Monday, October 31, 2011

Song of the Week - Let's Get Naughty

It's finally happened. You all told me it would (well, some did, and they know who they are). I have finally caved in and listened to Jessie and the Toy Boys. I don't regret anything. As proof of this, and as a truce to my fellow bloggers, I have decided to make their new single "Let's Get Naughty" song of the week. Seriously, though, this song is awesome.

Naughty is apparently the new "it" word for a song. We had Ellen Levon with "Naughty", Porcelain Black with "Naughty Naughty" and now Jessie invites you to "Get Naughty" with her. Now that I have given her a chance, I can see that it was a no-brainer that she went on tour with Britney Spears, as she sounds a lot like her, but more modernized and now than Brit.

The song itself is quite naughty. The uncut version (which will be linked below) drops the F-bomb a lot. And by a lot I mean taht that is pretty much all the pre-chorus is. She even invites all of her hoes (Not sure who is included in this) to touch their toes. I guess its sexual, but I am choosing to be naive and believe that she is just telling them to stretch so they don't get cramps. Jesus, pervs. Regardless, this girl has a down and dirty, in-your-face party track that will have you dancing.

You can buy the track on iTunes, as always. Enjoy and you're welcome.

Chris DiSario Reveals Debut Single

It's finally here! Chris DiSario has revealed his debut single "Could This Be Love"! Haven't heard of him? Well you should give him a listen. He is a newcomer with a lot of talent and positive energy on his side. This guy has unleashed a power pop tune that could rival Adam Lambert, as he embarks on a quest to find out if it is really love he is feeling.

I absolutely love finding budding artists that have loads of potential like this guy. If he keeps making music like this song, he'll definitely be a star. The song will be released this coming Tuesday (November 1st), but for now he has it up on YouTube for everyone to check out. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Listen - Nadia Oh's "Vampire Night"

That's right, bitches! Nadia Oh is not going to back down, and she sure as hell isn't going to loose any momentum. This time sounding a lot less like a song that didn't make the cut on "Colours" and more like a full-fledged single, Nadia is here to put her mark on your Halloween 2011 party!

Let me begin by saying that this track starts off in the best way possible -- with a cameo from Space Cowoby. Anybody who knows anything about me knows I am a HUGE Spacey fan. His bit of the chorus urges you to party "like vampires". Let's hope he's talking about Anne Rice's vampires and not Twilight.

Nadia Oh soon bursts in singing the same bit as Spacey leading into a techno orgasm of her howling and using all sorts of digital effects on her voice. I think that is what makes Nadia so brilliant: She knows she isn't the best singer so she sees it as an opportunity to do all sorts of crazy stuff with her vocal tracks. I think a lot of people see it as funny or troll-ish to call her amazing or brilliant, but I can say with one hundred percent seriousness that I think she is at the top of my list of favorite artists.

The song progresses to Nadia discussing how vampire-like she is by sipping on dacqueries and sucking on strawberries. Hold up. Is she a fan of Adventure Time because she sounds more like Marceline than anything else. Nadia, dear, those things are red. Yes, blood is red too, but you aren't a vampire just because you are eating and drinking red things. Anyway, the song from here on out is more your typical "party with the DJ" type of song... but GOD I LOVE NADIA OH!

This is one of the best songs she's put out in a while. I loved me some "No Bueno" despite it's uncanny resemblance to "Taking Over The Dancefloor" (Which was the inspriation for the name of my blog, by the way), and "Shade" was fun, but this track really feels like something brand new and fun. If this is the direction the next Nadia album will go in, I'm totally on board! Especially if it means more Space Cowboy vocal tracks!

Nadia Oh 'Vampire Night' v2 by nadiaoh

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Special Preview! Angel Anatomy - Don't Look Back

My friends Anya and Lorelai, who make up the new singing duo Angel Anatomy, have agreed to give me a exclusive preview of their new single "Don't Look Back" that drops this Saturday, October 29! In my exclusive interview with them last week, they told me they were fusing two styles of music, ambient and triphop, to create an all new sound. I'd say that they accomplished this. Don't believe me? Well have a listen for yourself!

The group are going to release the single live at Oni-Con, anime and Japanese convention in Galveston, Texas. That means if you go to the convention, you get to hear the full song, along with several other amazing tracks these two have created, before everyone else! If you don't live in that area, or can't get there to see them, don't worry. The single will be released online for free, as well as a limited edition version to be released later on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MYPHNH(BS) - Mason Black

Welcome to another installment of the only recurring segment on my blog! Seriously, though, everybody has that one friend with so much talent but not getting the attention they deserve. That is where I come in. Shoot me a line and if I like your stuff, I'll give you a shout out right here. This time around, I'm throwing my good friend Mason Black into the spotlight. Now, my minions, make him feel welcome.

Let me tell you, Mason and I go waaaay back. Yup. Way back to like May of this year. He found my blog, and shot me some of his tunage, and since then we have become fast friends -- and better yet he's actually really talented! He already has two singles on iTunes (Showdown and Cruel Embrace), and he has plenty more in store for you all!

Mason's genre is really hard to define. The way he put it is he is showing people all aspects of himself and seeing which sides of his musical personality people really pick up on. His most notable singe, Cruel Embrace, has a very strong Adam Lambert-esque pop feel to it, singing about the hardships of love. "More To Me", a track off his upcoming EP, has a more country sound to it. Each track is like a page out of his journals, taken from life experiences, and I really think that is what makes his music feel so genuine.

His musical range is actually what drew me to him in the first place. The first song I heard from him was "Showdown", a very sexy and dark pop song. I really liked the song, but I didn't see him really stand out until I heard more. "Cruel Embrace", followed by "More To Me" and quickly "Jack The Ripper" all show very unique, and sometimes a bit scary, faces of this multi-talented song writer.

Perhaps my love for Mr. Black is a bit biased. He is a very awesome and nice person and he is very real. If you fan him on Facebook, chances are he will respond to your posts! He is a big supporter of Jango, but I don't really use it. IF THAT IS YOUR THING, HIT HIM UP! Otherwise, check out this song fresh off his new EP "The Sinner EP", due out November 1st!

My First Time by MasonBlack

Monday, October 24, 2011

Song of the Week - Stilettos

Let me be completely honest with you. I have never heard of this girl Emii before in my life, but she popped up on my radar with her latest track "Stilettos" and I just can't get enough of her. If you haven't heard this fresh track, you should drop everything and give her a shot.

Anyone who has read my blog for more than a few posts knows that I have a thing for girl-power songs. This song is all about a girl who has this boy in the palm of her hand... or as she says "hooked on her stilettos." Yeah, I'm not sure if this is a foot fetish song or not, but it is so catchy and dancable that I could care less even if it was.

I really can't believe that she isn't a big name. After going back and listening to her other tracks, she definitely has star potential. Maybe once this song saturates for a while she will explode (Kinda like Dev with In The Dark getting big after five months of existing). I can only hope so.

You can preview and buy the track on iTunes here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Album Review - Queen of Fxxking Everything

A few days ago, a new buddy of mine, Matt from OMFG It's A Blog About Music, managed to turn off his caps lock button long enough to bring to my attention something quite interesting. Apparently, England has drag queens, too! Joking, of course, but he did introduce me to yet another drag diva making music, and as always... I TOTALLY LOVE IT! Let's take a look at Holestar (It's a name, don't get all adult filter on me, blogger!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exclusive Interview - Angel Anatomy

Say what? You've never heard of Angel Anatomy? Previously named Almost Angels, this unique duo have decided to re-brand themselves and undergo a drastic change. They traded in the middle-of-the-road pop sound and welcomed in a strangely mellow and opera sound.  Why? Because it's not about the money, it's about the music. I recently got to sit down and chat with these hilarious and quite genuine ladies. Allow me to introduce Angel Anatomy: Lorelai Lynn and Anya!

Pandora Boxx Debuts Cooter Video!

It's finally here. Dear lord, it is finally here. After weeks of this lady torturing me... oh and you, too, I'm sure, the video for her debut single "Cooter" has been released. It may not be a masterpiece, but damnit, the Fandora inside of me just can't help but love the hell out of this video.

The all-green-screen video is Pandora in numerous outfits set to a pink backdrop. It follows the lyrics for the most part, including having a pretty hot "straight" guy... and one not so hot straight guy. She spends the first half of the video trying to sell her product, Cooter, while the price plummets, eventually reaching less than two dollars on clearance.  The "cooter" is actually just a fuzzy ball.. that she dangles from her crotch for the later half of the video... and licks. Yeah. It's a very strange video, but it is still pretty spectacular. It will definitely leave you asking yourself "what the fxxk did I just watch?"

Check the video out for yourself. Comment. Love it. Welcome to life as a Fandora.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cherri Bomb Releases Full Stark EP

It's finally here! The girls that can only be described as The Runaways of the new generation have released the full version of their EP entitled "Stark"! All girl rock band Cherri Bomb have been a bit of an obsession of mine for a while now, and I am so glad I can finally buy their music and remind them that they have fans right here at home in the US!

This is an extension of the free EP of the same name they were distributing on their web site a few months back. This release contains the same three songs (Mirror Mirror, Spin, and Already Dead) as well as two new(ish) songs The Pretender and Let It Go. I say "new(ish)" because they have streamed a demo version of The Pretender on their site before, but this version sounds quite different. This time around it sounds much more polished and worked on. The other new song, Let It Go, is not exactly my favorite track on the release, but it's a good addition to the total feel and message they were going for.

I've been a fan of these girls for quite a while now. They have so much talent and potential to become really great. They have been on tour in Europe for a while now, and I really hope that they keep their American fans in mind for a tour here soon. What I wouldn't give for some merch or a physical CD from them!

Trust me, these girls are amazing. Their EP is only four dollars on iTunes. Buy it! BUY IT NOW! You won't regret it. If you do, somehow, regret it then we aren't friends.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Song of the Week - Celebrity

I just couldn't help myself. I just freaking love Young London. They are awesome people, they make awesome music, and awesome is pretty much the only word in the English language I can use to describe anything they do. Getting back in the swing of things, they have released another hit, and of course I've made it Song of the Week!

I know, I know. It's not exactly fair to have the same group on the list of nominees for my Song of the Year, but this song is so HOT! I can't even describe it. This song was definitely worth the wait. The song is about being a celebrity for just one day, and all the things the two of them would do if they could achieve such a status. This time around, the group have a featured artist (though for some strange reason, he isn't listed on the track, although he does say his name at the beginning of the track). Rapper Rome Castille has a very nice rap piece towards the end of the track.

My main complaint with the song, however, is the lack of Sarah, Young London's female vocalist, in the song. She doesn't seem to play as big a part in this track as she did in "Let Me Go", but I guess that is just me nit picking. Also, I've heard that the video for this one will come out quite a lot quicker than the gap between the previous single and it's accompanying video. Lets hope this one is just as good -- or better!

You can buy this sickn'ing track on iTunes here. Oh, and you should fan them on Facebook, too. They are super nice people!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Rise And Fall Of Shakin' Stevens (And His Superstardom)

It was 1998 when I fell in love for the first time. I was in grade school, and it started off a little rocky. Aqua wasn't exactly the picture of bad-assery when the splashed into the US scene. A seven-year-old boy liking a girl-centric singing group was bad enough, but their only hit being "Barbie Girl" (and what people instantly associate them with) just put it over the edge. This was definitely something I didn't boast about back in the day. I followed them avidly for years, letting my love for them grow and prosper. "This," I thought "is the standard by which all music should follow." Ok, guys, seriously I was in like second grade. Don't judge me.

Face it, America, this song was a hit!
Then, out of the blue, they broke up. I thought that my life would end right there... Ok, so I wasn't that dramatic, but still, I was pretty upset. In the wake of this tragedy, one shining object shown through. A short while after their break, a few live recordings surfaced from one of their last shows containing material said to be put on their third album that was canned mid-production. Of these five or so songs, one stood out. This track was an ode to an amazing, and often overlooked crazy-talented musician: Shakin' Stevens.

Friday, October 14, 2011

An Update On What Is To Come

I know things have been rather quiet around here lately, but many awesome things are in store for the near future. I am just giving you guys a heads up on what is to come so that you are prepared for the awesomeness!

First up, I plan on making a new segment of the blog where I write pointless essays. I know, I know, the internet is no place for an essay, but I feel the need to do this. Things that will be covered in this section will be: Open letters to groups and/or artists, topics I feel very passionate about, and extended rants. First up on the agenda for this section is going to be an extended post about the history and inevitable downfall of Shakin' Stevens and his superstardom. No, not the actual singer, the song by Aqua. I've been pondering on this subject for a long time, and I think my whole two committed readers deserve to know how I feel!

A semi-retired segment is coming back in full force. Music You Probably Have Never Heard (But Should) is coming back. I currently have two people planned for this segment, with a possible third rounding up the back end. In order for this segment to work like it should, I need suggestions! I made a new page on the site for people to send me suggestions, and I would greatly appreciate all of your input. IF YOU KNOW ANY LITTLE-KNOWN ARTISTS LET ME KNOW ASAP! The little guys deserve all the attention they can get!

Finally, the biggest thing I have been planning is an end-of-the-year event. Since my blog started in May, I have posted a Song of the Week every week, and now I plan on doing an event called Song of the Year. Starting December 1st, I will put up a poll listing every single song of the week up until the Dec. 1 deadline. On the 22nd, I will reorganize the poll to be the top ten songs, resetting the score and leveling the playing field. I am counting on all of you to support your favorite artists and make sure they win Song of the Year from my blog! Song of the Week will continue through December, but will go on NEXT year's SOTY competition.  Do you think I'm missing the best song ever? Go up to the suggestions and read the rules for Song of the Week. Shoot me your ideas for Song of the Week and get your opinion head!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Drag Race Season 4 - First Look

It's getting closer, folks. RuPaul's Drag Race season four is coming sooner than you think. I personally can't wait to get back into the drama, makeup, and mayhem. This year I'll be covering it episode by episode, and doing my damnedest to get the inside scoop on all these bitches.

The debut promo for the new season was released yesterday, and damn were we all excited to see it. Don't get pumped just yet, because the promo isn't exactly as revealing as you might think. None of the contestants are shown -- only Ru is show walking down a hallway... But oh God I love it anyway. Screw it, get excited. This is amazing news! Check out the promo for yourself.

Another exciting tidbit of info on the new season is a selection of celebrity guest judges being named. Sadly, my buddy Jipsta wasn't on the list -- yet. Included on this list are some big names such as Kelly Osbourne (Omg!), Rose McGowan (OMG) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (OMFG NO WAY). Also Amber Riley from Glee. For a deeper look into the Guest Judge list, check out the New Now Next blog here.

Now, Mommy Ru, where are my contestants?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Album Review - Megalomania

It is finally here. Less than an hour ago, I received my autographed copy of Aqua'd latest, and what is shaping up to be best, album. Before we begin, I must warn you all that this review will be very biased. These four talented and beautiful people have come together to form my favorite group since I was eight years old, and they still keep strong in my heart today. If you don't wanna read a biased review about how the members of Aqua are demi-gods, you should probably leave. Joking, read my other posts. Do it. Don't question me.

Song of the Week - Thank You

This week, I decided to go for something a little different. This song is very soulful, and from a singer that I believe deserves a bit more attention than she has gotten in the past. Let's give US one hit wonder Estelle another go. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

This track is a slow jam, but it really seems to stick with me and get stuck in my head. She has a great set of pipes and the bridge of the song had me in awe the first time I heard it. The song is all about her thanking an ex for teaching her a lesson. The tinge of sarcasm can be over looked, but the subject matter certainly wasn't the selling point of the song for me. It's all about those notes she can belt out.

Sadly, most people only know this lady from her song she did with Kanye West. The song was very good, but her other work is amazing. She seems to be much more popular in her native land of the UK. I hope that a new single released in the US will boost her back into the spotlight, but it's not looking to hopeful. Despite all this, she still has me as a fan in the states!

You can buy the song on iTunes here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pandora Boxx Gets Banned!

I have been sitting around, biding my time, waiting for the premier of Pandora Boxx's debut music video. All we have gotten so far are a couple of screen shots and a short description from Ms. Boxx herself in my exclusive interview a few days back. Today, news finally came, but it's not what you would expect.

News of the video for "Cooter" came via Twitter this morning. Apparently a certain television network has refused to air the video what so ever. It is unclear what the reasons are, but Pandora suggested they might not have been able to handle her excessive use of the word "labia." Hopefully, a few edits can be made to make the video acceptable for television viewers.

In the meantime, Pandora is embracing the situation, labeling the video as "banned from TV." The video is set to premier on YouTube October 18th. Until then, we will have to wonder what all the fuss is about. That is, unless she decides to send me a sneak peek. How dare you think I would abuse my budding friendship with her in such a manner. But seriously, I plan on reviewing the video as soon as possible. Yes, I'm a huge Fandora.

Just as a side note: I do plan on giving the new Aqua album a review. The delay is due to my copy of the CD being in the mail system still. Hopefully I will get it Tuesday. Until then, I will continue to curse Columbus and his stupid pointless holiday. Bitch didn't discover anything.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hyper Crush Announces New Album!

Not long ago, Hyper Crush announced to the world that they are wrapping up the final touches on their new album, to be titled "Night Wave". No release date is set, but it certainly has me excited. You didn't know I was a fan of Hyper Crush? Probably because I haven't blogged about them before. Why, you ask? Well, mostly because I just realized they released an actual single for Maniac, and the video fell on a bad time for me. REGARDLESS OF THIS, I still love them to death. They are hilarious and fun. What more could you ask for?

Though I'm not too impressed with the cover (perhaps its just a place holder?) what I am excited about is what they decided to say about the album. Apparently they have announced that around 80% of the album is going to be new material. This means that either they are releasing a huge album, or that one or more of the six singles released in the past year will not be on the album. I sincerely hope Keep Up, their number one song on iTunes, is on the album.

One thing you can expect from these guys is that every single one of the songs will be catchy. I can't think of a single song they have released that I haven't found to be a fun and dancey track. Hopefully the album will be released in the very near future. I'll do my best to keep you all updated as soon as I receive info!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Exclusive Interview - Pandora Boxx

I keep hearing that drag queens, namely ladies from RuPaul's Drag Race, branching into the music business is becoming a cliche. Obviously nobody told Pandora Boxx this. She may not be the first one to try out the music scene, but she sure did give it her own interesting twist. This two-time Drag U MVP has recently released her debut comedy/dance singe "Cooter", and is making waves. Being the sweetheart she is, she allowed me to sit down and ask her a few questions on her new career path.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Song of the Week - This Party's On Fire

I bet you guys are shocked with this one. No, I'm not being sarcastic. You all probably figured I'd pick Pandora Boxx's debut single, but I already reviewed it and I have an interview with her coming up, so I'm gonna give some other ladies the spotlight for a moment. After being quiet for a while, the lovely ladies who brought the monster jam "American Cowboy" are back in my life. Welcome back, Jada, I missed you.

I have been waiting for these girls to come back for a while now. They let the momentum off of their previous singles die down, and with the lack of information, I feared they were going to be gone forever. Then, out of nowhere, they smack me in the face with yet another amazing girl group jam. Thank the lord in high heaven that they are still around. The United States needs more girl groups!

The song itself is very much Jada, and by that, I mean that they continue with their haughty, rich girl attitudes that they established in "American Cowboy." I mean this in the best way possible, as "add my name to your house title" was the the most genius line in a song ever. This song also has some beautiful gems such as "I hope my cleaner comes today/she can make it go away." I just love the attitude of these girls! You should too. Do it. Love them or else.

You can buy this amazingly underrated track on iTunes here. You should also check out the video on YouTube. Is it just me or does the music video sound like it's missing the lead vocals on the chorus?