Friday, March 1, 2013

Album Review - Kwanza Jones "SUPERCHARGED"

It is finally here. After literally years of waiting for this album to surface, Kwanza has finally delivered. "SUPERCHARGED" has arrived and is already making waves. This album is sexually charged, and ready to make everyone get up on their feet. If you listen to this album sitting down, you are definitely doing it wrong. Let's get this party started, shall we?

The album wastes no time getting you introduced to what it is all about. The opening track is also the title track. I have reviewed "SUPERCHARGED" before, and I have to say that even after these months it has yet to wear on me. This track shows you up front what Kwanza  is going to serve you, and that is sexiness and girl power.

"Time To Go" appears on the album, but we all want to get to the new stuff, don't we.

"Turn It Up" is our first taste of a new Kwanza track. It has an interesting techno beat that has not been heard yet from her. This sounds like a track that you could play in the club without any remixes -- the buildup and drop included. The song accomplishes exactly what it is set out to do, and that is to get people up and dancing. While it is nowhere near a single-ready track, it does a good job of keeping people interested and moving.

The song I was most looking forward to on the album, and her next single, was "Vicious." What I didn't expect to see is that there were three artists tacked onto the song. Ray Styles, Big Rush, and Denace are the featured artists. I mean no disrespect to these rappers, but the second half of this song turns into a big extended mess. The raps aren't bad, but they are all jumbled together and drag on for far too long. This song was a bit of a mixed bag due to my high expectations.

"T-E-A-C-H-E-R" is another song I was looking forward to hearing. This song does not disappoint, mostly because it spells out the word Teacher. We all know I like a good spelling to dance music (I literally have a playlist). The song is a tongue and cheek approach to being a 'teacher' for a boy, and letting him be a teacher's pet. Oddly, this is one of the most sexually charged on the album while still sounding the more innocent than most. Even the beat is much lighter and fun than the rest.

While the tone of the album is mostly about sex appeal and dancing, the second half  becomes much more real. "Shatterproof" shows us the sensitive side of Kwanza, taking a stand for herself, showing that she can be vulnerable, but also a strong woman. This song in particular adds depth beyond being just another dance artist, and makes Kwanza into a real person for those who haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet.

The very pro-equal-rights artist shows her political side in the track "#StopHate". The song is all about acceptance for everyone, not just homosexuals, and it shows her love for all her fans in all the colors and creeds they come in. The amusing part of it all is that she doesn't just say "stop hate" but "hashtag stop hate", which gets me every time. I know it's an odd thing to laugh at, but I'm sure she won't mind my mild giggles. I think it is important for those who have the voice and ability to speak up take the time to do so.

What is really a treat for fans is the track "Think Again." If you think you've already heard this track, you should, well, think again. This is far from the single version she released years ago. The SUPERCHARGED version of "Think Again" may have the same lyrics, but it has been musically revamped to be dark and electronic.

For those of you who skip out on the Deluxe Editions of albums, you should take further consideration. Why for this one album in particular? Well the bonus track "Made U Look" is probably the best track on the album. It features a familiar face, famous San Fransican drag queen Pollo Del Mar, and her rap is probably one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time. From Game of Thrones to 2Pac, nothing is off limits. She even announces that You are Myspace, and  she is Facebook. The deluxe also comes with a sexy remix of "Think Again", taking us back to where it all began.

What I love the most about "SUPERCHARGED" is that it goes beyond being just another pop album. Kwanza is a talented songwriter, and has much more depth than many of those doing the same styling of music. This album may not be life changing for most, but it shows that there is hope in today's music industry.

One thing that took me a bit by surprise is the language on the album. While it's not exactly a problem, it just took me by surprise to hear the f-bomb being dropped by a singer I've followed for so long. I don't find it offensive that stronger language is used than she has in the past, but it made me do a double take. A "did I just hear that?", if you will.

Supercharged has been a long time in the making, and it is so great to finally have it out to listen to. I have been waiting for this album since first learning of Kwanza, and I have to say she has not disappointed me. There were a few downs, but not enough to bring the experience as a whole down. This has been a long journey not just for Kwanza and her team, but also for all the fans who have been sending her love and positive vibes throughout the time. A lot of heart and soul went into this album, and I think that shows more than anything.

You can buy the deluxe version of the album on iTunes. Why even link the regular version because I know you want that PDM track.


  1. Not only did we "make u look," we "made u listen" too!!

  2. Thank you for your review and all your support!!!! As usual, you are fun and thorough. What can I say, I'm happy there were a few surprises for ya. ;-) And, BTW, I think you're going to like the Vicious (Radio Edit) better. But you have to wait a bit longer for it. It's going to be released with the Vicious Remixes EP in a couple months. xoxo