Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 4 [Review]

It looks like things over in Beverly Hills are about to heat up. This week was a bit of a prelude to the coming storm, but don't let that deter you from reading this review! You know I can entertain anyone with anything. Don't believe me? Try and read some of those Below Deck reviews. Hah! Anyway, RHOBH  is far easier to make fun, so give it a read, and have a little fun with it, too!

This week was a little bit of an eye opener for what is in store for Eileen. She has been pretty boring so far in her stint on this show, but now she is finally coming into her own. We saw her interact with her husband one on one, and honestly it wasn't good. We had hints with it in the past few weeks, but it really looks bad now. The two of them don't communicate well at all, and it looks like they are in for a bit of a rocky ride. It's too early to say if this will lead to a divorce, but we've seen this in 'wives in the past, more specifically ones in Beverly Hills, so she should really be on the look out.

We also got to see more of Erika this time, too. I was happy to get to know her past where we left off last week, and I officially apologize for the comments I made last week. Either she's a really good actress or (much more likely) she is actually in love with her husband. I still find it a bit weird that she has so many different looks from her as the sexy songstress to the housewife to the best friend of Yolanda. Every time she is on screen she looks like a completely different person. It was cool to see her shop at MarcoMarco, though. He is such a talented designer and does her outfits for her singing career apparently.

Another wonderful thing about Erika is she is very devoted to Yolanda. She may joke around about it all, but it's pretty obvious that she is a good friend. She met with Mrs. Foster and her husband David to celebrate Yolanda's health improving. It was cute to see the two of them interact, but we still haven't seen her with any of the other housewives yet, so things are still far too high up in the air. David (Yolanda's husband) did offer her a gig singing for the pope, but it's unclear if that will pan out or not at this point.

Lisa Vanderpump finally caved and bought her hubby Ken not one but two mini horses for his birthday. In a hilarious but easily foreseeable twist it ended up that the horses were more a present for herself than for Ken, who was far less than thrilled upon seeing his surprise. It was very amusing how quickly Lisa convinced herself that they were wanted.

Lisa Rinna's bits with her family this week weren't exactly memorable (aside from her not knowing how FaceTime works), but it's always cute to see her interact with her daughters. It provides a stark contrast to Kyle, who has daughters the same age. Whereas Kyle's daughters are more spoiled and "high class", Rinna has managed to somehow keep her daughters grounded and real. Sure they are still rich girls and still a bit spoiled, but Rinna is a wonderful mother, and I think that is worth something.

As for Kyle, she's not exactly the world's best mom. I guess that's not exactly a fair statement for me, someone with no kids, to say, but it really is painful sometimes to see how spoiled the girls are. The segment where she was getting her oldest daughter's ears pierced was painful to watch. The girl couldn't take it at all. It was a bit surprising to see how supportive Kyle was of her youngest daughter wanting to go into acting, which was previously her family business. She really did take the situation seriously and demanded the best from her daughter. It was honestly the only time we really saw Kyle putting her best parenting foot forward to make an impact on the kids' lives.

The vast majority of this episode was the wives acting as separate entities, and it wasn't until the end of the episode that they really came together. It was one of those episodes where we get to know the 'wives and their families as separate units, and is probably meant more so for those coming into the show fresh. There was a lot of re-telling with the Rinna and Richards families, and a bit of dreamless fluff with others like Vanderpump and Erika. Well all that came to a screeching halt when they converged in one locations.

The setting: Villa Blanca. The topic: Kim Richards, of course. Well at least for the first part. Vanderpump, Rinna, and Kyle were all chit chatting and of course Kyle's sister came up. Vanderpump said that Kim lashed out at her for no reason on social media. Kyle looked incredibly uncomfortable discussing things with her friends, as she's always kept her family life private. After mocking her for a bit for doing Sharknado 3, Rinna moved onto a new target: Yolanda.

In the weirdest twist to the series yet, Lisa Rinna came out as questioning whether Yolanda is really sick or not. This comes immediately after getting very upset with former cast member Taylor for saying the exact same thing. But that wasn't all. She had a theory (from a nameless person; probably Taylor again) that Yolanda may have a mental disorder known as Munchausen Syndrome where people feign being sick for attention. What. The. Hell. Luckily for the sake of everyone involved, Kyle and Vanderpump jump on her quickly to shut the topic down, but apparently not forever.

The episode starts to wind down, but not before another slightly dramatic scene. Eileen shows up late due to working on the set, and she immediately was immediately aware that something was up. After trying to get her to drop the question for a good bit, they all finally come clean and tell her about Rinna's theory. She too tried shutting it down, but now the idea is in the heads of everyone involved in the group, and it's to looking good for anyone. There's no way this can end well, and it's going to be much more traumatic accusing an actual cast mate rather than one's boyfriend (as in the case of RHOC).

Like I said earlier, this episode is setting the foundation for what is to come. We know that people are starting to doubt Yolanda, and we know that as of right now only Erika is definitely on her side. Seeing as Erika hasn't met the rest of the group , it's really not clear where this season is going yet. I sense that things aren't exactly as they seem right now, so we are definitely in for a fun, if not equally traumatic ride.

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