Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Album Review - Osvaldo Supino "Exposed"

Osvaldo has popped up on the TOTU radar in the past, more specifically with his last single "I Have A Name", the premier track off of his debut full album "Exposed". This intense pop adventure has finally been released worldwide, and you'd better believe I'm all over this one. Let's take a look at this prime example of indie pop.

Osvaldo may not have been someone I've had my eye on for long, but I can say that after taking a look at his previous work, I think this album may be a good move for him. The sound is not only more mature, but more solid sounding from the base up. Take lead-in single "I Have  A Name" for example. This song drops the bubblegum sex pop act for a few brief minutes and gives you a raw glimpse at him as a person. Few artists do this these days, so in a world full of party songs and digs at ex-boyfriends, it's nice to see something so real.

Don't worry if you liked that sexy pop I was talking about before. It doesn't stay gone for long. I believe this may actually be his signature. But what I can tell you is that even when he has that same sound we've come to expect from him, he still manages to keep it fresh. The obvious example of this is the track "Pornographic". While it's not even close to being my favorite song by him, it does have a certain appeal to it. The track isn't super fast paced, but it does have an uncanny way to draw people in. It's only drawback for me other than having a more unsavory topic is including Chris Crocker, whom I am certainly not a fan of. No worries, however, because at the end of the album there is a version without him.

The obvious next choice for a single in this collection of tracks is "Ma Radio". It has a lot of autotune spread throughout it, which strangely works in it's favor. This is the premier song that will bring the children out to dance. He even drops down and does a Ke$ha inspired rap. This feature, a rap insert from Giovanni Pio Supino, actually has something to add to the song, making it a plus in my book. As far as I know, this is the next course of action for Osvaldo. Hopefully we will get another sexy video out of this one, which is definitely something he is famous for.

"New York Girls" is another one of my favorite songs off the album. This track has a more unconventional beat for it's verses, which leads into a complete style change to a much more European and upbeat chorus. The female vocalist seems to be a sample from another song (seeing as she is uncredited), of which I have no idea what it is from. I do have to say that I find this song a little ironic, given that he was previously seen releasing the very gay (in a good way) video "Mannequinz". Makes you think, doesn't it?

Other favorites on this album include piano/techno explosion "Get Laid", which is probably the most addicting song on the album, and the slow and emotional ballad "Goodbye". These two, I feel, bring the album full circle and make it feel much more rounded and fully realized. "Exposed" is not just your average electropop album. It offers something for everyone, while giving you the common theme and vibe to keep you hooked to every song regardless if you don't like this style or that one. Osvaldo is a truly inspiring artist in that light.

Two remixes finish out the ten tracks for "Exposed", one for "Ma Radio" (furthering that single theory I had earlier) and the other for "I Have A Name". Both of the mixes are done by Stormby, who has a knack for making some fun dancey beats.

The album is up on iTunes worldwide. Grab it and get to dancing!

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