Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Much More Skin Wars Is On The Way -- And Very Soon!

Ok, so if you've been paying close attention to GSN's social media, this might not exactly be a surprise, but if you haven't you are in for a treat. In the slyest way possible (you'll see what I mean in just a moment), GSN has announced that beloved reality competition show (and this guy's personal favorite friend-making machine -- no really they are all so FREAKING nice!), Skin Wars is on it's way back to your televisions. It's happening soon, we just don't exactly know the specifics.

You see that picture up there? It was on the official Facebook page for Skin Wars for all of a day before being replaced with a photo of Ru, Rebecca, Robin, and Craig that simply says "New Season Coming 2016" which is far more vague than "Coming in January". While I'm pretty sure they have already finished filming, it has only been a few short months, so things could still be up in the air. The reason I am pretty sure the filming is done with by now is that the photo has been around for some weeks, and of the couple of people in the photo I recognized (the most memorable being Brittney Pelloquin, the girl with the red hair two to the right of Rebecca) are already active on Facebook again.

Of course in the world of television many things can go wrong or take longer than expected, editing being a huge part of it. If they plan to do two seasons a year like their fellow reality TV juggernauts Face Off and America's Next Top Model (which sadly just got canceled), they are going to have to get the groove down and find a way to constantly make great television, which is far easier said than done. I hope that the January date is the "real" date, because I have been longing to see this show again. As I mentioned earlier the contestants on this show are incredibly nice, and many of them are people I would call friends now.

On the other side of things, I also recently came across another fun tidbit of information on Facebook. Spinoff show Skin Wars Fresh Paint was picked up for a full season a few months back following it's tester "pilot" episode, and now filming has officially wrapped. It looks like the show will be pressed right up against the main series's third season either following it immediately or serving as an appetizer for the main course to come.

Judge Michael Levitt made the following announcement on his personal Facebook page last week:
It's a wrap on FRESH PAINT (our spin off of SKIN WARS). So proud of the entire cast and crew. We made an amazing series and I'm excited for everyone to see it in 2016."

GSN reportedly ordered eight episodes of Skin Wars Fresh Paint for the 2016 season. It's unclear if these will all be new or if the previously aired pilot episode will be included. Judges Michael Levitt and Emma Cammack are both set to return along with host RuPaul. No solid word has come in yet if the "third judge" will continue to be the losing coach, or if they will pursue guest judges as the main show does.

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