]

Trixie is back! And for those who don't know that already well friggen spoiler alert to you. That happened last week so no complaining. It's our second week in a row of having a final seven, and we didn't even get a no-elimination episode! Holy cow! Well there's only room for six ladies next week, so we will have to see who Ru sends packing today. Care to join me?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Janina Gavankar Teams Up With Drum Corps Jersey Surf For New Single

If you don't know who Janina Gavankar is, then maybe you haven't been watching TV in the past ten years. She has been on shows like The L Word, True Blood, and Arrow, and even video games, most recently in Far Cry 4. Well turns out she's got a singing career too, and she's pretty damn good at that, too. Check out her new single "Don't Look Down" and see how long it takes you to spot what exactly makes it stand out.

So as I'm sure you noticed by the first five seconds (or if you bothered to read the title of the article), she has teamed up with a professional touring drum corps group to produce this video and single. Jersey Surf, a drum corps out of Berlin New Jersey, is a competitive group that has been around since the early 90s and been competing in national and world competitions for drum and bugle corps ever since. Janina, who has been a long time musician, saw the decision as an obvious choice.

The song is so fun and upbeat. The addition of a drum line as the focal point of a song instead of as a prop like in other pop music that has attempted the same thing (lookin' at you Gwen Stefani) really made for something new and interesting. Rarely do these two worlds come together, so it was refreshing and new. This is definitely a song that will take a lot of people back to their high school days of being in both choir and band, creating nostalgia in something that doesn't sound the least bit dated -- and that's a feat.

As far as the video, I wasn't as impressed. I like that the Jersey Surf team was a prominent part of the video and not just a backdrop. Much of the video highlights them individually, which was nice. Other than that, the video was pretty basic. What was even more frustrating is that they had this cool camera-mounted drone that was flying around, but they hardly use any of the footage from it. It felt like a bit of a waste to see a all these shots of her singing into the drone, but not getting to really see much of that footage.

I really enjoyed this one. Although I was a bit surprised that the Illinois native didn't go with drum corps from her state such as The Cavilers or Phantom Regiment (which she actually auditioned for after high school) and instead opted to go with an East Coast group, but they did very well. This track and video are definitely must haves for anyone who is looking for something different.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 8 [Review]

It's time for one of the most wanted episode of RuPaul's Drag Race in, well, ever. OK, maybe since season three when they stopped this nonsense of bringing girls back. Well today we find out who came back, and who left -- again. Any guesses? Because we are starting this show!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Quigley Continues To Entice New EP With Single "Lost Again"

Ok, Ok. I promise that this will be the last post about Quigley until her EP comes out next month. Well, maybe. If she comes out with a music video, then I'll do another post. Anyway, today we've got another glimpse into her new EP Initium with "Lost Again".

Is this woman a freaking genius or what? She may take her time coming out with new stuff, but whenever she does, its always so amazing. Now this may not be something you'd jam out to, but it definitely has you thinking, and in a different state of mind that most pop music that is out there today.

Where this song really takes a turn is by being unconventional. Her voice is very light and airy, harkening back to artists like Kerli in her early days, set to a track that is full of surprises -- surprises such as dropping out completely for a split second making you think you lost internet connection. For anyone who is looking for something brilliant that is so far away from the monotony of the same old songs on the radio, look no further than "Lost Again."

Do I like this as much as I do her previous entry to the EP, "Post Post Apocalypse?" No, not exactly. They are very different sounding songs that go into very different categories. While "Apocalypse" is more up my alley, "Lost Again" has so much to offer, leaving the possibilities. for the rest of the EP to be endless. This is one album I am definitely looking forward to in 2015.

Her new EP Initium is set to be released May 8.

Friday, April 17, 2015

How Not To Audition For RuPaul's Drag Race With Adam Barta

RuPaul's Drag Race has gotten another early renewal, so it's time for everyone to get their audition tape together! Lucky for you, we have resident drag expert Adam Barta here to let you know exactly what you shouldn't do -- by example! So get ready, because this gurl is a mess.

The video is definitely all about Adam. His drag alter ego, Alexandra Winnebago, is definitely a diva, and he got to get his act together if he wants a shot at being on the show. It is obviously a joke, and honestly it's a pretty good one. The entire video is presented as a serious audition tape, not once does he break character to say it's all a joke, and it looks like some of those 'bad' tapes we see on the casting specials of days past.

We can all thank the stars because we have two New York drag staples, Mrs. Kasha Davis (from the most recent season) and Aggy Dune to sit back and judge him as he does half his audition tape on the toilet. I honestly wish we had gotten more of these two commenting on his video, because they are both gems and I love the banter and chemistry they have. We also get an odd low quality clip of Tempest Dujour from this season showing her displeasure with the whole ordeal as well.

Alexandra makes quite a few mistakes, such as pooping on camera, not having lacefront wigs, and most heinous of all she didn't know the lyrics to a RuPaul song! I found the video to be a very funny take on the whole culture the show has created. I know there are other people out there that will give you serious advice on how to audition, but here we get everything you need to know with a lot of laughs along the way. It's now obvious that Adam has become a full member of the WoW family.

If you think you got what it takes, head over to the casting site to give them your tape and get your chance to be on the show.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 5 [Final Thoughts]

There you have it. The fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has come and gone. We've had lots of ups and downs and a very strange reunion, but all in all it is a pretty great ride. I will now put together my final thoughts on this season and share with everyone what I feel next season will be like. Who should stay? Who should go? Who should they cast? Well Imma tell you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 7 [Review]

Let me catch my breath for a moment here. This episode is hilarious, depressing, and over everything else exhausting. For those who have been saying that season seven is boring I present them with this season's Snatch Game (and remind them how floptacular season five was). For all the haters and the doubters out there, I think the girls of season seven have really stood up and proven they have the right to be where they are. 'Cmon season seven!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Skin Wars Announces Cast + Premiere Date For Season 2

Yes! The time has come for us to get more info on GSN's hit reality show Skin Wars! It's been a long time coming, but we finally have some good news out of the show. Not only do we have the full cast list for season two, but we also have the premiere date, too, and it's a lot sooner than you think. Bye bye Fall, hello Spring! Let's get us some more body painting!

Let's get you introduced to this cast from left to right.

Dawn Marie - Madison, WI. "Self proclaimed glitter addict". Move over, Nicole! We got a new glitter queen!
Cheryl Ann - Belews Creek, NC. "Her graceful creativity stems from family and farming roots". A country girl's take on body painting, it seems.
Rio - Stone Mountain, GA. "Spiritual, stylish, and skilled. He combines comedy with his art". This is a guy to keep your eye on.
Rachel - Maui, HI. "She calls on makeup to awaken self-confidence". I love the pink hair and I love Hawaii. How can we go wrong!?
Kyle - Orlando, FL. "From dancing to painting, he'll sparkle and dazzle". Not sure what to think of this guy from one picture, but he's definitely different.
Marcio - Pompano Beach, FL. "Started body painting from a simple dare. Now it's his dream." This guy is HOT!
Lana - San Diego, CA. "She has a versatile artistic quality". She's blond and pretty. I've seen her previous work on Facebook, so I know she's talented, too. She is the trifecta!
Fernello - Queens, NY. "EMT turned body-painter. He strives to push boundaries". Another attractive guy! Go season two! He can save my life for sure!
Sammie - Herber City, UT. "She's edgy with a greater cause in mind". Her description has me intrigued to know what cause she's for, exactly.
Rudy - Houston, TX. "He's determined and competitive with a touch of sarcasm". So he's Dutch?
Aryn - Newport, KY. "A tattoo artist who wants to share her art with the world". I loooooove tattoo artists. Please let her go far in the competition!
Avi - Fort Lauderdale, FL. "Dedication to family drives his passion to paint". I have been following Avi for about a year on Facebook, so I know what this talented guy can do. My money is certainly on him!

The cast looks really good, and from their casting day photos on the show's Facebook page, it looks like they've all got a lot of talent and a lot of personality. Each episode is going to be heartbreaking to see one of these talented young painters get sent home. Only one can come out on top, but who will it be.

Additionally, we see the Rebecca is back on board with the project, as she is prominently featured in the promo shot with the cast above. We still have not seen word as to whether the judges table has changed or stayed the same. Robin Slonina, Craig Tracey, and of course RuPaul really made the show what it was last year, and it would be sad to see any of them go.

Looks like we will have to wait it out for GSN to give us a trailer for the show to know for sure. Until then, at least we know that the show will premier on June 10, as a late-ish birthday present for yours truly.

UPDATE: It looks like I spoke too soon! According to a website posted on Robin Slonina's personal page, TV By The Numbers, all three previous judges are set to return. This is also backed by contestant Lana tagging the judges on her Facebook photo.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Pandora Boxx Invites You To A Unicorn Party In New Single + Video

Everybody knows that I love Pandora Boxx. I interviewed her once upon a time, and I've been cyber stalking her ever since. Well she's dropped a new music video and single to entertain her fans, and needless to say, I'm all over it! Let's take a look at "Unicorn".

I'm not sure what the hell I just watched. Don't get me wrong, I love Pandora so, so much, but I've never seen so much green screening and awkward costuming in my life. Not Pandora, all of her outfits were fantastic (and I could look at her as Unicorn Queen for days) but the butterfly dude, the other unicorns, and whatever that cat-person was, all were just kind of... Yeah.

"Unicorn" as a song had me a bit skeptical at first too. When it began, it honestly sounded like something Frank DeCaro would use for the intro to his radio show, but it quickly evolves into something much more; much better. The song is a fun romp, and is exactly what people would expect from Pandora. It honestly feels much more like a song musically than her releases before, as it's not just one big joke or pun.

Pandora has never been a vocalist, so I wasn't going into this expecting Mariah, but she definitely has made a lot of progress since her first single "Cooter". She is hitting notes with more certainty and has moved to talk-singing for a good portion of the song, which doesn't detract from the vibe of the song at all.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this may not be Pandora's best song, but it's definitely fun and a great way to harken back to that odd yet comforting style of comedy that only Pandora Boxx can give us all.

Be sure and check out the single on iTunes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mrs. Kasha Davis Proves Her Elimination Wrong With Single "Cocktail"

This season of RuPaul's Drag Race is throwing everybody for a loop. Actually, up until this week, I'm pretty sure they've sent the wrong queen home every single week. Mrs. Kasha Davis was one of these wrongful eliminations, but at least we get to see more of her. This smart lady is taking full advantage of her comedy stylings shining through on her final episode and channeled it into a fun and catchy song. Check out "Cocktail".

I had no idea what to expect going into this. I think we already all knew that Kasha wasn't the best singer from Drag Race, but she is one of the funniest from this season, so I knew that she would work some kind of magic to make it fun. And that's exactly what she did. Mrs. Kasha Davis embraces the fact that her voice isn't Mariah Carey and goes for a more comical approach, throwing in jokes, but still managing to make it a coherent song that doesn't get sidetracked by comedy.

It's this balance of funny and catchy that I like. So many other queens have went the comedy route after discovering they aren't a strong singer, and many of them fall flat because they forget that it's still a song and not a standup routine. Sure you can throw jokes at us, but if you don't have a good beat and a hook that people will remember, then you won't be a success. Kasha will forever have "Cocktail, cocktail, cocktaaaaaiiiil" stuck in my head. For. Ever.

The release of "Cocktail" is handled by my friend Jared Jones and his new(ish) label JRED Music. JRED is a fun new independent record label releasing music from talented up and coming artists, and is always packed with remixes and fun jams. In fact, on Youtube, you can find a preview of Jared's Mojito mix for the song!

For now, pick up the single on iTunes and get your jam on!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 6 [Review]

Can you believe it's time for another episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, already? Well I hope you aren't fat-shaming yourself too much after eating those chocolate bunnies because it's time for us to pass judgment on others. More specifically, it's time to read these girls to filth. And the thing is, it come so easily. The library is open! Wait it's not that episode yet? Damnit. At least it's the Snatch Game this week. No? Really? Well then. Let's see what insanity is in store for us.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Manila Luzon Wants You To Take In All That Body

Let's be real. Who doesn't love Manila Luzon. If that person is you get the hell out of here because I talk about her literally all the time. She's the best queen from the RPDR girls period, and she's got a new video. So again, if you don't like her, you're gonna hate this video. Check out "This Body" by Manila Luzon.

This is the perfect example of me not digging a song too much until I got to see the video. When I first heard this track, it really didn't stand out to me. It was a bit overshadowed by some of Eternal Queen's other marvelous vocal stylings. Thankfully Manila has shown me the light, and has given us all this sexy and hilarious music video for us all to enjoy.

Manila has always been pushing the boundaries, and I really think that the video's body-positive message is great. Sure there were a lot of sexy men in undies dancing around, but here were also big girls, tattooed men, fem boys, and  gender blurrs. "This Body" features a lot of different, well, bodies. I think it sends a great message to her fans that everyone can be in love with their body, and there's gonna be someone out there who's just as in love with it too.

The camp factor helps get this point across pretty well. For most of the video, Manila is dressed as an old woman, and she makes it sexy. Manila has always been the perfect mix of sex appeal and camp, and she's never proven that moreso than with this video. Real-life bestie Raja makes an appearance in the video too, reminding us all that a TV show brought together two great friends who have stood the test of time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Drag Race Rumors CONFIRMED

You're gonna hear this from me first. I have found out from a very reliable source (as in someone who works on the show) that there are some startling changes coming to the next few episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race. Are you ready for this insanity? If not, move along. If so, you'd better read!

1. There is no Snatch Game this year.
You read that right. There will be no Snatch Game for season seven! Go ahead. Look back at the mega trailer. Nope. None. Notta. Still don't believe me? Well the Snatch  Game has always been within the first six episodes, with it being the fifth episode for the past three years. Next week is our sixth episode, and we already got the promo to prove that it ain't everyone's favorite game! Think about it, hunties.

2. Ru brings back a contestant and it ain't Trixie.
We're bringing old habits back by bringing back an eliminated contestant to mix things up. Everyone thinks it's going to be Trixie but in a surprise turn of events Jasmine walks through the door to prove she didn't give up. She only lasts one episode before getting the boot again. Sorry bout it.

3. Violet has a breakdown and leaves
Violet Chachki lasts all the way up until the final three, but after Ru announces Violet has beat out Miss Fame for the last spot in the top three, she breaks down and admits the nation is going to hate her much like fans did Phi Phi and Darienne so she voluntarily leaves. Instead of allowing Miss Fame into the top three, she stands by her decision and still sends her home, leaving us with only a top two to choose from for the reunion special

Like I said, this season is going to be really different. For those wondering, I haven't gotten confirmation on who the other two top contestants are. Actually, I haven't gotten confirmation on any of this because it's April 1st.


But seriously, where the hell is the Snatch Game?