Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 7 [Review]

Ahh yes, another Wednesday, another Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills episode to review. I know I haven't been posting a lot lately, but at least I haven't given up here, right? That counts for something. Probably. I know a couple of people that wouldn't forgive me if I didn't this one, anyway. Who doesn't love catty housewives anyway? Without further stalling or nonsensical vamping, let's move on and get this review started!

Well if Andy Cohen didn't answer my prayers. I had been asking for a reason for Eileen to exist in the context of this show, and finally, a season and a half later he actually gives me a reason. For so long now this lady has been a mystery to me, not that she's complicated, but that she's not exactly exciting to watch on TV. I know she's a great mother and a wonderful actress, but on a show all about drama, when you purposely avoid and stay out of drama, you often times get called boring. So I called her boring.

But no more! During a dinner for Lisa Vanderpump's party, the beginning threads of a storyline involving this daytime diva finally have come to light. If you remember last year she confessed to Brandi that she had met her current husband while married to another man. Well Lisa V was not about to let that go unnoticed, and for some weird reason found it great dinner table conversation. The whole thing was incredibly hard to watch, given that everyone there was totally uncomfortable about the topic, but nobody was ballsy enough to stand up to the queen bee.

Later in the episode, after some pushing from Lisa Rinna, Eileen did confront Lisa V, but it really didn't do any good. Lisa is often times completely obvious to her surrounding and how she makes people feel, and this was no different. Actually, she sort of turned the situation around on Eileen, making her feel bad for not bringing it up at that moment and telling her to stop. To recap: Again, I totally don't understand Lisa Vanderpump. Also yay Eileen being relevant.

The girls spent a long time of this episode discussing Erika. This woman seems to be the center of attention this year, and man do I love it. She isn't always talked about favorably, but damn if she doesn't let every little insult roll off her back and not give it a second thought. If only we could all be a bit more like Mrs. Erika Jayne.

As I said, the ladies love talking about her, and when Rinna pulled out her music video (while she wasn't there, mind you) and showed the ladies, everyone was kind of taken back by it's "raunchy" themes. One real surprise was that Eileen totally had her back. She understood the concept of having a little fun and being playful while many of the other ladies were more prudish. Again, Eileen is becoming one of the best.

Her other biggest fan, Yolanda, was recovering from surgery. There was a very awkward moment where Lisa V called her to ask if she was doing alright. The scene itself wasn't awkward, but knowing that she was the only one to call, given that they aren't terribly close, and nobody else was in contact aside from some text from Erika, really make me feel like the ladies in this group could really use some refocusing. Yolanda is really in need of some friends right now, and it looks like she only has two. Well maybe one and Lisa.

Not it's time to talk about Bethenny. This Real Housewives Of New York alumni is a troublemaker in both the best and worst ways ever possible. First off, she apparently is friends with Kyle, and has been for years. Lord help us there. Strangely I don't remember them ever mentioning one another before, but I'll let that pass. One of the first things that happens is that they talk about Kim. Funny enough, Bethenny asks the same questions that our 'wives keep asking, yet Kyle answered them without much of a struggle claiming it's different with Bethenny. Okay. Whatever. Again, I haven't ever been Kyle's biggest fan.

Then they move on to Erika. Despite seemingly being on Erika's side last week, Kyle comes out as two-faced yet again and shows Bethenny to Erika's Instagram page so that she can pre-judge her. And pre-judge she does. It looks like they were never destined to get along. Two divas, who knew? But the playboy bunny and barbie comments really got on my nerves seeing as they had never met, and judging people based off of what's out there on the internet about them is idiotic.

Things didn't get any better once Erika arrived. The questioning continued, and it was even more insane than before. Not only did Bethenny point blank tell her she thought her video production was bad, but also said she needed help branding herself. Honestly Erika is one of the most focused, on point pop personalities I've seen on reality television. She knows what she wants to do and how to do it, so why is Bethenny so threatened?

Luckily for the world, Erika has a great sense of humor and took everything with stride. As I said before, she really doesn't let anything bother her. She fired back not by being catty or mean, but by showing her that she could release her inner diva, too, and showed her how to dance. That, folks, is the true mark of a classy woman. Sure she can be raunchy and nasty when she needs to be, but the real Erika is a sweetheart and a great woman.

Finally something happened this season! So many episodes we have wasted with basically nothing going on, and all it took was Eileen to step up and a guest star from another Bravo show. Not too much to ask for, right? I'm glad this season is heating up. I was really worried that without Kim and Brandi they would literally have nothing to do or talk about. It took them seven episodes, but I guess they got there. They have Brandi 2.0 AKA Erika, and she's not playing around, either.

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