Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Adam Barta Returns To His Animal Themed Music With "The Puppy Anthem"

Oh Adam. Sometimes I forget that even though you are a musician, you definitely know how to have fun. A while back Adam Barta, notable singer and LGBT personality from New York City, exploded onto the internet (for the hundredth time) with an anthem dedicated to cats. Well not it's the canines' turn at glory, and trust me, he didn't disappoint.

If you loved the dancy, don't care attitude of "Kitty Anthem" from last year, then you are going to love this one (and if you haven't checked it out yet, where have you been! Watch it here.) "The Puppy Anthem" follows in it's footsteps with a lot of cheesiness, some Ke$ha style speak-singing, and of course ridiculously adorable puppies. Actually it's practically exploding with dog-lebrity cameos, including none other than a couple owned by reality TV sensation Big Ang. To put it simply, this is like a canine red carpet event.

All dog-themed jokes aside, this one actually has a really fun beat that is totally danceable. It just so happens to feature a couple of singing dogs, Oliver The Love Pug and Dolce. Also if you wanted to be shady you could call Adam a dog, but a different kind of dog. But this bigger is too nice for that nonsense! Well probably. There is a lot of humor, of course, being that it is Adam Barta. He always has a way to make the listener laugh, and it's kid friendly too, with no swearing (unless you count "heck") or sexual innuendos that I caught.

Simply this video is a musician having fun with the animals he loves. It was super adorable and light hearted, which is a nice break form most of the music that is floating around these days. Adam always has such fun ideas to flesh out, and this was definitely one worth mentioning.

Plus it's been so long since I posted about him, he probably thinks I forgot about him. But alas here we are again!

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