Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 5 [Review]

Do these women ever stop? No. No is definitely the answer to that question. After last week, I wasn't sure how things were going to turn out for this season, but thankfully we have a little bit more going on here than I had expected. Season six is turning out to be a fun romp through 'Hills, and I'm sure you're going to want all the details, including why Eileen made the face in this awesome picture below.

Lets start off with what could possibly be the best decision that Bravo has made in years. That is the casting of Erika in this show. I really was unsure of her before, but now that I've seen her interact with the other wives, I have to say that she is a perfect fit with these ladies. She met with Kyle first, and the two of them got along beautifully. Erika tagged along with Yolanda (who is apparently in much better health now) and Kyle on their walk through the park, and I don't know if it could have gone better.

It was really hilarious to see her around Lisa Vanderpump. They all went out for drinks (minus Lisa Rinna who was in Canada on her annual family vacation). It takes a lot of balls to be able to stand up to Lisa Vanderpump and go toe-to-toe with her humor. It didn't look like Lisa's claws came all the way out just yet, as she seemed to be feeling her out, but she definitely had the most to say, especially when it came out that Erika's husband was in his seventies (and also what caused the hilarious Eileen face above).

The one thing I did side with Lisa on in this little mini cat fight was when they started talking about her music. Yolanda kept boasting that Erika had numerous number one "disco" hits (I think you mean dance, honey) and that prompted Lisa to be confused because she didn't know who she was. I had the same reaction at first, too. I run an indie music blog and I'd never so much as heard her name. Obviously I can't know everything about music, but it makes me wonder if they aren't talking her up a bit so that she can "fit in" more. Or perhaps even so she can stand out.

I have to say that Kyle was actually a bit of the voice of reason for the first time ever in this episode, and you'll get why as the review goes on. I also found myself completely in love with her store, proving that I can be wrong occasionally. I mean it wasn't like I was quick to judge her. She was simply just slow to show interesting things about her personality. It's been six years. Get it together, lady.

Reason one she was the voice of reason came in when she and Erika met. The two of them, as I said, really hit it off, and even when the other girls were more or less looking down their noses at her, she not only encourages the new girl, but invites her along with them to the Hamptons later in the week. Kyle really seemed to get it in some places this week, but not in others. Like when she got brave enough to mention that she had symptoms that were similar to Lyme Disease when she was depressed. Nope. Don't go there.

She was also the level headed one when she jumped in and saved Eileen from potentially destroying her friendship with Lisa R. Somehow Eileen got Yolanda's words mixed up, thinking that she knew that Lisa R was talking about her behind her back when she really had no idea. Kyle was quick to action to put things in a nice way, but it was unclear if that really mended fences or not. Eileen and Lisa R may be in for an upcoming rocky patch when all sides know everything, but at least Kyle tried, right?

To be honest, as much as Lisa Vanderpump was in this week's episode, I don't feel like she did much of anything. Sure she perpetuated a slight amount of drama hazing the new girl, and yes her swan got sick and she was worried about that, but after being in the spotlight for the past few weeks, she's now turned things over to Erika and Yolanda for an episode. The same could be said about Lisa R who was in a whopping two scenes this episode which were both at the beginning and quickly forgotten after the drama going on with Yolanda.

Speaking of Yolanda, she had it really tough this week. She was greatly offended when Kyle seemed to compare depression and Lyme Disease, and then she was backed into a corner when Eileen got her words mixed up and accidentally outed Lisa R as a conspirator. It really looked like the only ally she had left was Erika, who wisely has chosen to stay by Yolanda's side, as she was kind of her gateway into this show in the first place.

The end of the episode was especially hard on her. She had her three kids and her mother under one roof for the first time in a good while, and they decided to spend time together. Yolanda let her mother know the details about the surgery to get the breast implants she has removed so that the leaking silicone could be cleaned up. Her mother was obviously very worried, but being the strong woman we've come to know her as, she kept it together. It was the kids that more or less fell apart. And can you blame them when their mother presents them with her living will?

Ok so maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but it was still pretty shocking to see how emotional her children got. They definitely are a close nit family, and losing Yolanda would be devastating. Luckily -- spoiler alert -- she's still writing blogs for Bravo weekly so obviously she doesn't die in the surgery. Lucky us, right? Kidding aside Yolanda is one of the more likable women in this group, so I would be pretty torn up too if she had passed.

It was so amazing to see more sides of Erika. She is certainly not a gold digger (again that or she's a great actress), and she is definitely talented in many ways. She has a razor sharp wit that can keep up with Lisa Vanderpump, and I really think she's going to fit into this odd group pretty well. Let's just hope we get to see her perform next week when she's gone to her show in Chicago.

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