Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 6 [Review]

Hello there! Sorry for the lack of updates yet again. But at least you have this to count on every Wednesday! Cutting it close today, but I still made it. This week the setting shifts, but the drama stays. It is cliche, but I guess you can't take the Beverly Hills out of these ladies. Get into it!

Much of the beginning of this week's episode was various moments while the ladies were packing. Eileen continues to be uninteresting, as sad as it makes me to say, and would you believe that Kyle is still rich? Jokes aside there wasn't exactly a ton of stuff going on here. Lisa Rinna is in Philadelphia doing a wonderful stint for QVC for her fashion line and  everyone is scrambling around to get everyone in order for the first trip of the season. Well second, if you count the mini-horse escapade.

Speaking of Vanderpump, one of the key elements for this first bit of the show was with her. She really is a bit too interested in Kim Richards's life, in my opinion. It's sad to say, but I don't get why she is so invested, especially when the two of them were never besties to begin with. Hell, she hasn't even appeared on camera this season yet. It was really upsetting to learn that Kyle found out about the incident (IE Kim stealing a few hundred dollars in children's toys from a store) through TMZ.

On the other side of the spectrum is the ever cheerful Erika. We did get to see a good bit of her and her husband which will either convince you that she is really a sweet person or create more conspiracy theories that she is only acting long enough to get the money from her old hubby when he passes. I for one am not sure which is the truth, but what I can say is that I truly respect her in regards to Yolanda. While everyone else practically forgot about her and even questioned her illness, she kept her back. That alone makes me really like this lady.

Speaking of Yolanda, she was a tough spot in this episode. It was so weird to see her flip back and forth between happy and tragically depressed. She really is a strong woman, but this illness has been weighing down hard on her. It makes me wonder if she was concerned about her friends doubting her, too. Hopefully that storyline cools it for a little bit because she honestly needs a rest.

After saying goodbye to her family and Face Timing her daughter, she went into surgery. Lucky for us (and again spoiler alert, we've already seen her post surgery) she survives. It was funny that they tried to make everything so dramatic though, seeing as we would have seen in the news if she had gotten hurt or (worse) died. I guess it's a show, and they have to do what they have to do. She did have a very messed up looking implant taken out of her breast. I can say this honestly: I don't ever want to have to watch a breast implant procedure ever again.

One thing that really bothers me is that we have already seen in the news that Yolanda and David are splitting. I don't know if it's because of this news or if it was there all along, but something between them doesn't feel right on camera. He seemed really detached to the whole situation. I guess it's to be expected a bit since she's been sick for so long, but there was really something going on beneath their smiling faces.

If you want my honest opinion, the whole Yolanda ordeal was far more interesting than what the episode really focused on and that was the Hamptons trip. I'm sure it's going to get better (as we only saw the first day) but this trip so far is pretty "meh". I know it's not the season's big vacation, but it could still be more interesting then the pathetic little squabble we saw here.

Apparently the hotel that they were all going to stay at was a party hotel. That did not sit right with Eileen and Kyle, and soon enough they decided to vacate. Lucky for them Kyle's husband is extremely loaded, and he was able to procure them a house out of nowhere. It was really nice, but of course, Lisa Vanderpump was not happy. She wanted them to all stay together in the hotel, and the fact that they left before even talking to her and before she even got there really wore her down to the point to where she was kind of over it from the beginning.

In a somewhat act of revenge for Kyle's unforgivable act of Vanderpump defiance, Lisa decided to bring up her sister's recent troubles -- in front of everyone. I hate to say it, and I really really do mean that, I felt bad for Kyle here. Sure she had a few snide remarks to say about Lisa V, but when everyone started jumping in asking her questions when she was very obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation. I don't think anyone wants their family's dirty laundry brought out at a party on the other side of the nation.

I hope you all understand how hard it was for me to admit I felt bad for Kyle. It was very painful for me. But still, she is a person and deserves a little respect. Lisa has a very sneaky way of getting to people, and you may not realize it until way after the fact. I think she was actually pissed about them all abandoning her, and she knew that Kyle was the ring leader. I guess it was teaching her a lesson -- one that will probably cause a lot of conflict with this group of ladies.

This season is honestly starting to bore me. The season trailer showed a lot more interesting stuff, but I guess they are saving that for later. They need to bring it on soon before it becomes their undoing. Bravo always has an interesting way to generate vibe, though, so I'm sure they'll be fine in the end. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Certainly Bethany will liven this bunch up a bit. I mean she did single handedly revive the New York edition of this franchise.

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