Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 8 [Review]

This season has been the weirdest roller coaster ever. I don't mean that it's had emotional up and downs, I meant hat it's had completely bored to tears episodes followed immediately by insane nonsense and then back to boredom. It's that kind of roller coaster. Thankfully, this episode is one of the crazy ones, in that we finally get to find out what the hell Eileen was crying about in the promos, as well as meet our final housewife (!?) of the season. Get into it!

I guess Kyle is a good starting point for this episode. Actually, she's pretty much the focus for this entire week. She was the focal point of at least half of what happened here, and what she wasn't the center of attention for, she butted into anyway. That's just how she is. Of course people are still all riled up about Kim getting arrested, but the aftermath of what happened in last week's episode, IE Bethenny outright ridiculing Erika, was still hanging in the air.

So much of what makes Bethenny work on Real Housewives of New York is what makes her not work in this setting. Well, I mean the setting is still New York more or less, but these ladies are definitely not NYC women. Luckily Bethenny is much more of a stand up person than some of the other "villains" we've seen in the history of this franchise and she does apologize. This is where I finally decided once and for all that Erika is the best housewife of all time. She could have easily fired back and been just as rude, but she took the (albeit half-assed) apology and accepted it with grace.

Kyle was hosting an event to celebrate both Bethenny's new book, which I have no idea what it's called and therefore won't plug, as well as the opening of her new pop up shop to test out customers in the New York area. It was nice to see that Kyle's family came to visit, even if it was only her aunt and cousin. They did bring her a picture of her departed mother in a nice frame. The moment would have been beautiful if Kyle hadn't walked up on Bethenny, her supposed best friend, talking about her personal life to the other women. Oddly enough, she let it slide in order to proceed with the good vibes that had just came her way.

Later that day the ladies all gathered to have a nice dinner at Kyle's rented house. The conversation is immediately dominated by Eileen and Lisa Vanderpump. The two had an awkward conversation at the end of last weeks' episode, and Eileen is learning the painful lesson that Brandi and many others have had to learn over the years -- the words "I'm Sorry" don't exist to Lisa V. The two made the entire room on edge, and it was unnerving seeing everyone try and butt into the conversation but really fall flat in doing so.

The only person who managed to break the silence was the newbie, Erika. She really wanted to know some of the history of the girls (damn, woman, just get on iTunes and check out the last five seasons). The first person she brought up was Brandi, and immediately everyone was unified again. They all really, really don't like her, and it's no wonder that she wasn't on the show any more.

Eileen shocked everyone after that by giving us the moment we've been waiting for. Remember that moment they've been teasing in promos from day one of her crying saying nobody expected her to be caught up in something like this? Well turns out she had been in some abusive relationships. Honestly I feel a bit ripped off. Sure, it's sad that she had to endure that and that she was never able to come clean to her friends before now, but the promos made it look like it was something current; at least within the confines of what was happening on screen. Instead it was something from many years past that had been brought up.  What was even more frustrating was Lisa V's ignorance on the situation. I know she isn't the deepest of people, but the fact that she can't grasp onto the difference between sharing something private with a group of friend and openly talking about something scandalous from her past in a crowded restaurant is appalling.

In true Kyle fashion, she had to remind everyone that she was important and all, and brought the conversation back around to her by breaking down and talking about how draining it is to have all of her stuff out on the table and nobody else being put on the spot. What was even more shocking was how much Lisa R was holding back. In her interviews she said that if she voiced her real opinions on Kim that Kyle would probably never speak to her again. And that, folks, is our big upcoming reunion fight. I wouldn't expect to see Kyle and Lisa R friendly in season seven.

I love seeing Yolanda on screen, but sadly she was very restricted this episode. She was still recovering from surgery. She did get a little screen time when Erika picked her up and took her home. She looked beaten down, but of course that won't stop her. It is so wonderful that Yolanda and Erika are such good friends. That gives me hope that not everyone on this show is just in it for the screen time. I honestly believe Erika would have picked her up with or without cameras.

Speaking of new ladies, we were finally introduced to Kathryn. Can somebody tell the producers it's episode eight? I wasn't sure if she was going to be a full time housewife (seeing as she's been missing from the credits/taglines and it's half way into the season now), but just as I was about to count her out, they showed her in an interview segment. In case you weren't familiar with the format on Beverly Hills, they don't interview non-wives. Not even the husbands get chair time for these interview segments, so to see her there, spilling all the T behind the scenes, I became convinced. Looks like they are looking to pull some mid season ratings.

And the stunt isn't without merit. This woman is connected to the O.J. Simpson trials. Apparently her husband had an affair with his wife and sparked the whole controversy. To make things worse, the woman who literally wrote the book, Faye Resnick, is not only good friends with Kyle, but a regular on the show. Kyle spent most of the last bit of the episode trying to avoid this woman until, of course in true Kyle fashion yet again, she decided to make things all about her.

Of course Kyle flat out approaches Kathryn and asks if she knows Faye. Luckily it looks like Kathryn has a good head on her shoulders, and she replied that she knew of her but never met her. In her interviews she was a bit less nice, but still composed. I'm unsure if she was trying to keep face being the first time she's met the ladies, but she left a good impression on me. Kyle, on the other hand, may have just found her new enemy for the season.

In short: We finally have the new wife, Eileen is interesting yet again, and Kyle is still rich. That's the gist of it. In reality there was much more that went on, and it was all pretty intense. Kathryn looks like she's going to fit in with all the drama, and Erika has finally proven herself as one of the girls. Oh and can we get Lisa V a conscience?

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