Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Alaska Implores You To Put On Some Nails In New Video

I'm not afraid to admit it. Alaska Thunderfuck has never been my cup of tea. During her stint on Drag Race I couldn't stand her and her Gaga-esque fans, and in her later efforts she really didn't stick out to me. Recently, however, I have been paying her more mind, and her quirky charm is getting to me. I guess that's why I watched "Nails" and enjoyed it. Hence you should, too.

The video starts off with a rather soulful ballad where Alaska describes her love for nails. It's so rare that we get to hear Alaska sing seriously. Most of the time she's putting on one of her characters, so we get kind of a half-singing-half-talking voice, but here we are allowed a rare glimpse in media to see her real talent -- and she's not bad at all.

As the video progresses, we revert back to the origins of Alaska, being an alien and whatnot, as she gets captured by the government in, you guessed it, Alaska. The man who's captured her wants answers (of some sort) and is going to proceed to snap off her nails every time she refuses to answer. They regrow instantly, causing him to be outraged and do it over again, each time growing back in a new style.

The visuals on this video are both amazing and startling. The whole nail pulling bit is very painful to watch, and reminds this anime fan of Higuarshi no Naku Koro Ni (Look it up. It's good) wherein one of the main characters pulls off one nail of her own for each time her friends dishonored her family. It can be a bit jarring to those with uneasy stomachs, but if you've watched any of the Saw movies, this is a breeze.

"Nails" as a song is kind of meh. The verses are fun and upbeat, but the chorus is a mess of shouting the word "nails" over and over. It is all followed by the statment "If you aren't wearing nails you aren't doing drag". This of course is the famous Michelle Visage quote from RuPaul's Drag Race.

When it comes to this song, the video truly saved it from being something I skipped over. The visuals are fantastic, and Alaska has become a master of theatrics and storytelling, but the song could have used far more work.

You can grab your copy on iTunes now!

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